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So many of you guys are still sucking your college thumbs? Don't you think it is time for another diaper change? Well, missed the debates. How did it go?
Hey! You're not giving me enough credit. What about the other ten languages I don't know?
Piobaire, you asked me some question about violence. The Olympics where going on back then, and the were more interesting. Abortion, capital punishment. Abortion is violence. Is capital punishment violence? Is sending your child to there bedroom for punishment violence? Another subject. Paid ones debt to society, when let out of prison. Is that true or false? Curious what people here think of that. I decided it is false.
Why? You don't think there is a technique of the lie of abortion? You guys are college educated. You should know something about techniques to lying. But, they don't teach that in college do they. So you don't know how to begin to think about this subject. Not taught in college you don't know. There are some books in psychology that deal with this subject. The fbi might have a webpage on the subject. Instead of attacking someone's spelling and grammar when you lack...
69, 70. The film was probably about ten years older.The only black person I knew of, through most my childhood, was several years older than me, so I wasn't around him practically at all (in high school he was one of the most popular kids). In high school there were four, five. I was around one of them. Gave him a painting that I had painted. This side of town was whites and a few treaty Indians.
Take abortion. The technique of the lie of abortion, as OK, can be used many ways. Sure it took some years to con enough people, but it can be used against you. So where is the morality that abortion is OK? Besides, most people for abortion are hypocrites, any. Enough to murder. Kinda defeats the purpose of government when government becomes anti-government.
You have another choice that will win?
Many blacks have sure had it ruff in this country. In middle school we were shown a number of films. One was of pretty black and white girls in the same dress model. The girls were equally beautiful. The black girls had to say that the white girls were prettier. How could anyone say one was prettier than the other? It doesn't make sense that people of any color could stoop so low as those white people who demanded the Black girls lie about beauty. Where was/is the win?
Why? You think those inner city gang members are going to vote? Or, you think the gang members are not thugs?Think Trump has good intentions for blacks, and will do better for them than the Hillary gang can do.
New Posts  All Forums: