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Looks machine made. Sewing machines don't give much diagonal flex. Hand stitch does.
Still see Bernie signs in yards and wherever. Does anyone see Hillary signs? Is she so disliked nobody post signs for her? I think Trump is going to knock her out of the ball park like he has everyone else.
Look around for a real tailor. Some are reasonably price. May not find one. But if you do, and is good, then that is a real bargain.
To tight. You need some room for ease (room to move around in). If you are pushing weights you won't be wearing that long, no room for expanding muscles.
Obama had opportunity to do something good, and he didn't even know it.
It's a nice combination.
Baptist aren't that way. At least none that I know of.
Go to a real tailor. Buying pre-made is not good for somebody who makes good money at any bank. Another faulty pursuit of clothes is the mtm route. A real tailor, the good ones, are the elites of the clothing world. If there are none near you, then go to where you can find one you like. Savile Row has several. Northern Europe trained have the better ones. Other places there are less details, such as less canvass, which maybe is better some places. But working in a bank no...
Trump is a mover and shaker. If you don't want the boat rocked move to Canada.
What is there? Two basic weaves? One is twill (herrington is one variety). Pick and pick is the other (fresco is one variety). Lot of variations from two basic weaves, isn't there?
New Posts  All Forums: