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@kgfan5 what kg are you a fan of? Kevin Garnett??
Sorry for the confusion - JH (on his personal FB account, not the brand) was posting about m_moriabcCool, lemme know if you wanna grab lunch sometime in the 青学 学生食堂 as well, been meaning to hit it up for nostalgia's sake. Lived off that 250 yen soba, wish I was buying CCP boots then
Awesome find The place to go for insoles is in Tokyu Hands in Shibuya, second or third floor - have at least 50+ varieties and you can try them ALL on. I do this whenever I need to home in on a particular size. If you're looking specifically for Superfeet, head to Montbell across the street as that's the one brand Tokyu Hands doesn't carry.
Excuse the hyperbole, but still impressed every time I see the shape of those - it's classic yet sleek and almost futuristic at the same time. Like a zeppelin crashed into a naboo starfighterOld news to some of you I'm sure, but Jun Hashimoto posted on his FB that there will be three lasts and nine different models, for a total of 27 different combinations. I don't know if different welt options are included in this or not. There's also nine colors, all in Horween...
I'm so scared to do an order for one, though - don't wanna end up with a bad hideI've seen great ones, but Lift has a white CORS scar-stitch that's grainy and dry.This grey is perfect:
Tags look fake, fabric looks like a towel, stitching is bad, seller admits its fake (read the last line)
I don't wanna toot my own horn but here's me style-jacking Fuuma for a similar fit. Rick makes a lot of crazy designs - the Intarsia and Stooges are pretty boring and safe [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for the pics - looking fantastic. Grey-white scarstich is what I'm interested in the most at the moment
Yo we've seen like five high necks, can we break out the scar stitch pics?
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