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For reference, see Rick at his latest show
So ridiculous, Paul Harnden "shoemakers" marking up another boot - love it. Hope dude is enjoying a nice beer with the money of people too rich to care
Waaay too tight, Rick bombers look good a bit oversized. Imagine it looks even tighter zipped.
Kanye wears stuff like that, so... I dunno about the other stuff, but I ordered some co-mix black tees and they are hands down the best tees under $100 I've found
yo that coat calls for some more details yo yo yo
Waiting for the train, don't let anyone tell you the stupid trains in Tokyo run even remotely on time
Anyone pick up the SLP rainbow sandals from this season? Thoughts?? https://www.ssense.com/en-us/men/product/saint-laurent/black-rainbow-nu-pied-sandals/1400633
PH shoes seem to have some janky quality issues, I've seen a lot of used pairs where the soles were splitting, stitching coming seperated, etc. I guess it's kinda that old-timey aesthetic, but I've never handled a pair and thought "wow, what a well-made shoe."
I want that shirt jacket in indigo, I think.
...and there goes that plan as my wife already stole it
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