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Maybe the customer wanted the coat that short. If you have no choice then it is not a custom garment.
An Acute Style, Your color combinations are one of the reasons I glance at this thread. Two years of show and tell as often as you have certainty can bring burnout. Everything comes to an end as sometime we need to move on or a good break. Your show and tell was nice.
That looks really nice.
That is sure a nice looking coat.
You guys are in the play pen of peer pressure and to dangerous to think outside that box? I guess you have enough toys to keep you happy within 😅.
Don't live in a damp castle to need one of these Inverness Capes. And not a deer hunter. But sometimes a long cape would be nice hiking. Umbrella comes in handy, but not much good off trail. Don't think many city people care to be on trails, much more off trail. Has white tie pretty much gone the way of the Inverness Capes? White Tie is far nicer.
Sounds like you are set. Perhaps a Norfolk? There is nothing new to step forward into. Stepping back, time wise, a Cape for golfing would be handy should it start raining.What is nice about broadfalls is there is no fly, zipper or buttons adding bulk to the front. Just the one seam. Well, two or three higher buttons, but no fly, etc down lower. Men liked them for several centuries.
Don't remember seeing any pictures of PBs coats, so nothing to compare with. The pictures of kolechos coat has distraction in the background for cell phone viewing. What is unique about some of your coats, Manton, is the cloth looks very relaxed. This is, I think, rather rare. Back in the early 60s this man the cloth of his coats was relaxed which reminds me of some of your coats. Otherwise I think I have seen similar relaxed cloth on a couple of other coats. That means...
Thought you were saying a style you don't have caught your eye that you would be interested in having.
Interesting read. Clearly some of you guys weren't around in the early 60s. High water skinny pant legs is nothing new. Then like now not everyone does them well, as with any detail of clothing. Italy is a warmer climate than England, therefore, open quarters and shorter coats makes sense. This coat reminds me of something a cousin further north than Italy would make.
New Posts  All Forums: