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Alligator is so 2011, man. Dolphin leather is the new hotness. Mammals my ass.
Another user here accused him of being a shill and harassed him to the point where he apparently decided it wasn't worth the headache.
In a word, yes. If it has side seams, anyway. My tailor does this for me routinely.
If it fit me, I would totally rock it (as a two-piece). No guts, no glory.
With some medium brown boots, this would totally rock. I appreciate where you were going with the blue boots, blue socks, blue trousers, blue coat, blue sweater and blue patterned shirt, but enough's enough, man.
Yeesh. That's some serious SW&D right there. On the other hand, those kids argue over whether 6" with elastic is going to be tight enough.
That's quite a find, man. And good sizes available in most colours.Refresh my memory: is it Incotex or Mabitex that taper to a really small leg opening? Anybody have an actual measurement?
I like LL Bean Signature's for $125.
Well that IS the problem with windowpane: it's so...windowpaney.
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