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Quote: Originally Posted by bcgrija It's not like I already noted that or anything. I can't help what old age is doing to your eyes. Oh man, it hurts because it's true -- the years go by, but ugly photos never stop looking ugly to me. Well, while I can't suddenly choose to not be in my 30s, you can always choose not to live in a filthy garish craphole, buy your luggage at TJ Maxx, take pictures of it with a terrible cell phone camera, post...
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Grey linen strikes me as terribly wrong. Maybe on paper, but I am not in the business of questioning James Bond.
Way to kill the thread, son. You sure the carpet's red enough and the flash is bright enough? My f**kin' EYES...
Keep in mind a DB looks like crap when unbuttoned. Even moreso than usual. Do you really want a summer garment that you can never unbutton?
Seriously, though, if you REALLY like that style, then in your price range you should be looking at something like Varvatos -- darker, a little more masculine, less transparently phony, etc.
Let me add my voice to the chalk stripes chorus. This is absolutely my favourite pattern for grey.
It's supposed to be worn tight enough so that the pegs/teeth will hold it in place on their own. Placket belts in general can be OK but I'm not a fan of this one. patrickBOOTH is right; the act of it being given to you does not obligate you to wear it. Maybe once in the presence of the giver.
The second one is better than the first, but neither is ideal. I refer you to my handy decision-making guide for why.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker PM sent. WTF, Spoo? 12 minutes? That wasn't very sporting.
PM sent, chief.
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