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Can I wear black derbies with blue jeans?
Been wearing my raw indigo jeans to work every day and so far nobody has complained except for the girl from marketing who says I need to wear a jacket to meet vendors Back to the raw denim life
Beepop, really digging your fits lately, all of them have been great, but struggling to figure out what that inner piece is - looks like some kind of floral toga??
Nah I was just joking as Sinnedk said something like "it's like CCP with zigzags" or something when that's obviously not the case for her stuff haha
GBS just wrote an essay about an offhand comment in response to his shoes looking like Vans on SZ, good luck Deepti didn't catch you shitposting about her collection
Why aren't they bringing back the 5-hole ankle boot? Only pair I might have considered
I like it
Btw nobody eats seaweed snacks at work except old guys, the girls all eat chocolate and biscuits and drink Fauchon tea out of their mugs they bought in a fancy Daikanyama shop or an overseas vacation
That definitely does sound like a mixed combo!! Never seen those before, awesome. Throw up some pics when they arrive
Wow do you know my coworkers??
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