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Kinda shoots the hell out of my Uniqlo / H&M kops.
I think that's a good idea, yes. The trousers would look better overall and would better match the proportions of trim jackets like that one.
Cool story, bro.
This man is swag-tastic. Makes me want to have a cane that I can shake at young whippersnappers.
I'm not feeling this suit. The shiny material looks like a footballer's nightclub uniform, the pleats look dated, and there is such a thing as too much leg taper.
I like them a lot. They look great with the shoes, too.
I might as well be the person who finally says it: When we find ourselves arranging and photographing our shoes in straight lines, angled rows, circles and stuff, it's possible that this might be getting a little weird.Or maybe I'm wrong, and I should go see if I can configure my footwear into an isosceles triangle or a convex quadrilateral.P.S. - Nice chukkas.
Hai guise, What do you think, am I showing too much cuff here?
That coat is total win.
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