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Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Bespoke shoemakers will make you a different last for loafers and lace-ups, but not for derbies v. oxfords. At least, I have never heard of one doing the latter. Yea, they need to do that because of the volume difference.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bounder But what if you have ugly feet? Ugly feet? What? You mean something like web toes? or perhaps some hexadactyly action? Well, shoes are agnostic when it comes to the attractiveness of your feet so I think you're safe. Date away....
Quote: Originally Posted by Steven Aver I will have more info this week. Should be in the 400 to 500 range. I want to get sf opinion on fabric swatches whwn I officially sign on as an affiliate next week. Thanks We Will you also do trench coats?
Quote: Originally Posted by JibranK If that is so, then your trousers are extremely low rise. Yes, it's about 1 inch lower than I would like. I'm having that corrected on my next commission.
^^^ it's actually not too bad. It's about two inches below the end of my sternum. I guess it looks bad because the camera angle is from below.
I received a brand new Canon HFS10 HD camcorder from Amazon as a gift. I already have the HF20 so I'm selling this one. It's brand new in box. This will be a cash and carry deal so if your in NYC and are interested please PM me!
Crap, for 5,000 pounds extra, it better be made of human skin.
Quote: Originally Posted by falsestart I think if you are going to work with mr ned, really try and work with the son varham. His dad is nice but has strong ideas about how things should fit. They are pretty committed to a padded shoulder and you might not get the soft natural shoulder that you want. I would say that for what you get it is a very good value however you will need to be very vigilant with them regarding exactly what you want. +1,...
I noticed that my watch was was holding my shirt sleeve after the photo was taken. Trust me, both sleeves are the same. The gorge looks too high because of the angel of the camera. It's actually still a bit low for my taste when you see it in person. As for the break it looks fine when I move. Sometimes when you're standing still it looks like it's too much. I don't like it so short so that when I move my socks starts showing. However, I've asked for a slightly smaller...
OK, here's my blue suit. It's 180 TC and it still costs only $850! I have a charcoal one that I didn't get the time to photograph. But it basically looks the same with just a different fabric. Sorry about the bad focus...
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