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stay away from Rowenta, quality stinks. try Panasonic cordless. excellent iron with no cord to get in the way of your work.
Socks and underwear, everyday. Everything else based on two criteria, dirty and/or smelly.
I think Ambrosi will get his cousin Tony from Brooklyn to pay you a visit to show you how it's done in the old country.
The jacket looks big on you. In the profile shot it looks like a sack, straight as a board. There's too much room in the front, unless you have a pot belly (which you don't). The back should hug your lower back and not just go straight down your back.
Why have you clowns hijacked Ambrosi's thread? Don't make me force you to wear multicolored speedos!
I was wondering the same thing yesterday. I stopped by Mr. Ned's yesterday for a fitting and they showed me that the support in the lapels is different between a 3 button and 3/2 or 2.5 roll. There's a heavier strip of material that runs along the length of the lapel canvas. It determines where the lapel will naturally break vs. ironing. If you just iron it it will at some point want to return to its natural break so it's best to have it made correctly in the first place.
Why ask why?
I'm in my pajamas as soon as I get home. Just as a suit is the clothing of choice at work, pajamas are the clothing of choice at home.
Try Mr. Ned. Vahram will hook you up. 212-924-5042.
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