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I mean, you can park an aircraft under those f**kin' things.Thankfully the necktie boner seems to have run its course, so maybe this will too.
Do they all feel like the same material? Some are different weights, for instance.
Is it maybe not too late to return the loafers?
I was going to get in on it, but a middle-aged guy standing in his technical rain jacket isn't going to compete against the photographic novels you kids unleash over here on SW&D. Gonna just shuffle back over to CM and argue against the old fops with their frigging neckties and their nipple-high pleated pants.
I'm honoured, man.I have to admit the patchwork Madras doesn't look nearly as offensive when it has those sandals to compete with.
And maybe something shiny.
@mcobinad, my day was not off to a great start here but you brightened it considerably. Thanks for the dose of Adorable Family. (And your pocket square looks fine to me.)
@Isolation, I feel like you had a really sharp concept here but the details let you down a bit -- pants need hemming, coat sleeves too long, shirt collar isn't sitting well, etc.
Interesting. So many great possibilities. I was born in South Africa and I have a kick-ass vintage field coat dating back to the Angolan Bush War. My citizenship is Canadian and I have a Roots leather bomber with some interesting trim details....aaaaaand I'm out. Good luck, guys.
New Posts  All Forums: