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I've asked Holger and Pita (Ink) overseas, Liberte and Lift domestic, none are receiving denim stock. PnP is getting denim in stock, but can't hold a pair for me.
I'm still looking for a pair of L-0 denim 5p pants (any color) size 48. If anyone has any leads, please let me know!!
Net shopping, secondhand flash deals, and deep sales -- the opportunity to spend a lot of money without thinking has never been more present. What's are some of the most ridiculous impulse purchases people have made? Was alcohol involved? Anyone end a weeklong bender with a CCP scar stitch??
haha yes!!
Yeah, it's gonna be rough, because they can't take it in from the shoulder since the entire sleeve is spiraled - would completely throw off the design from the back. The sleeve seam needs to match up. MAYBE they can rotate it when the re-attach? It would move the placement of the zipper, but whatever. But a sleeve isn't a tube, I feel like this isn't going to work. There's way too much handstitching for them to move the zipper itself up the sleeves, I couldn't ask them...
Do I dare try to shorten the sleeve on an MA+ biker?? Spiral zipped sleeves gonna be hell even for the pros I've used before...
Places I have had beyond 100% customer experience lately: Hide-M Lift Liberte (Kobe) Gullam Idol Brooklyn Abasi + Rosborough (brand store) Suspenion Point There's some great, great places to shop. Not even worth it for me to think about buying something from a store or brand that might not deliver when there are so many good guys to support
Wait wait wait -- someone is getting L-0 blazers in that wool/cotton fabric? Hoto? Please tell me they're not $2500... I loved that wool/cotton, super spongy, felt like a soft denim. Only saw it in coats, wanted it in a blazer
Only thing on the immediate menu is some Layer-0 denim. My PH coat is at the tailors, getting the body and the sleeves shortened
Ansnam coat. Beautiful hand-dyed mud gray cotton.
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