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[x] ...and this, folks, is why one doesn't wear an odd waistcoat.
F**K YOU, MAN.I kid. You're right.Re: Madras, I think it's important to remember that liking it is not an all-or-nothing proposition. The term describes a wide range of plaids, some quite subtle and beautiful, particularly in the bleeding variety that turns into a sort of watercolour after a few months. At the other end of the aesthetic spectrum are patch madras and most variants involving white and a dark colour.This to me is lovely:This to me looks like something the...
@thebuddahman I think you have the right idea. My next move would be a tropical weight wool in some light neutral colour. Also, are all of your trousers solids? It might be time to incorporate a low key pattern like a subtle stripe or a Prince of Wales plaid or herringbone or something.
Did you know that it's possible to be a citizen of one country while living in another?
Technically we are a constitutional monarchy, but point taken.
Speaking as a member of the anti-patch-madras-blazer camp, I feel like you're making our case for us.
Feel free; or you can also just tell them you want a CruzCoat. I'm all kinds of famous like that.A few years now! I love them for travel; I have them made trim and tailored so they look good with a blazer and they have so much utility with secure pockets for easy access to phone, passport, wallet, etc. They are making my fifth one right now out of the wool rich fabric which may be the ultimate travel material (looks like wool, wrinkle-resistant, yet machine washable).The...
Thank you! It's the second of four. I've written about the processes for making the first three and the most recent.
Long day of driving. Comfort is paramount. Brisbane Moss canvas coat: Luxire (CruzCoat #2) Shirt: Hemrajani Trousers: Lands' End Loafers: Ferragamo Socks: Uniqlo Watch: Timex Wrist beads: Thomas Mark Heritage + homemade
It has been my experience that the thinner, ligher weight chino fabrics are pretty wrinkle-prone. You're on the right track looking at Brisbane Moss; I have both trousers and a lightweight jacket made out of that stuff and it's naturally wrinkle-resistant (as well as being tough and generally awesome).You might also look at the "wool rich" fabrics, which are a wool/synthetic blend that is machine washable. My first pair is currently in production and I'll report back here.
New Posts  All Forums: