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I hate you with a jealousy that burns hotter and brighter than a thousand suns.
I have a Polo RL blazer made of 100% alpaca that looks a heck of a lot like that. Same piece?
He's right, that is some serious fairy-tale princess business going on at the shoulder, son:
3 pants, 5 shirts, and something very neutral and simple like brown cap-toes.
The guy tells you the brand name and the fabric, and you do a "deets please"? What do you want, the designer's blood type?
I'M SO GLAD I DIDN'T KILL MYSELF YESTERDAY!!!OK, seriously, though -- Does VBC = Vitale Barberis Canonico? And if so -- good stuff?
Wow. Miss the point by a few miles, did you?Lots of clothing items are extremely versatile. That doesn't mean they have to be every man's uniform.
This is sort of like asking if there will be black people in the next Tyler Perry film.
They might be wrong, or they might just not believe in "must haves"!
The second one is actually my least favourite. I like the first. The third one's also nice but the first is more versatile.Also, I hope that logo patch above the chest pocket is removable.
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