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Uh...yeah, I'll get right on that.
While I'm here, maybe someone can help me choose a fabric for some new cargos that have been battered to the point of retirement. Here's what I'm looking to replace: These are the copper chinos I had made last year. I love the colour and would like something similar. To be honest the fabric wasn't my favourite though; it wrinkled so easily and was a bit thin. Maybe I should go for the Brisbane Moss Tan Canvas? Thoughts?
Classic Navy White Gingham. This is a casual shirt so I went with a light weight fabric. I also have a dress shirt made of Grandi & Rubinelli Navy Gingham Oxford, a mini gingham that is seriously nice.
New arrival today -- nothing extravagant, just a nice 3-season staple navy gingham.
I'm not a fan of 3-piece suits so mixing it up takes a little of the stuffiness / bankerness out of it. I'm not keen on wearing the jacket and vest with different trousers, but swapping out the other 2 pieces can work. Obviously wearing matching jacket and trousers with a lightweight sweater in place of the vest is a classic look. Wearing the matching vest and trousers with something like a heavy shawl cardigan in place of the jacket can be next level brilliant (or it can...
I feel your pain though. I have to get all my underwear custom made because my penis is so big. Major headache.
^ #humblebrag
I handed it to the nice Chinese lady down the street.
The collar is the same material as the shirt, navy knit pique. Specifications were: 7" pullover placket with 3 buttons. Collar: 1.75" back height and 3.5" point length. Soft collar but with a stiff neckband. Note: this was the linen-cotton blend, which shrank like a mo-fo in the wash. The material feels fantastic, though, very luxurious. If you opt for this either keep it away from warm water or account for shrinkage in your measurements.
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