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Have ordered some trousers in one of the intriguing Campore tweeds. Will of course provide a report upon receipt.
Do you want a second opinion?
Nice work! Once I started having dressy cargos made for travel I've never looked back. Easy access to ticket, phone, etc. even when seated in a train car or airline seat. Damn near pickpocket-proof. In some cases eliminates the need to carry any sort of bag. Love 'em.
2" back height, 3.5" point length, semi-spread, with a stiff collarband but a softer collar. So it stands up under a coat or sweater but the collar points lie nicely.
Well that's just funny right there.
Jacobean Laton. Greatest spring / summer square ever. To me the best squares not only have great colours that go with lots of things -- and I wear this one with white, khaki, navy, grey, olive, pale blue, you name it -- but also have a pattern that can be fully appreciated whether it's worn or not. This one's lovely all laid out, but even in your pocket the viewer can discern flowers, leaves, etc.
Might want to think about mentioning the size, champ.
I agree that the general fit (which looks a lot less tapered than hookem's pants) looks right for him, but my personal opinion is that it would be better with a flat front and a belt.Did you just pre-emptively complain about something you thought I'd say? I mean, a stitch in time and all that, but still... Never change, Styleforum...
Eh. To each his own, I guess.
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