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Amex just refunded me for an errant hotel charge from 2010 that I saw as I was reviewing past statements. Call them
Can I post one more? Ended up changing my clothes because I wanted to go to a restaurant that refuses to turn on the heater and didn't want to sit down in a long coat, felt this jacket + pants combo works better anyways Same thing with LUC jacket and beanie + scarf (buttons aren't shiny, just light reflecting)
Excellent pants! Pretty sure the lining is tyvek
Just wash them once with a mild detergent. It'll stop a lot of the bleed and you won't lose much color from a single wash.
after taking this, would look better without stacky-stack jeans - something cleaner. Peir Wu coat something shirt and jeans Jun Hashimoto boots
Shoreman (and Synth, too) - those LBM coats look absolutely stunning on both of you. I've never liked that color, I've always associated it with obnoxious Pitti fits, but the patch pockets and washed texture give it a wonderful casual vibe, and both of you wear it very well. Awesome piece, makes me want to give one a try some day
Yeah, just got back from Thailand, flying into SoCal Monday for eye surgery, back home in February, then China in March, work starts in April. First time having this much time off since graduating university, feels kinda weird
Sorry for bad lighting from last night, but havne't posted in awhile: Paul Harnden scarf Suzuki Takayuki shirt Attachment jeans A1923
cheers, had a fantastic time today. Sorry if I was a bit sleepy - just off the plane. Looking forward to a full night of sleep tonight Have a safe flight out
Unionworks saved my Guidis from the dumpster They do an amazing job, but the price can be up to about half of what the shoe cost in the first place if there are major repairs to be done
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