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MoK, I'm a big fan of the Birks, but they look better paired with lighter weight pants and a lighter colored jacket If it's warm enough not to wear socks, it's too hot for jeans
Ehh, I got enough clothes, fun to help her pick out stuff that makes her look and feel good
Thanks, we'll go try some on this weekend and then see what Holger can do!!I got her a pair of Moto heeled dress shoes last year which she absolutely loves, slowly converting her away from muji flats to baller boots (not sure if this is a good thing)
Haha I eat that stuff daily in the summer, love it Lemme know if y'all need an almond tofu proxy
In all seriousness, the relaxed silhouette of the sweatpants goes well with the draping of the fabric in the bomber, yet they don't look lazy because of the interesting fabric and the cropped ankles. He looks like a dude more concerned with an easy casual style than the shape of his ass. I think the jeans look more out of place in that fit - the bomber and slip-ons demand something a bit more relaxed than a pair of slim black jeans.
Those were the ones that look the "sexiest" from a dude's a perspective, but are they comfortable enough for walking around? The heel looks a bit high.For reference,4006:788z:
Actually, now that we're talking about this, I'm gonna order a pair of Guidis for my wife's birthday, anyone have any model suggestions? Even better if Hide-M has them in stock! No heels
Ahhh mustard bomber so goodSweatpants version looks the bestThanks, it's lad musician - they make my favorite cold weather ma-1s. Water resistant and substantial thinsulate lining
Those oiled horse Attachment boots look beautiful with wear, love the color
fake fit: MA-1 and Aldens [[SPOILER]]
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