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Quote: Originally Posted by Robert I've been a fan of The Sartorialist for some time, but what's weird about the site is there's hardly ever any criticism. Everyone who posts there gushes over every picture, whether it's sublime or ridiculous. "Oh, I love that man!" "Oh, I wish more men dressed so boldly!" Glad to see there's some smart criticism here! That's because the idiot who runs that blog won't stand for detractors. It’s all about...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma I'm afraid I don't get the reference... I think you were still in grade school at the time. Not for rated G.
B is what you wear when you're still employed. A is what you wear when you're not. MaFoo, I think you're carrying your old man fetish a bit too far. Can't you just wait until you're an old geezer before acting as such? Believe you me, when you're an old geezer you're going to wish you were your age now.
BTW, she doesn't have a chubby knees problem, she has a bow legged problem. Please know the difference. I agree that the guy’s ensemble is just too busy.
348 works for me. I have narrow heels so, for example, on the 341 last my heels will slip. I also have a slightly wider foot (between D and E) with very little arch. My toes are spaced wide so I usually require larger toe box. I tried on a few last that the manager at C&J here in NY thought that would fit my feet but it turns out that the 348 fit best even though it's suppose to be for narrower feet. So my advice is to go try it out before you buy.
Quote: Originally Posted by trajan I couldn't find it last weekend. It disappeared. Does anybody know what happened? --trajan Try 55th and Madison. Southeast corner.
Unfortunately, there are plenty of tailors that behave this way. I've been to plenty of tailors over the years that have lied straight to my face. I have the good sense now to only start with 1 commission or two at most just to see how the tailor behaves as well as to test their skill. I refuse to waste another cent on bad tailors. With a large organization like BB, it might not necessarily be the manufacturing part that's bad but the direction that your particular SA...
Some of you giving the advice are way off the mark. I think his goal is to get Italian stuff at great prices. Some of the stores you named have prices that would pay for a trip to Italy and a suit in Italy for the price of the suit alone. I think he's looking for value. The only thing I can think of is to try Daffy's and Century 21 in NYC for bargains. It may be worth it for you to take a bus ride up to Woodbury Commons.
The only thing you can say with consistency about the 80’s was the perverse use of large shoulder pads. The football look was very much in vogue. As much as Tom Brown is having an impact on the fitted looks of today, the football look had an effect in the 80’s. Even in Michael Jackson’s Thriller you can see this influence as his red leather jacket's silhouette looked like it was more fitting in football stadium.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Always buy the best quality you can afford and clothes you have been dreaming about... Don't buy because you need to but because you wanted to.. +1. With the exception of your second sentence which seems to be inverted. I still say buy the best of what you can afford. If it means that you won't look like a super star then so be it. This narcissistic American consumerism needs to end or we’ll surely turn...
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