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I've got issues.
I keep meaning to do that but of course I always forget.They have a nice heft. Maybe I can sharpen the pointy ends and throw them at people or something.
I looked around the site and haven't found a lot of information about being a SF affiliate. Do affiliates pay a recurring fee? Do they have any obligations for participation? Is there a precedent for a vendor abandoning their own thread (Jamison hasn't been online here since February 2013)?
Both good fabrics, and also good choices for a first shirt since the investment in cost is minimal. You don't want anything too expensive for your initial fit experiment.Opinions seem to vary greatly on the Lustrous Fine White. More than one person complained that it's wrinkle-prone but my own experience has been the opposite -- I bought one as a staple wear-to-work shirt and liked it so much that I had a second one made with a French cuff. They are now my favourite white...
Not sure if you were addressing me, but the suit is Ormezzano linen from Suitsupply.My photobombing lieutenant there is from Italy.
SF Affiliate cross post: garden party deployment of Kent Wang Jacobean Laton pocket square and Luxire Lustrous Fine White dress shirt.
SF Affiliate cross post: garden party deployment of Luxire Lustrous Fine White dress shirt and Kent Wang Jacobean Laton pocket square.
By all means, use Creepy Sartorial Images to slug out which one of you has the highest high horse.
I keep forgetting that they wear black shoes with navy suits in England. No wonder they lost the goddamn empire.
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