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^ Whenever in doubt on any matter regarding menswear, follow the rule of WWVD (What Would Victor Do?)
Thanks, mine is about 7 years old and I know they've changed the design at least twice since then. The newer ones are quite different; they now have smaller lapels/collar and an oddly-placed second pocket, along with different shoulder stitching and cuffs. Couldn't leave well enough alone, those guys.
It's a rainy one. Recycled polyester riding coat: Nau Trousers: Lands' End Boots: Massimo Dutti Linen Shirt: Hemrajani Watch: Omega Wrist beads: Thomas Mark Heritage + homemade
I think that awesome collar deserves better than to be bound up with a tie.
Voting is now open for the 4/29 Friday Challenge, "Navy Trousers Unleashed".
Poal is up!
Sorry man, great jacket and I am a big fan of Uniqlo, but rulez is rulez.
7. Move to a less humid climate.
Polos look fantastic, @luxire Recent arrival here: Pale Blue Printed Leaves On White Linen.
Last day to enter! Poal goes up tomorrow at noon ET. Is there a standard rule for how long voting should remain open?
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