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Thank you kindly. They did a nice job with all of my nitpicky details.
Now that I have my pattern set for long-sleeved polo shirts, and Luxire has made me some luxurious ones in heavier weights, I had some lighter weight polos made up for summer. These two are the Navy Sports Mesh and a 6oz White Pique. Both nice casual summer fabrics. The "sports mesh" is indeed a tight mesh; up close it looks a little like the material used in Sunspel polos but it feels softer, more like a jersey. As always, the knit version of the CruzCollar is...
You know what's the antithesis of rock'n'roll? Billy Joel, that's what.IJS.
If you really want to shrink it, toss it in the dryer. For a SHORT period of time, then gauge the results, repeat if necessary.
When did "iGent" become anything other than a perjorative describing the #menswear equivalent of reality TV celebrities? Answer: it didn't.
On the downside: the suit lapels have a very dated large low notch, and the trousers need hemming and maybe slimming.The good news is nobody's looking at you anyway. So carry on.
How do you plan to launder it?
Don't think of it as a creased cuffed cargo pant. Think of it as a dress pant with extra pockets. Seriously though, this style of trouser has revolutionized my travel and work life. There are so many situations where I'm in transit, seated in a train or car or plane or on a bench, and it's either too hot to have my coat on or it's hanging up somewhere or in an overhead bin. In those occasions I want to have easy access to my phone, tickets, etc. Those side pockets let me...
Some recent arrivals: green cotton/linen chambray, Albini linen grey gingham, white cotton pique long-sleeved polo, grey wool rich dress cargos. All turned out beautifully, of course. A couple of notes on two items in particular: My polo shirt pattern took the most iterations to get exactly right, primarily due to knits stretching and laundering differently from woven fabrics, but it was so worth it. Luxire now make all of my long-sleeved polos. This is the only way I can...
Another tour-de-force of casual wear that combines multiple coarse textures and yet somehow shows complete refinement of composition while looking effortless in its execution.Gettin' real sick of your shit, Nelson.
New Posts  All Forums: