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I really like the individual pieces on this, and everything fits you spectacularly, but there is just a little bit too much going on up top. The straight-leg pants and workboots really ground the item, but I'd like to see one less "item" on the top half of it - the neckline of the n(n) cardigan and the awesome pattern in particular make it a bit hard to jive with other pieces, while the frayed scarf and shirt add even more noise up there. Huydiniro does such an awesome job...
look at those two cool dudes
Looks really good Lizst, reminds me of Mellowfellow before he ditched us to Instagram pictures of coffee
they're cuffed twice, a little over an inch cuffs.. this would take about a half inch off the bottom
less a WAWYT and more of a question: Should I hem these jeans or wear them cuffed? The hems are so slim it interferes with the pant-boot interface when left stacked up and looks messy
my shoulders look like a single snake maybe two thin ones tied together
i love modern women and modern everything
Is that a Carolina Panthers jersey?
I like the jeans and beat-up sneakers!!
Stunning MA+ fit here, I know I could never pull this off and I don't like unlined jackets to begin with Via http://le-21eme.com/:
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