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We're not talking about a furnace or a hot iron here. I've seen people use a warm iron to help jackets wax-based polish better. The heat source is so the jacket dries and keeps its shape. Layer-0, Incarnation, etc. leathers that have a unique 3D shape all need to be "dried" into that shape
That is the exact process they used to make the jackets, though, I believe - dye them, wash them, dry them to get the shape, and then oil them, right?Here's a crosspost for how they make Incarnation leathers: [[SPOILER]]
Yo I googled the weather for New York, Colorado and Tampa, FL and I have no clue how you weirdos are wearing long-sleeves and jeans in 30 degree weather. Lorcan and MoK are the only two people on this page remotely dressed for the weather!!
I've asked Holger and Pita (Ink) overseas, Liberte and Lift domestic, none are receiving denim stock. PnP is getting denim in stock, but can't hold a pair for me.
I'm still looking for a pair of L-0 denim 5p pants (any color) size 48. If anyone has any leads, please let me know!!
Net shopping, secondhand flash deals, and deep sales -- the opportunity to spend a lot of money without thinking has never been more present. What's are some of the most ridiculous impulse purchases people have made? Was alcohol involved? Anyone end a weeklong bender with a CCP scar stitch??
haha yes!!
Yeah, it's gonna be rough, because they can't take it in from the shoulder since the entire sleeve is spiraled - would completely throw off the design from the back. The sleeve seam needs to match up. MAYBE they can rotate it when the re-attach? It would move the placement of the zipper, but whatever. But a sleeve isn't a tube, I feel like this isn't going to work. There's way too much handstitching for them to move the zipper itself up the sleeves, I couldn't ask them...
Do I dare try to shorten the sleeve on an MA+ biker?? Spiral zipped sleeves gonna be hell even for the pros I've used before...
Places I have had beyond 100% customer experience lately: Hide-M Lift Liberte (Kobe) Gullam Idol Brooklyn Abasi + Rosborough (brand store) Suspenion Point There's some great, great places to shop. Not even worth it for me to think about buying something from a store or brand that might not deliver when there are so many good guys to support
New Posts  All Forums: