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^^^ Really cool bag. Speaking of number 88 jerseys...
Was someone looking for those Jackson pollock uniqlo shirts? They have a ton by my house marked doen
wouldn't be surprised if those tech runners were better quality than actual Rick
Yeah, worth a try, but if not I won't be bummed out - was gonna buy these for $1000 more locally had they not sold out in my size immediately (Daisuke Nishida, the designer of Devoa, was the person who bought them!!)Again, thanks so much!
In my experience, it's a lot harder to go a size up on derbies than boots. I've tried doing so, and if they don't fit right in the length department, my heel will still slip. I usually size my boots up a size to a half size to accommodate an insole but I can't do the same with derbies. Your results may vary, however. I believe Farfetch has free returns - might be worth giving it a try?
Thank you very much!! Bought the red pair! Very much appreciated edit: how does Farfetch calculate these int'l prices? Would have saved $300 shipping them to the states and annoying my mom. The red boots are more expensive shipped to Japan, while the green ones more expensive shipped to the states... Oh well, still much cheaper than retail over here
Not the best pic of the EG piece - it's actually a quite cool ivory colored cotton canvas with an interesting slubby texture. My main reason for leaning towards the EG piece is that it's a bit more structured. The Blue Blue coat looks good across Synth's broad shoulders, but exposes me a little bit for the scrawny dude that I am
EG or Blue Blue (same as Synth)?? EG fits very boxy, especially the arms
Tried those on today actually, beautiful shoes, but a size too small on her
Where do you live? I see geobaskets quite often but I've only seen drips in the wild a couple times, certainly not enough to get sick of them
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