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Currently looking for the following current season items - Layer-0 denim new model, size 48 - Layer-0 shell cordovan derbies, size 42 If anyone knows of any stores stocking these for ~reasonable prices~, please let me know!
They look really nice with some wear: They're reverse, but I was told you can use conditioner since the reverse side has been smoothed down pretty well:
Did you grab those from Idol? I was thinking, "Synth should buy these, damn." And you did!! I'm thinking of grabbing the derbies
Three cameras is probably excessive, but we're on a message board where three leather jackets is par for the course And actually I have an Olympus underwater camera for scuba diving, so there's three already haha I enjoy using both my X100 and Sony Nex, but neither is pocketable and I only take them out on weekend trips where I know I'll be taking pictures. I rarely carry a bag even to work, so I'd like something I can put in a jacket pocket. Anyways, I mostly take...
~~~ the shorts don't fit ~~~
Anyone own a GR II? I have an X100 and Sony Nex, both of which I love on their own terms, but want something pocketable and maybe a bit more discreet. I'm worried the angle is too wide and I'll miss a viewfinder
Tossed all my old underwear and bought the (new?) Uni-qlo seamless ones and Airism ones. Quality of life has improved dramatically Underwear technology has come a long way
^^^ Not my style, but that turned out really well Thanks for sharing
Buy from Liberte in Kobe, best price in Japan and really nice service
Pokemon Go!!! I downloaded it from the US app store, but they haven't populated the map All I can do is walk around an empty map with my starter Pokemon
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