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PRESENTED WITHOUT COMMENTARY BECAUSE I AM GOING TO BED GOOD DAY @Synthese @spacepope Mizonokuchi Station, Den-en-Toshi (green) subway line, 7:15 AM
Just gonna leave this here and slowly back away..
If they are indeed sale boots that have been around two years, I can imagine a bit of grinding as people try them on, I like to move around quite a bit to test the fit, but that level of customer service is inexcusable I'd rather pay more from a store that treats me better as a customer
There was rice underneath!! Somewhere!It's called "kobore sushi," or "spilled-over sushi"
My favorite story from today. There's only one because I'm sleepy and going to bed: Jasper and I were walking through Daikanyama, right past Paul Smith, and he mentions how it's (rightfully) probably the most boring brand on the planet. I point out that right across the street is something he'll find a bit more appealing: Blue Blue Japan. Now, we have an appointment this Tuesday for Blue Blue, so we don't wanna spoil things too quickly, and there's plenty to see in Tokyo....
the crew
@Synthese will never find a table that fits
i wasn't joking when I said i was in my pajamas - jasper's Wifi didn't work on the train and I was still in bed when he and Jack showed up rule #1 when meeting fashion dudes: never assume there won't be a spontaneous photoshoot in an atmospheric japanese alley
Muji has fantastic ones, not super cheap though - about $50 each.
two stylish dudes and me in my pajamas
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