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Now that some time has gone by how have the unlined sleeves held up? I would think they would get baggy, and a bit longer time, holes in them. Maybe leather patches would work.
I am an elitist! The only person in my club I'm so good. Glad we got that over. 😅 Why is this thread in the classic part of the forum?
If mink oil is used on the soles wouldn't it soften the soles so they wear out quicker?
First thing I thought of is lower shoulder. Are the lapel points level. Might clear up some of the other problems.
Perceptions are different from group to group. It doesn't matter because some will look at you as a stud or a dud. What matters, if you want to fit into a group, is to dress accordingly. From my perspective clothing is art, and most of it is good, so it doesn't matter. Sometimes it is best to dress the worst (won't write about that now) and other times the best, and then there are times to fit in. Wisdom has an open mind.
Bespoke is not the magical bullet by default. It depends on the skills. Not a single body is the same as anybody else's. To nail the fit on the first one is asking much. But, most people like it more than their other garments. After wearing it for a few months and they have choices with the next one... How many gave away their rtw and mtm because they like bespoke so much more? These garments and shoes should have at least one days rest before being worn again.
'Greger back darts are not something new on mens shirts unless the 1960's is recent. front darts on men's shirts are not a great look. a shirtmaker canonly take so much fabric from the back panel only. if there is too much shape at the waist, it will look odd' Don't remember seeing darts in the 60s nor the 70s and wasn't paying attention later. Reading on these forums is where I came across this. When the fit is really bad it makes sense. This one guy has large man...
Live a few thousand miles away. Supporting local can be very good. After all, some of them have a right to stay in business just as much as SR firms want to. Unless there is a good reason not to give them a try. It is like giving rich people gifts. Isn't it the poor who are in need, and not the wealthy? Support the locals for some of them are worthy of their pay.
Hmm, maybe hot weather places like Spain a cape would be better. It's airy. Doesn't take up much space. Seems more practical then being "fenced in" to a coat.
So it is rather open.
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