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I'd actually like to revisit this in the hopes that someone can enlighten me.I'm sort of trying to get my head around this. Those creases would be unattractive on a lined tie, wouldn't they? Does the fact that the wearer knows it's unlined make them attractive?I once witnessed an exchange on /fa/ where someone ridiculed a cartoonish Sartorialist photo (adjective redundant?) of a guy wearing a bright pink motorcycle jacket. The response was something along the lines of "OP...
Maybe it's just me, but if ever there was an outfit that called for skipping the French cuffs, this was it.
That was pretty much my reaction, yeah. It looks like it needs to be pressed, or whatever the heck you necktie people do when a tie looks like it was stuffed into an envelope and sent cross country.
The Foo material is uncalled-for and frankly I don't care for that sort of humour.
That s**t went full-on lateral right there, son.
Welcome to the forum. I bought a test shirt, wrote about it on my website, and plan to purchase more. Will probably go for that red gingham next.
I've been shoulder-balling your mom. What did I miss?
Who the hell was assuming that?
And it looks outstanding. Nice.And make sure to get a grenadine tie, too, because God forbid any part of you doesn't look 100% "dressed by the Internet".
New Posts  All Forums: