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Nice, man. I love that you make those shoes work with a denim jacket.Our daily reminder that it's Gerry's forum; he just lets us live in it.
I admit I have no firsthand experience, but if you do a site search for "performance chino" you'll see a few really interesting fabrics. I've been eyeing the Black Grey Herringbone and Grey Herringbone for my next experiment with travel trousers.
On the contrary—I wouldn't know.
It's entirely up to you, but I think you should consider taking the friggin' hint.
It's also worth mentioning that women's clothes, like their wearers, are weird. They don't subscribe to our idea of getting the perfect shirt fit and then riffing on it, for instance. And even things like skirts, which look simple, have complex pleated floating linings that attach to the outer shell with stitches at the top and strings on the bottom and stuff. I've been working on understanding it for a while and so far my only real successes for dames have been scarves...
A pretty apt description for the recipient as well. Kids today, you know?
Just in case anyone's still not clear on the whole "Luxire can do anything" mantra: I asked them to make a knit top for a young woman with built-in fingerless gloves so that she can roll like a Dickensian street urchin. Nailed it. Material: Grey uneven stripes jersey. Light weight and very stretchy.
There's a unique perspective that comes from having been on the forum all of 4 days.
Hai guise. Kind of new to SW&D but encouraged to x-post here from the CM WAYWT. Thoughts? Time for the summer whites and near-whites portion of the program. Trousers: AG T-shirt: Hugo Boss Suede loafers: Suitsupply Watch: Tsovet Wrist beads: homemade
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