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Altieri looking handsome haha (to the left the brown suede coat at the bottom)
Margiela Robert Geller hoody + AA t-shirt Jun Hashimoto jeans Margiela trainers
Yeah that looks fantastic, was wondering where all the "can't button" comments were coming from
Why would you have a winter coat.. and not button it? Is it that bad?
General consensus is gonna be to size up one Sleeve will be too long regardless, have it tailored
Nice plants edit: Not being sarcastic/flippant, the interior to your place looks fantastic
Is that the William Gibson one? Does it come with a copy of neuromancer?
http://page9.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/k184631721 Carpe silk/linen/wool coat Beyond gorgeous, retailed for $3000
Eck those prices are out of control, if you're just gonna sell 'em brand new like that, order a 42 next time
Bergfabel coat SNS herning sweater Nonnative pants A1293 boots
New Posts  All Forums: