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Grass is always greener I just wish Liberte was in Tokyo, their selection lately is most in line with my interests and the pricing is about 25% cheaper than LiftYeah, great store, just carries a lot of brands that are kind of on the fringe of my interests - GBS, Greg Lauren, Ansnam.
YOOX used to operate an Italian restaurant and grocery store in my neighborhood that had the ONLY legitimate pricing on cheese and olive oil anywhere in Tokyo, please bring it back Yoox...
Looks like the same useless "I coulda guessed that" crap we pay our consultants for except with slick design instead of PowerPoint slides
They're not baaad, but they're just like any $60 Adidas sneaker. I was gonna grab a pair but just wasn't a fan
It's just like any other market research firm, except focused on fashion and design, right? I don't see how this is a surprise or nefarious in the least, unless you think multi-million dollar corporations make decisions without ample reason. Pretty sure Boutique Designer #23 isn't keyed into a service like this
Not my pic, those are from Shelter II / Shelter V in KobeOn a side note, why doesn't Tokyo have many good stores? I can count three - Lift, Gullam, and Boutique W. Kobe / Osaka has a much better selection for this style of stuff...
Unfortunately, the Adidas x WM feel REALLY cheap. If you're used to CP or even the Stan Smiths that use nicer leather, prepare to be disappointed.
It's just a sole, you can resole any Guidi boots (or, well, any boots I guess) with 'em if it suits you - I'm gonna do the same with mine next time I need a resoling. It looks better with the thicker leathers, I think - I prefer baby calf to horse. It's more of a functional thing to me - do you plan on wearing them in the mud/snow/rain? I coat mine with Sno seal and they're fairly waterproof.
Anyone familiar with the difference in fit between LUC top-stitch free jeans and one cut pleated jeans? Any preference?
Yeah I'm a 48 and I can't fit into a size 6 other than outerwear. Size 7 doesn't really exist in Japan..
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