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Ankle boots arrived, quick snap. Really comfy with insoles. Black cordovan (horse) of the non-shell variety. I think these will pair fine with business wear. Going to remove the metal bar from the laces and have my cobbler shave off the indent in the heel and add a rubber one.
Really into Layer-0 lately. Have some ankle boots heading my way right now, the thinner soled ones from spring/summer - figured they'd be easier to wear to work. Thinking about picking up a leather jacket, keep waffling between picking one up or hoping a perfect scarstitch catches my eye..
Geoffrey B. Small has written an amazing three-part post over on SZ: http://stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=7432&page=38 Check out his stuff if you get a chance, it's quite nice and the dude seems very cool
first casualty of the seahawks o-line: tjax.
Thank you! Love the color, have to keep an eye out for it in
What's the fabric on that brick bomber?
Just made a killing at uniqlo on stretchy polo shirts, see y'all on the other end of the dark tunnel of forbidden fashion
Drop crotch feels good, just don't play bball in them
Outsole measurement can vary so much you can only use it as a rough guideline. Attachment runs TTS, some models have a tight instep. When in doubt, size up, especially as Attachment offers half sizes. 42 will be a couple sizes too small for you - you might be able to run with a 43 depending on your instep, but it might be tight.
That Taichi piece is really, really nice. It's lined entirely in thick, soft cashmere fleece. It's also $2000
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