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I am totally about that sweater life.
I had to double-check to make sure that closeted Bollywood freak hadn't somehow escaped my block list.WTAF, PSG?
Are we going to have to introduce the phrase "no j00" now that "no homo" has been banished?
"Actual." What The Actual F**k.But your way works too.
WTAF, man, are you sure you posted enough photos of that first outfit?
Nice jacket. The problem with those trousers is lack of contrast with the coat. I'd go with either REALLY light pants (like stone or even white) or something like medium brown.The jacket would look great with a deeper French blue for the shirt, or of course white.
You know, you're right. He was probably a really stylish and good-looking gent before he died.
I wanted to ask the same thing. Everything about Jesse is total fail here, from the junior-high 'stash to the "please punch me" weak chin'n'wattles to the stupid hat to the oversized dark coat that emphasizes his paleness to the baby-diaper scarf application. He looks like post-incarceration Boy George decided to dress up as W.C. Fields.
I actually think you're on to something here, treating this heavy-looking suit as winter outerwear. What the hell is sticking out of your turtleneck, though? And maybe dial back the pocket square explosion just a little?
And while we're asking that question:
New Posts  All Forums: