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Since we're talking J Crew shirts... Is it accurate to say that their buttondowns in small are a 40" chest? I've tried on one of their medium shirts recently and it was big and long on me (5"7, aprox. 40 chest). The chart on their website says a small is like 37-38 chest but others on here have said they run a little larger. I'm a large in BoO if that helps. Thanks.
Thanks...yeah I saw that...will be looking forward to it.
Same goes for Mediums. If anyone is itchin' to turn loose of any BoO OCBD's.
Looking for solid white or blue Band of Outsiders OCBD in size large. Just missed the last blue one on sale yesterday. Anyone got new one's they'd like to turn loose of? Thanks.
Attachment 17625 Attachment 17626 Attachment 17627 See if this works. Here's some pictures of my Alden Indy cordovan #8 boots with jeans. Top shot gives ya an idea of how dark the color is.
Thanks for the pictures. I think I've decided on the AF-43's for the black boot. The plain toe probably would look better in most of my casual situations. I'm going to take some jean pics with my cordo #8 Indy's and post on here a little later.
Quote: Originally Posted by basho Bump. C'mon guys, help a handicapped kid! Is the #8 burgundy or brown? Which is easier to coordinate? And is this shoe too bulky for skinny jeans? Thanks! I have this color in the Indy boot. It's burgundy but very dark. At night people would suspect you have on black shoes. The actual color though is a very nice shade of dark brown/red. Very interesting color that matches well with many outfits. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by ahjota No problem. I've been to most of the cities around Blacksburg in the last two years and I've found that DC and Charlotte are the best. And yeah, I don't know if the Southpark BB stocks Black Fleece. You might also check the one in Northgate Mall. Thanks. I'd much rather actually try these on than take my chances with the BB size chart on the website anyway. I'll agree with others on here that the BF...
Quote: Originally Posted by aketo if you're still looking for this; its in-stock at the website right now: Not too experienced wearing cardigans...what would one typically wear under this? White crew tee? OCBD? (Regarding the black one on the site not the green)
Quote: Originally Posted by ahjota I have no opinion on the JCrew shirts, but... ...I'm going to assume that you go to VT and thus live in Blacksburg/Christiansburg. If so, then go to Charlotte instead of Richmond. It's an hour closer, there's a decent BB in Southpark Mall, and it's just generally a better city for shopping. Outstanding. For some reason I always think of Richmond when I've got my mind on shoes, clothes, etc. that I...
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