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The Foo material is uncalled-for and frankly I don't care for that sort of humour.
That s**t went full-on lateral right there, son.
Welcome to the forum. I bought a test shirt, wrote about it on my website, and plan to purchase more. Will probably go for that red gingham next.
I've been shoulder-balling your mom. What did I miss?
Who the hell was assuming that?
And it looks outstanding. Nice.And make sure to get a grenadine tie, too, because God forbid any part of you doesn't look 100% "dressed by the Internet".
Seconded. I was blown away when I saw that. I've seen knit blazers before, but never one that so successfully merged "sweater" style (via the cable knit) with a proper structured lapel, chest pocket, etc.
Nice going on the national TV coverage, Kent. That was quite a score.
Well, yeah, but I could also walk around with my fly unzipped and call it sprezzatura.
I think you can safely ignore anything and everything you read on that website.
New Posts  All Forums: