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Bonus toebox line-up shot because I was curious: Carpe/Jun Hashimoto, 123&124, CCP, Guidi (older model, more bulbous), A1923 My favorite is the Carpe/Jun Hashimoto, but I do like the A1923 a bit slimmer in white - I don't want a gigantic white shoe.
Forgot how sleek CCP boots are, feel like a magical fairy running around in these.. reminds me of an old pair of Dior side-zips using better leather These are the leather I was looking for though, COIL, from 2009. Tried these on at Lift four years, very comfortable, happy I saw them pop up again Not sure I love the minimal toebox, feels a little flat, especially the side view.. but it's an interesting change from my other boots at least
Yeah, thanks, very comfy. I posted a fit with some Olukai flip-flops a bit back that I absolutely love, not so much interest in "fashion" sandals, however
Looks fantastic
Yeah, I just don't know how many pictures the internet needs of me in a t-shirt and shorts
Tried 'em on at Lift, haven't been to Shelter yet
CCP definitely has a ton of very wearable leathers, bison and whatever "rooms" is (I think Kangaroo) both felt good the instant I put my foot into the boot and I see how some people could really dig the "indestructible" stuff he puts out. CCP worn well looks very, very good (shoutout to Uzairh) - I'm not nearly cool enough to pull it off. I also didn't realize A1923 was priced higher, thought it was the other way around for some reason. Both retail for about $2400 here
5-zip + straight trousers is a good combo:
Hot weather poster checking in here, I fall into the "just give up and wear shorts and trainers" category:Spoiler because it's nothing this thread hasn't seen before [[SPOILER]]
I wasn't a huge fan of A1923 comfort but the recent seasons are quite a bit more comfy than the initial runs. I still wouldn't swap 'em for my trainers when I'm on my feet all day but sized properly I wouldn't say they're any more or less comfortable than any other brands discussed here. He uses leather that will soften with wear unlike some of the indestructible shoes Poell shoots out that are probably made from the same horse that Captain America made his shield from....
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