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Again, thank you very much for the advice!! One question, though - do I actually need the pleats (edit: I guess it's called a crease, not pleats) in my pants? I, uh, don't own an iron This is what the pants look like post-steam. Pleat is there, just not as pronounced [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for the input! Ugh, I don't know anything!! And the second suit is actually a "fashion" suit, which is why I have the arms a little longer - I rarely wear it for work unless I know I can get away with it. But I was hoping to wear the first to work... Actually, I just put the first suit in the shower room (pants are crazy wrinkled), cranked up the temperature, and then Googled to see whether that was actually a good idea and your blog post was the first result. Now...
This suit is awful, right? It's my only summer weight suit. I rarely need to wear one in the summer so it hasn't been taken out of the closet in two years and I realize the sleeves and legs are too short?? I think? Ignore the belt and shirt. I don't think I can make the arms any longer, but should I let out the legs? It's a shame because the fabric is actually really nice. When I got it tailored the dude said it was cool to have the pants that short for summer but maybe...
how long until football happen
anyone see any shirts for sale that have a sleepy baby tapir on them??
Yep, you've got the pose down Can't see the top with the lighting, but the jeans look great with the suede jodhpurs - love brown (or anything non-black) boots with an all black outfit
Actually went and picked up one of those Uni-qlo band-collar linen shirts, on sale for $10, pretty comfy. Good quality and fit albeit with crappy plastic buttons, like the rest of Uni-qlo button-ups.. Boots are a little incongruous but I don't really have proper rainboots and don't like getting my sneakers muddy..
Has hedi slimane done anything relevant since 2007??
steal it from James Harden
Looks good I always cut my guidi laces, I don't really see the point of wrapping it like that and they'll get kinda dirty and gross running on the ground
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