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I don't think the one on the right belongs on ANYTHING.That said, even linen trousers in a complex plaid (like Prince of Wales) in tan would look great with for instance a white polo shirt.
My face when receiving not one but two shipping confirmation emails this morning:
TL;DR: "I hate this guy. Please tell me more about him."
I for one think it's beautiful and I could see contexts in which it would work.As far as I'm concerned if you're after "burst out laughing", you want giant high-waisted pleated pants worn with suspenders and monkstraps. To each his own.
I am also a Man-Sized Collar Guy. If you have a high neckband you absolutely want to ask for a firm neckband. They can do that while leaving the rest of the collar soft.
I say go for it. It's a fun, classic touch, and if you decide you don't like it it's just about the most easily reversible modification imaginable.
I laughed out loud. Personally, I think you guys would be entitled to outrage if these two items had been ordered together -- it's one pith helmet away from looking like a uniform those stinking Brits would have worn during the Raj.
Those great-looking shawl collars inspire some really interesting ideas, and I love seeing the workshop in these photos.
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