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You know, you're right. He was probably a really stylish and good-looking gent before he died.
I wanted to ask the same thing. Everything about Jesse is total fail here, from the junior-high 'stash to the "please punch me" weak chin'n'wattles to the stupid hat to the oversized dark coat that emphasizes his paleness to the baby-diaper scarf application. He looks like post-incarceration Boy George decided to dress up as W.C. Fields.
I actually think you're on to something here, treating this heavy-looking suit as winter outerwear. What the hell is sticking out of your turtleneck, though? And maybe dial back the pocket square explosion just a little?
And while we're asking that question:
Awesome pocket square. Explain yourself.
It's just a matter of time before someone puts it all together and posts a pic of himself after a night of sleeping in a ditch, covered in sick, standing in front of a filthy mirror. Taken with an iPhone of course.
I think this is a rare miss, Victor. The sartorial equivalent of the classic American hairstyle known as the mullet: business up top, party down below.
To be fair, judging by the deluge of annual Pitti photos it's easy to come away with the sense that there is something massively homoerotic about it.
Victor, for those of us who like this sort of thing, this is the sort of thing we like.
I'd actually like to revisit this in the hopes that someone can enlighten me.I'm sort of trying to get my head around this. Those creases would be unattractive on a lined tie, wouldn't they? Does the fact that the wearer knows it's unlined make them attractive?I once witnessed an exchange on /fa/ where someone ridiculed a cartoonish Sartorialist photo (adjective redundant?) of a guy wearing a bright pink motorcycle jacket. The response was something along the lines of "OP...
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