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A TON of RO leathers are just absolutely terrible, the super thin ones, the papery leathers, etc. - be glad you can return it!!
Always cool to hear an update Will definitely have to swing by Scoute for the weekend sometime soon now that I'm in Tokyo, I'll keep an eye out for cheap tickets
Made the last day of the big Uni-Qlo sale, bought enough heat tech shirts @ $6 each to lass me to the next millenium along with some fuzzy turtlenecks to wear as pajamas
Definitely get the RX 100 II for a travel camera. I own an x100 and use my wife's RX 100, and while I love the x100 despite some odd usability quirks (that apparently they fixed with the x100s revision), it's not versatile enough for me to take on vacation. I've missed shots where a wider angle or a bit of zoom would have helped. The RX 100 is definitely easier to carry, and the quality, speed, and performance is more than acceptable for high quality vacation snaps....
PROTIP: A down vest instantly turns any fall jacket into a winter jacket Paul Harnden Patagonia KK Attachment Guidi
I wore that same tee in little league Sometimes pretty decent brands make questionable pieces - would anyone honestly buy that is they saw the same thing at Old Navy? I think a looser tee would make this look a bit more relaxed
Have you handled any of Zam's stuff? The quality is just as good, if not better, for about 2/3 the retail price of all those brands. Seeing the garments in person really changed my opinion of the brand
All of the webshop pics are outta control terrible, which kinda turned me off on the brand until I checked out a stockist in person I get the DIY angle but dude seriously needs to hire a photographer
Snowman, great fit, great shots, great pants Hat Visvim Uniqlo Margiela jean and shoes
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