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Now that I see it on a properly calibrated monitor, I agree that the bourbon is nice too. The brown and black are too dark.
Not at all, it's nice. Now get those trousers hemmed.
With that suit, the walnut for sure.
Not sure I understand the logic behind buying a throwaway suit. Why don't you just rent one? Or buy a decent cheap suit and have it shipped to or from? Or something?
We're in agreement; I was making the statement that our opinion on this issue seems to put us in the minority.
I see you're new around here.
Adjective redundant.
The khaki one? It's pretty neutral and works with just about everything. For trousers I normally go with navy, stone or white.
Really glad to hear all the kind words about the Brisbane Moss black canvas jacket, which Luxire rendered brilliantly. Regarding the price inquiries I can't actually say because (a) I bought two items at once under a single quote and (b) I had some credit to use. As a testament to the kind of customer nonsense Luxire can process to produce a great piece, in the design of this coat I sent them photos of jackets by Berluti, Uniqlo and Zara and requested different elements...
Luxire has made so much nice stuff for me that it'd be hard to pick a favourite, but this new arrival is a contender -- lightweight, minimally lined jacket made in black Brisbane Moss Canvas. The material is substantial and has a luxurious feel to it. As always the fit and the details of finish are outstanding, including a reinforced collar band, interior pockets and a heavy reinforced placket. I'm going to wear the hell out of this every autumn and spring.
New Posts  All Forums: