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Also this guy:
Army green is more interesting!!
I've been slowly paring down my non-business wardrobe, not sure if I can fit under $5000 but it's fun to take an inventory sometime - been organizing like this. I have more crap, but this is the "essentials" for me: Seasonal outerwear - 2 pieces per season Winter: Junya Watanabe/Duvetica down jacket, heavy wool coat (still looking!) Fall: Margiela 5-zip leather, Lad Musician MA-1 Spring: Miharayasuhiro floral M-65, Paul Harnden long jacket Summer: CdG linen blazer, Robert...
Lightweight linen/wool blend lined in cotton, perfect for these transition seasons. Button-up and pop the collar when it's cold, fold the collar down and cuff the sleeves when the sun comes out
Brad that fit is good Breezy too Phone posting, been awhile since I've taken a good ole mirror shot: Harnden Uniqlo Attachment Guidi bag and boots
Are Kamakura shirts a thing?? There's a store next to my apartment but it's mostly old people shopping there. Looked like Brooks Bros with a wider selection of ugly patterns
I use something similar to this when I travel and it's very handy for keeping everything organized. I leave my passport, emergency credit cards, copy of my health insurance card, and frequent flyer cards inside of it and I'm always ready to gohttp://item.rakuten.co.jp/osaifushop/052-02213-10/
Very happy with the jacket as a whole.. I obviously don't notice the paneling aesthetically because I'm wearing it and rarely checking out my own back, but functionally it's fantastic. I love the full range of motion the jacket offers me - I spend a lot of time on trains with my arms above my heads grabbing onto handholds, any other jacket this fitted would be a bit uncomfortable, this is perfect. It's really spoiled me because when I do switch back to wearing a suit I...
Thanks - wish they bloomed more than a week a year. Here's the view of the same trees from the balcony of my apartment, been spending all week just watching people take pictures in front of them, figured I should as well heh [[SPOILER]]
Bought a Rick Geo I think, we'll see how this turns out... flash back to 2008 when this all I wanted Also: this white fencing is incredible, gonna bid in a bid but I'm sure it'll surpass what I'm willing to pay. If it was http://page11.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/n134798236
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