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those jeans look pretty nice - been looking for a new pair of indigo. I'll be in LA tomorrow so might check them out
She doesn't like/understand football, my mom got us the jerseys for a present. If I make her watch a game she plays with her phone the whole way through. Shes a European football fan, mostly because she likes fantasizing about the playersps here's a moomin version of yesterday's fit pic: [[SPOILER]]
Wow intense. I check my nose for cleanliness and my head for how much I'm balding but that's about it
lips too chapped to smile her: sarti scarf arts + science jacket Jersey uni-qlo pants am boots me: hat junya watanabe down jacket jersey nonnative pants cp trainers
Funny typo considering the retail on SLP nice coat, tho
Yeah get nice blankets and just sleep in a t-shirt I have two of these: http://featheredfriends.com/bavarian-medium-850-down-comforter.html
Amex just refunded me for an errant hotel charge from 2010 that I saw as I was reviewing past statements. Call them
Can I post one more? Ended up changing my clothes because I wanted to go to a restaurant that refuses to turn on the heater and didn't want to sit down in a long coat, felt this jacket + pants combo works better anyways Same thing with LUC jacket and beanie + scarf (buttons aren't shiny, just light reflecting)
Excellent pants! Pretty sure the lining is tyvek
Just wash them once with a mild detergent. It'll stop a lot of the bleed and you won't lose much color from a single wash.
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