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Who's going to his book signing at Barney's?
Jack is likely one of us schmucks on SF.
Quote: Originally Posted by nozorro agreed. same here, it just doesn't look natural: IMPORTANT NOTICE: No media files are hosted on these forums. By clicking the link below you agree to view content from an external website. We can not be held responsible for the suitability or legality of this material. If the video does not play, wait a minute or try again later.       I AGREETIP: to embed Youtube clips, put only the encoded part of...
Kill my landlord Kill my landlord C-I-L-L
We need more choices.
Foo, why did you make her look like Lindsay Lohan? Is she your dream girl? BTW, why the frak is she holding a noose?
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan That was taken out of context. They asked me about what I recommend people wear to be stylish. I said something like: "Well, I don't think you can prescribe an outfit that will make anybody who wears it instantaneously stylish. Style is a personal thing and I believe it's a reflection of many things that you can't work to improve in an studied way. Sure, you can put some fundamental ideas and things in place, but style...
I have to disagree with most of you that a magazine like Men's Ex would do well here in the States. If you bothered to look at the magazine closely you would see that it's built on a different business model. Most crapazines in the states are built on an Ad based revenues model whereas magazines like Men's Ex are built on a subscriptions based revenues model. That's why crap like GQ and Esquire are full of ads. The publisher doesn't make much money from the...
Quote: Originally Posted by DTO Well, the answer is another MBT i found myself deep in the alley. Great stuff and cut. Thank you for the help; nice to compare MADE IN HK garments with the MADE IN ITALYs. WTF? Very nice of you. I see that this relationship only goes one way. When you needed advice people give it freely and when time came for you to spill the beans you clam up.
Why has no one mentioned Woodbury Common? Bus from Port Authority. It's an all day trip though.
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