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Got a pair of Nike tech knit shorts, so so so nice. Was either gonna these or some Drkshdw cargo pods, these just so comfy, like living in the future http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/pd/tech-knit-shorts-shorts/pid-10838162/pgid-11290670 Sized up one, I'm usually an M / 48 / 32 and went with a size L, they're pretty slim so they just fit longer EDIT: also lebron pimps this stuff and the warriors are frauds, so that's another reason
@gdl203 I can't promise it's a sound business decision but I promise to be first in line to buy!!
Good choice! Welcome to the Ventile Crew!! I'm really impressed - love the feel of the cotton with the waterproofness and it breathes really well. I wish someone made a cool ballcap in ventile, only one I can find has a big 'X' on it. Does anyone know that Larose Paris dude?? Please tell him!
It's hot outside
It's a pretty simple question based on whether you want lined or unlined - they are two very different coats. It's hot and humid during rainy season here, so the SEH Kelly wouldn't work. If I lived somewhere cold and rainy, it would be better. Or split the difference like me and get the Paul Harnden I love the ventile cotton fabric.
Love this styling, with straight-legged raw denim:
I kinda want a pair of Guidi PL1 or PL2, either for me or my wife... really ugly, or kinda cool?
I understand we are firmly in the fashion internet but please do not wear dress pants poolside (appreciate the updates!!)
Looking for a black lambswool (not yak) kaftan size 44, holler if you can help out!!
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