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Sorry I couldn't make it out sf bros, got sick, then while I was sick hit myself in the eye with my eyedrop applicator and tore my cornea. Now I'm "stuck" in SoCal for at least another week while that heals. Oh, and the Hawks lost the super bowl - bad weekend for nicelynice. On the upside, my mom is taking care of me wanna go back home to Seattle, can't take much more of the good weather and delicious Mexican food...
Nah I'm pretty chill about sports losses and that game was fantastic, not smiling because I'm sick for like the first time in three years
SORRY I'm not up to date on the comings and goings of aging rock musicians in artisanal footwear Can we get a Seal update as well please?
Did I post this? completely forgot if I did or not, sorry if it's a repost - Sting in what looks to be CCP on new album cover (Sting is still making music??)
Dlester, looks so good Lemme know if you wanna get brunch or something next month!!
pardon y'all on the east coast, the weather here is balmy and pleasant kuboraum shades geller shirt nonnative pants junhashimoto boots
Love that nonnative coat, whole fit looks comfortable and well put-together
Wow, picking up that Maxi coat for sure. Do any Lemaire vendors offer a modest discount for pre-orders?
Nah I think black looks good Do those boots have rubber soles? You'll want to vibram for snow use. Beautiful color on 'em - kudos to wearing them in the weather instead of babying them
I've had strangers compliment my clothes quite a bit in CA, this never happens in Seattle or Japan Just wearing normal stuff, too
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