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Thought Trump said he is Presbyterian.
It seems to me that there are a lot of people who claim to be Catholic who don't like many Catholic beliefs.
People can say all kinds of dirt about Trump. But, he doesn't care. When he does care he really knows how to hit back. Most politicians don't like dirt on them and cower. Believes Trump knows that very well. Their cowerness is his tool against them. I think he will do a lot more than people think he will, being he is a go getter. He seems to me to be a very open minded negotiator who definitely wants something at the end. Politicians who waste his time will be made to look...
Someone posted this in another forum. Don't know if it is new or old. Maybe it has already been posted here.
When he is heading in the right direction that is substance. He may have the cart in front of the horse and the harnesses wrong. Hillary can have the horse in front of the cart. The harnesses correct. But heading the wrong way means no substance.
Does Trump need lots of money? I don't think so. Some politicians run on almost nothing, and, win. It isn't always about money. Hillary doesn't have substance. Trump must have some substance, and many people know that. More money isn't going to brainwash people, here. A little substance is better than none. How much substance does Trump have? In the end he maybe way better for this country than we think. Hillary is a total waste of America's time.
Wondering if Ryan has been black mailed. If so, what little he did is probably real small, but seems big to him. Maybe he is just outwitted by Trump.
He has been shooting so many people in the foot who wants to be near him?
Will you be showing it on the other dummy?They sure did a very nice job with the flaps.
Dieworkwear, It looks nice on the dummy. Does it look that good on you?
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