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You wouldn't want to wear a black dress shirt, but a black sweater, turtleneck, overcoat, etc? Go for it.
^ black, burgundy, purple, dark brown, burnt orange, sky blue... It's pretty neutral, man.
OK since I picked on your novel the least I can do is try and answer this much less open-ended question. This can be kind of a tricky pairing. Make sure that the brown and grey are sufficiently far enough apart in colour to be visibly different (i.e. one doesn't look like a faded version of the other). Also this will go a lot better if there is a textural difference between the two, like if the trousers are smooth worsted and the coat is tweed or something.It's not exactly...
3D scanners are expensive. An empty box and a can of expanding foam is cheap!
If you otherwise like the suit, you should look into Suitsupply's custom tailoring program. The suits cost about the same as their better off the rack suits ($650-$800 generally) and will be made to fit you.I'm a fan of Suitsupply and will be trying it out myself the next time I get to the store.
I think gloves can be cool when made of real crocodile leather. If it's a stamped crocodile pattern on some other kind of leather, then not so cool.Basically fake anything isn't cool.
Just to offer another thought in the discussion of basing orders on existing designs: It's a rare item that can't really be improved upon in some way that will (a) get the buyer out of the ethical quagmire of crass replication and (b) result in a unique, personalized item that you can feel proud to own (rather than something you'll look at and view as a copy of something else). My favourite Luxire pieces, which are now some of my most treasured clothing items, pull in...
This is pretty tough and we could all probably use some help with this. There's only so many times you can go with a pashmina shawl, cashmere sweater, necklace, etc. A couple of ideas I'll throw out there, appropriate for different types of women in your life:Luxurious tech accessories (like high-end iPad covers and stuff).They all like gift certificates for wasteful crap like spa days.Tasteful sterling jewelry. She probably has a lot of stuff made of precious stones,...
Dude, from these photos we might as well be looking at the surface of the f*cking moon.
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