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Agreed, looks fantastic. Carven quality is wonderful as well, great fabrics
Awesome, totally needed some diapers for an alien Meanwhile, stores will continue to stock leather jackets and basics I don't like the stitched work, the color blocking, the satiny nylon fabrics, or the peacoats. Looks like Raf does Jil does Rick Owens in a couple spots The long MA-1s and tunics look interesting, though.
MyHabit, I think
Pretty sure seller is legit but that leather is a bit ehh It's very heavy and a bit of an a traditional fit. Not a comfy jacket, I wouldn't wear Carpe boots on my chest If you want thick, beat-up leather, though, by all means go for it
I like RO because you can get them for ~$800 on the secondhand market. I wouldn't pay more than a grand for Rick. If my budget was 5k I would look elsewhere
Airism is the poly/spandex blend I wear them as undershirts, but quite and a bit sheer thin by itself.. wife wore one hiking once and didn't realize how rude it was until afterwards
http://www.muji.us/store/apparel/men-s-clothing/men-french-linen-drawstring-trousers.html These Muji ones are fantastic, I'd hem 'em just above ankle length with a single cuff to make them look a little more clean. Much nicer fabric than the Uni-qlo ones
No, that's the Margiela 5-zip rip off, get it right
Go check the doorway for the faint smell of urine, gonna need double confirmation on this
Julius is on average a bit higher quality than Rick, 99% of the designs are wack, though.There's a handful that I do like, though. Some of the older season ones in particularI sold both of these because I hated the "Julius details" and I don't own anything by the brand. Will consider picking up more after apocalypse [[SPOILER]]
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