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Seems like a cool store, I love Morioka so I'm not opposed to planning a long weekend around buying a coat (did it with A1923 boots, haha)I'll give them a call and see what they're getting in, thanks for the heads up!!
Ziggy Chen was definitely on my radar for this search, but I can't find any local stockists... or any online ones for this season yet. Any leads? Vertice has a couple pieces, but nothing that will work for me. This coat is fantastic:
~thinking very seriously about coats this winter~Yeah, it's a bit of a serious coat, hence my hesitation. I want to fit my biggest knit (SNS Stark) or a suit under it, so this is the smallest I could go - fits perfectly with a gigantic knit under it. I plan on getting the sleeves tailored. I actually don't have a wool coat I can layer at the moment because my wife has appropriated my Bless coat.I realize that this is pretty close to a chestfield, but I like it because the...
edit: Whoa, nice last page Stitchy, that is an awesome dive, very impressed Spacepope, those fabrics look amazing and I think those Vans are perfect... not every fit needs a pair of baller sneakers/boots MoK, your summer fits are on fire lately, everything is a bit outlandish but you look so relaxed in the clothes that it just works. I like the Birks too Typhoon on its way... Hender Scheme suede rain cap AA shirt Rick skirt Rainboots
Uploading from phone, does this work? Here's the coat from a couple posts back - too civil war? Too bell shaped??
Whoa, those look incredible. It's a boot sole on there then, yeah? Awesome find
All Bergfabel. The last one is the same coat in a women's size from the A&S website - they stock a bit of Bergfabel and curate it as part of their collection. Bergfabel is picking up and from what I've heard, the designer is a very pleasant dude who has a wonderful relationship with his stockists over here. Pricing on everything is terrible this season, though, thanks to the weak yen. Bergfabel jackets went up from around $1200 to $1600 while PH jackets are hovering around...
I want a coat with some volume to it.. nothing flat, nothing slim. Is this too costumey? Can I get away with wearing this really casually?? You guys know I like boring stuff, worried a dramatic bell-shaped civil war coat is too much and I should go back to looking at Stephan Schneider and Peir Wu This exact coat: Fabric (wool/ramie blend, black/navy with brown stripes) Same cut:
Hmm, just stopped by to see the Attachmeant leathers again. Reverse calf is nice, but they're all quite thin and a bit insubstantial. Did they switch leather supplies this season?
Awesome find, tried one on like... four years ago, never seen one pop up again. One of my favorite bomber type jackets
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