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I was posting in response to the wal-mart meth dudes, not the Cuban hipsters
Pretty sure that's a parody site
@bows1 please beat the evil steelers and then the evil patriots
Look around here: http://www.dressspace.com/en/man/clothing/top/tank_top-id=4453.html http://www.dressspace.com/en/man/clothing/top/tanktop-id=6236.html Site is hard to navigate. Nicolas and Marc is from the same factory as Rick Owens
The Sony equivalent of a 65 inch 4k TV is double the price of the Samsung !!! I don't have $4000 for a TV haha
Is that Samsung really under 2k? Just googled it. TVs are cheap in the U.S....
I haven't worn mine yet, it's still 10 degrees in Tokyo...
Go TTS, the top block is looser than it looks
some "bill gates on the desk" steeze going on there
Layer-0 leather was far and away my best purchase. Wore it quite a bit due to the mild weather this year:
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