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nah, just borrowed it, have to return it by sunday or they charge me 50 cents and beatrice at the counter gives me a dirty look [[SPOILER]]
Incarnation Moto Jkt #2 SS14 Vegetable tanned baby calf, primitive dyed hand finished
Carpe Diem American Apparel Ami Margiela
I don't get the hype for Rimowa, if you check your luggage it gets trashed SO EASILY - the riveted corners (you can see in Regis' shot) are a serious weak point. I tossed mine after a year, I use Samsonite luggage now. I fly around 30-50 times a year (and my wife does double that) and this has kept me going for the past three years, lighter and...
IS bomber in a rare size (5) http://item.rakuten.co.jp/blowz/9019854420958/ Cool KKA ball cap http://item.rakuten.co.jp/re-oshare/067-201505191844/
snow ice, I think it was peanut flavored. so good!!
So good last time I was there, friend took me here - somewhere in Shilin Night Market
your move
There's no used to panty vending machines in Tokyo. In sex shops, there's novelty panty vending machines, but is that a big deal? There WERE some maybe 10 years ago in Akihabara, but that has long since been cracked down on. Anyways, tech is changing - now girls sell them directly over TwitterCome to my house for dinner
They do, but the prices are quite awful - prefer to sell them online and make a few extra hundred bucks
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