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Not a great photo, but a great material -- brown/black linen from the recent sale. I steamed out the wrinkles (as much as is possible with linen) but haven't washed it yet. It'll be a little slimmer with a softer collar after that.
Really appreciated, thank you.
Again I have to object to the tie requirement, particularly if socks are optional. CM just doesn't mean the same thing in every industry, every culture and every part of the world.I'd rather have the option to participate with my kick-ass herringbone suit, pocket square, etc. than to be disqualified entirely.Please reconsider?
I think the pattern's originator, Marcus Herringbone III, put it best when he...
Thank you, gents. I encourage everyone to have Luxire make a coat; the process is very rewarding. Start with a lightweight less expensive material and make a spring/summer garment, get the fit right, and then move up to something luxurious that pulls out all the stops.
Thanks for the kind words. Those Brits really know how to make tweed, don't they?
On the downside, it was 39 degrees. On the upside, brand new custom coat from Luxire just arrived. Coat: Luxire (Holland & Sherry tweed) Cashmere turtleneck: Uniqlo Corduroys: Brooks Brothers Suede Chukkas: Brooks Brothers Watch: Timex Easy Reader Wrist Beads: homemade
CRUZCOAT #4 IS IN THE HOUSE. See details and comments after the photos. Holland & Sherry Tweed, fully lined. This is the first I've had made from wool. Ashish, to his credit, tried to give me a less expensive option by showing me a bunch of lovely Campore plaids. And so I had them make a pair of magnificent pants from one of the Campore light tweeds. They're obviously beautiful and I'd recommend that fabric line to anyone. But ultimately I decided the Holland &...
Thank you kindly, @Gerry Nelson and @Spandexter. I live for my fans.@Coxsackie, I (lightheartedly) ribbed you for implying a false dichotomy:There were several entries in which the cardigan was well integrated with the rest of the fit's components, very few of the others fell into the "quirky flash of colour" category, and regardless the two are not mutually exclusive.
I'm against it; I think it looks awkward. Like wearing a 3-button suit as a 2-button but not steaming or re-pressing the lapels, so these two loose corners that were obviously meant to be attached end up jutting towards each other without quite meeting.Jeez.I voted for him too, but I mean fuck ME, you know?
New Posts  All Forums: