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I mean, c'mon, culatta horse and kudu are so previous level:
only if it's on the endangered species list I threw out my beluga boots after I found out they only classify as near threatened
Not so far, just derbies and lace-ups
$400 - $800 depending on the leather used
Pass on that knit for $500, unless you're in a ska band. Would you look twice if it wasn't Junya?
what appeals to you about those? the first one has a wonky design, the drkshdw looks like a garbage bag, and the mainline one I imagine is quite expensive. current season lad musician is AWESOME if you like that pocket http://www.ladmusician.com/webshop/products/detail.php?product_id=2115353&color=13
honestly I just use my fingers to work it in and use only a small amount. it soaks is up pretty well and it's a pretty delicate creme to begin with. I've had it get really dried out after getting caught in rain or snow or having drinks spilled on it, cleans it right up.is your jacket black? if it's a lighter color, might be a bit more difficult to get an even coat.
Petrosolaum from Lift. Very, very nice for the price. Wish I put in a custom order, thinking about picking up the black - cordovan with some scarring. Gonna wait to see what Carrefour is getting in first More: http://www.lift-net.co.jp/collection15ss/petrosolaum/petro.html Cordovan pair worn for a year from Vasell: More from vasell (new shop in Osaka, haven't visited yet) http://vasell.tumblr.com/tagged/petrosolaum
i have been officially jobless for a week. this isnt nearly as fun as I thought it would be. i was gonna go like go skiing and go to taiwan to drink bubble tea but all i wanna do is look for a new job... might go buy some boots to cheer myself up
Paul Harndenedit: Looks good
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