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He watched all the gifs of him falling over and decided it wouldnt happen again Fun to watch, super enjoyable whether he's battling Harden or his own feet
GOOD GAMENow get ready for 3 hours of free-throwsI feel like he was the highest profile journalist who wasn't afraid to call out Goodell on his shit, which was quite refreshing. He annoys me a bit, yeah, but compared to the horseshit that is sports journalism in general? Pretty decent. Hope he goes somewhere like Vice where he can really let it all out
Moto makes a very solid slip-on. My wife just picked up a pair and loves themhttp://www.motostyle.jp/moto/mens-shoes/1642/1642.html
The right leather flip-flops are AWESOME, much more durable and comfortable than Hawaiinas. I highly, highly support Olukai - I wear them at the beach, in the city, even for light hiking because they're so comfortable and have great arch support. Not-thongs: https://www.olukai.com/shop/mens/sandals/punono-slide Thongs: https://www.olukai.com/shop/mens/sandals/ohana-leather All the models: https://www.olukai.com/shop/mens/sandals/ I cannot recommend these enough.
I really like the way that Suspension Point does pre-orders - if there's an item I want, I'd much rather reserve it at a fair price (20-25% below retail) than waiting for sale season. This benefits me as a consumer and it also lets me support stores I like rather than playing "OK, who has it in stock for 85% off click click click." And this completely subjective, but I feel more attachment to an item I make a deliberate effort to pre-order rather than something I see in a...
no socks with flip-flops Guidi flip-flops are ridiculous, a bit heavy and uncomfortable, not worth the price.
Going out Friday night but too lazy to wear actual clothing: All Robert Geller, trainers are MM
i love being friends with conservative foreigners on FB. Important info for all of your wives + girlfriends + yourselves considering shameful, exposing outfits this summer:
here's a news article: http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/home-news/aladdins-cave-of-stolen-goods-discovered.124990881
lol fedora lounge lol
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