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Quote: Originally Posted by LesterSnodgrass And I despise Moo. That guy is the king of all turds. All the fashion in the world couldn't give that guy an ounce of style. Yea, but can you tell us how you really feel about Moo?
Try Eredi Pisano on Madison and 54-55. They have a good selection of eye-Talian stuff that would fit your bill. They have a massive sale going on now also. Good luck.
Quote: Originally Posted by maomao1980 OK, let me rephrase, PG disgusts me Don't you mean to say that you HATE HIM?
I own shirts that are ten years old. Shirts that's I've worn and washed everyweek.
Quote: Originally Posted by robin That's not criticism, that's just being a dick. I would not have allowed that comment either. A truth that's told with bad intent beats all the lies you can invent - William Blake The fact of the matter is that she did have on an 80's prom dress made of curtain fabric. If you are old enough to have lived through the 80's then you would know this look quite well. For example, look at my avatar, there's no...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma The blog isn't a style critique blog, it is frequented by the people posted in the pictures and he wants to keep a friendly and positive atmosphere, you can't blame him for having different aims than the ones you'd like him to have. There is self promotion and then there's self(auto) fellatio. I think his blog ventures into the latter.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan I didn't censor any substantive criticism. There's a lot of it. I just started doing a better job of deleting comments that were racist or merely expletive-loaded personal attacks. I've had to delete quite a few aimed at my wife. I just don't want to be associated with any of those things and don't think they add anything to discussion. The Sart does so religiously. I once posted that one of the woman in...
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