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Vacations mean different things to different people.. some people would rather see interesting places while others want to relax on the beach. By the accounts of friends who have been there, Iran is a very safe and welcoming country to Western tourists. One of my friends is from Iran and he keeps bugging me to visit his country with him, and I have to keep reminding him our governments don't get along US citizens need to be part of a guided tour to get a travel visa
They come in two sizes: thin and rail thinWell, like, upper-hip level. Like a regular hoody. You can see on the fit pics - just not waist-level cropped like the MA+ aviators
They grey has some white stains on the inside lining (neck and underarms) M fits like a tight 46, but it'll stretch out a bit - wonderful fabric. 49cm chest, but it has a slim waist and a slightly long body. It doesn't look good zipped over my wide hips due to the anatomical cut. WJK sizing is pretty consistent, so if you're an M in the tees, it'll probably fit Here's some fit pics of the grey: http://blog.wjk-exclusive.com/2292.html edit: here's...
wjk Heavy jersey hoodies in the two best colors These are similar to the best version of the MA+ aviator for a fraction of the price. They use the same Japanese heavy jersey used by MA+ Fit a size small, the grey M fits like an S, the red S fits like an XS - the shoulder measurements are wider than they are http://item.rakuten.co.jp/blowz/1044955419455/ ( http://item.rakuten.co.jp/blowz/1044972419452/
Thanks for the advice, will do - is the contact info@stephanschneider.be? I know this coat was made, but sadly sold out
Passed on the above coat.. seller wasn't very helpful and decided it wasn't worth it if the measurements were wrong IN OTHER NEWS, can anyone help me track down this fabric in a women's style?
Yeah einstine!! So good
Thanks, they're the diagonal zips. Best white boots I've run into
Rarely seen Rick down bomber.. I have it in my cart for the next hour if anyone needs a proxy Size small http://zozo.jp/shop/zozoused/goods/4792787/?did=
Unsolicited answer, but I've handled quite a few Carpe, WJK, and Jun Hashimoto boots, and I would have trouble telling them apart if I wasn't a boot nerd, though it depends on the model and leather type used. I buy Jun Hashimoto even though CD is available to me because it's a no-brainer with the price difference.
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