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So the good news here is that your fit overall looks pretty good.I am on the record as being categorically against pleats, but I think they are least successful when combined with a very slim tapered lower leg like this. The combination of adding volume to the abdomen with narrowing to a small ankle is sort of not a flattering shape.
Biltong is not for everyone. Meat-coloured cardboard, really.
Found the photos of my rust chinos. May give a better sense of the fabric weight (or may not, as I am one of the world's worst photographers).
I'm from Pretoria and I return often. I tend to take our cultural propensity towards discord and danger as an opportunity to be self-deprecating, but I guess anyone really touchy and/or devoid of humour has the right to just get mad instead.I also have a lot of acerbic things to say about biltong and the police as well, so you might just want to add me to the ol' block list before it's too late.So you could have Kent Wang make you a pair of Kent Wang trousers through his...
I have some pants made in the rust chino. I haven't tumble dried them but shrinkage after a warm wash was very slight.It is a very lightweight fabric and even lined I wouldn't wear them through fall/winter. Also they're kinda crinkly which makes them more casual. I had mine made as cargo pants and I rock them with sandals and a polo usually.
Being African by birth I can appreciate the desire to breed chaos by pitting one SF vendor against another, but this seems kinda unseemly, man. Maybe use your imagination and come up with some way to at least personalize the idea? Change the pockets, add a unique closure, etc. You have a custom maker here who can do just about anything. Don't ask Michaelangelo to give your wall a fresh coat of beige.
Look at all the detail of colour and texture that unfolds when you look closely.For those of us who like this sort of thing, this is the sort of thing we like.
Other than the usual minor tailoring alterations (I'd never ordered anything like this before), I decided to add a belt to it. Honestly it didn't need it, but I was inspired by another coat I like that has one.Just FYI the 16 oz wool flannels are really heavy and will absolutely keep you warm.
I got you covered on that particular coat, anyway:
Are you looking for those colours specifically? There are a lot of tattersalls on the site, e.g.
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