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Diff coat, Sipang posted a long shawl collar with Raglan sleeves. Been on the lookout for it but haven't seen it in the wild
Sorry I was talking about that Haider coat, realized you guys were probably talking about the Yohji
I don't believe that coat was produced - I haven't seen it outside of that single shot and one more from the lookbook or something
it's funny they have to give goat fibers exotic sounding names like "cashmere" and "mohair" because nobody wants to be like "check out my baller knit - 100% goat."
hmm, is it that bad? I only own one alpaca knit, but I've touched plenty of actual alpacas without any problems.. edit: i don't know how I misread "mohair" as "alpaca.." this is what I get when i wake up at 3 AM to watch football
edit: I won't clog this thread with my football stuff just got excited
i hope it was people from here that swooped in on all that lemaire stuff on mr. porter. Hmm, one pair of pants left in my size..
Benes, that Algae is by far the best fitting/looking coat I've seen on you. Nice!
Sorry, had it done here in Japan, I did it by mail as well. Took measurements and described what I wanted done, they did a perfect job. Ran about $150
Couldn't do it from the shoulder, a lot of Rick jackets have unique construction which has a part of the shoulder panel under the armpit. I took mine to a professional leather tailor and had the zippers moved up the arms - looks fantastic, can't even tell it was altered. Had quite a bit taken off, used to go down to the end of my fingertips as wel
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