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For the joy of pitting one SF member against another. Duh.Speaking of which, I think that Howard Yount guy just called you a pussy. Are you going to sit there and take that?
I think the questions to ask here are:(a) If you adhere to style rules established "long ago"; and(b) Whether you actually think pocket selection on your jacket could constitute "a grave mistake".
I think some of you are missing the point. He's having a blazer custom-made exclusively for business use. He doesn't HAVE to hope nobody notices its casual details. He can just not get them in the first place.
Seconded. Fridayfrenzy said this blazer is for business; patch packets are casual.
I understand not wearing a too-long shirt untucked. But I don't understand why wearing a slim shirt untucked doesn't work.
In a Tom Ford suit. It's like a layer cake of awesome, innit?Totally does not belong in the Creepy Images thread, tho.
I think he's neither creepy nor awesome, but he absolutely looks like a garden gnome.
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