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They dropped in the Balmain store the other day, $10,000+ Didn't bother to look too hard, I was trying to find some belgian waffles and wandered past
I buy a lot of terrible, expensive things, but I still do not understand how this Hawaiian shirt is $1250 retail: http://page6.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/f137029270 SLP, you've outballed me
I like the flannel lhamos, I bring mine when I'm traveling, so easy to throw on:
Zozo's shopping cart system is so wack, I want that green one!!
My wife in Rick (stolen from her stupid instagram) She hates spending money on clothes but she'll put it on if I buy it and lie about the price
Advice taken.Literally dressed by the internet:
Basketball shorts and derbies: yes/no?
Still holding out on the slow-burn performance art angleGonna see these WAYWT pages on the walls of the MOMA in a year or so
Should these be new shots or can we use old snaps??
Some CCP fits small, the stiffer leather feels smaller and won't stretch as much, etc. etc. I'm a 42 and half the CCP I try on I'm a 7, half I'm an 8. There's no one answer, you're gonna need to contact the seller.
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