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That's kind of my point; you've shown an older man's styled DB coat. Which is perfectly fine, but modern styled DBs are cut more like this:http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/suits?prefn1=fitID&prefv1=Double%20Breasted
I like it. I assume we're overlooking the too-long pants and the terrible shoes.Impossible to say without seeing it on you. But if you aren't comfortable in it you shouldn't wear it.Pipe down, grampa.
Nice shirt for a first effort. It looks to me like your chest measurement is too big, which would incidentally cause that problem as well.Your photos don't give a great full view of your sleeves but they seem a little long too -- it appears that they're stacking at your forearm.Is your waist comfortable when you sit down? It seems small compared to your hip measurement. (Or maybe you do have a very trim waist? Lord knows I wish I did...)
If only he had a designated Affiliate Thread where he could quickly and easily respond to such things.
A couple of thoughts:1. Normally you don't want to shorten sleeves from the shoulder but if your tailor just took it up 1/4" or so from there, and another 1/4" at the cuff, you'd probably get away with it.2. Suitsupply has a made-to-order service that isn't much more expensive than the equivalent off-the-rack items.
The guy lives about 3 blocks away from me, and while it would be weird to just go over there, I kind of hope I bump into him on the street sometime so that I can ask him what the actual f*ck.
It'll be my pleasure. I'll see if I can round up some others as well.
I've had a light jacket and a heavy winter coat made, and in both cases I specified the actual measurements of the garment. My process has been to take an existing coat that fits me well and make any desired adjustments to that. In the case of the lightweight one I went ahead and pinned up the reference garment and tried it on to make sure the changes I requested were going to work.The consensus around here seems to be that for all kinds of garments you're best off...
Welted pockets have been around for a long time. They're offered as an option by lots of makers these days. There are other, much more important indicators of how dated a suit's style is (fit, lapels, padding, pleats...)
A couple of new arrivals... Linen-cotton pique polo: This is a unique material that's difficult to describe. Looks heavy but is light weight. Softer, a little stretchier and somewhat more matte than traditional cotton pique. Definitely has a luxury feel to it. Slight pulling under the arms is my own fault; I'm still tweaking my measurements for knits. More importantly, this is my first test of a collar construction that Luxire mentioned a while back: the neckband is...
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