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Thank you kindly, @Gerry Nelson and @Spandexter. I live for my fans.@Coxsackie, I (lightheartedly) ribbed you for implying a false dichotomy:There were several entries in which the cardigan was well integrated with the rest of the fit's components, very few of the others fell into the "quirky flash of colour" category, and regardless the two are not mutually exclusive.
I'm against it; I think it looks awkward. Like wearing a 3-button suit as a 2-button but not steaming or re-pressing the lapels, so these two loose corners that were obviously meant to be attached end up jutting towards each other without quite meeting.Jeez.I voted for him too, but I mean fuck ME, you know?
Scrolling down the page, there was a moment when this was all that was visible:I realize now it's a hand, but the mental scars remain.
Godspeed. That was one of the three (3) times in the last 20 years that I wore a tie.
I was lead to believe that winter was over, but noooooo... Overcoat: L.B.M. 1911 Trousers: Luxire (Hunt & Winterbotham wool flannel) Cotton sweater: Old Navy Boots: Ferragamo Scarf: MOMA Store Gloves & belt: Syms (R.I.P.) Watch: Omega Wrist Beads: Thomas Mark Heritage
That's funny! Thanks for the information. I have a pile of Old Navy's $14.95 cotton v-neck pullovers and wear them more often than I care to admit. There's something to be said for having some non-precious garments that you can wear without worry.
Outstanding cardigan. What is the material and maker if you don't mind?
I acknowledge I'm no match for the cat, but maybe I'll come in second.
Happy Monday. Look for me in the CardiCAN challenge, obviously. Sport Coat: Kent Wang MTM Merino cardigan: Uniqlo Cotton shirt: Hemrajani Khakis: Lands' End Shoes: Meermin Mallorca Pocket square: homemade Watch: Timex Easy Reader Wrist beads: bought on SF B&S years ago
Thank you kindly, gents, and happy Easter.@fairlynerdy, that's just how I roll. The 1970s were a big influence on my style; I tend to make and buy pieces with broad collars, broad lapels, not-particularly-tapered pant legs, lots of use of brown, etc. Part of this is subscribing to the Tom Ford school of shirt unbuttoning -- go big or go home.
New Posts  All Forums: