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We aren't doing requests. The bench and body language just cried out for Sad Keanu Reeves.
Man, that sounds awesome. In my line of business (cultural non-profits in Upper Manhattan) if you did a Friday presentation in a seersucker blazer you would totally own the room. I think you should go for it and let the voters decide.Try to view this as a challenge, or an opportunity to broaden your perceptions beyond your own industry / culture / etc. You'd be surprised how much business is conducted in the arts sector, or on casual Fridays, or in the entire republic of...
The pants are fine. The suede double monks make Baby Jesus cry.
Outfit qualifies. That an Eidos collar on the polo? Also, nice jacket.
Cheers all. I am from Pretoria SA, lived briefly in Botswana and Nigeria, now residing in Harlem NY where my work largely involves celebrating and promoting the culture of the greater African diaspora. This is my men's accessories brand, which uses materials sourced from across the continent: Thomas Mark Heritage My whole aesthetic is about sneaking a piece of Africana into what I wear every day, be it a pocket square printed in Mali or wrist beads from Namibia or a...
New Friday Challenge is up for 4/29! Navy Trousers Unleashed
New Friday Challenge is up! Navy Trousers Unleashed
Often maligned as difficult to incorporate into one's workplace wardrobe, here's our opportunity to celebrate the navy odd trouser. And since this is a CruzChallenge, I'm throwing in the the added difficulty of no ties. This probably just turned into Casual Friday for some, but who doesn't enjoy a challenge? So there it is: vote on the best execution of business-appropriate attire incorporating navy odd trousers and no tie.Specific breakdown of rules:1. Navy trousers: can...
Thanks again, all. I have to admit I was completely unprepared to win one of these things, so someone help me out: 1. Is it OK for me to open the contest tomorrow (Friday) and have it run 1 week to next Friday? 2. Am I going to have any trouble turning the post into a poll once entries close?
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