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i hope it was people from here that swooped in on all that lemaire stuff on mr. porter. Hmm, one pair of pants left in my size..
Benes, that Algae is by far the best fitting/looking coat I've seen on you. Nice!
Sorry, had it done here in Japan, I did it by mail as well. Took measurements and described what I wanted done, they did a perfect job. Ran about $150
Couldn't do it from the shoulder, a lot of Rick jackets have unique construction which has a part of the shoulder panel under the armpit. I took mine to a professional leather tailor and had the zippers moved up the arms - looks fantastic, can't even tell it was altered. Had quite a bit taken off, used to go down to the end of my fingertips as wel
Yeah, I was thinking more "style your friend/girlfriend/mom/dog" rather than shipping clothes to other membersJust throwing out ideas here, but I'd also like to see a "SW&D does MC" contest with a panel of judges from MC rather than a vote to determine the winner, complete with commentary
I'd be down for that or "style someone else with your clothes" but I don't know how many people want to get others involved in their internet clothing activities thoughts? My wife's idea was "dress up like cute/fuzzy animals"...
I only buy expensive things so I can hashtag them on Instagram and post them here
...and fixed!edit: had this Peir Wu coat tailored in the sleeves as well
Uniform status for both of us: Me: Bergfabel coat Patagonia vest Heattech Nonnative Guidi Her: Lemaire coat Muji knit CdG skirt Guidi
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