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The spelt Coffee could have easily been rinsed out in a restroom sink and patted dry with paper towels.
Don't have a dog in the fight. The mass-produced refrigerator explanation doesn't work. And even that can have a back order of several months. Custom work is different. Custom and mass-production are not comparable. The business practice that somebody else explained is great. But, not every artist is good at business. Which leaves the question. Which is more valuable to the customer, business method, or the art? Last, but not least. Aren't they just pants? There are...
Clip ons are less dependable, not to mention harsh on the cloth. Don't want a loose one banging around because it came off.Button braces has more flexibility where it matters. And they are more reliable. These are technically far better.Trousers that are properly made for braces are cut different than for belts. When ordering be sure the tailor knows if for belts or braces.
Some parts of your coat are very nice. As others have said it consists of styles instead of a continuum of one from top to bottom. The button is in a good location but the garment wasn't fitted right which makes it tight (that should have been sorted out with the first fitting. There are many fine styles of lapels and the ones on this coat are very nice.Your camera looks to have somewhat of a wide angle lens. The camera is held high so the bottom of the picture looks...
Watched on YouTube where a tailor used a tape measure twice when drawing a coat. He used no other drawing aids.
EliodA, your reasoning is very good. With a few more lessons are you sure your not an artist? A middle aged neighbor lady discovered she is a real artist, and makes good money doing it. You might pursue this more and find great benefit.
Had phone problems, so didn't reply sooner.Years ago at the stock brokers 4 men walked in. 3 had mass-produced suits, the other had a blazer. Your description above describes the three suits very well. And at that, designers were involved with them. The blazer was a work of art. It was so good you could actually replace a painting on the wall with it. This garment was far more than a coat. A tailor made it. Some designers are natural artist, and it is a shame they don't go...
The back of the coat is too large for the front.If you look at the side picture you can see up there by the shoulder blades the gap from there to the edge of the picture. When you look at the seat and see the gap from there to the edge of the picture this gap is bigger. This swaying of the hips forward means the patterns of both coat and trousers need to be cut for that. This is sometimes called a swayback. If the salesperson doesn't know this, then the stores tailor...
This is an expression of 'good choice'.
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