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OK, Mr. Security Guard.
Tell 'em it's head to toe Rick Owens. Actually it might be.
If only he had an official thread on a forum somewhere specifically designated for him to communicate with his customers and address such issues.
^ Brooks Brothers Milano Fit trousers aren't slim enough for you?
I guess it's come to this...
SuitSupply use a wide variety of different fabrics from several top mills. I can't imagine you dislike all of them, really?
Uh...yeah, I'll get right on that.
While I'm here, maybe someone can help me choose a fabric for some new cargos that have been battered to the point of retirement. Here's what I'm looking to replace: These are the copper chinos I had made last year. I love the colour and would like something similar. To be honest the fabric wasn't my favourite though; it wrinkled so easily and was a bit thin. Maybe I should go for the Brisbane Moss Tan Canvas? Thoughts?
Classic Navy White Gingham. This is a casual shirt so I went with a light weight fabric. I also have a dress shirt made of Grandi & Rubinelli Navy Gingham Oxford, a mini gingham that is seriously nice.
New arrival today -- nothing extravagant, just a nice 3-season staple navy gingham.
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