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How have you been here long enough to make 1,147 posts?
Get a cardigan, son. Do some f*ckin' thing.
Those are OK. These are better:http://www.landsend.com/products/mens-plain-front-tailored-fit-no-iron-dress-twill-trousers/id_251715During the current sale they're $48. I think the quality, particularly for that price point, is great.
I like Lands' End Tailored Fit for this sort of thing. Slim but not skinny, medium rise, very good wrinkle resistance (they look great after a little steam; they never need ironing). Affordable and free hemming.
(Amused by the appearance of at least two SF members in these search results.)
OK, Mr. Security Guard.
Tell 'em it's head to toe Rick Owens. Actually it might be.
If only he had an official thread on a forum somewhere specifically designated for him to communicate with his customers and address such issues.
^ Brooks Brothers Milano Fit trousers aren't slim enough for you?
I guess it's come to this...
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