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Cheers, hoping to stop by in early March!!
salaryman jokes not funny, just depressing -signed, an actual salaryman
I hate the light suede + black leather look more than ANYONE but those Lucchese boots are total cowboy (they're made in Texas, right?). I think with a pair of straight-leg jeans it'd look pretty far away from the SLP dudes that are killing that styleOn a side note, that suede 5-zip + faded jeans + black boots is also a good look. I've swapped out my "artisanal" pants for a pair of straight-leg jeans and still wearing the same boots, feels good.
A1923 rip off another design? Well I never !! + =
Is that Leder coat from last spring? It's gorgeous, I wish I didn't pass on it
Holy shit!!!! Send him a crazy note!! Do something!
Where are you located in Vic? Close enough to the harbor??
Cheers, thanks so much!!
Is this an appropriate question to ask or am I in the wrong place?
UGHHHHHHHHH Worst thing is my boss and company president are Harvard b-school grads, gonna rub it in my face all week
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