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I must've missed it, got a link? I tried on all the IS coats this season, I haven't had great luck with the fit on some of their garments.edit: Ahh, just checked your history - the one from medium rare from I think last year? Unfortunately too slim in the arms for me.By the way, one of the cooler fabrics I've seen:http://ks-clothing.com/SHOP/CO6-MW3-790.htmlRainbow-ish tweed, really subtle at first glance but beautiful close up. IS really goes all out with their fabrics.
I bought too many coats.... But anyways, here's some good luck (maybe): I wanted a Paul Harnden mac coat, but they only got one piece in each fabric per size in the entire country and my size was being held for someone else. I got to try it on, put my name on the waiting list incase the buyer backed out (he didn't), and looked around for a more sensible alternative. Two days ago, the exact same coat (again, only one in the country) pops up for $1000 less than retail on...
It's a 44, actually. I usually wear a 46-48 in Peir, fits oversized
I'm gonna try and handle it locally mainly because shipping internationally two ways would be a pain for such a heavy coat. It's going to be rewoven at a factory that produces fabrics for Visvim of all places.Seller isn't responding, I could call him up and chew him out but at this point I'd rather just leave him bad feedback and move onLast fall/winter collection (13-14), one of my favorite jackets they've done, very comfy - like a cardigan
788z in soft horseThe heels are beautiful and a bit more feminine (the store staff at Lift had a wonderful pair in baby calf) but looking for more of an everyday bootAlready emailed Holger at Hide-M
Tried on the Attachment Cuban heels today, fantastic shape, heel is a bit more subtle when worn. The female store staff was wearing them as well, looked great on her as well
Is there a prize for worst-dressed StyleForum meet-ups?? Magicalporks came over for dinner and grapefruit popsicles, he was in work clothes and I was in.. what I usually wear when it's 35 degrees out Popsicles were good, though
The skirt's the best part!! It's (unfortunately) gonna lose its shape as the fabric settles
Awesome!! Please keep us updated on how they wear, rare to see boots of that shape made with that leather
Drips can be "resoled," my friend wore them down to nubs, had the cobbler shave the rest of the drips off and threw on a crepe sole, looks pretty good.
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