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Looks to the be the case - Guidi has versions with both structured and unstructured toes.
Stupid kids these days have no idea what artisanal sneakers are!!
Same here - Lift gets all their L-0 with black zips, ended up paying the Lift premium for a black zip model
Schoolgirl in front of me on the train has some really cool hand-stitched sashiko repairs on the back of her school blazer - they usually wear their uniforms for three years everyday and repair as necessary as they're quite expensive. Was gonna snap a stealth pic for y'all until I realized that's creepy as hell Enjoy this pic instead, a sure sign that spring has sprung: stupid vetements raincoats
Agreed - the fabric is something else in person. I've never handled a nylon that had such a matte, dry hand. Really feels like a thick, brushed cotton. Glad you guys are carrying the brand, it's nice stuff!!Just realized they have a store in Roppongi Hills, I'll drop by after work..Also interested in the Fly Knit jacket
http://page9.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/k212402848 KKA Novapel Horse leather jacket in a size 3, fits 48 The leather gives CCP CORS and Layer-0 horse a run for its money Cannot do better if you're looking for a minimalist jacket in a serious leather
On anyone else that zip shirt would look straight outta a mid-90s ska band, but looks pretty good there
This is funny on so many levels. "My $1000 Jesus t-shirt caught fire!!"
Go a size up and put a minimal insole in
What is the point of those cuffs? Does anyone use them???
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