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Nah, these are an older pair of derbies I wore to work, rarely wear them with casual outfits
Get ready for monotony: I'm back in the raw denim game and prepared to wear these jeans every day Margiela AA Ami Guidi
I didn't realize it was "only" $120. I see two or three of them on a daily basis when it's raining out, it's a cool silhouette from certain angles, but looks like any $10 rain parka up close. Had no clue Vetements was so trendy. Guess it's the combo of overt branding + cheap price, like CdG play
Cool, thanks for the input. Mainly concerned with cleaning out caked-on mud, which was a pain with old-school leather hiking boots. I used to travel with a pair of Guidi lambskin lace-ups, but after getting my feet soaked too many times I switched to a pair of really ugly Merrell Gore-Tex hiking boots and my feet are probably happier, but the pictures don't look cool enough
Yeah, sized up hoping to wear an insole, but the instep seems just as low as the smaller size. Thanks for the input, I'll ask my cobbler too since he's pretty good at eyeballing these things Question 2: anyone own Guidi hiking boots? Have you hiked in these things? Seems like they would be hard to clean.
Did they stretch across the instep? They're tight exactly where the stitching "turns," just hoping that's not an area that will be harder to stretch out.
@Synthese has been reppin' Blue Blue stuff pretty well on the forums, so finally had to check out their flagship stores. Wife (who usually hates my stores unless they have a couch) loved the store and is talking about doing a special order of indigo-dyed pouches stitched with her company name as business gifts for overseas visitors.
Wider, fatter toe than my other A1923s - works well with this thick, creased horse leather. What sold me on these was the beautiful deep crimson color - very uneven, runs almost black in some areas.Quick question before I take off the tags and run to vibram these - even sized up, my high arches are still causing the instep/vamp to crunch my feet a little bit. My Guidis and other A1923s stretched fine across the instep, but my Carpes and Jun Hashimotos didn't at all. Both...
Can someone please explain that vetements rain jacket or whatever that has long sleeves and the brand printed on the back?
...and look what just arrived in the mail
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