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Most creepy sartorial photos probably contain one or two wearable items of clothing. That doesn't invalidate the photos' creepiness.
They look great, but the sleeves all look way too long to me, man. Your cuffs shouldn't come halfway up your thumbs, no?
Yep. Same problem here.
I think that shirt looks outstanding. You and Luxire nailed it, man.Regarding the "too tight" comments, remember you're dealing with several... let's say, "men of a certain age"... around here. The appreciation of fitted clothes seems to have a generational component to it.
OK everyone, I could use some fabric advice for summer trousers. Since my M.O. is to have Luxire make everything, maybe they or other SFers could help me either pick fabrics from current or upcoming Luxire availability or point me to mills where I might buy the material myself. What I need is: 1. A very pale blue. I'm thinking tropical wool for this? 2. An opaque white that will not wrinkle like a mo-fo but will hold a crease. They really have to be opaque; I can't have...
My point was that it's not a safe assumption to make that $1500 != bespoke using the price point as your only piece of data.
The term refers to a process, not a price point.
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