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I like them a lot. They look great with the shoes, too.
I might as well be the person who finally says it: When we find ourselves arranging and photographing our shoes in straight lines, angled rows, circles and stuff, it's possible that this might be getting a little weird.Or maybe I'm wrong, and I should go see if I can configure my footwear into an isosceles triangle or a convex quadrilateral.P.S. - Nice chukkas.
Hai guise, What do you think, am I showing too much cuff here?
That coat is total win.
You know how when the bad guy is arrested, the neighbours always say, "he was a polite, quiet man who never looked like he could have done something like this"? Yeah, well, that's not really the case here.
Accuser insisted, FWIW, that "he looked 18".
For rizzle?
I'll have you know, "sir", that this TOM FORD jacket came from eBay. Where I'm sure you're aware all merchandise is 100% authentic.Although there does seem to be a label on the other side too... taking a look here...Oh.
Spoo, be advised that if you ever set foot north of 125th street, Jamison and I are going to jump you and steal all your shit.On the upside, it will be the most careful, non-wrinkle-inducing mugging ever.
ZOMG guise check out my new TOM FORD corduroy blazer: Cut tags you ask? Heck, no, check THIS out: You know you jelly.
New Posts  All Forums: