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I don't think the jacket looks great to begin with, looks like a cheap windbreaker
I can NEVER find leather gloves to fit. I sprung for a pair of leather gloves a couple years ago and never wore them because they felt so fussy and eventually stretched out too big. I kept taking them on and off just for like taking things out of my pocket since they never fit right. Now I have a pair of tech gloves with those iPhone fingers, never look back
Is SZ dead...?
2016 was awesome screw the "every year is the worst" haters!!!
Me too
Those big coats look waaay better with a thick knit under them instead of a t-shirt
Did anyone pick up the Horween cordovan A1923 boots from Hide-m? Those looked great
Aitor Throup x G. Star jeans look pretty cool. I'd think about getting a pair, but I just don't like a couple small deets like the back pocket. The collection is decent, I just wish it was without the G. Star branding https://shop.hlorenzo.com/features/118 https://www.ssense.com/en-us/men/designers/raw-research
Thanks to @magicalporks had some insane Japanese sweets today, I'll post a pic up later, in the meantime, here's some more fall colors Harnden SNS knit (no vis) L-0 Pants A1923
It's not - I buy from Amazon US with my Japanese CC and they ship to Japan...iTunes also doesn't seem to care where your CC is from, just your address~weird~
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