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Nice idea. I like it.
Cool jacket, but there's a bit of over-buttoning going on here. I'd probably just use the middle one.
I don't even wear a tie to semi-formal stuff, much less on a Saturday afternoon.To each his own, I guess.
I like the cut of your jib, young man, but I wouldn't do that specifically. Some of the things I'd consider doing to personalize it a bit would be:Some sort of pocket configuration that you wouldn't normally find on a formal-ish suit.Wider lapels. (actually, I always do this anyway...)An extremely loud patterned lining.Go 1-button.Or do nothing unusual to the suit, but wear it with a really interesting pocket square.
Buy it. Yes. Proceed.
People who disagree with you on matters this completely subjective aren't "wrong". Lighten up. Someone should tell you what happens when you assume. (Or, as you would say, "Wrong.")Regardless, your friend's argument that, basically, we don't like it because we don't appreciate the brands he is wearing... well, you're repeating it, and it still doesn't hold water. There are plenty of ways to wear Yamamoto. Full-on slob isn't the only one.
Relax, man. I also have a Yamamoto jacket that I love and wear the hell out of. But it doesn't mean I have to throw it on with what appear to be sweat pants and post a picture of myself looking like I just lost a fight with a homeless dude.I don't think everyone's dismayed by the look you were aiming for, but rather, that you missed it, and in some pretty obvious / easily corrected ways.
I like the jacket very much -- the colour and the lapels in particular. May I ask who made it?
God is punishing you for using an iPhone.
I like Bonobos for grown-up pants (i.e. wool).
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