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Call the kids who hung out at the mall looking cool in 1999!!
DON'T LIKE THE POST SUGGEST WHITE COTTON KNITS!!! That Allege knit is from last year. This year has a similar one with a bit more detailing but I'm not paying $400 for it
I want a low-gauge slouchy cotton knit for summer, white or cream color. Anyone have experience with this sort of thing? Pic is from a brand called Allege:
Stitch that fit is fantastic everyone who didn't like it is objectively wrong!!
Great jacket-shirt-iPhone case synergy there
Geez, I don't even know, always bought them locally, Essence-web always seem have a pretty good selection. I think Roden Gray carries them in North America and they are a very cool store
I bought a pair of CP Achilles to replace my Margiela GATs, they're alright but I missed the GATs so just bought another pair.. Set for white trainers for awhile I guess
My wife is Canadian so now the hockey losses are even worse when it comes with a week of post-game taunting
Slubby wool/cotton twill, super comfy I think some Nonnative pants would look great on you, btw. Nonnative has a lot of pants with a roomy thigh that taper a bit below the knee, super comfortable yet don't look sloppy. This silhouette that they produce every season is definitely my favorite cut of pants:
Yeah, it's a cool coat but the armholes are so high and narrow I can't layer it in the winter and by the time early spring rolls around I'm sick of coats
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