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Do you ever feel like Fedex is just f*cking with you? I'm not trying to take this personally, but my coat was in Taiwan, then it popped up in Anchorage for a few hours, and now they're sending it back to Taiwan? FREAKIN' ALASKA. JESUS H. CHRIST IN A CHICKEN BASKET.
@LuxireStudio, did you take any photos of my pale blue linen safari coat (#13582) before you shipped it? If so, please post. Fedex just threw a delivery exception on me and I'm like an addict whose dealer didn't show up. Please and thank you.
It does bring to mind that classic National Lampoon cover.
Not saying I disagree with everything, but you should take style-related advice from a Great Depression-era tailor with a grain of salt. Materials like hopsack have improved in the half-century since he worked with it. Pleats that you can hide a family of four inside might be useful for smuggling minorities out of Nazi Germany aren't necessarily going to convey the impression you're trying to project in 2015. Etc.Somewhere out there there's probably a great auto mechanic...
@JIMB's shirt above specified exactly that. I think that makes him the most recent authority on how well this works out.
There's something about that colour that just works beautifully in corduroy.Also, Brisbane Moss has never let me down. Well done, sir.
I still do like the Sunspel "Riviera" short-sleeved polo because it flatters my not-exactly-ripped shape and because the mesh fabric is very cool. But it only works in navy (all of the light colours are way too transparent), the collar is still a little small, and it has a pocket I don't need. My thinking is that if I can pay less and get exactly what I want, then screw it, I'm paying less and getting exactly what I want.I used the words "stiff reinforced" in my requests...
Quick pic en route to Sunday brunch: my Luxire trousers in VBC blue-black POW are becoming my go-to pant for nicer casual events.
Not many. I tightened up the sleeve hole and bicep to match an existing well-fitting polo because I like the arms a little more fitted. And of course the total length is shorter. Just about everything else I kept the same.
All good considerations. Fortunately the piques are pretty affordable, which is good news if (like me) you need to tinker a bit with the nuances of working with knits instead of wovens.On the collar front I might suggest semi-spread (which is what I did) instead of full spread. You really want a polo collar to kind of gently lie down at the ends instead of the sort of perpendicular touch you're after with a woven shirt. Somehow the farther you go towards cutaway the more...
New Posts  All Forums: