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I feel you, man. I have a couple of pants on order and every time photos are posted I stop and scan the ones that don't have pleats or side adjusters.
Light olive or rust all day, son.
There are so many key details you nailed on this -- the shape of the lapels, that small high notch up at the collarbone, the way the shoulders are set. This is outstanding.
While I don't have any experience with this sort of thing for trousers, I do like this kind of material for outerwear. Seems to add some nice shape retention and a bit of water resistance.
OK what I just decided I need in my life is this colour of grey linen gingham, but in a larger check. Any suggestions?
Nice, innit?Just two things, really. I took in the waist a little bit and added a belt. Then I had the sleeves slimmed and taken up just slightly.
I did and it turned out great. It's a wool flannel and is very warm. This isn't the best photo because it needed some tailoring (my own fault; it was built to the measurements I specified) but you get the idea.
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