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Actually, now that we're talking about this, I'm gonna order a pair of Guidis for my wife's birthday, anyone have any model suggestions? Even better if Hide-M has them in stock! No heels
Ahhh mustard bomber so goodSweatpants version looks the bestThanks, it's lad musician - they make my favorite cold weather ma-1s. Water resistant and substantial thinsulate lining
Those oiled horse Attachment boots look beautiful with wear, love the color
fake fit: MA-1 and Aldens [[SPOILER]]
$3000 lolThey were $1600 two years agoi still want one, there's a hold for the one in my size for a week so hopefully the dude buys it
I'm going to Aoyama to look at Paul Harnden long macs right now - I think they got one in each size. If I don't make it back, my wife has killed me for even thinking about buying one
That's a wonderful fit, but like, also a totally different look - I wouldn't wear that if I was going out shopping or to a casual lunch or something. I think there's a case to be made for the fit definitely looking better with either a pair of sharp trousers or casual shoes, but I don't think every fit needs to be the perfect example of minimalistic congruity - it's fun seeing the messier, casual outfits with individual pieces taken out of the context we usually see them....
Y'all are nerds untucked + jeans for life!!
Funny, everyone in Japan always carries cash because a lot of places just don't take credit cards. I pay for $1 gum and stuff at convenience stores with $100 bills all the time and usually carry $3-400 at all times since banks are closed on weekends and I don't wanna be without cash, whereas in the States that'd be closer to three to four dollars.
I think it looks fine, MAYBE the Aldens are too dressy but MA-1 with a button-down and raw denim is a good look.
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