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I don't know, man, I think they'd also work with lighter chinos / khakis or some brown, ochre, or blue corduroys.
Here's his website.Here's an article on SF's visit to his shop.Here's the goddamn search page and a tutorial.I personally love my Mr. Ned stuff more than life itself.
Your suit looks great, but you fail for saying "deets" not once but twice.Once gets you dope-slapped.Twice gets you dragged through the streets like Mussolini.
For $850, Mr. Ned will make you a kick-ass bespoke suit.
I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that I can now identify Spoo just by a glimpse of his upper torso. Not as much as it concerns me that I can recognize Peter North by his wang, but it's in the same realm.
Do not wear a fedora. Just don't.
Seconded. I am a fan of AE, but these are some of the least attractive shoes they make.
You bought a suit with purple stripes and you don't like anything loud. O....kay....Since the suit itself is a kind of flamboyant statement piece, what you want to do is keep it simple and wear it with things that won't turn up the volume. So white or pale blue shirts with no pattern, black or dark brown shoes and belt, etc. Don't overthink this, man.
WTF, son, since when are Tom Ford loafers not "keeping up"?
OK, I LOL'd at that, as the kids say.
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