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Had a super serious expression on my face, almost left it un-blurred because rarely do I look like I'm gonna kill someone in these shots.. Brown shoes + black leather combo, ~deal with it~ Margiela leather Abasi + Rosborough l/s wool knit and heavy linen pants (ninja thumbholes are part of the shirt) Guidi boots
Isetan fall clearance sale was out of control 70% off all past season stuff Cannot proxy, leaving on vacation tmrw - sorry!!
LG is a lot thicker (and IMO nicer, unless you're looking for a spring/summer weight) than LS. It depends on the season, though, as codes get reused with slightly different leathers between seasons. LG has a bit of grain, usually - sometimes too much for the clean Rick designs.It's vegetable tanned calfskin of quite high quality and decent thickness. If you've handled the thicker Guidi calfskin leathers, it's just about identical. I don't know where it's sourced from,...
They pop up quite a bit on Rakuten but differ on details every season. A couple of them have details I'm not in love with, but for the most part they're very solid pieces.
Usually pretty high armholes, slim chests, and tight calves, but it varies piece to piece. A lot of the outerwear is pretty reasonable, though the skinny pants are off-limits to all but the stringiest of the bean-people. I'd stay away from the tailored pieces as well, unless you're after a mid-2000s Hedi Slimane look. A couple of the pant cuts are quite nice with roomy thighs and a sharp taper, however. They do outerwear VERY well, especially compared to similar...
Lad would be a good fit for your body type, 2% stretch in them so nice and comfy They're not any better quality than Uni-qlo though, neither is Attachment. I like the tapered cut, a little bit more room in the thighs and not hyper skinny: http://www.ladmusician.com/webshop/products/detail.php?product_id=2214511&color=25 Skinny ones might work, though, since you're pretty, well, skinny: http://www.ladmusician.com/webshop/products/detail.php?product_id=2214504&color=25
spacepope slangin' leather vests from behind the dumpster
Some of the pieces definitely work better in the context of the brand, something I don't know too much about since I've not followed it too closely, but a fair number of pieces are absolute stunners by themselves. This is the coat in question (in a cheaper fabric - only $3000!) - minimalistic details, relaxed, relaxed silhouette, and a perfectly rolled collar that can be worn in a shawl-collar or "no-collar" and still protect the back of the neck. Haider Ackermann is on...
I tried on some of the men's coats, absolutely fantastic - only caveat was the $4000 pricetag
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