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That's an "action back" (in a half Norfolk style). Makes you feel more comfortable while shooting wild animals, so very useful on a safari suit. And yet ...
Well, then …
They have a floating canvas hair panel but I'm pretty sure they also use some fusing. I own a number of suits from them and am very happy with them, yet their house style is evidently quite different from the "typical SF style" (if that exists). And yes, they are very nice people.Welsh tapestry tweed is (or was) not unusual in women's clothing (though the above picture is the only piece of menswear made of it that I've ever seen).
More Harris Tweed (same source)
Some memories from Bookster's ebay archives ... Harris Tweed suit (1950/60s) Houndstooth tweed jacket (1970s) Tweed jacket by Alexander Morris (1977) Tweed hunting suit by Huntsman (1969) Welsh tweed jacket
Suit and cap are in the Glenhunt dark brown HB tweed, did you check this? (I don't have better pictures of it, I think.)
That's Bookster's softer shoulder ...
From my archives ... Harris Tweed by Deryck Walker Cordings Vintage Welsh & Jefferies Vintage Harris Tweed jacket Engineered Garments Vintage Harris Tweed coat And a bonus pic ... Yves Saint Laurent / Harris Tweed
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