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No harm no foul. You aren't wrong. I can take the lumps when I deserve 'em, which is most of the time.
@SimonC, I think that's a reasonable concern, but once you're going informal enough to not need a suit the ship of sartorial conservatism has maybe kind of sailed, you know? @thebuddahman, what do you wear these trousers with? Plain or patterned blazers, sweaters, plain or patterned shirts, etc?
Well now you're just bein' mean.Let me try again to make my point without tripping over my own snark, and keeping in mind that English is not my first language: I think this shows that there's a causative link between the core concept and specific requirements for a challenge and the quantity and quality of the resulting entry pool.Also, lest we all start throwing stones, I mean...
On the contrary, I'm feeling kind of vindicated.
He looks great, I enjoyed that Viva la Vida album, and I can totally understand why he kicked out Gwyneth Paltrow.
[x] ...and this, folks, is why one doesn't wear an odd waistcoat.
F**K YOU, MAN.I kid. You're right.Re: Madras, I think it's important to remember that liking it is not an all-or-nothing proposition. The term describes a wide range of plaids, some quite subtle and beautiful, particularly in the bleeding variety that turns into a sort of watercolour after a few months. At the other end of the aesthetic spectrum are patch madras and most variants involving white and a dark colour.This to me is lovely:This to me looks like something the...
@thebuddahman I think you have the right idea. My next move would be a tropical weight wool in some light neutral colour. Also, are all of your trousers solids? It might be time to incorporate a low key pattern like a subtle stripe or a Prince of Wales plaid or herringbone or something.
Did you know that it's possible to be a citizen of one country while living in another?
Technically we are a constitutional monarchy, but point taken.
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