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cool cult...i wasn't a fan of the stretch denim used on them but im sure you can make them fade
every time cheap gets a free pair of jeans...2 body shots off juju's cold in the ghetto
i going back to the future.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet I've never seen a swede shoe before are they nice? umm...looks like im not the only one with a spelling problem
Quote: Originally Posted by Sgt_Strider Is black jeans still trendy or it's all out blue/indigo? I think maybe I'll get the Earnest Sewn Fulton in Black with the APC NS then?,FULTON.88 rule #2; don't buy something because its "trendy"
Quote: Originally Posted by JET actually, your case of self-ownage was the finest I've ever witnessed and you are the one at home on a saturday night not by choice hmm the irony continues, well you ladies keep circle jerking and refreshing sufu lol and try not to take the internet so seriously you little bitches you're the one who's home on a saturday night...its sunday morning here. you really are a dumbfuck... edit: who the fuck...
Quote: Originally Posted by JET I'm wondering how you have all these gay pics hmm and you admit to being a dildo anyways, keep posting because your attempt to dig yourself out is comical to say the least talk about insecure lol you know who must really be insecure? you! you always comment in the WAYWT yet never post a picture yourself??? you seem to be all talk...
you're the one posting on a message board telling people they got "owned"
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