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I always thought that shoes are one of those things you don't buy unless you try them on or have experience with the same shoes before? I can't believe that some of you would actually order a pair without trying them on. Wow! Brave. Best of luck in the fitting.
Aren't Suttors a bit stiff? I hate shoes with stiff soles. They take forever to break in and they hurt your feet for months.
Hey, Phat G, why all the hate? Why not turn that hate to LOVE?!? Also, the Uniqlos I saw only came in slim and it was the nasty, short, hip hugging, plumbers crack, low riding ones that I can't stand. You didn't get those did you?
Girls your age are stupid and shallow. Go get yourself a nice cougar who will appreciate your outfits.
Wait, what are we talking about here?
Conversely, I have gobs of money stuffed into my $2 shapeless OTR no name suit. Perhaps someone here is in the happy medium zone?
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Well, my wife calls me Peter North sometimes, and we do have double rolls, but not in such an industrial style. I just threw up a little in my mouth.
Hey MagnaVox, does Steed charge extra for this Transformer work or is the price the same?
Don't listen to them Magna-Vox. I liked-it it.
No idea what you're talking about. Do you only see the discount when you check out? That link you gave for example shows the bag on sale. That's it. Where's the 15%?
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