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What kind of alteration are you getting done to it?
Can I just use regular leather conditioner on a navy leather jacket or do I need something special? I have Saphir renovateur, Saphir delicate, and Saphir cream universelle
It's still 25 degrees here, don't mind winter clothes actually arriving for winter. Lemaire winter stuff seems to drop around October
Awesome bomber, love the fit on it
Chur bro, she'll be alright
I love backpacks but can't wear them on the train - rude to bump people. Takes away the point of one when I have to hold it in front. I've tried totes, briefcases, etc - always fall back to across the shoulder.
Us mortal men with girly bodies need our tiny bags !!
Women have so many cool options for bags. Feel like the manbag division hasn't progressed rapidly enough in the last couple years, especially in terms of smaller bags (like A4-sized). Briefcase-type bags and heavy totes are killer on my shoulders and/or don't leave my hands free. Need a shoulder bag so I can continue posting on SF during my commute
What is the brand? It's on the tip of my tongue - Two Bears or something? Google isn't helping me. Looks great
I think it's an item that's produced almost every season. Thing is they run super small, I think even the largest size would fit a 48-50
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