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For extra credit, annotate it with Comic Sans.
OK, Spoo, we want to see how it looks worn and you want to put it on. Let's deal.
They probably fit like tents as well. You might try Charles Tyrwhitt's slim fit. I actually really like Uniqlo's shirts which are in the $35 range.
My actual chest measurement is 42.5". I always fit in either a 38 or a 40. A 42 is enormous on me even in slim-fitting fashion brands.
That's 100% typical. Notice that if your waist is 32" a 32 trouser won't fit right either.
Short answer: Suitsupply yes, Indochino no.Basis: I have 3 SS suits and 3 of their sport coats and I never stop being impressed by the quality of the materials and workmanship for the price point. In my case it helps that they fit me almost perfectly off the peg. On the other hand, every Indochino fit I've seen (including the professionally shot images on their product page) is an utter train wreck.
Not addressing the shirring because I've never seen anyone do it well and I guess I just don't "get" the artistic vision (or whatever) behind it. But a couple of thoughts here:1. As others have said, you just have to expect that your first shirt won't be exactly right.2. The amount of slope in your shoulders is really unusual. It seems to approach 45 degrees, which is not something a shirt maker is going to automatically account for. This explains those folds in the front...
Also known as the CruzCollarâ„¢, the culmination of years of experimentation which ultimately yielded the perfect collar for wearing open in full-on Tom Ford gigolo style.Chest hair is the new necktie.
Not sure if this is exactly what you had in mind, but the Tide To Go pen is the best thing ever.
And I believe that is mine, owing to the man-sized collar dimensions.Go me.
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