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What's that? You all want more pictures of those? Can do...
Mr. Ned is in your price range. I think I paid $350.
There's a limit to how much contrast is ideal (black is going to be pretty stark) but brown or blue or olive is what you want.Only for suits.And I disagree that a suit is over the top for this occasion. If it's informal, skip the tie.It's appropriate all winter. Rock on.
If you're light hair on light skin, tan is going to kind of wash you out.
I laughed out loud. Thanks for keeping the legend alive.
His trunk forms a sort of "L". See it? No? OK, screw you guys.
Just to keep the conversation going about Luxire's logo and identity system, here are a few ideas I drew up a while ago. Not intended to be viewed as complete, just sketches, really, to prompt discussion.
If we're talking about plaque belts, I think they look like something you'd see on an Express employee.
Suitsupply and Benjamin Sartorial for a start.
It's a wash, but there are better options to be had at lower prices.
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