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Can I ask what's so great about the overcoat above? Other than you can fiddle with the top 2 buttons and look like you're playing with your nipples?
The last time I saw a foot with that sort of width-to-length ratio, it was wearing a shoe that looked like this:
Agreed, it's like a textbook on how to distill your palette and choose versatile pieces to give yourself the most options when traveling.Nice work, Kaplan. My only criticism at all would be the dearth of patterns. That gingham is so small that it basically reads as a solid. But really, great stuff all around.
Those shoes are really terrible. You don't necessarily need to spend a lot more money, but you do want to avoid square toes, for a start.
Let me get on record as saying that if you have a 40 in any sort of navy, then regardless of the buttons, I'm in. I have access to all kinds of buttons and to dames who know how to attach them!
You know, my whole thing is that I never wear a necktie, and this threak does nothing but reinforce my position on that. Repeatedly.
Jamison, just hypothetically, how many prepaid orders would you need for it to be worthwhile to do another run of your fantastic summer jackets? I mean...
Yeah, you're right. Thanks.
I like it. Go for it, man.
I saw that. A convergence of Gilt, Banana Republic, and "Mad Men" -- it's like a "perfect storm" of suck.
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