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A good wall wjk hat taichi murakami suzuki takayuki ami guidi Wife version: CdG Junya Guidi
Guidis have been seeing a lot of rain lately and got muddy today, so cleaned + conditioned: Bonus pic of wife's Moto shoes at one year in:
^^^ that's a pretty comprehensive list and should be archived for future use The place for older Devoa is called "Al select" and is not worth the trip alone - it's tiny with small stock, but it's in a wonderful neighborhood you should be visiting anyways: inokashira koen
Nice baby and nice iguana or whatever that lizard is
why I will no longer buy derbies without trying them on first. Much less unforgiving in sizing and comfort than boots, which can be fixed with an insole or good stretch
Poell high neck coat sz 48 1500 euros Dope fabric (ramie/wool) - this is like the only one I remember haha http://stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=19548
While we're posting these, here is me wearing @uzairh's high neck (not mine, I like talking about CCP, not wearing it - not cool enough to pull it off). A size too small on me Bonus coat in some kind of EDGE fabic (I don't know the codes, yeah)
Not a lot of places, unfortunately - most of the stuff at secondhand shops is designer stuff like Rick Owens, CdG, Raf Simons, etc and mid-tier stuff like Attachment and Lad Musician. Julius, however, is everywhere. Your best bet are the following three places which do stock a bit of LUC / CCP / etc - luckily they're right next to each other. They're all chains with multiple outlets, make sure you go to the following locations: This Kind store (it's a chain, this one has...
Decided to jump back into the raw denim game with AMI one-wash raws Nicelynice fit approved: high waist/deep rise, relaxed thighs, sharp taper at the knee. Rare to find this cut with slubby, natural-dyed denim (they're straight-up indigo, sorry for the terrible lighting). No weird details like selvedge coin pocket or back pockets arcs, either, except one quirk: red wool lining in the back of the leg, visible when cuffed. They look fine uncuffed, but is the red wool tacky...
I can't find CCP pants that fit me. Don't buy them if you've never tried them on unless you're pretty slim all the way down and are pretty confident in measurements. I'm a 48 in LUC and I've tried on CCP breadsticks in 52 I haven't been able to button up..
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