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Well, it is a lot better than H&M, not that that's any sort of major achievement. That said, I have a Zara sweater that I've worn 3 winters and it still looks new. My experience has been that as long as you don't buy anything made from a crappy polyamide blend or acrylic you'll do OK.The polo sweater in my photo above is cotton, but as it was I think $26, I don't really need it to last forever.
I have one in that fabric. It's a really great pattern for linen, lots of natural texture.My recommendation is to specifically ask for their lightest collar fusing (or none at all). The standard MyTailor fusing is fine for cotton, but in this case you don't want a major contrast in texture between the collar and the rest of the shirt. Joe & co. redid mine at no charge and now it's one of my favourite shirts.
A bit despondent over the loss of that coveted Functionally Illiterate demographic, but life goes on... a few small-timer pick-ups: Some beater suede loafers for summer... What's more small-timer than Zara? Zara on sale... ...and a lightweight sweater from the Black Fleece sale.
Hey, everybody, look who's suddenly against label whoring.Oh, that's rich... I needed that...
I am totally about that sweater life.
I had to double-check to make sure that closeted Bollywood freak hadn't somehow escaped my block list.WTAF, PSG?
Are we going to have to introduce the phrase "no j00" now that "no homo" has been banished?
"Actual." What The Actual F**k.But your way works too.
WTAF, man, are you sure you posted enough photos of that first outfit?
Nice jacket. The problem with those trousers is lack of contrast with the coat. I'd go with either REALLY light pants (like stone or even white) or something like medium brown.The jacket would look great with a deeper French blue for the shirt, or of course white.
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