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I dunno... that seems like a lot of changes to make? Maybe that's the appeal of MtM, but I'd be worried about changing so many things at once. It seems like the level of changes you're suggesting would change the intended fit of the jacket.
Gonna keep suggesting this brand: https://www.olukai.com/mens/sandals.html I wouldn't wear them on a day out in the city, but I wear them around my neighborhood, at the beach, and even light trekking. They have a great arch support and grips on the bottom, so super comfy for trekking around wet areas.
Yeah, the malls have the a/c blasting like crazy - put on a jacket to go indoors, the opposite of the rest of the world Also I can't believe there wasn't a single kaya toast rec!!!
Nothing was in but Individual Sentiments. The green Harnden-eque coat was really nice, I would grab it for sure if I needed a coat. Highly recommended. I think IS prices went up, though, first time I've seen a piece break the $2000 mark. Archivio stuff looked nice from the showroom photos, but a lot of pieces a little too old-timey for me - not a fan of suspenders and super wide pants. The standard jackets, coats, and pants looked real nice, however, and I'm told the...
One of your stores just opened near my house, bought a cool indoor plant, store smells real nice, will visit again!!
Yep heading to lift today, promised my wife she can get a donut and beer nearby...
Currently looking for the following current season items - Layer-0 denim new model, size 48 - Layer-0 shell cordovan derbies, size 42 If anyone knows of any stores stocking these for ~reasonable prices~, please let me know!
They look really nice with some wear: They're reverse, but I was told you can use conditioner since the reverse side has been smoothed down pretty well:
Did you grab those from Idol? I was thinking, "Synth should buy these, damn." And you did!! I'm thinking of grabbing the derbies
Three cameras is probably excessive, but we're on a message board where three leather jackets is par for the course And actually I have an Olympus underwater camera for scuba diving, so there's three already haha I enjoy using both my X100 and Sony Nex, but neither is pocketable and I only take them out on weekend trips where I know I'll be taking pictures. I rarely carry a bag even to work, so I'd like something I can put in a jacket pocket. Anyways, I mostly take...
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