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@thatoneguy what ya looking for in particular? I'm a bad person to ask about Tokyo despite the fact that I live here hahah.
You're in Pacific NW, yeah? Harnden ventile Mac would be perfect for that weather and the waterproof ventile cotton is great if you're not into tech fabrics.You'd probably have to hunt down a women's XS, though -- I'm a women's medium and I'm pretty sure you're two sizes smaller than me.
Devoa? Paul Harnden Mac w/ ventile cotton? That's about it for baller waterproof coats
The Richard blazer looks like it's trying to run away from the rest of that outfit but is chained up
Gullam continues reading SZ (and maybe here?? Hello???) and picks up another awesome overseas brand - GBS. http://gullam.jp/blog/26044.html @AlexanderTG Is the herringbone linen jacket the same as yours? I don't need any more blazers, but I will go check this stuff out, especially as I like Gullam a lot more than the other GBS stockist here (John Bull Labo, which is like a J. Crew that stocks GBS and Lemaire for some reason) Also, finally gave up looking for a...
Some M Moria art or whatever on the lift website: http://www.lift-net.co.jp/news/16aw_memoria_news_detail.html
Those linen guidis look great, would love to see a pair worn in
I love wearing jeans, all other types of pants are inferior
Thanks for that Kyoto black article, gonna send something to 'em and try it out haha
Some Sz. 12 Carpes for $300 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Carpe-Diem-6-hole-boot-carol-christian-poell-guidi-A-DICIANNOVEVENTITRE-A1923-/222123397887?hash=item33b79612ff:g:oDwAAOSwQjZXPjFn I think the cap toe is kinda ugly, color is great, though
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