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Ami denim has a really good fit!! I really want a pair, but my friend's wife is named Ami and I don't want her name on my clothes
Just Googled Acronym - what the hell is this stuff? 600 euro beanie? JC Denton can't afford a 600 euro beanie!!http://www.acrnm.com/collections/acronym-all/products/kr-h1At least the ad copy is correct:
That "sashiko" fabric on that (and the Blue Blue items) isn't what is usually considered sashiko - it's a broad term for stitched/quilted articles, which these are, but usually refers to white or red needlework on usually indigo or other natural colors. They're made from a fabric that is typically used for judo/kendo uniforms that have been dyed with indigo. Sashiko just sounds cooler than "old high school PE uniforms"
I've actually got a drawer with all the awesome fabric I've chopped off clothes, but it's mostly from the sleeves so at most I could make a bracelet
Tailor the long coat? Shouldn't be too hard
Got really cold lately Bergfabel SNS herning Abasi + Rosborough Guidi
Beautiful Horween shell cordovan, mostly black with some slight brown undertones showing through. In very good shape, not a lot of wear to the soles and the uppers are pristine - pleas see the pictures . Some oxidation on the inner parts of the metal eyelets, silver Carpe Diem "plaque" on the bottom of the shoe is missing. Includes canvas Carpe Diem shoe house, however. Tagged size 41, I feel like these fit smaller but I can't tell at all because I can't get them on my...
Yes please attach a bird to your chest
Yeah, was wondering how the int'l prices calculated, since the green boots were more expensive in USD and cheaper in JPY, while the red boots were the other way around. Same store. Customs feels are included, but both are horse leather so not sure about that. Do boutiques set the regional prices by hand, rather than an automatic conversion? Anyways, was just curious. Good deal either way and they're already on their way to meThese ones, in a 43. Hoping they fit - tried a...
^^^ Really cool bag. Speaking of number 88 jerseys...
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