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...in DETAILS magazine, which has long-since become a parody of itself.But despite these two strikes against it, it happens to be true. No square toes. Ever.
This would be at least a 30 minute errand where I live. To save a whopping $4.50.If 30 minutes of your time is worth less than $5 you have my sincere sympathies.
I got one for $7 from this guy on Ebay.
I don't know, man, I think they'd also work with lighter chinos / khakis or some brown, ochre, or blue corduroys.
Here's his website.Here's an article on SF's visit to his shop.Here's the goddamn search page and a tutorial.I personally love my Mr. Ned stuff more than life itself.
Your suit looks great, but you fail for saying "deets" not once but twice.Once gets you dope-slapped.Twice gets you dragged through the streets like Mussolini.
For $850, Mr. Ned will make you a kick-ass bespoke suit.
I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that I can now identify Spoo just by a glimpse of his upper torso. Not as much as it concerns me that I can recognize Peter North by his wang, but it's in the same realm.
Do not wear a fedora. Just don't.
Seconded. I am a fan of AE, but these are some of the least attractive shoes they make.
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