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Woops, posted in the wrong thread. Gonna be looking to pick up a maxi coat in the owl, this runway look. Debated a Kaftan (my wife has one from last season and loves it), but as others pointed out, the fabric looks a little better with a structured coatHere's the two for comparison: [[SPOILER]]
yeah. Wish Suspension Point had it up for pre-order!!edit: gonna try e-mailing them anyways
I wear dark brown with full black all the time!! ~deal with it~ [[SPOILER]]
What should I get? Maxi coat (1) or Kaftan (2)?
What should I get? Maxi coat (1) or Kaftan (2)?
Why would you dye those black??? Such a beautiful color
Cars are plebe status, the baller boot thread has talk about cordovan lined 767s and gpope intergalactic space weed smuggling spaceships
Great, easter egg shoes just in time for easter
Sorry I couldn't make it out sf bros, got sick, then while I was sick hit myself in the eye with my eyedrop applicator and tore my cornea. Now I'm "stuck" in SoCal for at least another week while that heals. Oh, and the Hawks lost the super bowl - bad weekend for nicelynice. On the upside, my mom is taking care of me wanna go back home to Seattle, can't take much more of the good weather and delicious Mexican food...
Nah I'm pretty chill about sports losses and that game was fantastic, not smiling because I'm sick for like the first time in three years
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