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I agree, one of the big advantages of Luxire is that they'll make whatever you want. It's an opportunity for creativity and imagination.For what it's worth, this is the tentative material for CruzCoat #4:
I like to think I'm the counterweight to all of these weirdos with their pleated pants.
Thanks for the kind words, everyone. I live for my fans.Sure, this is the third coat I've had made along these lines. The first was made of tan linen:I specified a lot of details for this. For the measurements, I took elements from two different decently-fitting lightweight coats I own and tried to sort of merge them (the length from this one, the waist from that one, etc) along with a couple of guesses based on a Berluti jacket that I found inspiring. What I found is that...
Luxire safari coat in pale blue linen (aka CruzCoat #3). It turned out beautifully. Yes, I know that's a big collar. I love the 1970s and my hero is Tom Ford.
Update: Fedex finally delivered it and holy shit you guys it's awesome. CruzCoat #3 is the best ever.It would be a disservice to photograph a linen coat without steaming/pressing first so wait in suspense.
OK, how about this, then? Fixed position; can't be dismissed or scrolled away from.
Oh.Mind = blown.
Do you ever feel like Fedex is just f*cking with you? I'm not trying to take this personally, but my coat was in Taiwan, then it popped up in Anchorage for a few hours, and now they're sending it back to Taiwan? FREAKIN' ALASKA. JESUS H. CHRIST IN A CHICKEN BASKET.
@LuxireStudio, did you take any photos of my pale blue linen safari coat (#13582) before you shipped it? If so, please post. Fedex just threw a delivery exception on me and I'm like an addict whose dealer didn't show up. Please and thank you.
It does bring to mind that classic National Lampoon cover.
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