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after the excellent service in japan, all overseas stores (with the exception of reporter, suspension point, and hide-m) have felt a bit curt. might have to give office a try for CCP, I've heard the service there is good.
the seller has 100% positive feedback when selling. just use a credit card for PP.
Yeah, there's a leather bomber on offer for FW15. Not sure of the leather. @Abraxis might know. There's actually a kangaroo leather one this season.
Speaking of Soloist, this is a pretty cool and easy to wear piece, the zip-up work jacket: http://shop.kind.co.jp/item/581215013083/
I think the Rick shoes look great with the full-cut shorts. If they were Geobaskets or something obnoxious they'd look out of place, but that's one of the sleekest sneakers he's done. And finally an outfit that matches those palm trees Alex, you look good man. Unbelievable how much your wardrobe has changed since you started posting.
This confused me too - it's not from the sails of Amerigo Vespucci the person's boats, but Amerigo Vespucci the modern sailing ship:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Italian_training_ship_Amerigo_VespucciStill pretty cool.Here's the full setup for my sailboat cosplay. Still waffling on the jacket
Synth and I are in Blue Blue Japan silk/linen coats, Spacepope is in an incredibly awesome vintage French shop coat that is basically the same thing, but... More awesome. Hopefully he can share some more info!! Mine still the coolest cuz it's white, though
LAYER-0: Look at these pants For the past couple seasons, I could not for the life of me figure out this brand. While the shoes have always looked pretty decent, the first couple seasons of clothing were a little too eurotrash chic (leather blazers?) and from the product shots online, the recent stuff looked pretty competent but... boring? Even checking the stuff out in person, I was impressed with some of the fabrics, but really couldn't be bothered to give anything a...
Awesome pickups for her. Always enjoy shopping for my wife more than I do myself, she looks better in everything anyways.. In other news, if anyone locates a black CORS scarstitch in size 46 for ~3200 euros new or ~2800 used, please let me know
Certainly possible if you're willing to pay. I had the lining replaced on my Rick jacket for $300 + fabric cost by a leather jacket specialist and they did a better job than the original
New Posts  All Forums: