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A point of reference to anyone who thinks that slim / shorter suit is going to look dated -- here's the awesome Andy Williams in 1967.
You're offended by that? Really?I mean, I live in Harlem so maybe I'm desensitized, but let it go, son.
The pants are the only thing about this that are working for you, actually.
No, no, it's moar like:P.S. Thanks for all the joy these gloves and shooz have brought us during the holiday season, Spoo. I haven't enjoyed SF this much since that time I bought some wrist beads from your wife's rack.
Very nice. I wish more people knew how to use warm, strong colours and textures with this sort of quiet restraint.But it does call for a pocket square.
JCPenney? Sears?
I like this coat a lot, but maybe you could get the lapels re-pressed so that they meet at the next button down?
The suit might be OK, but it's hard to imagine anyone possibly wearing it worse than the way this guy is.
I personally think that big boxy duffle coats with the huge toggles are way post-peak and are well on their way to becoming the men's equivalent of Uggs.
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