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Depends. Does part of your job involve you and a dozen or so co-workers climbing out of a tiny car?
I thought the monkeys thing was kind of funny because I grew up around those little f*ckers and they steal everything. Sry
There aren't yet any fall jackets on the site. Hence my question about third-party knowledge.
Has anyone seen a preview of the HY fall collection anywhere on line? In previous years he's done a feature with some blog or another and I wonder if any new jackets are on the way. (I know better than to try to ask Jamison.)
Steamer. Then trouser press.
Now that I see it on a properly calibrated monitor, I agree that the bourbon is nice too. The brown and black are too dark.
Not at all, it's nice. Now get those trousers hemmed.
With that suit, the walnut for sure.
Not sure I understand the logic behind buying a throwaway suit. Why don't you just rent one? Or buy a decent cheap suit and have it shipped to or from? Or something?
We're in agreement; I was making the statement that our opinion on this issue seems to put us in the minority.
New Posts  All Forums: