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^ So 8 buttons between you and the toilet. That might require planning ahead. Apparently, despite what the pleats seem to suggest, these things weren't designed for people my age.
Seriously. A degree of escalation that borders on uncalled-for.
I'm going to second that; I've worn it with navy, grey, white, taupe, you name it. Here I am rocking it at a garden party last summer. One of my favourite squares ever (and this is from a guy who designs pocket squares).
One staple, one a bit rakish. Epic VBC deal is epic.
I giggled. I'm immature.
They usually do. A popover differs from a polo in that it's made of a woven fabric that has relatively little give. Most of the time a little extra room in the torso is therefore preferred.
Try pulling on one of your dress shirts while it's already buttoned up to the second or third button. That will provide some insight on how much room you need to add.
I can't speak to button-downs because meh. For the popover, I'd do 1.75" back height, 3.25" collar points in a semi-spread, a stiff neckband but soft/unfused collar. That way it will be soft and look casual but will still hold its shape if you want to wear it under a jacket or something.
Aw poop.
New Posts  All Forums: