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I'd feel pretty self conscious as a white dude wearing a shirt with a geisha print on it, but in theory it's a pretty cool shirt
What's special about the Layer-0 "handmade" derbies? Just that they're goodyear welted instead of blake stitched?
I made it Linen coats, blazers, and pants Thought about picking up a pair of reverse shell derbies, but $1800 seems rough..
Live blogging continues Got the curry, now for the shoes
I'll let you know in 30 mins when I peek into the window and set off the alarm
Soup curry is in Shimokitazawa, Al select and capybaras are in Kichijoji
I live 30 mins from them and still haven't been there once in three years. They also only stock tiny sizes, so you're out of luck unfortunately Lift is taking a hiatus on L-0, so they're the only Tokyo stockist now.. Wish Gullam would pick them up Worst case scenario is we get some soup curry at Shimokitazawa, German bread, and peep the capybaras at the zoo
Guys, I'm gonna attempt to visit Al Select today. I won't even call first. 90% chance this will end in me peeking in the window and setting off the alarm, but I'm gonna try
We have Uber itself and taxis, but public transport is fine for the city. I mainly wanna cruise out of the city on weekends
You mean the ones filled with bamboo beads or something? Those are nice during the summer months. Korean spas have pillows that are like a solid chunk of wood. Alright if you like sleeping on a 2x4...
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