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I think that awesome collar deserves better than to be bound up with a tie.
Voting is now open for the 4/29 Friday Challenge, "Navy Trousers Unleashed".
Poal is up!
Sorry man, great jacket and I am a big fan of Uniqlo, but rulez is rulez.
7. Move to a less humid climate.
Polos look fantastic, @luxire Recent arrival here: Pale Blue Printed Leaves On White Linen.
Last day to enter! Poal goes up tomorrow at noon ET. Is there a standard rule for how long voting should remain open?
A BIT casual and low-budget today. Cardigan: Mango T-shirt: Uniqlo Trousers: Lands' End Chukkas: Massimo Dutti
You're most welcome. I design stuff for a living, and even after a couple of decades there are still times when I look at something I'm working on and and think, "I know it works, but WHY does it work?" Designers, like well dressed people, eventually internalize the theory and it turns into instinct that we put in play without consciously thinking about it. It's kind of cool when theory intersects the real world in a way that you can analyze and say, "oh, THAT"S why". And...
From a design standpoint this is a superior deployment of complementary colours, in this case orange and its opposite across the colour wheel blue. Here's why:Colours used sparingly, combined with neutrals.Warm colour against cool.The colours with the most visual weight due to luminosity and saturation -- here the burnt orange and the medium blue -- are used in the smallest elements (necktie and socks).Strong element (tie) juxtaposed with pale, desaturated complement...
New Posts  All Forums: