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"Somethings weird...he is spinning lies to cover his tracks for sure...but I'm just curious why he turned me away." If he quoted to you what he was quoted and finds out from you that he was lied to how is he to blame? If you are an honest business man who starts doing business with another business you think is good and you send a customer there and the customer comes back accusing you, is that fair? From what I have read you are jumping to conclusions.
Maybe the old alterations tailor retired, moved, etc. Finding a replacement is not always easy. Plus the old one maybe didn't keep up with inflation. You can't blame the store owner for being up the crick because of what others have done. If there are no alterations tailor around for that store owner to use, what can he do? This is not the same as hiring a teenager to flip hamburgers. Otherwise you could do the alterations yourself.
Maybe this coat needs a pressing but, it looks sloppy. And, the waistline looks very high. The purpose of the high waistline is it working better than something else?
Nobody wears corks here. Corks are a job requirement for some jobs.
Yeah Yeah, styles are, to a certain extent, plain janes. Fashions can be what you do with them. Take a steak (=style) and put salt on it and cook. Or, (fashion) barbecue it, put in pan with no fat but bubbly brown butter and red wine, rub, spices what ever momentarily floats your boat.Anyway, plain janes are for work and fashions for after work. If you look at history there is lots of it that tailors made. Another way to look at clothes. Mini vans are great for hulling...
David, what you don't have behind you is history. The ones I'm thinking of are the ones you can see from either side of the lapel equally, because the lapel rolls out in a manner that the buttonhole is easily seen either side. I suppose most tailors who did these did the buttonhole twice, two twist. But some did the buttonhole with one twist and they were flawless from either side. If you look at some from 50 years ago in any country, including SR, you will see some.
If you are not getting your money back you might as well let Russell try. There is nothing to lose, but maybe something to gain. If he takes a look maybe he'll see what to do immediately. No doubt that somebody higher up should have stepped in a whole lot sooner.
Don't have any pictures, but saw some very nice ones 50 years ago.
"I on the other hand, don't like true 3 suits that much. There's no beauty to the roll of the lapel. I like a roll." A nice roll can be put easy when custom.
There are so many variables that blanket statements don't work. Looking at these forums for ten to fifteen years, let's say, buttons holes on the roll, most are clumsily done from the British, haven't seen any Italian that I care for either. Why don't I like them? The lapel roll is so wimpy and the button holes are to stiff. Better made lapels and buttonholes that flows with the roll of the lapel and placed there as a good work of art, because that is what it is supposed...
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