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WTF, son, since when are Tom Ford loafers not "keeping up"?
OK, I LOL'd at that, as the kids say.
Hey, tread lightly, man. I'm still pissed off that you slandered my people* with your "fur-wearing pimp from Harlem" comment.* And by "my people" I mean carpet-baggers who infested Upper Manhattan gobbling up cheap real estate.
kevinsp8, I really hope you can consider an alternate position without once again triggering Teh Ghey Martyr Complex, but have you thought through what is really so bad about Victor having a close relationship with his tailor? Almost everyone gets some degree of professional help at one point or another, whether it's a tailor with professional stylists or a sales associate who helps you find the right size and a flattering colour. The best photos here give us all ideas and...
That's right, folks, you heard it on this forum first: these three artworks are comparable, and in equally good taste. I guess I'll just put my MFA diploma in the gents so I can wipe myself with it.
I'd buttonhole it....OK, I got nothin'.
I don't think it's about being teh ghey, so much as it is about having Saddam Hussein's Palace-quality ghey art on display outside of your dungeon.
Holy shit!I mean, I know the dude's from Toronto, but Jesus...
Were these by chance the non-iron "Advantage" Milanos? If so, what you're dealing with is more likely the wrinkle-resistance treatment. BB actually advises not to alter their non-iron trousers, which is kind of an unrealistic request, but as you've learned you're better off buying too long and shortening than the other way around.
New Posts  All Forums: