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ZOMG guise check out my new TOM FORD corduroy blazer: Cut tags you ask? Heck, no, check THIS out: You know you jelly.
Jesus. How did I miss that day in debate class?
Somebody's got issues.
Why bother? He's going to trip over it and faceplant all on his own.
To be fair, as soon as you posted that last pic I swear I heard the little Baby Jesus bawling his eyes out.
Thanks, man. These are actually the first linen shirts I've owned in many, many years, so I figured 2 out of the 3 should be workhorse basics and I'd take a flyer on one that's a little more interesting.
They aren't particularly sheer, actually. The only issue I had was that I decided the collars were too stiff for a relaxed summer shirt. My own fault for not specifying, but Joe Hemrajani, being a pro, has replaced them with softer collars at no charge and they're on their way back to me now.
Where does this guy live, and follow-up question, do they have no skin or hair care products there?
Days that end in "Y" include Sunday, Monday, Tuesday...
Only on days that end in "y".
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