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edit: this is not waywt
what??? that RO is like one of the most casual, easy to wear leather jackets I've ever seen, other than maybe the ribbed cuffed ones.Looks nice and relaxed, which is what Rick leathers do great... in the world of leather outerwear, lambskin Rick joints are like pajamas compared to CCP bug armor or something
Yeah that ToJ looks so great
It's a small local ski resort in northern Japan, about 30 minutes from where I live Lucky to live in an area with a couple fantastic ones within an hour or so drive
Damn snow This, for the past two weeks See you in the spring fashion, I'm going skiing (the one nice day last week. glad I had the nerve to call in to work and say "It's a nice day, see y'all later")
http://page7.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/g123514233 2000aw 5-zip with those big MRS zips, size 44, pretty much perfect condition Curious to see what this goes for
not only am I not buying anything this February, but I made $4000 selling clothes on Yahoo Auctions in January and I wanna one-up that in February. Already trimmed down my shoe collection to just the essentials. Goal is to be down to two spring jackets, two fall jackets, two winter jackets, and two leather jackets by this summer. I love some of this stuff, but there is just literally no point to having a bunch of awesome pieces when I'm in suits, ties, and an overcoat...
I really enjoy this, does anyone have stockist info?
I need a new pair of shorts with an elastic waistband, my favorite pair from last year turned brown from sulfur. I think I'll also buy a couple white linen shirts so I'm not wearing t-shirts all the time
Yeah Guidi lambskin boots from a bit ago. In kind of the same spirit of this thread, I've decided to quit my job and move to Tokyo by the end of this year, so I'm in the process of unloading a good portion of my wardrobe on Yahoo Auctions. After three years of accumulating, it's quite a liberating feeling to pare down my wardrobe to the absolute essentials knowing that if I find myself naked one morning with nothing to wear, there's always Uni-Qlo to keep me warm. I find...
New Posts  All Forums: