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Steven Alan makes some really nice stuff, seems like it would fit in with Lemaire/Schneider. Edit: Wait, what? I just checked the US site - looks like J. Crew. Is it a completely different brand in Japan?
When did Frank Ocean get so big? I feel like this Blonde / Boys Don't Cry was hyped like a Kanye release. This is a great album, but it's pretty low key - I can't imagine following along casually and being blown away by this. Or maybe I'm out of touch
Brand is quite popular over here in Japan - a lot of my coworkers have bags, they look fantastic, especially the washed "Rodi" leather. I've been using a D&B wallet myself for the past four or five years, absolutely love it. Too bad the name of the brand is so ridiculous edit: this is my favorite, Cercatore in Rodi leather. Does business and casual equally well http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/galleria/item/228-0036/
Should I take a 50% paycut to live in a ski resort town??? I'm so sick of Tokyo Oh, and stretch nylon (1) or crispy nylon (2)? Five-button (1) or three-button (2)? Edit: brand is Teatora. Love the stuff - giant pockets, I can fit my computer and carry it around in my jacket to meetings
Thought Harvard Business School was selling clothes for a second haha
Like, uh, what kind of shirts? I generally wash all my shirts cold water gentle cycle in a wash bag unless they're a super delicate material. If they're just cotton shirts, they'll be fine.
Petrosolaum derbies after a day of wear... enjoy breaking in new shoes
That zig zag leather jacket is bad
Great, love those pants
Obviously THE scar from Crash (which I re-watched thanks to this thread, great movie)
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