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Is the bomber water resistant?
Phone posting hehYeah, biz-cas, depending on what's going on. Suits for events, meeting with vendors, etc., otherwise it's pretty casual. Only been there a month, still trying to figure it out.I didn't even know sage de cret was a thing. I just picked it up in a store and liked the fabric and fit - quite long, very loose and balloon-like. I'll try to post some better pics, but it's nothing too special either way
I'm surrounded by salarymen, last thing I wanna do is dress like that. I chose this job almost partly for the dress code, I love having a bit of freedom. Right now, I'm in love with high-waist, loose, slightly ruffled silhouette. I don't think it looks "cool" from a third person perspective, but it's working for me
Just tell @Abraxis to put his collection up for grabs and pretend it's a new launch
Thanks, jacket is a course linen, perfect for breezy early autumn nights
~work fit~ Comme des Garcons Sage de Cret Mando Layer-0 Really ugly five year old Uni-qlo belt, need a new one..
Tight armholes, looks slightly better bigger - I'd go TTS
Regis and Sye both awesome, kind of cool complimentary fits, two sides of a not altogether different aesthetic
Email me back when I can wear my Rick skirts to the office
I'm gonna go to his new restaurant just to see his dog. Maybe I can ask about your jackets while I'm there
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