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I've been living in Tokyo for a year now and haven't been to a single one of those famous bars because there's an incredible place straight out of a Murakami novel 5 mins from my house. Need to get a bit more adventurous. Did you have a favorite out of those??And yeah, Ghibli museum is incredible
I think the shorts look a little goofy but dude has nice legs (mean that in a non creepy way) so I'm not offended, but the top half is way too tight. Balance out the short shorts with a boxy top, looks nuts with that tight sweater
Also real talk: maybe someone has better experiences, but I've only been to a maid cafe once and it was a profoundly creepy experience. We thought it'd be like Hooters where everyone is in on the joke, but there were a lot of single guys who looked exactly like the otaku stereotype taking everything way too seriously. After lining up for a couple hours, we ate our crappy omelettes in near silence and left quickly - one of the most awkward third dates of all time RE:...
My friend just informed me that underground sex club (happening bar) is the thing to do in the summer, more relaxed than a regular bar and good air conditioning
Yeah, Memphis seems like a real cool place to watch basketball
I'm quietly cheering for the Hawks if only for bird team solidarity
Hawks gonna lose terribly to Cavs, Cavs gonna lose terribly to the West team, only interesting part is how the the WCF plays out and if the warriors can score 150 points tonight
I'm not participating unless Kyle wears the clothes himself, mannequin is a cop-out
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