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@mcobinad, my day was not off to a great start here but you brightened it considerably. Thanks for the dose of Adorable Family. (And your pocket square looks fine to me.)
@Isolation, I feel like you had a really sharp concept here but the details let you down a bit -- pants need hemming, coat sleeves too long, shirt collar isn't sitting well, etc.
Interesting. So many great possibilities. I was born in South Africa and I have a kick-ass vintage field coat dating back to the Angolan Bush War. My citizenship is Canadian and I have a Roots leather bomber with some interesting trim details....aaaaaand I'm out. Good luck, guys.
Not really, and for the same reason -- the difference between the two materials is just not that visually apparent.I can't think of a lot of cases where wearing two textures of same or very similar colour works, with a few extreme exceptions (i.e. a black leather jacket with black denim).
So you only like high-contrast Madras because George H. Bush wore it?That's the same straw man argument you're signing on to.
Welcome! Outstanding first post. I agree with you on the sleeves and trousers.The thing I'd try to work on is the amount of contrast between the jacket and trousers -- they are a medium greyish blue and a medium grey. The eye finds low contrast kind of unsettling; maybe try those trousers with a navy jacket or that jacket with a light neutral (tan/stone/etc).Cheers and welcome again.
Oh FFS. I made it really clear that the reason I dislike ugly madras plaids (like patchwork) is that they're on the opposite end of the aesthetic scale from the beautiful ones. Because, to put it in short words, they're ugly:While I was at it, I made fun of two of the douchebags who famously wear this crap because they're douchebags.
No harm no foul. You aren't wrong. I can take the lumps when I deserve 'em, which is most of the time.
@SimonC, I think that's a reasonable concern, but once you're going informal enough to not need a suit the ship of sartorial conservatism has maybe kind of sailed, you know? @thebuddahman, what do you wear these trousers with? Plain or patterned blazers, sweaters, plain or patterned shirts, etc?
Well now you're just bein' mean.Let me try again to make my point without tripping over my own snark, and keeping in mind that English is not my first language: I think this shows that there's a causative link between the core concept and specific requirements for a challenge and the quantity and quality of the resulting entry pool.Also, lest we all start throwing stones, I mean...
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