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i want cake and chips for dinner
Looks like great clothes for sitting around looking tall, attractive, and bored
Much like Jil Sander, I don't have much interest in Uni-qlo collab with a line where a lot of the emphasis is on clean tailoring and excellent fabrics, neither of which Uni-qlo does well. I doubt I'll pick anything up, but I enjoy Lemaire's collections and him and his partner seem cool so hopefully this will give the brand some good PR!!
Can't click the breadcrumbs on Chrome for Mac Monitaly stuff looks great, cannot wait
There's a lot of good advice and an equal amount of bad advice given on the forums. Comments from other posters can help give you a different perspective on an outfit, but even seemingly good advice from veteran posters isn't gospel - filter out what makes sense to you and just keep posting. Perhaps most importantly, keep an eye out for inspiration both on and off the forums. There's no recipe or template for looking cool, which is part of the fun of SW&D. It's fun to see...
They look really cool. Interesting/different texture while still having the durability and structure of leather.
go to the whole foods by my condo and see if the cute redhead girl is still working at the hot bar. get some mac + cheese there
Anyone wear Lemaire suits to work? Any good starting points for a good single-breasted setup? Looking to spend under $1500 all-in.
^^^ Mbaum, I absolutely love that color palette. ManofKent, Berlin Report, Snowman, everyone, absolutely killing the summer fit game. In other news, Goodbye SW&D, see y'all on the other side... Goodbye sick beard... Goodbye..
Just a Japanese chain store with an American/heritage twist, kind of like J. Crew with more workwear
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