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Just about any of the knits work for polos.
Wool rich != Woolrich.Sorry to be pedantic. Major pet peeve.
I'm keen on the cottons with a bit of elastane in them (check the "pants" box on the left to filter). It gives them a little wrinkle resistance and of course makes them a little more comfortable as well.
I love me some Dieter Rams but I think the IKEA one is actually an improvement for this particular application, for a few reasons:Load is balanced at the middle of each shelf or drawer unit rather than at the back.Anodized posts look better than empty slotted track sections.Minimally destructive: Tension posts are attached only to the ceiling by three screws each. My entire wall of shelving is affixed with 15 screws, all on the ceiling and none on the wall.
I have a fetish for flat heavy boxes and allen wrenches.
Random photo of the CruzCoat corner of my dressing room. Front to back: Pale blue linen, tan linen, Holland & Sherry tweed, black Brisbane Moss canvas. With a cameo appearance by two criminally crunched-up shirts in Lustrous Fine White cotton and Albini grey gingham linen. (The rack gets a bit crowded during these transitions between seasons.)
Holy crap, those EThomas fabrics! This right here is the bomb. Just oozes luxury. It shall be mine.
Nice, man. I love that you make those shoes work with a denim jacket.Our daily reminder that it's Gerry's forum; he just lets us live in it.
I admit I have no firsthand experience, but if you do a site search for "performance chino" you'll see a few really interesting fabrics. I've been eyeing the Black Grey Herringbone and Grey Herringbone for my next experiment with travel trousers.
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