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Media reliable? I would say none. Some are better than others. Scientists keeping records without bias? Fat chance!
I am aware of of that. Some companies recognize the need to hire people with health problems. Some who don't could be talked into hiring them. The neighbor doesn't need a Masters degree job to pay for her living. There are people who have worse problems than she has, and they work.
#9, your reasoning sounds like morality changes on its own like a gun loads itself and aims at someone and then shoots the person. Morality is a human choice for decent or foolish. When I was in school nobody was afraid of another kid with a gun. Today it is very different. What has changed? Morality choices! Clearly the ones of yesteryears was better.
That's false reasoning. What about 70 million to 140 million? You can coff up any numbers. Yesterdays work was a lot harder than today's. Which would you rather do? Trod behind a horse and plow? Sit on a tractor plowing? Or, be in a your house and start the tractor with a computer and send it out to plow the field? Why did you become a welder? Neighbor down the street is only motivated to fine every free buck she can get. Claims to have a Masters degree. She has some...
If you have a rock in your shoe, don't you get rid of it?
Well said.It looks to me that the liberal progressive movement has opened doors to juvenile and adult behavior that is steadily getting worse. Some reasoning sounds fabulous, but doesn't work. So fabulous they won't quit believing it. So, keep pushing it. Millions more are going to be hurt. Reasoning is first to be tested. After proven positive, then implemented. Liberals seem not capable of doing that.
Like that very much. Fused collars are nice sometimes. But, not always. A well made soft collar is pleasing to look at.The shirt collar looks creamy color instead of white on this screen.You young guys sure come up with some nice color combinations.TweedyProf, you do a fine job.
You may want to check here Here are some more tutorials
Before all the human services people took care of each other. Church was a major place. Think all of the tide money went to the preacher? Then there were relatives. Friends and neighbors. Church teaches human value. That each person has some value. What I'm reading here by the college educated is don't even look for value. Don't even believe in it. Just abort people based on a bunch of lies (half truths). Preachers were connected. They had ways of motivating people,...
Before the tax money was used for "helping" people there were other ways. It was by giving people personal value and helping them find jobs they can do. Throwing money at a problem is rather cold. Being bossy is also cold.
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