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I can get the same look by throwing my regular BB suit in the dryer, minus the $4000.
Quote: Originally Posted by mmkn B., you are truly lucky . . . established relationship with a maker and riding the wave of a down economy to your advantage . . . so all you have to do is buy, buy, and buy . . . same money, more suits! Kuro, I hope that the fit problems is corrected to your satisfaction and you stay on with the maker. I am starting to realize that starting from scratch over and over never realizes anything . . . you know, jack of...
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Steed? Yes. Pricelist here. MBTâ„¢? No. - B I'm assuming that MBT prices are alot lower hence your interest in making so many suit with him? One more question, does MBT actually make your suits from scratch or did you just give him something to copy?
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria For Steed: things still operate according to the quarterly visit schedule to Boston. I've always had turnaround time from Edwin given that. On his last two trips he has yet to notice a downturn in business. I've certainly ordered at a more rapid pace because of the weak pound. For MBTâ„¢: not sayin', but I've been posting a ton of new MBTâ„¢ stuff in WAYWRN...and I've yet to wear a bunch more. This stuff is...
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria n00b. A dark green double-breasted corduroy shawl-collared dinner jacket (Scholte, 1959.) Dinner trousers in navy herringbone wool and cashmere (H. Harris, New York, 1956.) - B Yea, wear that at your own risk. Someone will beat you to death on the streets.
Quote: Originally Posted by gomestar where??? You missed some of the suits but you may try calling the store to see if they have any in your size at their warehouse.
He's hardly an original. Pee-wee's style was from the 80's. Angus from AC/DC had the idea in the 70's. So no, he's not original. What I do like however, are his jackets and shirts which fit slim and short people to a T. If you are thin and wear any size jackets in a short you'll love his stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Like I was alluding to, depending on how short you are, you may not have a decent RTW option. Did you try Thom Browne? I don't think it's an optimal solution, but you can wear his jackets longer than they are intended to be worn. +1. Check out Black Fleece in Brooks Brothers. They're having a sale right now. You would need BB0 in their suits. The jacket would fit perfectly but the pants would need...
Quote: Originally Posted by madison avenue Bulk up!! Trust me you will thank me. Suits will look much better ...... More like, the rest of America needs to bulk down. Fat fu%$s! There are plenty of nice 36's when you go to Italy for example. Also, in the far east 36 is considered standard. They look fantastic! Not a tub of lard or dough boy in a suit look.
Some of you are overly stuck on BRAND labels. I wouldn't wear that thing if it were the last jacket in the world. It's straight from the 70's pattern. Just because it's Isaia doesn't mean it's worth having.
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