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^^^ I like a lot, I'd buy them for my wife if they weren't $1000
Balmain seems pretty dead in the water ever since Hedi joined SLP. Might be a good time to pick up a pair of biker jeans, still want some..
The only collab that lived up to the hype was Uni-qlo x The Simpsons
Beautiful color on those jeans, Frank And good stuff Rais
Cheers!! Post a fit pic!!
Damn, that is unfortunate Wonder why some orders went through.. They run out of owls to make the coats?Glad you picked up that Stephan Schneider coat, though!
They're sized a bit differently, the Berg I can wear comfortably over a button-down or a light sweater, the PH will only go over a t-shirt. I like the shrunken look of the Paul and the short sleeves. The Berg I'm using as outerwear - now I have the awkward moment where I wear my Berg to work, change into the Paul when I get there, and all my coworkers ask me "why did you just change two identical jackets?" They're different, dammit!!!Loved the fabric - the green stripe is...
For y'all curious about these kind of things I dunno how anyone can call Berg a PH rip-off, to me they're completely different jackets taking inspiration from the same source. To my wife, they "both look like a stupid highschool kid's jacket." To the internet...?
Bonus: they're comfy
Been wearing a lot of full cut pants lately, try to get a decent fit pic because my "me against the wall" shots don't really capture the full fit
New Posts  All Forums: