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so nice Yohji is paying proper respect to the Major League series, but does he know his reference is to the one that replaced Wesley Snipes?
I've had excellent experience with Loit customer service -- thank you very much!!
Those are def. Guidi, I've seen that model a couple times,it's from at least four or five years ago though
Everyone unloading Harnden? haha
What are you asking? "Can I buy these patterns and maybe have a tailor/factory produce some of them with a lot of time and money involved?" I guess. "Can I buy clothing patterns and start a brand with no business knowledge and expect to be profitable?" No.
Got my first Ziggy Chen piece, a crazy blazer, and I couldn't be happier -- construction, fabric, details, fit, all great. Post up some pics later
It's a waxy calf leather, spring-summer weight. Not a fan -- doesn't feel too substantial compared to the thicker calf leathers, I'd prefer blistered lamb for a lighter-weight jacket with a texture
A lot of people buying Dinkelackers on sale - if anyone picks up one to a fit a US 9 / 42 that doesn't work out, holler at me!!
The blue Schneider and Guidi boots look great together
Definitely TTS - they are un-dyed, so don't shrink as part of the tumble-dyeing process of most Guidis. Hand-dyed Guidis also fit TTS
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