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I'm a little confused as to how to adjust the measurements for my next order. My chest/waist measurements seem to be good, but there seems to be a lot of excess fabric on the back side of the shirt. If I shrink the waist/chest measurements, it'll be too tight I feel. Is there any way to adjust the back side of the shirt?
I'd like to get an update on the customs issues as well before I place another order.. I'm from Canada if it makes any difference..
What is the tangible difference between a $60 dollar fabric and a $120 fabric? I've bought some of the $60 fabrics and they appear to be of good quality. Granted, I've never bought an expensive shirt so I don't really have anything to compare it to. When compared against a fabric >$100, what can you expect to be different?
I recently ordered a shirt from luxire and I'm looking for some advice on adjusting my measurement. The shirt fits decent in general, but there seems to be excess fabric behind my armpit and I'm not sure how to get rid of it. Would reducing armhole sizing help that?
Looking to purchase a MTM suit in Vancouver for
Cool, thanks!
As much as I would like to go through 496 pages, I don't have the time to do so. If you could point me towards some specific posts, that would be more helpful.
What's the process for getting a shirt replicated? I'd like to make a shirt based on an existing shirt, but I'd like to make changes to the shirt I'm sending. Do I include my measurement changes with my shirt when I send it in? Or do I include them in my order? Do I make an order before I send in my existing shirt? I would just like to get a clearer idea of what the process is before jumping in and ordering a shirt...
Please post when you hear back from them. I'm curious to know as well if I can take additional measurements for a better fit... Thanks.
Modern Tailor currently makes my MTM shirts but I'm looking to try something new. I use shirt measurements for my MT shirts, but I noticed you guys don't use as many measurements as MT. The measurements I'm concerned about are the upper arm measurements (around the bicep) and the shoulder measurement across the front of the shirt. Are we able to specify these measurements for your shirts? I"m just concerned about the fit and would like to avoid making multiple shirts again...
New Posts  All Forums: