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~suburbia in SoCal~ Rick Owens American Apparel Abasi + Rosborough Jun Hashimoto edit: What are you really wearing: Seahawks Hat SNS herning AA Wings + Horns Margiela
My wife is 167cm (I think) and the kaftan is a perfect length for her. I think the women's version may be shorter, though, and she sized down two
@NaTionS Did you go down a size for the maxi? Was advised it fits oversized a la the kaftan Btw, kaftan should be easy to shorten if you're shorter, nothing complicated going on down there
Maxi coat in the Owl tweed pre-ordered! Suspension Point has wonderful service, highly recommended if any of you are on the fence about the FW15-16 items: http://suspensionpoint.ca/preorderfw1516
so good, what a drinking tea jacket. Enjoy your mornings please
Thanks, coat is Bergfabel
I'm going to contact a couple retailers and see if it's possible to pre-order it, otherwise I'll have to hope someone picks it up.
Woops, posted in the wrong thread. Gonna be looking to pick up a maxi coat in the owl, this runway look. Debated a Kaftan (my wife has one from last season and loves it), but as others pointed out, the fabric looks a little better with a structured coatHere's the two for comparison: [[SPOILER]]
yeah. Wish Suspension Point had it up for pre-order!!edit: gonna try e-mailing them anyways
I wear dark brown with full black all the time!! ~deal with it~ [[SPOILER]]
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