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You mean rocker?
Bothers you? You didn't show me this better way you are bragging about. But then, maybe you are over educated? You tripping over your eliteness? What if college doesn't know it all. In a hundred years what will they be teaching? Perhaps todays eliteness isn't elite enough? Oh no! That means you're not even elite! Some things really are inflated.
If an elite of the left starts disagreeing he is then cast out and cast down, so, no longer an elite. Totally unworthy. There is an evil power of the left elites.
Nothings perfect. Look at Bush Jr. Running off to the middle east (Iraq). I didn't vote for him to do that. Bill Clinton? Until the republicans got both Senate and representatives the country was doing terrible. Billy boy just happened to be there to ride on the other parties wave. If you step back further the democrats wrote the tax bill that brought the economy down upon its knees.
Both your arguments are cooked books. At least Piobaire is trying both shoes to understand, instead of being bias.
However you look at it can't imagine anyone would want her to be president. What has she done in her life that is worth voting for as president? There are thousands of people more qualified. Would you hire her to be CEO of your Corporation? Her husband was to wet behind the ears, and we paid for it. Do we need another green horn? (wild west talk)
Yes, a bit shapeless. Not completely shapeless.
Saw a YouTube video, where her husband said, in another country, that she is a Muslim. Maybe saw this six years ago. Of course the liberal media didn't want Americans to see that. If Trump had said that the liberal media would have that all over the news in an unpleasant ways.
Some of these women "accusing" Trump sounds like professional write up's, with a few errors that the simple minded won't notice. Some in the media are certainly capable, and have plenty of mischief.
That coat is really nice. A bit shapeless at the waist. Some tailors are true artist. It seems like so many modern tailors have drags from the button going up towards the shoulder, which mars the coat. These old pictures from the sixties are really nice.
New Posts  All Forums: