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Nah I'm in a pretty good mood actually the convenience store finally restocked the grapefruit Popsicles, usually just blur my face for the self timer due to awkward faces like above!!
That's what I'm leaning for at the moment, I like it a little sloppy. Just get fidgety with cuffs like Magicalporks, heh
ps magicalporks don't even broach the subject of coats in front of my wife She saw the $3000 pricetag on the Paul Harnden long mac at CdG and she's out for blood
I'm big on oversized outerwear lately, no more slamming my knits under Stephan Schneider or Attachment or anything else fitted with high armholes
It's actually a bit tight in the chest, shoulders, and arms when buttoned over a thick knit or a suit - was hoping it'll give a little bit
Tailor is sending it to a fabric repair specialist (I didn't know those existed) for a look... might take a couple months to get done.
So ToJ is still making awesome jackets and Drew is still making long posts about zippers - glad this thread is back on track, miss the good ole days
Just type in "Peir Wu" - I have an alert, I've seen three pieces in the past two years and bought two of them haha
Taking it to my tailor now, I'll see what the word is from him - whether it's a simple fix or whether it's gonna cost me and look ugly. Ugh, I am done with Yahoo!Auctions for awhile. Most auctions are fine, but there is no recourse for the buyer - between this and an outright scam where I had to file a police report and will be lucky to see my money again, I'm out $1000 this week. Shoulda just bought that PS4 instead
the lapels on that thing are GIGANTIC.. I'd like it more if they weren't flopping aroundedit:Should I have these sleeves shortened or wear the cuffed?
New Posts  All Forums: