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It's just like any other market research firm, except focused on fashion and design, right? I don't see how this is a surprise or nefarious in the least, unless you think multi-million dollar corporations make decisions without ample reason. Pretty sure Boutique Designer #23 isn't keyed into a service like this
Not my pic, those are from Shelter II / Shelter V in KobeOn a side note, why doesn't Tokyo have many good stores? I can count three - Lift, Gullam, and Boutique W. Kobe / Osaka has a much better selection for this style of stuff...
Unfortunately, the Adidas x WM feel REALLY cheap. If you're used to CP or even the Stan Smiths that use nicer leather, prepare to be disappointed.
It's just a sole, you can resole any Guidi boots (or, well, any boots I guess) with 'em if it suits you - I'm gonna do the same with mine next time I need a resoling. It looks better with the thicker leathers, I think - I prefer baby calf to horse. It's more of a functional thing to me - do you plan on wearing them in the mud/snow/rain? I coat mine with Sno seal and they're fairly waterproof.
Anyone familiar with the difference in fit between LUC top-stitch free jeans and one cut pleated jeans? Any preference?
Yeah I'm a 48 and I can't fit into a size 6 other than outerwear. Size 7 doesn't really exist in Japan..
Taichi stuff fits like MA+ -- super long arms, tight armholes, tight body on tops, low-rise and slim thighs on pants. Can't fit in any of his stuff
I think your shirt is crooked!!
He's saying the shirt that looks like an $80 mall brand shirt selling for $80 isn't too much of a stretch
Looks cool, fun seeing something different!!
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