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What are you asking? "Can I buy these patterns and maybe have a tailor/factory produce some of them with a lot of time and money involved?" I guess. "Can I buy clothing patterns and start a brand with no business knowledge and expect to be profitable?" No.
Got my first Ziggy Chen piece, a crazy blazer, and I couldn't be happier -- construction, fabric, details, fit, all great. Post up some pics later
It's a waxy calf leather, spring-summer weight. Not a fan -- doesn't feel too substantial compared to the thicker calf leathers, I'd prefer blistered lamb for a lighter-weight jacket with a texture
A lot of people buying Dinkelackers on sale - if anyone picks up one to a fit a US 9 / 42 that doesn't work out, holler at me!!
The blue Schneider and Guidi boots look great together
Definitely TTS - they are un-dyed, so don't shrink as part of the tumble-dyeing process of most Guidis. Hand-dyed Guidis also fit TTS
Are those Incarnation boots at 9:04?? The green ones on the far right????
Those bedlinen shirts are great. Went to a Leder exhibition last year and they had five or so at different stages of wear, they look fantastic broken-in. Been meaning to pick one up ever since
Fake Guidis popping up now, be careful: https://*****************/listings/1527534-Guidi-Guidi-Boots-Shoes-42-8-8-5-Saint-Laurent-Chelsea-New Add to the decently faked CCP and Paul Harnden we've been seeing lately. Bigger market for fake artisanal stuff I guess, but the nature of the goods makes the fakes so easy to spot
796z in FG horse - the low ankle model with a double-stack heel. My favorite model by far, prefer 'em for wearing to the offie as opposed to the taller ones
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