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You literally can't go wrong here. Both shirts will work fine with both suits.The tie actually sounds suspect to me. Have a photo of it?
I always order lining for wool trousers. It's not about warmth, it's about comfort and longevity.
Go to the Suitsupply at 16th & Locust and pick out one of their lighter coloured, single-breasted linen suits. I like the Havana in grey or the Copenhagen cotton/linen in tan. They have an in-house tailor so when you get the best fitting suit see if there's a ripple in the upper back and if so, have him fix it (it's an easy adjustment) at the same time they hem the trousers for you.White shirt, brown shoes. Buy one of my pocket squares.
I'd resist the temptation to overdo the theme. Wear a tasteful seasonably-appropriate suit and just add a gold pocket square (or tie if you're into that sort of thing).
My first KW MTM is being made right now after a visit to the NY office. I'm kind of picky about my trousers so I addressed the drape issue by just ordering a sport coat. Not if you're going to get measured and consult in person. It'll be fine. Pick whatever fabric you like and get exactly what you want, man.
For extra credit, annotate it with Comic Sans.
OK, Spoo, we want to see how it looks worn and you want to put it on. Let's deal.
They probably fit like tents as well. You might try Charles Tyrwhitt's slim fit. I actually really like Uniqlo's shirts which are in the $35 range.
New Posts  All Forums: