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We're going to need a lot more pictures of this, Luxire.
Really digging the colour and the sole on those.
An entire business wardrobe for $1,000 is not impossible but it's an interesting challenge. It's a given that in this price you won't be making any long-term investments.Suits: with the current sale you might get two Lands' End tailored fit suits for $250 each. If you're a slim young man you might also try the Mango sale. Get one grey and one navy. Normally I think having a pin or chalk stripe is great for a start but frankly you don't want the suits drawing attention to...
As a general rule.You're trying to work for the company, not take it over.
^ I disagree. You can learn more about a collar's construction, I think, by seeing it without a tie. Also a lot of us here are higher up the food chain and don't have to wear the silk choke-chain.
Hugo Boss has their own manufacturing in the USA. Ohio, I think.Their suits are routinely named after famous people and I can never discern any connection between the garment and the person.While we're on the subject, I am one of the few people on this forum who likes Hugo Boss but I would not recommend paying $800 for one of their suits. You have better constructed options at lower prices -- Suitsupply, Benjamin Sartorial, etc.
Do you want a fit critique on the pants?
I'm not sure how much clothing choices can really help you when your heel-to-toe measurement is the same as your inseam. Not wearing high-water pants or clown shoes might be a start, though.
I only button the middle one.I also don't buy coats from J.Crew.
Heh, exactly that happened to me too. "Lost in translation." Don't be so hasty to send it back, though. I was always a collar stay guy but I've come to find I rarely actually need them. (But I don't wear ties; if you do, then maybe they're necessary.)
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