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PH and CCP have become rainy day beater gear... [[SPOILER]] edit: this is funnierPaul HarndenAmerican ApparelAttachmentCCPShoe bag
Thought this was was WAYWT but thanks
edit: woops, thought this was WAYWT [[SPOILER]]
I showed her that exact picture when she got it to convince her girls can wear it too!!
Is it wrong to like the copy more than the origina? - wanna sell one of my PH jackets and buy another Bergfabel.. Cleaner design (especially the collar), more interesting fabrics, and the designer is a great guy to boot
Yeah, sold out immediately after it was posted
call me if any of those turn up a size large
Man, that KKA "suit" just looks so comfy and pairs perfectly with those boots. Totally something you could live in
@brad-t a tag pic of you showed up on my FB and I saw your KKA boots and they looked really nice!!!
I'll continue to suggest these GoRuck bags, not 100% waterproof (like, the inside will get wet if you drop it in a lake) but very well-made bags. I like mine better than the Veilane Nomin, which I was also considering.. http://www.goruck.com/en/gr-echo#.VD2sRNSUfH0
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