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Same as overseas, made in Italy so it's imported prices - no domestic discount
Robeaf Geller brick "brown" bomber arrived, quite happy, I feel like a pumpkin
Sold out at a lot of places. I was looking for one locally and couldn't find one - Rakuten might be your best bet.
these cole haan boots look pretty cool. storm welt and nike lunarlon sole for $100?? http://www.colehaan.com/lunargrand-chelsea-black/C12612.html
Thanks for the input, I'll have my cobbler take a look. These are 5-6 year old rainboots so not too concerned, was just wondering if I should lug 'em on over
This, uh, corner thing is fraying. Is this something a cobbler can reasonably fix or should I just deal with it? It doesn't seem to affect the integrity of the boot
Ahh yeah, just checked Holger's site. It seems he might have been the only one to pick up the 5-pocket in denim, hmm Btw, don't sleep on this coat. I hesitate to call anything in the baller category a "good deal," but it blows away Paul Harnden and company that is 3x the price... https://www.fascinate.jp/english/chester-coat-co27-lcw5-black
Petrosolaum boots arrived. Here's some pics for those that like amateur photography. Shame to vibram these, cool soles
I didn't see them at Lift, but maybe I just wasn't paying attention. I'll head down there later maybe, my football team lost and I need a $15 sandwich and $500 pants to make myself feel better
Just saw a guy in an Ma+ leather biker jacket, ma+ engineer boots, ma+ belt... and really terrible dsquared jeans. Almost
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