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From yesterday evening. Agenda: art museum event and dinner. Suit: Tom Ford Shirt: Luxire Shoes: To Boot New York Pocket square: Thomas Mark Heritage Watch: Akribos Wrist beads: Thomas Mark Heritage
Just to mix things up a bit... There are those days when it's pouring rain and your agenda is to hide in your office all day. This is about as casual as I get if I'm going farther than my mailbox. Cotton shirt/jacket: Y's Yamamoto Cotton khakis: Lands' End Cotton v-neck sweater: Old Navy Cheap-ass rain boots: Geox Linen scarf: John Varvatos Watch: Tsovet Wristbeads: Thomas Mark Heritage + homemade
Don't even consider them. For a start, what they call "high quality wool" is 70% polyester. If you need custom and you need inexpensive, check out Suitsupply's Custom Tailoring Program. That's about as cheap as you can go and still get quality.
It's the mandatory tie that I thought was unnecessary. I tend to think that a tie AND a pocket square is usually a bit gilding the lily. One or the other, or both, should I think all be acceptable options.Also I never wear a tie. Yes, everything is about me.
For the record I objected to the tie=mandatory, ps=optional clause. Requiring one or the other would have I think been better.
Did I miss it, or is the next Friday Challenge going to be Navy Trousers? And if not, explain.
Here's what worked for me: I started with my best-fitting pants and spent some time with safety pins making little adjustments here and there. When I thought I had the fit right I measured the results using Luxire's guide and ordered from the measurements. I got good results from the first order and have made only minor tweaks since then, but just the same, it's probably good to treat the first try as an experiment and to order one of the inexpensive test troursers.
Security guard chic.
I'm not a necktie guy, and I'm not a multi-pattern-combining guy, but I am a fellow high forehead guy and your hair is total win.
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