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What's up with those wooden pillows they have in Korean spas? How are those even remotely comfortable???
Ugh, I want a car. How much do y'all pay for parking in the city? Hard to justify when I'd only use the car 2-3 times a month.My car gonna be a 660cc box, though: [[SPOILER]]
Bag is beautiful! Admired their work from afar, looks great
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Union Works is fantastic, they have outlets in many places. Not cheap, but worth it: http://www.union-works.co.jp
What's your purpose? I wouldn't consider anything other than towel material since i like to put on a robe out of the shower. If you wanna proxy a ~Japanese one~ using imabari towel material (awesome, high absorbency soft cotton), here' s a couple good choices at around...
Too weird, have you seen the back? It's got like a rip in it with flannel peeking out. I like the horse riding print a bit better, too, got some great shots of dudes falling off horses
There might be a quality control issue going on with the tight calves, or something else going on - I've tried on pairs of canvas pants with variable calf width in the same size. I was all set to buy a pair, went back and tried on a different pair, and couldn't get them over my ankles haha
Looks good, both pants and shoes. I need to pick up a pair of L-0 linen stat for summer...
@ClambakeSkate cheers, thanks for the insightful posts!! Would love to see an "industry" thread and get an eye into the reality of things. Sometimes I look out the window and wish I was in a tiny Italian village
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