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thanks, cut these pants with scissors specifically to wear them with Rick sneakers, glad I got it right!!
x-post from the challenge thread. More entries!! This is such a cool idea, wanna see some style wizards do it justice Mountain: Blue Blue coat AA tee Honor Gathering pants Nike Cement: All Rick/Drkshdw
Did y'all really think I was gonna pass up an opportunity to post a picture of me wearing a white coat on the internet?? Mountain: Blue Blue coat AA tee Honor Gathering pants Nike Cement: All Rick/Drkshdw
Can i join your band I played clarinet and drums in highschool
TOO LATE, ALREADY WROTE MY NAME IN ITOnly person who can wear it is @AlexanderTG, I only wrote my first name
Thanks, always appreciate when other people share pictures so trying to do the same. It's quite a fantastic pattern, the front and collar and are all one piece of fabric, the arms are all one piece, and then the back is all one piece, with stitching at various points for structure. Really great job with the raglan sleeves. It'd be even better in leather, but I have enough of those Lining is a heavier woven cotton in the back (the grey-green you can see in the pics) and...
Sorry, I couldn't snap pics in Lift today as it was quite crowded. I don't mind paying a bit more from this crew as the service is so, so good - always happy to indulge me trying stuff on and never buying Here's the hemp blouson: Gotta find a sharpie and someone with good penmanship to write my name in here!!
New album is fantastic Also I thought this was recent purchases -- the II in the title threw me off Also bought Witcher 3, never played the other games but I heard it was good
- tix to Okinawa scuba diving - tix to Scotland to see a castle or something - tix to Sri Lanka because I'm running out of countries in SE to visit - tix to summer music festival (Thom yorke, mew, passion pit, d'angelo, CARLY RAE JEPSON) - layer-0 hemp bomber
It's really thin and plasticky, I dunno, not a huge Roo fan. Not even the real animals, I thought they were cute until I saw one up close, quite an unpleasant creature. I'll stick to alpacas, capybaras, and baby goats at the petting zoo. Heading to Lift right now to buy that Layer-0 blouson I've been blabbering about, see if I can sneak you a pic
New Posts  All Forums: