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More bags: aniary double-zip briefcase
i'll always be a wings+horns tiger fleece dude (I wanna be extra comfy if I'm wearing a hoody in the first place) but the WJK heavy jersey hoodies are my favorite in that line:
Nice looking bag, but the handles are too short Picky, picky Thinking of this Cornelian Taurus bag as well. Can't find it new anymore, I don't know if they will accept custom orders in the future either. It's in pretty good condition, but I prefer a new bag just so I can "make it mine."
My budget is $5-600 haha I don't mind spending more, but without seeing it in person, still a lot to drop. They look amazing, though
Frank Clegg looks real nice, but the lack of lining and interior pockets is kind of a deal-breaker. I'd prefer at least one exterior pocket as well for my train pass + wallet
That thing is badass and looks pretty cool as is Id probably try some shoe polish if you really want it black but I'm not a professional!!
Trying to get a lining added to my Guidi bag. More complicated than I thought. Would have been around $150 if it was just REPLACING the lining, easy enough, but measuring it out and figuring how to put it in there is gonna drive up the cost. They'll likely have to take the handles off on one side due to the construction of the inner pocket (it's attached to them) and then replace the rivets holding them on. What a hassle. If anyone has experience with this type of stuff,...
More bags. Any ideas for something similar? I want a shoulder bag with tote handles or a tote bag with long enough handles I can EASILY wear it on my shoulder, even with a winter coat. This is a problem for a lot of bags. Porter? Nylon/cotton. Relatively cheap ($125) (the unfortunately named) Daniel and Bob? Hand-iron vachetta calf. Very nice. A little pricy at around $1000
Isn't Margiela made in the same factory as diesel? It's usually passable, but for the price, ehhh
Is the bomber water resistant?
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