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This is sort of like asking if there will be black people in the next Tyler Perry film.
They might be wrong, or they might just not believe in "must haves"!
The second one is actually my least favourite. I like the first. The third one's also nice but the first is more versatile.Also, I hope that logo patch above the chest pocket is removable.
I'm not suggesting anything, but has anyone ever seen JapanAlex01 and Rob McElhenny in the same place at the same time?
I really love the colour and texture of this YY jacket. Can I ask what is the composition of the material?
I just read the price table, where it says that a MTM 2-piece suit in Loro Piana fabric is going to cost a mere $755. If anybody needs me, I'll be in my bunk.
I'd like a piece of that action, if you don't mind.Update: I should have kept reading. Never mind. Readin' is fundamental...
I like Thomas Pink for off-the-rack white shirts. At the low-end, Charles Tyrwhitt.
The problem is the ad banners / sponsors / affiliates / reviews sidebar that eats up a lot of screen real estate. If you're running in something around a 1000-pixel display width -- very common for notebooks, tablets, and other mobile devices -- embedded videos that end up next to the sidebar routinely get clipped off.Personally I consider this a website layout problem. That entire DIV of stuff could be relocated when viewed on smaller screens.
Nice idea. I like it.
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