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I really love the colour and texture of this YY jacket. Can I ask what is the composition of the material?
I just read the price table, where it says that a MTM 2-piece suit in Loro Piana fabric is going to cost a mere $755. If anybody needs me, I'll be in my bunk.
I'd like a piece of that action, if you don't mind.Update: I should have kept reading. Never mind. Readin' is fundamental...
I like Thomas Pink for off-the-rack white shirts. At the low-end, Charles Tyrwhitt.
The problem is the ad banners / sponsors / affiliates / reviews sidebar that eats up a lot of screen real estate. If you're running in something around a 1000-pixel display width -- very common for notebooks, tablets, and other mobile devices -- embedded videos that end up next to the sidebar routinely get clipped off.Personally I consider this a website layout problem. That entire DIV of stuff could be relocated when viewed on smaller screens.
Nice idea. I like it.
Cool jacket, but there's a bit of over-buttoning going on here. I'd probably just use the middle one.
I don't even wear a tie to semi-formal stuff, much less on a Saturday afternoon.To each his own, I guess.
I like the cut of your jib, young man, but I wouldn't do that specifically. Some of the things I'd consider doing to personalize it a bit would be:Some sort of pocket configuration that you wouldn't normally find on a formal-ish suit.Wider lapels. (actually, I always do this anyway...)An extremely loud patterned lining.Go 1-button.Or do nothing unusual to the suit, but wear it with a really interesting pocket square.
Buy it. Yes. Proceed.
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