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Yeah, I love my suede Hender Scheme cap, makes a regular ball-cap a bit more interesting
So the MMM 5-zip back, then, right?
Yeah LA Guy model better than Junya, dislike the back on that.. Best part about my MMM 5-zip is it makes my skinny shoulders look huuge
One guy in my gym was lifting shirtless and we had to get a committee together to tell him his back hair was scaring the nice old ladies doing calisthenics
Cows aren't processed, dried, and dyed for that matter. Some lighter veggie dyed jackets tend to develop rain spots. There's no blanket statement but most non-suede leathers will be fine in a bit of rain, just condition them every once in awhile.
Too late on 'em anyways, 2nd in line
Already messaged him, need more white boots
Looks good, like the top fit especially, reminds me of an Oreo
Did someone snag the A1923 derbies off of Minomni / Paroxun from eBay? Was gonna e-mail him about those and they disappeared. Let me know if they don't work out!!
Thanks, saved me an e-mail
New Posts  All Forums: