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I normally wear a size 46-48, I ordered a 44, and the one I'm wearing in the pic is a 46 - that make sense? haha, sorry for the confusion
What is shark leather??
Lemaire owl coat is siiick, so glad I preordered one. Hope it gets here before it starts cooling down Here's a size 46, ordered a 44 - sizing advice was good, fits huge.
Not my style but Boglioli stuff is all real nice
I dunno about those, but my wife has a pair of rubber coated guidi boots. The "rubber" is more like a waxed coating and it looks pretty cool as it fades off
green stripe blazer for myself or brown balenciaga for my wife???
i love those matchesfashion boxes, keep my spare electronic cords in one order something from matches if you want an awesome box
sorry, can't help with the first one, but pretty sure this is the second. cheers!! http://www.beans1989.com/products/detail2524.html
I'll bet red moncler jackets gonna blow up, too bad geller didn't throw a big logo on those jeans
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