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Looks nice, but do I see thin air under the roll line?
Quality is a requirement for rewards, or what is the purpose of any reward?
Recognition young through old is better than none. One painter lived in poverty and died in poverty. A hundred years later somebody noticed the quality of his paintings, and he became famous. At least you are being recognized some years before you die. So at least you git to hear about it. And, a reward too! Though it seems kinda late.
Thank you.
How come nobody has posted their website?
Who weaves this hemp?
That is an easy problem to solve.Start your own business!
Did you get a degree in economics, too?
Probably regional. Sixth grade teacher wanted to wear blue shirts. There were a few others who wanted more colors, but safer to keep ones mouth shut. Stripes and checks nobody mentioned them and tie together.
5 turtle necks. Wow.
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