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Yeah, I was thinking more "style your friend/girlfriend/mom/dog" rather than shipping clothes to other membersJust throwing out ideas here, but I'd also like to see a "SW&D does MC" contest with a panel of judges from MC rather than a vote to determine the winner, complete with commentary
I'd be down for that or "style someone else with your clothes" but I don't know how many people want to get others involved in their internet clothing activities thoughts? My wife's idea was "dress up like cute/fuzzy animals"...
I only buy expensive things so I can hashtag them on Instagram and post them here
...and fixed!edit: had this Peir Wu coat tailored in the sleeves as well
Uniform status for both of us: Me: Bergfabel coat Patagonia vest Heattech Nonnative Guidi Her: Lemaire coat Muji knit CdG skirt Guidi
What are those red ones? Great collection - thanks for sharing here!
I played clarinet
Awesome, thanks for the writeup. Never too sure of SS sizing.. may have to think about that for myself
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