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The site wasn't down, but the Indian registrar BigRock's DNS wasn't responding. There were denial-of-service attacks against a couple of different name servers this morning (including some in the US) and they seem to be getting cleaned up now. Luxire.com is now resolving for me.
Intrigued and I'd like to know the care instructions for linen/mohair. Is this dry clean only?
It's not the heat, it's the humanity -- preparing for a day of casual outdoor social events in warm weather. Shirt: Grandi & Rubinelli White Pinpoint Oxford. Trousers: Dugdale Fine Worsted - Duck Egg Blue Plain.
What's an iron?
Interesting. Am I seeing more contrast in texture between the light and dark threads, besides being a little lighter overall? I'm about to experiment similarly with toning down some canvas trousers.
The auto-playing videos are really annoying and are about to make me turn on an ad blocker on SF. Which I am against in principle but I can't have that happening in my workplace.
That's a great idea. I would totally do that; they'd be like luxury canvas jeans. What colours are you thinking? (Yes, I'm all about stealing ideas.)
Cargo trousers in Brisbane Moss Tan Canvas. This picture was taken at the end of a long day so you can see the material holds up really well -- heavy yet soft and very comfortable with some natural crease resistance. I think the colour name is a little off as to me this is very much a classic copper with some pink and orange to it. I now have three Brisbane Moss Canvas items (two trousers, one coat) and it's great stuff.
New Posts  All Forums: