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Seconded. Fridayfrenzy said this blazer is for business; patch packets are casual.
I understand not wearing a too-long shirt untucked. But I don't understand why wearing a slim shirt untucked doesn't work.
In a Tom Ford suit. It's like a layer cake of awesome, innit?Totally does not belong in the Creepy Images thread, tho.
I think he's neither creepy nor awesome, but he absolutely looks like a garden gnome.
Wait, what?
I couldn't disagree more. There's probably nothing more important in fit than harmonious proportions.
You know, you started off as though you might have had some barely detectable trace of a valid point (even though it did seem like you equated being grossed out by sock-sniffing stalkers with homophobia or rape culture) but now you're acting like you're the only one with a moral compass and you look like a shrill lunatic.
I like to think of it as a heavy casual fabric. Typical chino fabric is around 7oz weight and this stuff is more like 10oz so I absolutely wouldn't recommend it for hot humid environments. Of course it works for colder weather but I also think it has merit as a travel material due to its toughness and I plan to make dress cargos out of it (I travel a lot and am well on my way to having an entirely separate wardrobe just for travel). You could make a nice business casual...
That is not their default waistband. I always go for their standard waistband and it is tastefully sized with traditionally placed belt loops.People are specifically asking for the cummerbundy waistbands, drag-chute pleats and nipple-high rises that you occasionally see here. I know. Me neither.
If I can be the sole voice of caution here against tapering everything, make sure this is really a good idea for you before sending your nice new trousers under the knife. A few things to consider: Is it going to flatter your shape? Severe tapering in the lower leg will make your abdomen and core look relatively larger. Is it going to make you look like you're wearing clown shoes? A small ankle opening and not-small shoes will have that effect. Are you comfortable with...
New Posts  All Forums: