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It's a t-shirt that says... "robert geller" on it I'll screenprint y'all one and pocket the difference serious though, I'm on the train to Aoyama right now because apparently a shake shack opened up and NOBODY told me about it, i'll see if I can pop in after lunch
Do you wear jeans to work? If you're just wearing them on the weekends and washing them with Woolite black, they won't fade too quickly.
That mustard or rape? Either way, v nice!!
http://gullam.jp/shopping New A1923 on Gullam, including the boots that lace like the CCP sneakers
I have a fanny pack like that and it's my most-used bag. Lightweight, easy to carry, fits my Kindle, keys, phone, and wallet when I'm not wearing a coat. Here it is a making a rare WAWYT appearance - I wear it over the back, not on the front like this..
PR Patterson updates: anyone got anything? seen anything? Liberte in Japan stocks them, but sells out instantly Yet to handle the stuff in person but I'm very intrigued. http://www.liberte100.jp/category/blog/p-r-patterson/ edit: and Invoice in Fukuoka http://invoice.exblog.jp/i58/ Also, here's the designer's instagram (I think?) for all you real stalkers https://www.instagram.com/phillip.robert/
is your hair orange??
Why is he ironing the jacket? Is he melting some oil/wax into it??
Yeah, I had one in my cart on Revolve or FWRD or something on discount like four years ago and never pulled the trigger, wish I went for it!!
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