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There are a number of ways to make pockets. If the flap sticks out between two jets just push the flap inside. Other flap pockets may be a problem because of the way it is constructed. Changing buttons is easy. Anybody can do it. Books, YouTube and even ask a tailor how to do it.
Like that.
Think it was 1968 at school when another boy accused me of having highwater pants. It must have been the beginning of sixth grade. My brothers pants that he wore the year before. If they were new for me they certainly would have been longer. The tide had turned, for even men's pants had gotten longer. The highwaters were out of style.I was around long before the internet "classic style" was even invented. Back when men had fun with clothes. I'll take a look at Voxsartoria...
It seems to me that back in the mid sixties the trousers were a little shorter. Let's say, an inch above the shoe. The bottom of the trousers fell clean, not bunching up because, they would have been held up by resting on the shoe. In other words, the hem or cuffs were hanging, not resting.
I wouldn't even shorten them. There is even 3 roll to 2 1/2. These are probably custom made.
Not long ago lots of business deals were done golfing, dinners at the golf club, yacht club, rotary club, elks club, etc. Business suits, black tie, and, of course, white tie. Back when women were secretaries. Life changes.
Too complicated for you?
Nice picture.For the coat to hang properly the inside button needs to be buttoned, too.
1980s huh?The football shoulder pads excitement.
Is this you when you see your reflection in the glass door on your way out?
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