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Polo Shirt Porn Incoming. On July 30 I ordered a custom long-sleeved polo in the Sky Blue Pique [$99] and 6 days later it arrived Chez Cruz Azul. I wanted a dramatic self-collar so I had a lot of specific instructions, ex: Code: I'd like a 4-button reinforced placket that is 9" long. Please build the collar like a dress shirt collar with a stiff reinforced collarband but a completely soft unfused collar. Collar back height 1.5", collar point length 3.5". Of course...
The chukkas in particular look fantastic.
^ Wow.
^ I think I need that next.
Agenda: Sunday brunch and general lazy-day socializing. Luxire VBC wool trousers Orlebar Brown polo Ferragamo loafers Zara belt
Also, closeup of the VBC Summery Grey, which has a fantastic texture: I'm wearing the VBC blue-black Prince of Wales casually to brunch today: But of course they'd make a great dress pant too.
They do have a little bit of a sheen like that of cotton twill dress khakis. I expect it will quiet a little after a couple of washes. It's not really a parameter I consider as I had them made up as casual cargos; I literally wore them yesterday with a white t-shirt and sandals.Innit? Apologies for the crappy photo; I only put them on for about one minute because it's 94 f*cking degrees here.
Epic pants commission was epic. Detail photos coming soon. Left to right: Vitale Barberis Canonico - 120s 2 Ply Blue Black Pow Checks, Vitale Barberis Canonico - 120s 2 Ply Summer Grey, Rust Plain Soft Chino, Fox Brothers Navy Longforth Check Wool Flannel.
I always go semi-spread for polos, yes.
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