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You already won the Internets, man. You don't have to spike the ball.
It's OK, my English is also very bad. He is just saying that he's impressed. I think most of us are kind of awed by the quantity of quality stuff you have, the tasteful manner in which you put it together, and are astounded at how the contributions of one person are (for the moment, at least) crushing the collective efforts of the other several thousand of us combined. On top of that is a sort of amazement that you've been doing this for so long without coming to our...
Victor, I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that the fall of Communism didn't really upset you all that much.
Can I ask what's so great about the overcoat above? Other than you can fiddle with the top 2 buttons and look like you're playing with your nipples?
The last time I saw a foot with that sort of width-to-length ratio, it was wearing a shoe that looked like this:
Agreed, it's like a textbook on how to distill your palette and choose versatile pieces to give yourself the most options when traveling.Nice work, Kaplan. My only criticism at all would be the dearth of patterns. That gingham is so small that it basically reads as a solid. But really, great stuff all around.
Those shoes are really terrible. You don't necessarily need to spend a lot more money, but you do want to avoid square toes, for a start.
You know, my whole thing is that I never wear a necktie, and this threak does nothing but reinforce my position on that. Repeatedly.
Yeah, you're right. Thanks.
I like it. Go for it, man.
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