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http://item.rakuten.co.jp/okoku-2/011028011008954502/ Navy Jun Hashimoto s45m. Less than $175, can't beat the price. I think they're navy, anyways
This'd be a really cool project, I'm actually going to send a coat away to be dyed soon (using sumi ink, not indigo) - I'll ask them about dyeing leather when I do. Maybe start with a natural belt. Could possibly inquire about sourcing horse leather from shinki, make an entirely "Made in Japan" jacket. I personally think an indigo horse type 3 would be killer
~all expensive boots are cool and different~
Good luck finding the right Carpes in a 45, though Probably a good way to order G+R from a European retailer, someone more informed can answer that. Be careful with sizing, the pair I tried on ran TTS rather than one size small - my guess is because they aren't drum-dyed like other Guidi
Probably not worth much of anything, either the cap or the actual team
I own pants, shirt, jeans, blazer, all fantastic stuff, really nice guys. @Auximenes also bought some stuff from the webstore recently.
The Guidi + Rosellini stuff is fantastic. The 1918 boot seems right up your alley. It's just as well made (if not better) than any of the boots discussed here. The G+R line really feels solid
Hat DIY tee Rick skirt + shoe
46 and 48 only, usually only one item per size. Tiny store, great staff, good location
7 is my store!! Stop copping from them!!! ps looks great
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