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FINALLY someone decided to put me on a nationwide late night talkshow as a regular. Just signed on for 26 episodes of what is sure to be stellar TV (just kidding, the show is terrible). I'm just doing this to get out of the house, but are all actors paid this low? Making less than when I was an intern in University
Rick SNS Herning Visvim Guidi
Yeah the paneling is why I didn't go for anything but black - contrast a little too much on other colors, light grey especially. That said, I do like it - not hugely noticeable while worn, also makes me feel like Spider-Man when I move my arms
Abasi + Rosborough Arc jacket Add this to the "personal grails" list alongside my Rick stooges, Paul Harnden coat, and Wings + Horns sweatpants One of the finest pieces of clothing I've handled, amazing 3D construction and fleecy fabric makes it feel like I'm wearing a fitted blanket, not a jacket. I love how it's a sharply tailored piece yet looks and feels soft and approachable. Ribbing under the arms and on the back gives me full mobility and I enjoy the slash...
Costco is definitely the place to go, I think it's a 3pack for $10, incredibly nice merino blend - 80% Merino Wool / 18% Polyester / 2% Spandex. I think they're under ladies, but who cares, they're socks I like these for tights, but more pricey: http://www.sierratradingpost.com/icebreaker-bodyfit-200-base-layer-bottoms-merino-wool-lightweight-for-men~p~1321y/?filterString=Icebreaker~b~10021%2F&colorFamily=01 Honestly, Uni-Qlo decent enough for me, my mom LOVES merino...
They are indeed - it's just a velcro spot, you can stick your own patches onhttp://www.goruck.com/en/embroidered-morale-patch
http://www.goruck.com/en/original-rucksBought one of these, hasn't arrived yet but I've been looking for something similar and it's the best I found
Mollino and Intarsia are both great, have the casual relaxed Rick aesthetic that makes them easy to wear with anything, from jeans and chucks to full-on Rick... I'd make the decision based on whether you want knit or zippered cuffs and if you like the flappy action of that Mollino when open. Backlash is a completely different jacket, it's stiff and heavy, not nearly as comfy as Rick.
Tatras jacket looks great, glad it worked out!!
That fit is amazing Shah...
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