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Good call on that leather, looks comfy
No way, meant to be a slouchy fit. Looks spot-on. Cuff the sleeves if they bother you, looks cool and casual with a cuff anyways
eBay has pretty good buyer protection, thigh, right? At any rate, better than the jackals on Yahoo auctions
Designer clothes renting service.. https://www.renttherunway.com/unlimited Should start one of my own - dress like nicelynice For $75 a month, I'll rent you a Rick Owens leather, an American Apparel tee, and your choice of baller boots
Rainy day clothes for watching Guardians of the GalaxyEverything at least 3 years old, everything suitably beat-up and comfyRobert GellerAnn D knitAA shirtRick Owens sweats + trainers+ bonus pic of a fit from a couple days ago, looking normal into staring into space in my room by myself..Boots weren't tucked originally but the overdyed jeans were turning them jet black so I decided to minimize the damage. Don't like the tucked look [[SPOILER]]
I did the majority of my winter pickups already: - bergfabel long coat - paul harnden mac coat - sns herning fisherman crew neck - black jeans Here's what I'm looking for: - casual dress shirt with hidden placket and raw hems (this is forme d'expression, sadly, it is one size too large for me..) Here's what I've found that I'm waffling on: - robert geller long flannel - Individual Sentiments slash pants, can't decide on a fabric 50% cotton- 50% linen woven...
I approve of the fit of those pants
Wow, love that texture on that coat, Synth
Oversized? That fit is spot-on. Schneider jackets always have sleeves that are a bit longer, and it's a boxier jacket to begin with. Lovely coat in a lovely fabric. Keep the collar popped on it - gives a bit "dimensionality" to it, a bit flat otherwise
This was such a fantastic on behalf of every single person who posted, no clear winner here for me. Great show everyone!! Would have entered but my current "textures" are still t-shirt and shorts since the weather is still a balmy 26ish degrees lately
New Posts  All Forums: