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General consensus is gonna be to size up one Sleeve will be too long regardless, have it tailored
Nice plants edit: Not being sarcastic/flippant, the interior to your place looks fantastic
Is that the William Gibson one? Does it come with a copy of neuromancer?
http://page9.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/k184631721 Carpe silk/linen/wool coat Beyond gorgeous, retailed for $3000
Eck those prices are out of control, if you're just gonna sell 'em brand new like that, order a 42 next time
Bergfabel coat SNS herning sweater Nonnative pants A1293 boots
I hear ya - the first time I saw them at CdG, I thought "wow, what an ugly, well-made, hideously ugly boot," flipped them over to check the price, and slowly, slowly backed away. Now I'm here.. baller boot stockholm syndrome
Pennace, your fits have been exceptional lately. Love the colors with the current season And as always, good to see a Mumma post as well
quite sure I won't be the first, but hopefully I won't be the last
Well, to be honest, the only shoes I kind of take care of are my dress shoes and white A1923s, and even those are getting dirty fast Stopped by Gullam to ogle the red A1923s again today.. Must resist and save for M Moria...
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