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Hard to tell from that angle but my only worry would be the lapel notch being too low and/or too big. The buttoning point looks fine.
That's actually one of my next projects; I'll be ordering a lined coat in a similar style made from one of the nice wool tweeds. Possibly this stuff:I mean, LOOK at that. I want to sex it.
They make great travel jackets and I use mine as such regularly. All of the pockets are hugely handy. Combine with a lightweight scarf and you have temperature regulation options that work from desert to frigid aircraft cabin. And I have some serious Olive Linen Envy now too.
Do it! These are two of my favourite pieces from any maker. Mine are tan linen intended for trousers (I'm not sure but it might be this stuff) and Black Brisbane Moss Canvas.
Yours is too short and needs slimming in the... KIDDINGI should clarify that mine are partially lined in the shoulders and have full chest interior treatments with pockets and everything. And I was a big pain in the ass in specifying all kinds of details. I think it's money well spent.
And here I thought you were a big timer. Man, now I have to go back to my first hero, The Most Interesting Man In The World.
Those trousers! (Hey dad, can I have $649.99?)
4-button is so last year. 5-button is the new hotness.Not posting full fit pics because (a) the fit is mostly a reflection on the customer and not on Luxire and (b) the local oldheads seem to take such pictures as an invitation for unsolicited fit feedback.
It's a young, skinny style. So if you're young (like under 22) and skinny you might be OK.Another important factor is your shoes. If you have large shoes/feet, the skinny ankle opening will give you the dreaded Clown Shoe Syndrome.
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