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How is Neil a previous offender?Not rhetorical. I don't know, I'm asking.
Desert boots (aka suede chukkas) are designed for warm weather.
Just in time for the warm weather, a small pile of linen from Hemrajani:
I hate you with a jealousy that burns hotter and brighter than a thousand suns.
I have a Polo RL blazer made of 100% alpaca that looks a heck of a lot like that. Same piece?
He's right, that is some serious fairy-tale princess business going on at the shoulder, son:
3 pants, 5 shirts, and something very neutral and simple like brown cap-toes.
The guy tells you the brand name and the fabric, and you do a "deets please"? What do you want, the designer's blood type?
I'M SO GLAD I DIDN'T KILL MYSELF YESTERDAY!!!OK, seriously, though -- Does VBC = Vitale Barberis Canonico? And if so -- good stuff?
Wow. Miss the point by a few miles, did you?Lots of clothing items are extremely versatile. That doesn't mean they have to be every man's uniform.
New Posts  All Forums: