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I want that shirt jacket in indigo, I think.
...and there goes that plan as my wife already stole it
Got my long flannel from this season, quite happy with it. Gonna give it a try at the office, see if I can get away with it
Good season Hawks, go cards/cats, at least we're guaranteed a good vs. evil superbowl
I woke up at 2 AM for this hahaha Still 4:30, thinking of calling it a day and heading back to bed More than anything I'm a little cheesed missed one last good football game after the ice-fest in Minnesota a little awkward Carolina is my playoff team going forward Go 1. Panthers 2. Cards 3. Field erupting in hellfire 4. AFC teams
Complete meltdown
Last 3 AM local time game, snowing here in Tokyo (rarely does), wife woke up with me to make me muffins, Go Hawks
The guy in the MA-1 and raw denim in this RAV4 commercial that's playing during football looks straight out of Styleforum
Yeah, really impressed with 'em and they ended up exactly how I asked. Wasn't sure how they'd look overall since I just had the tiny leather swatch. If you need a pair of work shoes, check out the next order fair at Lift, can get a good pair for like 5-6man
Blue shoes!! Don't like? They're fun ~deal with it~ Lemaire Honor Gathering Mando Petrosolaum
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