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Only on days that end in "y".
I just know you're going to rock your new purple and baby blue floral swim trunks, brah.
I'm afraid it's true.
I loves me some Ralph Lauren, but polos with that stupid horse logo are tacky as hell.You have a lot of (in my opinion) better choices. Most of my polos are from Avon Celli, Sunspel, or Kent Wang. It pains me greatly to say it, but Michael Kors makes pretty nice polos as well.
And there, in a nutshell, is the problem with tumblr.
Let me guess: you two guys met in prison.
There's a sign on the Turnpike that says "GOV. CHRIS CHRISTIE: NEXT 3 EXITS"I can go all day, son.
You might as well ask New Jersey governor Chris Christie if he has any dieting and fitness tips for you.
If only Tom Ford could give him a new facial expression.
I've actually had good luck with CT's slim fit shirts, which are good value for very little money. But that particular one looks like it fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. Actually, most of their "casual" shirts are pretty ugly. There's nothing stopping you from buying one of their "dress shirts" in a colour or pattern you like (yellow, blue, checks, stripes, whatever) and wearing it casually. Just order single cuffs.
New Posts  All Forums: