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I actually did get pics, and I thought one just had more of a grain, which is fine, but it's just a completely different thickness/stiffness that wasn't apparent 'til I could try them on. This is what I get for trying to buy on sale!! haha
Speaking of Guidi, ughhh, why I always hesitate to buy this crap online. My boots showed up and the leather on the two boots is COMPLETELY different. The left foot is a soft, thin, and smooth, whereas the right foot is stiff, thick, and grainy. For other boots I don't mind so much, but the leather really affects how Guidi "stacks" up and you can already see how they're starting to look different. It's not a huge deal, but I feel like it might bug me enough to flip 'em
I generally find if it hits between the thumb knuckles it fits well after settling but it depends on the fit of the jacket so there's not really a clear-cut answer.
I believe they need to be ordered through a store - twice a year, Lift and Carrefour (and Shelter, etc.) hold "order fairs" for the upcoming season. Could try contacting Fascinate??
also is it compatible with my cheese
Whats a marble cheese board and what advantage does it have over its rival, the plate
Petrosolaum is made in Japan (factory in Asakusa area). I'm pretty sure Taichi is made in Japan, could be the same factory. Japan has high tariffs on finished leather goods and clothing and offers subsidies and tax breaks for some traditional crafts, though I don't believe baller bootmaking qualifies.
Carrefour is great!! So nice there for such a small shop Have you seen much Petrosolaum? Honestly just as nice construction for half the price. In fact, I'm pretty sure they use the same factory as Taichi shoes. For sure it's the same leather - that is Shinki scarred cordovan, an option for Petrosolaum: Plus a huge collection of weird welt options Norwegian: Some kind of double Norwegian: Hidden Norwegian: Wooden nails, just like another brand I won't...
Go vicuna or go home
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