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I handed it to the nice Chinese lady down the street.
The collar is the same material as the shirt, navy knit pique. Specifications were: 7" pullover placket with 3 buttons. Collar: 1.75" back height and 3.5" point length. Soft collar but with a stiff neckband. Note: this was the linen-cotton blend, which shrank like a mo-fo in the wash. The material feels fantastic, though, very luxurious. If you opt for this either keep it away from warm water or account for shrinkage in your measurements.
Polos/rugbys are traditionally knits. Here's my favourite polo collar from Luxire, which has a medium back height, long collar points, and (here's the key) I asked them to make a stiff collarband but leave the rest of the collar soft. As far as I know nobody else is doing this and it makes a big difference: the collar holds up even if you want to wear it under a jacket, but the points still drape softly and comfortably.
Are you going for a knit or woven collar?
Depends. Does part of your job involve you and a dozen or so co-workers climbing out of a tiny car?
I thought the monkeys thing was kind of funny because I grew up around those little f*ckers and they steal everything. Sry
There aren't yet any fall jackets on the site. Hence my question about third-party knowledge.
Has anyone seen a preview of the HY fall collection anywhere on line? In previous years he's done a feature with some blog or another and I wonder if any new jackets are on the way. (I know better than to try to ask Jamison.)
Steamer. Then trouser press.
Now that I see it on a properly calibrated monitor, I agree that the bourbon is nice too. The brown and black are too dark.
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