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Those trousers! (Hey dad, can I have $649.99?)
4-button is so last year. 5-button is the new hotness.Not posting full fit pics because (a) the fit is mostly a reflection on the customer and not on Luxire and (b) the local oldheads seem to take such pictures as an invitation for unsolicited fit feedback.
It's a young, skinny style. So if you're young (like under 22) and skinny you might be OK.Another important factor is your shoes. If you have large shoes/feet, the skinny ankle opening will give you the dreaded Clown Shoe Syndrome.
FYI some "Spring Preview" items are up on the site now. As usual the sport coats are looking good.
^ That amount is normally not a problem. Assuming you're talking about the side and/or back seams to loosen the chest through waist.
In one of the early, amusing examples of "lost in translation" I once added to my order notes "I don't need any collar stays". And I didn't get any... and the shirt collar came without slots for them, either. (It was a casual shirt, so no harm done.) Bottom line: word your request unambiguously!
English isn't my first language either but as of right now I'm feeling a little better about it.
You wouldn't want to wear a black dress shirt, but a black sweater, turtleneck, overcoat, etc? Go for it.
^ black, burgundy, purple, dark brown, burnt orange, sky blue... It's pretty neutral, man.
OK since I picked on your novel the least I can do is try and answer this much less open-ended question. This can be kind of a tricky pairing. Make sure that the brown and grey are sufficiently far enough apart in colour to be visibly different (i.e. one doesn't look like a faded version of the other). Also this will go a lot better if there is a textural difference between the two, like if the trousers are smooth worsted and the coat is tweed or something.It's not exactly...
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