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^ I think I need that next.
Agenda: Sunday brunch and general lazy-day socializing. Luxire VBC wool trousers Orlebar Brown polo Ferragamo loafers Zara belt
Also, closeup of the VBC Summery Grey, which has a fantastic texture: I'm wearing the VBC blue-black Prince of Wales casually to brunch today: But of course they'd make a great dress pant too.
They do have a little bit of a sheen like that of cotton twill dress khakis. I expect it will quiet a little after a couple of washes. It's not really a parameter I consider as I had them made up as casual cargos; I literally wore them yesterday with a white t-shirt and sandals.Innit? Apologies for the crappy photo; I only put them on for about one minute because it's 94 f*cking degrees here.
Epic pants commission was epic. Detail photos coming soon. Left to right: Vitale Barberis Canonico - 120s 2 Ply Blue Black Pow Checks, Vitale Barberis Canonico - 120s 2 Ply Summer Grey, Rust Plain Soft Chino, Fox Brothers Navy Longforth Check Wool Flannel.
I always go semi-spread for polos, yes.
While the dimensions are a matter of personal preference, one detail I like to specify is a stiff collarband but a completely soft/unfused collar. That way the collar lays flat and comfortable but it doesn't collapse, so you can wear it under a sport coat or something.
I'm not clapeyron (obviously) but I love the Brisbane Moss canvas. So far I have two travel pants and a coat made out of this stuff. Tough but not stiff, durable, still looks good at the end of the day. My only recommendation would be to get a swatch before making a big investment because some of the neutrals are hard to photograph.
So hard to pick favourites, but in terms of the best material (due to thickness, feel, texture, wrinkle resistance, etc) the Grandi & Rubinelli fabrics are the nicest that I own. I have a G&R white pinpoint oxford and a navy mini gingham, and I plan to order a couple of the G&R tattersalls for fall.
New Posts  All Forums: