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It'll be my pleasure. I'll see if I can round up some others as well.
I've had a light jacket and a heavy winter coat made, and in both cases I specified the actual measurements of the garment. My process has been to take an existing coat that fits me well and make any desired adjustments to that. In the case of the lightweight one I went ahead and pinned up the reference garment and tried it on to make sure the changes I requested were going to work.The consensus around here seems to be that for all kinds of garments you're best off...
Welted pockets have been around for a long time. They're offered as an option by lots of makers these days. There are other, much more important indicators of how dated a suit's style is (fit, lapels, padding, pleats...)
A couple of new arrivals... Linen-cotton pique polo: This is a unique material that's difficult to describe. Looks heavy but is light weight. Softer, a little stretchier and somewhat more matte than traditional cotton pique. Definitely has a luxury feel to it. Slight pulling under the arms is my own fault; I'm still tweaking my measurements for knits. More importantly, this is my first test of a collar construction that Luxire mentioned a while back: the neckband is...
You know, this is a really good point. I see a lot of people here posting photos of the item straight out of the box, with several thousand miles' worth of creases and compression on them, and it kind of makes me cringe. These things need to be at least steamed/pressed and (if appropriate for garment type) washed before we can judge them. We'll get better, more accurate feedback, and we do a better service to the people who make these things, when we give the garments a...
I don't think the one on the right belongs on ANYTHING.That said, even linen trousers in a complex plaid (like Prince of Wales) in tan would look great with for instance a white polo shirt.
My face when receiving not one but two shipping confirmation emails this morning:
TL;DR: "I hate this guy. Please tell me more about him."
I for one think it's beautiful and I could see contexts in which it would work.As far as I'm concerned if you're after "burst out laughing", you want giant high-waisted pleated pants worn with suspenders and monkstraps. To each his own.
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