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It's on the back thigh and probably about 6-7 inches long. I guess I was just trying to gauge which method would get it out while also fading the least. I figure rubbing it would probably be part of the process whichever route I go.
My niece drew on a pair of my jeans with a green marker. I read that rubbing alcohol works, but that's for permanent marker and this is just one of those cheap kiddie markers. Should I use alcohol or just try dabbing it out with water? I don't want to leave a faded spot around it.
Great IEMs. Never opened. Currently going for 145 on Amazon. Shipped to CONUS only.
Selling an unworn pair of New Cures. I tried them on, but they were too big for me. Measurements are: Waist aligned: 15 in. Front rise: 9.75 Back rise: 12.75 Thigh at crotch: 10.5 Knee: 7.75 Leg opening: 7 Inseam: 34 115 shipped via Paypal gift. CONUS only, please.
Quote: Originally Posted by mm84321 Who do you think you are? Ina Garten? Buy yourself a large container of good greens (such as good spinach, good arugula, good mizuna, good etc.) and some good canned salmon or good tuna. Keep separate until ready to eat, mix together, add some good balsamic vinegar and good olive oil, and consume. This is what I do most days. You can sub in any good protein really and add as many good vegetables your budding heart...
Just get some good pasta (either good spaghetti or good penne) and some good pesto. Mix those together with some good vegetables (good yellow peppers and good mushrooms are always good). Top it with some good parmigiano reggiano and you're set. Serve it chilled. If you want, buy some good artisan bread on the way to school and eat it with your pasta.
Are the WvG shirts ever going to go on sale again?
sleigh bells - treats
whoa, never heard of such a phenomenon. can we gets pics of this?
i still need a pair of NC in 26. anywhere that has them in stock? i feel like i've checked everywhere, but there may be some place i've missed.
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