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Looks great! What's on the leg?
Appreciate the information and the PM, thank you very much. I e-mailed and they were very prompt and polite. ~Order placed~
I don't know whether this makes me happy or sad Yahoo Auctions is entirely direct bank deposits. I feel safe selling my things, but the couple of times I've been burned I've had zero recourse. PayPal is awful, but I can't imagine a system that much better RE: Guyi Consignment. I can't even find a contact on their website. Was gonna call, or e-mail them at the very least, just to check 'em out, but not gonna place an order on a webstore that looks like it's straight out of...
Is Guyiconsignment legit?
Guyiconsignment pretty legit?
I believe the heel height + thin midsole is a mark of womens models, though I may be wrong. And my wife is 38-39 if anyone does find any good leads. I don't think she'd be that interested in Carpe, though...
Speaking of Layer-0, hot deal on this coat in a 44... http://item.rakuten.co.jp/gsc-rinkan/r01021508050230
On what? I was the one who asked the question in the first place Liberte is the best place to buy Layer-0 in Japan in my experience. Lift is quite expensive (1.5x Liberte, 2x PnP prices) and I don't have any experience with Al. Their stock, however, is tiny, and sells out fast. Nomura-san at Liberte is very cool!
Brilliant!! Please keep us updated, would love to see how those age over time
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