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Welcome to the forum. I bought a test shirt, wrote about it on my website, and plan to purchase more. Will probably go for that red gingham next.
I've been shoulder-balling your mom. What did I miss?
Who the hell was assuming that?
And it looks outstanding. Nice.And make sure to get a grenadine tie, too, because God forbid any part of you doesn't look 100% "dressed by the Internet".
Seconded. I was blown away when I saw that. I've seen knit blazers before, but never one that so successfully merged "sweater" style (via the cable knit) with a proper structured lapel, chest pocket, etc.
Nice going on the national TV coverage, Kent. That was quite a score.
Well, yeah, but I could also walk around with my fly unzipped and call it sprezzatura.
I think you can safely ignore anything and everything you read on that website.
Hey, some of us appreciate mixed metaphors around here, OK? You've buttered your bread, now lie in it!
This guy looks like he could be kevinsp8's cellmate.
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