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While I don't have any experience with this sort of thing for trousers, I do like this kind of material for outerwear. Seems to add some nice shape retention and a bit of water resistance.
OK what I just decided I need in my life is this colour of grey linen gingham, but in a larger check. Any suggestions?
Nice, innit?Just two things, really. I took in the waist a little bit and added a belt. Then I had the sleeves slimmed and taken up just slightly.
I did and it turned out great. It's a wool flannel and is very warm. This isn't the best photo because it needed some tailoring (my own fault; it was built to the measurements I specified) but you get the idea.
I see mine in there and it looks fantastic.I also see that the rest of you need to grow a pair.
Too easy. That would be basic. I'm advanced. Think like a grey or black cashmere turtleneck.(You aren't wrong, though.)
DONE. Navy Longforth Check:I've been looking for a blue-based pattern that I can wear with solid greys and blacks all fall and winter. This will be perfect.
I live for my fans. In all seriousness, it is to Luxire's credit that all of us here have been made to feel like a part of the team. Our suggestions for products and requests for different types and brands of materials, the photos we take and feedback we all provide, all of this input clearly is folded back into shaping what the company is becoming. It's pretty damn cool.
New Posts  All Forums: