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Thank you for the kind words and for the shout-out. We're proud to bring African design into modern sartorialism and are looking forward to the Luxire Halo Effectâ„¢ to move some product.
Thank you.
Composition / materials? Lined?
No worries. It's not my first language either so I probably fumbled my end of it as well.
I say that my method of care doesn't wear out my shirts even after several years, you read that as a "throwaway attitude".Whatever, man.
Your position seems predicated on assumptions about the relative longevity and "datedness" of these two styles that I sure as heck don't agree with, so let's leave it at that.
I always toss my shirts in the dryer, with the exception of the ones that go to the cleaners for laundering and pressing -- and I'm pretty sure they tumble-dry them as well. They're shirts, for chrissakes. Life's short. If they wear out buy new ones. And maybe I'm lucky but I don't think I've ever retired a quality shirt due to wear. That includes MTM shirts that have been worn in regular rotation for 6 years.
The length of the coat, primarily.
I think it's a good investment. I have a brown linen sport coat that I wear all the time. Besides khaki/stone it also looks great with white trousers and all kinds of gingham / tattersall / etc. shirts that contain white and some lighter colour.
That's kind of my point; you've shown an older man's styled DB coat. Which is perfectly fine, but modern styled DBs are cut more like this:http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/suits?prefn1=fitID&prefv1=Double%20Breasted
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