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I had an LE suit from the days before their Canvas line. It needed about $80 worth of tailoring, but I actually ended up with a pretty nice, well-constructed and durable as hell suit. The blazer you're looking at is from the Canvas line so it might even have a decent fit out of the box. Also recommend you check out L.L.Bean Signature's suiting. It's similarly well made for the price -- Wool tropic weight available in navy.
Quote: Originally Posted by mordecai HI BILLY MAYS HERE FOR ORANGE FUCKING GLO...
That's beautiful, man.
Quote: Originally Posted by marchello I believe its would look great with some dark jeans and some white shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tony Romo Quote: Originally Posted by Unrefinery You've tried Sunspel? Where? Really? I mean, really?
Quote: Originally Posted by marchello What color shoes go with white cardigans? That's more a function of what trousers you're wearing. And to answer what is surely going to be your next question: any kind of underwear will work fine.
Light grey or light blue t-shirt. Pale blue button down. Vertical striped button down, white with some sort of thin vertical stripe or check (tan, blue, grey, lavender).
You've tried Sunspel? I'm not sure what you're looking for in high end (other than a high MSRP, I guess) but they have an optimal fit, sleeve length, collar, material, good construction, etc.
This stuff is all kinds of awesome.
Quote: Originally Posted by DLester no love for this bag? this failed in "should I," so I wanted to run it by the Manbag posse. What's not to like? It's nice.
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