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Sure it is violence. Like WWll. You rather the Nazis won?
Well, if you want to turn to scripture, then there are the two in the womb God called brothers. So, already people. Killing innocent people still is murder.
That's a dumb question! You trying to justify abortion as equal to capital punishment? That is a lousy way to try and duck your conscience. If you didn't have a conscience you wouldn't have put it up. Trickery and treachery, do you run with the wrong crowd?
Simple they may be. But, where is the lack of truth?
Actually, maybe you are not wanted around here. Maybe a vote should be taken to see who likes you?
Your statement reminds me of this, "Brave men do brave things. Foolish people want not to know better". Ha! Twisted your brain, huh?
Since you so strongly believe in abortion, lets start with you. Perhaps you are a hypocrite, instead? Morality, can man change it? No doubt we can argue about what is and isn't. There are a few rules. Obviously if you are a hypocrite you stepping on morality. Denying it is like a billy goat peeing on himself, thinking that makes him big. We all break some rules, but murder is still murder. To defeat the purpose of laws by government installing phoney laws. Where is the...
Your Welcome!
At one time people didn't get abortions, so, no laws. How did that happen? I suppose your answer how wet behind the ears you are.I gotta run. Won't be looking here for awhile. You guys can breathe a sigh of relief.
That's right. Obama is not smart enough to think ahead.
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