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Thanks dudes, just bought a Miele C2 compact during lunch...
I have the worst cordless vacuum on the PLANET and everytime there's an Amazon sale I look for a Dyson but I still can't be hassled to spend $500 on a vacuum Stores that don't list their stock on the internet a GOLDMINE for me, especially once sales season rolls around. The (relatively) little-trafficked Urban Research store at the basement Roppongi Hills still has full stock of Lemaire and Bergfabel at 50%, etc. etc.
Yeah, that would kill feet for me
Taking a break from Nike tech fleece shorts Post Imperial Comme des Garcons Petrosolaum
I literally popped into this store to get some La Croix mineral water and saw this shirt, and I was like "Hey I recognize that guy!!!" Post Imperial. Super nice details - MoP buttons, hidden placket, side vents, raw hems (with a stitch so they don't come unfrayed).
CdG Aoyama. I went to check out the Dominique ansel bakery, which also wasn't that cool
Report: the f/w Harnden black/green/brown tweed is real nice. Biggest change is back to the cotton tags. Whatever
A lot of nice green this season L-0 Petrosolaum IS Cornelian Taurus
Ya gotta do this, though, if you expect them to treat you like an ongoing customer. You can't expect every random net retailer to treat you like royalty when you're only skimming the sales stuff. I'm not passing judgement on anyone who only shops sales, when I was a student I was the same way. Hell, I just bought a pair of shoes at hyper-discount when I shouldn't have.I'm at the point now though that I prefer my shopping to be a pleasurable experience - I'll avoid stores...
@Synthese the derbies dropped another $100 on Idol and I couldn't help myself Still a 43 left (these fit TTS): http://www.idolbrooklyn.com/collections/guidi-rosellini/products/guidi-rosellini-morosino-1907-vacchetta-reverse?variant=722684881
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