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Oh man, I love this coat. I mean, yes, I'm from the school of thought that says the hood should be given a proper burial, but I'd wear the s**t out of the rest of it. The colour is just about the most perfect neutral ever.
Quote: Originally Posted by blazingazn he said sploogtastic! Right. Or somethin'.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel 100% grey cashmere birdseye. Fall/winter. These are $249 shipped. Holy crap. Spoogetastic.
I'm glad this was dusted off because it predated my SF tenure. I have to admit that when I see a subject line like this, I have two reactions: 1. This thread is going to be full of miserable pricks mocking some poor guy's poor use of Google Translate and generally showing SF to be the worst sorts of people humanity has to offer. and 2. I want in.
Quote: Originally Posted by Working Stiff 100% agree with gdl. Seconded.
I don't think it's too slim. Too long, obviously, but not too slim.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bananafish I'm looking for classic thin wool or top quality cotton turtlenecks in a slim tailored fit in cream or off-white, black, navy, etc. I hate the merinos that John Smedley produces because they have this sheen that's hard to describe but makes them look glitzy despite the nice cuts they do. I really just want to find some high quality trad men's fitted turtleneck sweaters that are light enough to wear under a two button...
Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD What do you iGents think, for a casual summer shirt (the middle one): The whole thing reads a little dark with that shade of blue. Either narrower stripes, or a lighter blue, will get you less visual weight.
Quote: Originally Posted by Reevolving If I bend my arms, they ride up like 6 inches, and look ridiculous. You could put a Thom Browne label on this and sell it on Ebay for mad bills.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Nice pantaloons. Ambrosi or Panta? Beat me to it. Seriously, though, I'm kind of inspired by the idea of having a sport coat that goes so well with my favourite jammies. Is this sort of a Hugh Hefner lounge lizard look for the new millennium?
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