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I don't wanna try to apply logic to baller boots but is it really $600 less labor for a blake stitch than a goodyear? I feel like dude could price them the same. MA+ already tops $2k for blake stitch. It strikes me odd they're THAT much cheaper
haha that $300 neck canister is awful
Kids these days have MUCH better things to do than play a half-baked Pokemon game for the phone, it's definitely for millennials and up
The game got released around 10am Japan time on Friday afternoon - no work work got done until about 3pm. Everyone was running around the neighborhood catching Pokemon between meetings. Our office is a Pokestop and a lot of senior management actually used to work for Pokemon or Nintendo so it was alright, I guess
PS got this shirt
Maxi fits huge. That's my pic in the last shot -- I sized down one, still fits over a suit or a thick knit with ease. It's an overcoat
Whoa awesome to see some Greg Lauren on the forum. Great stuff, wish it wasn't eyepoppingly expensive
Thanks dudes, just bought a Miele C2 compact during lunch...
I have the worst cordless vacuum on the PLANET and everytime there's an Amazon sale I look for a Dyson but I still can't be hassled to spend $500 on a vacuum Stores that don't list their stock on the internet a GOLDMINE for me, especially once sales season rolls around. The (relatively) little-trafficked Urban Research store at the basement Roppongi Hills still has full stock of Lemaire and Bergfabel at 50%, etc. etc.
Yeah, that would kill feet for me
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