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Here's some pictures of the finished product from our natural indigo dyeing excursion. Really happy with the results. Wanted an uneven color, so I rolled the shirt in a ball and wrapped with string so that the dye would be applied unevenly for the first three dips, then unrolled it dipped another seven or so times to get a nice, deep blue color. Shirt was a plain white, 9oz heavy cotton tee
Cheers guys, had a wonderful time! Will post more tomorrow!!PS I demand hazard pay!! Currently nursing a nasty horsefly wound sustained in Meiji Jingu - left leg is swollen up, no clue how I was able to walk around today haha. [[SPOILER]]
Sushi Dai et al are all fantastic but IMO just not worth the wait -- can't appreciate it after standing around for a couple hours. My go-to rec is Sushi Tomi, still in the outer market but off the main drag. Great prices during weekdays and rarely a waithttp://s.tabelog.com/tokyo/A1313/A131301/13078722/
I'm on my way to meet Jasper to breakfast We are getting sushi I am happy
Anyone seen Layer-0 FW yet? Anything better than the sail hemp blouson or should I pick one up? Pricing is not great but not awful - $1650 on sale
high armholes and slim - size 2 is usually roughly a 46
The indigo stuff is still settling -- after dyeing, we need to let it sit in cold water overnight and then wash once by itself to get rid of dye that hasn't set. I'll have some pics of my stuff tomorrow as I had to do the regular laundry first
Place called "Itsuki" - had very high reviews. If you love THICK broth and happen to be in the middle of nowhere doing indigo dying, highly recommended:http://tabelog.com/en/tokyo/A1330/A133003/13042995/I know this is a joke comment (and it's funny) but it's also a testament to just how awesome this community is - I think I've now reached the double-digits for SFers that I've met in real life now and every single encounter has been a positive one. I'm pretty sure that I'd...
@VitaTimH - it's a women's shirt, why the sizing is like that. Gotta go by measurements on PH because the design is often exactly the same
SvB that is awesome and totally what I was hoping for with this challenge. BAR SET
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