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I disagree; if you're still nailing down the fit of your trousers, knowing exactly what length will give you the exact break you want based on a single measurement is going to be tricky. I had to have my first couple of custom pants re-hemmed, and in the case of the cotton pair the results of course weren't entirely invisible. It's a small and reasonable expense to order your first pair unfinished and have them hemmed by a local tailor.
Seconded. I give them the most ridiculous requirements, despite my best efforts, and somehow they turn it into beautiful custom clothes that become centerpieces of my wardrobe.
I also like the little pocket for keys, as it provides an extra layer of protection between their hard angles and the outer material.
I'm always wary of a one-sided account. The Reddit reviewer declines to post the actual text of his own email, summarizing it only as "much more stern", but then directly quotes the email he got in response. I suspect the reason he didn't quote his own email is that he was being a prick (or was perceived to be doing so in threatening to not pay for something that Luxire had clearly been working hard to get done for him). That said, nuances are often lost in cultural...
It was indeed. Your jacket turned out great. Thanks for the follow-up.
Thanks for the quick and thoughtful response. I do greatly prefer the colour of the non-Dugdale linen option above.I measured the heck out of two similar jackets I already owned, made some adjustments, and even then the first one required some tweaking (but after a trip to the tailor it was perfect). So I'm not sure my method was the best. Someone else in this thread (and I apologize for not recalling whom) made a green shirt/jacket that turned out beautifully; maybe we...
Throwing this one open to Luxire and to anyone who has experience with these or similar fabrics. One of my "signature pieces" is a partially lined safari-style jacket that Luxire has now made for me in linen and canvas variants. Now I want a light version for spring and summer in a very pale sky blue. I was thinking a heavy cotton twill (to make it a little soft) but the closest colour options seem linen (which is also OK). Best matches so far seem: 1. "Linen:Pale Blue...
^ One of those pictures that is, as the saying goes, worth a thousand words. And/or $350 + shipping.
You are correct, sir. The nicest, softest wool flannel I've ever encountered.
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