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I think we're being trolled, gents.
Quote: Originally Posted by P. Bateman Cashmere sweaters, hang or fold? I've been folding them but I need the space for other stuff. I'm concerned the necks will stretch out if hung, should I be? Your concern is warranted. Don't even THINK about hanging them. What's the other stuff you need space for? Maybe you can hang some of those things instead?
Quote: Originally Posted by smk Would it look alright to wear a taupe suede desert boots with khakis with colors little lighter than the dbs, with a white dress shirt, and a navy blazer? Or should I go with darker shoes? It all sounds great, except for the titanic cliche that is the navy blazer and the solid-solid-solid composition. You sound like a progressive guy; you should try something a little more original. How about a navy cardigan...
Save your money and don't wear a ring. How about a nice wedding automatic wristwatch?
That Baracuta jacket is just fantastic. Unfortunately, no matter how many times I measure myself or my clothing, it still looks like it wouldn't fit me. Great colour. I wish single-breasted belted coats like that were easier to come by these days.
Can you pay for them with "replica" money?
I bought a lot of those "cherry" coat and pant hangers back in the old days. Alas, I should have bought more; they don't have anything as nice at that price anymore.
They're also appropriate if you're in a South Beach disco looking to pick up some rough trade. I'm sure someone will follow this up by posting the notorious Ferrari jacket photo as well.
I'm just going to float this idea, and you can take it or leave it, but wearing your pants above your belly button may be contributing to the overall rounded/billowy look here.
Oh man, I love this coat. I mean, yes, I'm from the school of thought that says the hood should be given a proper burial, but I'd wear the s**t out of the rest of it. The colour is just about the most perfect neutral ever.
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