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haha, that thing was on Yahoo.jp awhile ago for like half of that - the guy GLUED down the collar, then I guess someone bought it and ripped a hole in it good job, but not worth it
why didnt anakin save his mom between episodes 1 and 2?
M Moria Chelsea boots in eggplant or red (waiting until I have a job so my wife doesn't kill me) Petrosolaum shoes (waiting to see what Carrefour gets or will try a custom order) Lemaire coat (preordered)
A+R blazer, Lumen et Umbra pants, Nonnative shirt, CP shoes (sorry for no deets)
I can't believe I took these stupid pictures myself. I hate posing for pictures!!
Rick Owens sizing and quality control in general is a bit hit or miss
So good, love the colors and textures. Those boots are starting to look nice and worn-in When are you gonna swag out your band members?
Uni-qlo heat tech turtlenecks sized up - they'll be long, but still slim
monk who meditates on the mount of the temple hosenext to the hose
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