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It looks like the two people on the left are attending the funeral of the one on the right.
If you can't make it, let me know -- I'll show up in my Hugo Boss crap. Next best thing.
...aaaaand the monkey flings the poo.
I always ask that myself, and I always arrive at the same conclusion that you do. Every few years most fashion designers run out of things to do with pants and try rolling out pleats again, but it never lasts very long and the only place you'll consistently find them in abundance year after year is in the "loose fit" section of your largest menswear concerns.I've been scratching my head over the small but vocal pro-pleats crowd here, because I know there can't be that many...
Kinda shoots the hell out of my Uniqlo / H&M kops.
I think that's a good idea, yes. The trousers would look better overall and would better match the proportions of trim jackets like that one.
Cool story, bro.
This man is swag-tastic. Makes me want to have a cane that I can shake at young whippersnappers.
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