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$1500 shoes $3000 leather jackets Free bottled water
Full grain stooges looks fantastic, thanks for the pictures
Only had the women's blood leathers out, still unpacking the mens and didn't want them to dig through them since I had no intention to buy one. The women's leather was smooth, thin lamb. Not as awful as the spring/summer offerings, but not the meaty, substantial stuff I really like from Rick. It's also more of a muddy brown in person and darker lighting, not the striking deep red I was hoping for. The reverse calf blood Geos are FANTASTIC, though, if you like that color -...
I'm 5 foot 11 and usually a 48 in Geller pants, the 46s fit me fine
Starting a petition to ban @LA Guy from using the following words: sashiko belt skagway blue
It's the blood color from this season.. just got a message the RO store got them in yesterday, gonna stop by today and check them out. I don't have high hopes, though, because it's the same thin LGI leather has been quite underwhelming the past couple seasons.
What's so special about IE pants, anyways? The fabric and construction? The cut looks quite ordinary to me. BBS and LUC seem to have more interesting cuts in the "$800 pants" category.
I'm sure Lift loves me trying on their shoes and then buying them four years later off of SZ hahaBut yeah, I start to take it for granted... one of the reasons I haven't bought any IE pants, very reluctant to buy anything sight unseen these days.
Wife told me I cant wear Rick drop-crotch to her stupid dinner party...Edit: sleeves looked a little sloppy, short-sleeved button-ups always looked a give off a little "dad in the summertime" vibe to me. Rolled them up and I think it looks a bit better.. this is why I take pictures of myself hahaNon-rolled sleeves [[SPOILER]] Uni-qlo linen/cotton shirtLanvinCCP
Here's a random fashion thought - what is the protocol for girls wearing bras where you live? My wife hates wearing them and usually only does so to work, but one of her friends was absolutely scandalized that she "went out in public like that." Is it a bit rude to go without one in public, or is it rude to impose the necessity to wear one on others?
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