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Yeah, those Macintosh coats turn into a sweat lodge on the subways. SEH Kelly is real nice, just a bit too traditionally-styled for me. Want something a bit wrinkled and casual. love PH because I can wear it to the office or with a ball cap and jeans
I love this moto-style trench too, but the chest pocket is too much http://hinotori-jp.com/?pid=95218777 http://domino66.shop-pro.jp/?pid=94914400
It's total BS that they have product measurements and detailed pictures, but no shots of a dude spraying all the outerwear with a garden hose so I can know how it'll look in a typhoon
I want hot rain shots of all coats
The PWVC cinnamon color looks great!
I am boring and lazy Anyone have any recs for cotton ventile coats, though? Anatomica has a couple nice ones:http://anatomica.jp/products.html?category=10
Both Paul Harnden. Ventile cotton mac, want a rain coat. I like the bronze better, just not sure the bronze is gonna look great in the rain
Bronze or navy? Ventile cotton raincoat. Worried bronze is more likely to show rain spots.
It was fine when I was swapping them out more, but now basically anytime I go to choose a leather jacket, I just wanna wear the Layer-0. Honestly I'm a lot happier with one leather (well, three technically), I don't have to think about it - just grab it and go. I feel like it's "my" leather now, which is how a leather jacket should be.I have a couple good close-ups.. the leather is so thick and juicy, the cut is perfect, the construction is amazing. Here's a couple shots...
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