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Urban techwear lol Teatora "device jacket" made from stretchy-stretch tech fabric Shoulder sling, media pockets, all that weird stuff
Yeah, that's the intro, looking for something SLIGHTLY heavier. Nice piece, though!!Does Norse Projects have any connection to SNS? This looks exactly like an SNS piece... and also what I'm looking for
Poeme stuff is really underrated here, love almost everything from that brand. Same with Lumen et Umbra and Forme d' - would love to see more stuff from all three brands. 08circus is fantastic, usually excellent fabrics, nice details, and beautiful colors. Don't own anything but I check out their stuff every season at Lift
For something right out of the shower I'd go with a nice cotton terry robe, higher end ones are soft enough for lounging even after you're dry. I ended up paying around $200 for a terry one for my wife's gift last year she loves it
I had a cool redsand sweatershirt and some mossimo shorts I wore everyday So cool
I see a ton of Rollerboys, usually paired with SLP denim or cropped slacks and a manclutch
What about Adidas campus 80s?? Next cool sneaker???
Long plaid is showing up as $200 for me on Ssense, there a trick or somethin? Regional pricing? Save me my $30!!
Can anyone help me find a mid-weight (no torso -- too heavy, no intro -- too light) SNS zip knit with no collar (no fisherman) in a darker color (navy, grey, black) without a camo pattern (no enigma)? Size M if that helps
Exactly-- if anyone has had a welt-related issue before the upper went away with the boots discussed, speak up now. So many people vibram so resoling isn't an issue. Most is just personal preference or whatever, since most people (including me) can barely tell the difference
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