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I should mention that all the CORS jackets I handled were lighter colors, which I understand have a different dying process (dyed white, then dyed again) - I'm sure that affects the end product. And again, they were quite nice leathers, I just haven't seen one personally that matches the awesomeness of Uzairh's high neck, which made me want a CCP jacket in the first place A good amount of the CCP sold out instantly to foreign customers who flew to Japan to buy it the...
Ok back to crass consumptionism: I went down to Lift to check out the latest CCP shipment. First, hats off to the Lift staff for just being incredibly cool - they know I don't like CCP, they know I never buy CCP, but they're happy (at least I think) to let me try on whatever and discuss the details of the clothing. Really cool dudes who are truly passionate about their product and are eager to nerd out over the finer details. Anyways, they got in some interesting...
I don't mean to turn this into THE OFFICIAL "SOCIAL JUSTICE" CAREPOST THREAD ***700USD MIN*** (and please don't think I'm a saint, I'm running my AC with my door open right now..) but Geoffery B Small posted a really informative post on SZ about why you shouldn't support Rick taking advantage of cheap labor. Ridiculous given the retail on Rick itemshttp://stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showpost.php?p=499588&postcount=7760 [[SPOILER]]
He was lucky with regards to his own personal safety - he was on Everest getting ready to assist a team summiting (he works partly as a trekking guide and partly as a climbing guide) when the earthquake hit, and neither him nor his family was hurt. He's never made it to the top himself, camp 3 is the highest he's been. Two years in a row, natural disasters have struck during the climbing season and he wasn't able to finish a summit attempt.The money has gone from the...
Past two weeks (Toronto and Oakland) of the StyleForum Instagram have been great
Sooo ended up canceling my M_moria order, a bit ago. There was a communication breakdown for some of the JP orders, I don't know the details. I was paying more than I would have from an EU dealer, so I thought about just going through Holger, but I really questioned the social responsibility of paying that much for boots. I went to Nepal two years ago and visited Everest base camp on a 10-day trek with a wonderful guide - we stayed in touch on Facebook and such and I was...
The muji ones are pretty cool for what it's worth
Vacation stuff: Muji shirt + Arc'teryx shorts I saw a guy with Chrome Hearts Rick dunks walking around on the beach. Never seen those in the wild before. Wonder if they were fakes or if dude was baller enough to be wearing $4000 sneaks to the ocean
come say hey, happy to offer some recommendations as wellheading out scuba diving tonight to miyakojima (near taiwan), had a couple typhoons in the past few so i'm glad the weather is clear:
think it'd look a bit better with a white t-shirt under there. the plaid button-up combo looks like something a scarecrow would wear. I love the coveralls, but keep 'em casual
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