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Rachel Maddow seems like a pretty cool dude, and I think she'd look good (and perhaps kind of groundbreaking) if she wore a pocket square. So I emailed her and said so. You'll be surprised to know I haven't heard back from her on that as of yet.
I don't like it. And I generally like this sort of thing.
Wearing a goddamn mountain range in your pocket looks tryhard and foppish.
Quote: Originally Posted by mech IFR Kurtz and Unrefinery - where would I find a similar coat (the Hackett Classic) in the States? I've been looking for an overcoat like that for some time now! alcool beat me to it -- Charles Tyrwhitt is my first thought there. I called my phone order in to Hackett and they sent it to me. Kind of a hassle, took a long time, customs etc. It would have been a pain to return it if it didn't fit. I wouldn't have...
Quote: Originally Posted by .Kurtz. Hackett Smithfield Classic Coat: Oh man, I have what I think is the exact same coat and I love it. Very flattering cut. I wear it in a slightly more American style after having the lapels re-pressed to the second button. I took a chance on it and it turned out to be one of my favourite coats.
I'm pretty sure my Mom reads mine. And I get a lot of fan mail from Nigerian royalty.
Successful purchase from stu00a. Nice guy with good taste, too.
Bump because I have one of those Corneliani-made alpaca Polo sport coats (not that exact one, but a similar one) and I love it more than life itself.
Quote: Originally Posted by stubloom K4inamja: My blog post tomorrow is tentatively titled "Cedar in your closet: the double edged sword". Read that post before you tear the wrappings off those cedar accessories. Better still, keep your receipt. That way you can return them for credit or for a full refund. Oh noes! "Cedar: The Silent Killer"
New Posts  All Forums: