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The Islanders moved to Brooklyn and became his home team.
Can we get into the habit of spoilering all fit pics? Particularly for trousers?
Open shirt collars: Go big or go home, man.
You won't regret it. Over time I've gradually shifted over to them for all of my shirts and all of my trousers. Naturally expect the first order to be imperfect while you get your fit dialed in. They have a $60 trial pant option.
Just ordered: Pure White Soft Pique polo, Light Green Cotton Linen Chambray shirt. Because summer.
Normally I gripe about "ties required" challenges, but this time it's academic since I don't own a waistcoat either. Or a pocketwatch. Or spats, or a grey felt fedora, or loafers with kilties, or an AARP membership card, or a car with a hand-cranked starter...
Am contemplating a cross-border raid from CM under cover of ominously churning storm clouds. Wait in suspense.
Love 'em. Just not with navy.
I'm concerned that the weird British malady of wearing black shoes with navy has broken containment and jumped the channel. This is a disturbing development.Otherwise looking great, though.
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