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There's a special mystical incantation required to maximize your search experience.I could teach it to you, but if I did, I'd have to kill you.
I can't be certain my numbers are current, but when I ordered these a few weeks back, the Campore were $200 and the H&S $350. Decision made.Only if you want it to wear like a sweater. It's light weight and soft. I think I would go with at least a full lining and some structure in the shoulders and chest.
You're out of control, man.I am actually considering one of the richer plaids in this book for the first fully-lined A/W CruzCoat, though. Leaning towards this one:If I recall Campore was put up as a more affordable alternative to the big-name brands like Holland & Sherry and I'd say it succeeds. I don't know if H&S is nicer but it can't be $150/pant nicer.Nicely, and yes. It feels a bit like a flannel; I get the sense that in terms of warmth it punches above its weight.
My Sunday brunch wardrobe today included a Luxire white dress shirt and the maiden voyage of the just-arrived Campore Light Tweed trousers. This stuff is hella nice and I can't recommend it strongly enough -- it's very soft, cashmere-esque really. Very luxurious. Right at home here with Mr. Ford's blazer. Code for this one is "TC_12402_Perivale", it's 8 oz, woven in Italy and was $200. Sorry for the quality of the photos; I was running late. The colour in the detail...
I had a similar initial reaction, but the advantages are great particularly for travel or if you want wool-looking trousers for everyday wear. I mean, you can run them through the washing machine and even toss them in the dryer for chrissakes. I have cotton pants I'm afraid to launder myself.
I order all of my collars like this, because I never wear a tie and my standard uniform is a suit with an open collar dress shirt. The formula is:2" back height3.5" point length"semi-spread"stiff fusing in neckbandsoft fusing for the rest of the collar
They. Can. Do. Anything.Can we put that in a sticky or something?
Pitti photos are too easy. Fish in a barrel.
Have ordered some trousers in one of the intriguing Campore tweeds. Will of course provide a report upon receipt.
Do you want a second opinion?
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