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Thanks again, all. I have to admit I was completely unprepared to win one of these things, so someone help me out: 1. Is it OK for me to open the contest tomorrow (Friday) and have it run 1 week to next Friday? 2. Am I going to have any trouble turning the post into a poll once entries close?
Oh there would be more rules than just that, but I want to confirm that we didn't already do navy pants. There was much debate in WAYWRN about the wearability of said garment.
Holy crap! Being a No Necktie Guy I was hoping just to make it onto the podium. Props to @EFV who I was sure had it. There were a lot of great entries this time. I want to thank all my fans, my agent, Sal Ferragamo, Luigi Incotex, Akira Uniqlo, and the anonymous Korean leatherworkers who made this all possible. Did we do the much-maligned navy trousers yet?
The back of all 4 CruzCoats has been plain. The last two had a center vent which I've settled on as ideal for the design.I can't speak for Luxire but they've never charged me extra for any such options.It's an original design; I didn't base it on any existing product.
Thank you, sir. So many designers I like were influenced by the 1970s -- I might in particular mention that Ford guy -- that the challenge for me is to not go overboard. Like, I could have worn ivory loafers and/or a shirt with big collar points laid out on top of the coat's lapels. Would have been a bit gilding the lily. I want to celebrate the era, not become a caricature of it, you know?Edit: Here's a details / textures photo. Voting isn't open yet but I wasn't sure if...
It probably goes without saying, but brown + plaid pants + turtleneck = 1970s.
License to spill, bitches!!!
The KW and SS websites both offer a complete list of measurements for every size they carry (shoulder, chest, waist, sleeve, etc). I'd use that as a reference.
I keep seeing people using "Woolrich" and "wool rich" interchangeably here and I don't think we should be. "Woolrich" is a Pennsylvania brand known for outdoorsy stuff and heavy duty workwear. As I understand it the "wool rich" fabrics offered by Luxire are wool/poly blends made by Tessuto and other overseas operations. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
I guess I just found out that my parents use this site.Howzit, folks?
New Posts  All Forums: