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Bad inches that like me to much. Them kind I know to well. They think they are my best friends. I hope you are having better luck with them than I am. 😕
The Italian tailors who moved to France decades ago what are their clothes like today? Mostly French in style, or Italian? Just wondering how much they have adapted.
50 years ago the tailors I was around made what ever you wanted, so any shape lapel. The tailors who refuse are missing some lessons. In the 60s SR made the general business suit, but for the after hours they made some outrageous clothing. Today SR is a shadow of itself.
No, talking about women who go to a fabric store and buy a pattern, thread, fabric, sewing machine and try to make a garment. Some of them are actually pretty good. But their seam allowances are wide. Tailors seam allowances are narrow, but when they add width the added width is called inlay.
Possible. But would it work that late? Both those guys surprised me.
There are many combinations. A green or orange or striped tie, or chuck the dark vest. It seems his personality isn't connecting with all the colors because his vest is to large of dark. So to say, the coat is the king of garments. There should be no competition between the coat and vest.
Some artist create pictures in their head before they paint it. So I just replace the tie color in the picture with the color I'd rather see. It only takes a second.
Reminds of over 50 years ago asking a question about this. I don't remember the answer.
The vest, tie and shirt has no connection to the face. Hair color, skin color with tan tie would bridge to the coat. The shirt and vest, as is, are just pleasant extras.
This would look better with a tan tie.
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