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Cheers, I've been there once as a tourist a couple years ago... mainly hung out in Taipei, visited Jiufen, super touristy stuff. I think I have like two full free days, might wanna take an overnight trip somewhere less touristy since I'll be in Taipei otherwise.This was my general impression after going and why I'm excited to go back haha
Fit pic of the L-0 pants after they've loosened up a bit Wish every pair of pants fit me like this
Wearing my L-0 canvas for the second time today, hoping they do soften up. At least the canvas switched out from the bulletproof stuff they used to use!!
What does this mean? Rare weaves pieces appeared in j crew marketing material? Or someone at J crew took a look at RW stuff, thought "that's cool," and made similarly-inspired pieces?
Anyone live in Taiwan? Have a couple business trips there next month with some free days
Someone tell him Synths mom been knocking him off before j crew
Lol I just saw the RW Instagram, what a train wreck. Pretty sure dude didn't invent patches on clothing
Some other company is offering a similar product to our business and we're going to fail
Yeah! I wear mine cuffed. Have you e-mailed Holger? Second place I would go would be Ink. Third place is Liberte, Japan. This is my "nicelynice order of friendly retailers." You're lucky to be looking for sail hemp, EVERYONE picked that up. Meanwhile, nobody has my denim pants
Sail hemp 5-p? L-0 has a bunch of different styles. Both the 5-p and the overpant in Layer-0 work perfectly for me. Love the loose thighs/tight ankle aesthetic of L-0. I've never been happy with the fit on Taichi pants (or any Taichi stuff in general). Would look alright if you're tall and skinny I guess..
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