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I was going to get in on it, but a middle-aged guy standing in his technical rain jacket isn't going to compete against the photographic novels you kids unleash over here on SW&D. Gonna just shuffle back over to CM and argue against the old fops with their frigging neckties and their nipple-high pleated pants.
I'm honoured, man.I have to admit the patchwork Madras doesn't look nearly as offensive when it has those sandals to compete with.
And maybe something shiny.
@mcobinad, my day was not off to a great start here but you brightened it considerably. Thanks for the dose of Adorable Family. (And your pocket square looks fine to me.)
@Isolation, I feel like you had a really sharp concept here but the details let you down a bit -- pants need hemming, coat sleeves too long, shirt collar isn't sitting well, etc.
Interesting. So many great possibilities. I was born in South Africa and I have a kick-ass vintage field coat dating back to the Angolan Bush War. My citizenship is Canadian and I have a Roots leather bomber with some interesting trim details....aaaaaand I'm out. Good luck, guys.
Not really, and for the same reason -- the difference between the two materials is just not that visually apparent.I can't think of a lot of cases where wearing two textures of same or very similar colour works, with a few extreme exceptions (i.e. a black leather jacket with black denim).
So you only like high-contrast Madras because George H. Bush wore it?That's the same straw man argument you're signing on to.
Welcome! Outstanding first post. I agree with you on the sleeves and trousers.The thing I'd try to work on is the amount of contrast between the jacket and trousers -- they are a medium greyish blue and a medium grey. The eye finds low contrast kind of unsettling; maybe try those trousers with a navy jacket or that jacket with a light neutral (tan/stone/etc).Cheers and welcome again.
Oh FFS. I made it really clear that the reason I dislike ugly madras plaids (like patchwork) is that they're on the opposite end of the aesthetic scale from the beautiful ones. Because, to put it in short words, they're ugly:While I was at it, I made fun of two of the douchebags who famously wear this crap because they're douchebags.
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