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wish I had your luck, I've had- shredded lining on two leathers- wool cuffs on leathers developing lots of holes- waistband drawstring hole tear on pants- pocket tear on other pants- geobasket zipper broke- all sneaker soles wearing down very fastetc. etc.I love rick but i'm not paying retail
i'm being a being a bit hyperbolic here, but the construction/fabric does not reflect the high pricing. I can count the number of Rick stuff I own that hasn't required (sometimes quite serious) repair on one hand. At $2000-3000 for jackets coats, $700-1000 for pants, etc. it's just ridiculous, especially when compared to "artisanal" brands like Layer-0 and LUC or even other factory-produced brands like Attachment which are 1/3 to 1/2 the price.
rick owens has absolutely garbage construction, their factories aren't great. dior is pretty nice in terms of well-known, mass-produced clothing, they seem to have nice production facilities
as a white male let me just say that video is the whitest male thing ever edit: hahahahaha holy shit the drum circle I thought y'all were joking
Yeah just throwing a huge heel on the back like that completely throws off the balance of the boot
Is there any point to nailing the rubber heels and soles? Or is it just for looks? I've never had either come off.
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH that game that gamee The Ace Ventura ending Russell Wilson bullshit Kam taking, Kam giving away After last year's postseason finishes against GB and NE I just can't take it anymore Now I get to wake up at 3 AM against next Monday...
I can't take this!!! I don't even hate the vikes, AP is a moron but teddy seems like a nice boy.
lol, Cinci just melted down thanks to a couple morons, the Steelers have a rapist for a QB, the entire Ravens squad is injured, and the Browns remain the Browns. Burn the AFC North to the ground I actually kinda liked Cinci but that game was a disgrace. I need some AFC teams to root for, go, uh, Jags and Bills I guess?? I have nothing against the Chiefs either.
New Posts  All Forums: