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that thread is like 90% noise and then fuuma will swipe by, say something intelligent/useful, and then proceed to be ignored by everyone else
Why is Junya women's always so much better? Men's is always so technically well done but so boring, which is a shame because the garments are so well made. Does he hate men??
awful weather fit Patrik Ervell Patagonia SNS Herning Abasi + Rosborough Jun Hashimoto
I use Saphir delicate to condition hammered lamb/washed lamb, only started needing after three or four years of wear. Works really well, cleaned it up and brought back some of the original luster
Go up two if you wanna use them for hiking etc, fit tight with thick hiking socks
how much does a watch cost
this post needed a william gibson reference to complete the "nerds talking about clothes on the internet" trifecta
They look fantastic with full-cut denim.. and not much else in my wardrobe. Bulbous toe looks a bit better in a darker color or with lace-ups. Lovely boots, just not for me at the moment. Anyone wants them for $300 shipped worldwide, lemme know - just recouping what I paid + shipping. Size 42, fits true to maybe a half size small due to low instep
Getting ready to sell the CCP, was only wearing them with a suit or when the weather was unpleasant, like my other boots better
Actually not in love with the toe shape on these KK Attachment, might let them go. A bit bulbous, in this lighter color they look a bit like Uggs... Absolutely love the color and material (oiled cordovan), just wish they were a bit sleeker..
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