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Speaking of Layer-0, hot deal on this coat in a 44... http://item.rakuten.co.jp/gsc-rinkan/r01021508050230
On what? I was the one who asked the question in the first place Liberte is the best place to buy Layer-0 in Japan in my experience. Lift is quite expensive (1.5x Liberte, 2x PnP prices) and I don't have any experience with Al. Their stock, however, is tiny, and sells out fast. Nomura-san at Liberte is very cool!
Brilliant!! Please keep us updated, would love to see how those age over time
How loyal are y'all to good retailers? At what $$$ amount will you simply choose the cheaper option regardless of how good the customer service is? I've got a couple fantastic local stores with staff that (I believe) tolerate my presence pretty well and (maybe) enjoy hanging out and talking clothes with me. I try to buy at these stores whenever possible, but sometimes the difference is $200-300 vs. ordering across the country from another store (with good customer service)...
Are we talking about the same store?? The only time I've been in there it's been an older (60+) lady running it haha ~the mystery increases~
please... sell.. me a ... a black... tencel...bomber.. size 46....!!!
I was in the area today, so I decided to try again - they're closed for the entire week. hahaThey have a Yahoo shopping page: http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/alselect/No prices and I don't know how current any stock is.I appreciate they're a small store, supporting interesting and independent designers, obviously not in it to make a ton of money, but still a bit hard to y'know, buy clothes from them
Thank you very much!Just curious, has anyone dealt with Al Select? They're closed on the basis of "whenever they feel like it," and they won't respond to phone or e-mail inquiries - just tell me to come to the store. Which is always closed.Also, if anyone is curious, Liberte in Kobe is a wonderful store with great service. I wish I lived in Kobe, beautiful city
Sorry, meant to type WOMENS ankle boots. Hard to find them!
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