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Why did you write all of this? I wrote about the news media and its lies. Who knows what Trump will do. Some of what Trump said during election race was to confuse the liberal pretend PC media. But that doesn't take away the fact that the left media said outrageous lies. You trip over Trump. If the news media is just as bad or worse why are you not tripping over them, too?Unlike the other candidates Trump put a huge amount of his own money into this race. Even when it...
Boy! You guys are green. Wet behind the the ears. Must be a lake back there. Reagan gave the news media an opportunity. But, they wrote fiction. What did Reagan do? He skipped the news media idiots and went to the radio. Trump can use twitter. What is interesting is that Reagan told the fools what he would do, and yet they still resorted to lying. There was lots of fake news in those days. Do you think the left wimpy media will ever change? I think lying is a vice. The...
Sounds like you have been swinging on people's coat tails to long.
This isn't exactly true. Republicans do slash government. Democrats add to it.
The Republic party, as the Democrats, has always been a mixed bag. There are several views, and they interwine sometimes, and personal variations. Just what is Trump? We're all waiting to see.
We don't live with a world government. If America gets to much unemployment, as a nation, how is that good? Not good for any country to have so many people on welfare and other government help. Economics is like anything else. Can you imagine what driving would be like if we didn't have rules? No traffic lights, stop signs, etc. People would be driving on any part of the road, and sidewalks, too. It is called, chaos! People are people. Economics is no different than...
Why do tailors keep raising prices each year? Supply and demand, and they can. Find unknown tailors that are just as good and their prices will probably be reasonable. Bench made is more time consuming with more opportunity to make better garments, so naturally will cost more than that which is shoved through the production line.
"1. Arbitrage is a legitimate strategy for corporations: no one is arguing that (it is also generally a good thing for consumers ultimately)." Sounds good. What about the people who have little to spend, anymore? You just wiped out a huge economic would be source. When you look at Reagans time taxes were high, unemployment was high, interest rates were high. It was like Jimmy Carter and the rest of the Democrats were high on drugs. What Reagan did because of those...
Usually three if bespoke.Quality of tailors varies greatly.
That was a quick reply. Got one pocket watch that needs a crystal and probably some other work, like to get done. A couple of battery pocket watches (Dad had a stroke and interest is gone with them). Then there is another one with a chain. Maybe someday I'll start using them. When done well it is a great presentation. A charming look. Better than ordinary, at least, some of the time.
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