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There is a degree of personal preference involved here, but if you want to be as trend-resistant as possible go for the very slightest of breaks with the line just barely interrupted.
StyleForum was doing Internet Slowdown Day before it was cool.
Forgive the stupid graphic. It does at least cleanly demonstrate the most common way I wear a scarf.
I personally think they're both too short to be useful. The ways I like to tie my scarf all seem to require a minimum of about 72" length to work.If that's not an issue for you, I do like Johnstons of Elgin's cashmere scarves.
Dammit. Well, thanks anyway. This is going to be a great pickup for someone.
Would really like to see some measurements on this, specifically chest and shoulder.
Way better than the other suit. Brown brogues would be perfect. Someone else will no doubt weigh in on the tie.Bold move going with no shirt but I'd suggest a white one.
Seconded. The fit is very close and needs only minor adjustment; there's no reason to resort to the sartorial elephant's graveyard of pleats.(Preparing to endure a bombardment of pocketwatches, spats with kilties, Rogaine cans and fedoras from the pro-pleat lobby. Come at me bros.)
New Posts  All Forums: