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The one on the left is totally the front man for Cheap Trick.
I have this done with regularity by my local tailor. They turn out great.
OK, yeah, those are kind of fail. Their Imperial series wing tips tend to be pretty well made. And I have a pair of bone Zurich loafers that are sort of a summer staple.
What's wrong with the ones you have now? Can you post a picture or link?
I hope you like fakes.
How old are you and what's your body type?
"The Style Blogger" finds a sweater that helps him rock the Saggy Tits Look.
Out-f**king-standing, son.
I personally like the straight legs, and for that matter so does Tom Ford, but I think a really minor taper like you're discussing won't ruin everything.FWIW, this fit is all-around a good look for you. And I'm not just saying that because you look like you might have my brake line cut if I don't.
New Posts  All Forums: