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Oversized? That fit is spot-on. Schneider jackets always have sleeves that are a bit longer, and it's a boxier jacket to begin with. Lovely coat in a lovely fabric. Keep the collar popped on it - gives a bit "dimensionality" to it, a bit flat otherwise
This was such a fantastic on behalf of every single person who posted, no clear winner here for me. Great show everyone!! Would have entered but my current "textures" are still t-shirt and shorts since the weather is still a balmy 26ish degrees lately
I was wearing a gauzy Ann Demeulemeester that has a couple decently sized holes in it and got into a conversation today about that word and how English speakers like to use it.. a lot of Japanese people have no clue what it means and it's never used in conversation, definitely a Japanese word (like tycoon) that is taking on its own, albeit related, meaning in English. Random thought, but funny to see it used just after talking about it
unfortunately no, unrelated line from Japanese denim brand Edwin
Wife fit: Plant Uni-qlo linen knit Number nine tanktop Uni-qlo jeans Rick dunks
Stick an insole in those, sizing A1923 isn't science
I think I was like a 1st or 2nd grader when Jose Canseco went to the Rangers so not THAT old (I hope)
SF fan? Sorry about your season Redsox cap was a "gift" from a friend, lost a bet and had to wear it for a year after they won the world series. I don't mind 'em though, I liked Youkilis and Jon Lester (from Washington State), though neither are with the team nowRooting for the A's now (especially that Lester is pitching, at least for this season) even though they knocked the Mariners out of the wild card, my aunt lives in Berkeley and I used to go to the games all the...
Hender Scheme suede cap Jersey #gohawks Rick Owens dickflap, skirt, and trainers
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