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i noticed the pinnacle of LA fashion is a v-neck t-shirt and hoodie underneath a crumpled $15 H&M blazer, black skinny jeans, vans sk8 HIs, and a beanie
i dunno how you people in california care about fashion, it's like the middle of winter and all I wanna wear is a loose t-shirt and faded jeans
@Synthese, just saw your indigo sashiko jacket at an airport kiosk of all places. On sale too, woulda got it if it was my size. Beautiful piece, the matching pants are nice as well - go for the full suit!!
I just checked out the Instagram and it looks like they're eating potato chips and peanuts
Oh, thanks for the heads up! Tried giving them a call just now but it seems they're closed so I'll have to stop by tomorrow. Now to face my biggest fear - LA traffic...
can we get a look at Norwegian Rain in typical Synth style? If his feelings aren't hurt - I think he said he was ignored last time Their stuff always impresses me in person. Also can I have at least one pic of Rosenrot in full black posing with some sprezzed out Pitti boys? E-mail it directly to my inbox so I don't miss it. edit: can you also tell rosenrot that I think she's really really cool
those jeans look pretty nice - been looking for a new pair of indigo. I'll be in LA tomorrow so might check them out
She doesn't like/understand football, my mom got us the jerseys for a present. If I make her watch a game she plays with her phone the whole way through. Shes a European football fan, mostly because she likes fantasizing about the playersps here's a moomin version of yesterday's fit pic: [[SPOILER]]
Wow intense. I check my nose for cleanliness and my head for how much I'm balding but that's about it
lips too chapped to smile her: sarti scarf arts + science jacket Jersey uni-qlo pants am boots me: hat junya watanabe down jacket jersey nonnative pants cp trainers
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