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Here's the pair of Fox flannels Luxire made for me. They are soft and warm and toasty.
I guess I'm in the minority here but I had great success sending pant measurements instead of mailing in a garment to replicate. In my case my "best fitting pants" weren't a perfect fit so I was able to pin them up in a couple of places, put them on, see how they fit and draped, gauge the results and then send in the adjusted measurements. The first pair that Luxire made for me fit perfectly. Since then I've only made minor tweaks.
(EDIT: Someone pulled a dick move but the post was deleted. So I was sitting here looking like I was mocking myself. Which I have been known to do but prefer to not do so unintentionally.)
This is f*cking awesome and truly inspired.For me one post like this, showing some imagination and a sense of adventure, makes up for 10 "can you make a cheap copy of this designer thing" posts.
Let me also endorse the VBC Summer Grey. I love 'em, they're a nice weight and have just the right amount of subtle visual texture.
I am proud to be all of those things where Luxire is concerned. Happy 2016 to you as well, and you can expect my sweater request within 24 hours.
For what it's worth: I haven't encountered this on any of my Luxire jackets, but I did have a similar roped effect on some vintage coats I bought and my local tailor was able to smooth them out relatively cheap and easily.
As a frequent traveler I'd like to see more Wool Rich fabrics in basic patterns -- chalk / pin stripes, plaids, herringbones, etc.
Sold. Tell me how to order it please! (I somewhat predictably was unable to find such a thing on the website. )
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