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HOIL, like Eton pointed out above, feels heavier than CORS, has some shades of blue in it. Really beautiful leather. It's unfortunately too tight in the armholes for me, and I'm at a very low weight already right now recovering from a basketball injury. If I put on any upper body weight I'm gonna hulk out of it. I like my Layer-0 leather more anyways, I'd probably wear that for casual and my Margiela 5-zip with work stuff.Sent out PMs, but wife seems to want it (just...
too tight when i move my arms more than 10 degrees away from my body
CCP leather, too small, don't like it anyways, gonna flip. Awesome leather and construction, but not for me. Whatever, here's a pic:
Too small on me, anyone a 44 or slim 46 that wants this? Tagged size 46 from when they ran a bit smaller. edit: here's a pic without a stupid shirt under it
Someone in HR needs to make an org chart. Taichi Murakami worked for Ma+ Jun Hashimoto at Carpe as well
~work~ Muji shirt Mando pants Jun Hashimoto derbies Cornelian Taurus bag
rakuten moved offices to right by my house and now my wife's chatty friend who works there comes over and eats my food every night. Anyone else have this problem??
Slack tide good to see you posting!! Looks nice
thank you for the info. took a chance on a HOIL scarstitch for a great price, we'll see when it arrives!!
Wife's pissed I bought a CCP scarstitch while she was writing a work email for me (her Japanese is better than mine... barely)
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