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That looks really nice. It looks very relaxed.
Formality of peaks doesn't work for DB, unless that is its purpose. And, how many ways are there to do peaks?If you want to do something more relaxed how about a shawl?
If the dye has faded there is nothing you can do unless you can figure out how to redye it.If it is the crease a few washings and it might disappear. Get it quite wet and put the iron on it.
If you were making the shoes wouldn't you have figured this out first?
That is really nice.
Jmm722, The one that fits best is probably the one to keep. You could take them to an alterations tailor and put them on and let him decide which one is best for adjusting the fit.
This is a nice coat. Back in the early 60s there were thousands of tailors across the US. Many of them had a number of ideas for making skinny lapels, and some were very nice. Today, where is the imaginations coming from? A handful of tailors and designers? Not much to see anymore.
$1,000,000 is peanuts. What is the power of inflation? In the early mid 60s my parents bought a house for $3,000. Today the land alone is over $100,000. If my parents didn't sign up for old age tax discount my parents property taxes would be more than what they payed for the place, every year. In the late 70s I started to buy a house for $12,500. Nowadays the land must be over $100,000, not sure what that house is worth. In 30 - 40 years from now $1,000,000 will buy what?...
Nope. Some people here speak well of Depose. He writes here. Don't know if he does drape. From what I read from his customers he does a through job. Can't say that for a lot of tailors. Chicago is closer than NY or Europe.
Pink is a great color on women.
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