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"Mr. Trump, do you believe that the U.S. should move immediately to renegotiate trades with the U.K., or like President Obama has said, should the U.K. now move to the back of the line in light of the Brexit vote?" Don't know why people are picking on Trump when Obama puts the U.K. at the back of the line. Obama's decision isn't even American thinking. That's worse than anything they say about Trump. At least Trump is American. And Hillary goes with the wind and tide,...
Button stance too high.
His smarts are somewhere else.
Sator hasn't been around long enough. One of the words he tripped over was sack. Sack Coat has a number of different definitions. How some countries used that word other countries might not be aware of or interested. There were so many nuances that were never written down, so, how can later people understand? If he came back now, he'd do better. And like all of us, we can't speak for how people thought about clothes that's before our time. For me, the late fifties on I can...
That coat is way too small.
These stitches look like basting stitches. When pulling out these temporary stitches, looks like they missed a few. When you go back take the coat and show them. A few minutes later and they will hand the coat back, finished. After a few months wear you really should take the coat back for a check up. If it settles unfavorable I'm sure they want it back for proper adjustments.
I can see more high paying union jobs disappearing.
Ah Harold. You must live a boring life.On a side note to everyone. The media has been unreliable since at least the Nixon years. Do you expect more?
You don't need help sitting down?
Thanks to Dr. Spock children under his guidance are all sissies. "PTSD" if they ever got a spanking. America is not the land of the brave anymore. The progressives are creating genuine cowards. Look at this fool judge going after Remington for making and selling legal guns instead of sueing government. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/06/15/nyregion/in-newtown-families-suit-against-maker-of-the-ar-15-rifle-surprising-progress.html?ref=topics&_r=0 How can company be sued for...
New Posts  All Forums: