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edit: Damn, awesome IS pickup. You have the pants too, right? Time for an awesome suit. Was thinking mainly of Archive and Maas and Stacks for some MA+, Lemaire, and LUC, all of which are prohibitively expensive over here. I also prefer buying in person to online Restaurants (and vacations) on the other hand, I have no problem spending $$$, since those don't clutter up the house
haha, well, technically, I was asking if I should make bad purchases now or in one month, but maybe that still counts
Ugh, quicker fingers than me. Looks like a beautiful piece, love that color on that Hey @Abraxis, I just got paid for the first time in half a year + a bonus for finishing two months ahead of schedule (and killing myself in the process). Should I save some cash for shopping in SF or just buy these?
That from Docus? Damn. Saw he updated his (awesome) sales thread and it was gone before I even clicked
Abasi Rosborough - 40% off (buy these clothes)
Yeah, up until recently I didn't know the where Haider existed in the niche price exclusivity whatever graph. And the design does blow the two listed out of the water, which is what has me considering dropping money for the striped wool version of that coat.I agree 100% about Leder - seeing ho-hum brands like Jil, Raf, Margiela at retail makes brands like Schneider, Lemaire, and Leder (and more niche stuff like Peir Wu and Abasi+Rosborough) seem like positively good...
Is there a reason Haider Ackermann is so expensive? The quality is good, but probably on par with Raf or Margiela or any other Italian factory-made brand which retails for 1/2 the price. Don't even mention Stephan Schneider, which is 1/4 the price for arguably better quality.. I want this coat, but even at half off of $4000... https://www.ssense.com/men/product/haider_ackermann/grey-minimalist-wool-coat/107292 $300...
Petrosolaum (stocked by Lift and Carrefour) I regret not placing an order for these when I had the chance. Hopefully next season. Take custom orders, under $800 for most models Good pictures and info on the welts offered (goodyear, handsewn, norwegian, mckay) http://www.unlimited-web.jp/blog/2013/12/petrosolaum-14ss.html Cordovan: After a year of use: Reverse cordovan, before and after: New season green boots: Norwegian welt
Wbaker, the top half of that outfit is too tight for the straight legged pants and long undershirt. .. in particular, that white Cloak jacket looks tiny Swap out the top for something a bit more loose + casual and it'll look good
aww yeahbig game next week against Arizona (and I will be on ~three month vacation~)
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