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I'm on the plane, flying an LCC called Scoot owned by Singapore Airlines, and it's pretty decent (brand new 787), but there is NOTHING to do on the plane and I'm a big baby so I paid $10 for three hours of wifi. Someone say something!!!!
Have enough clothes of myself and I've been pretty minimalistic lately, so bought some stuff for my wife in the usual manner: CP achilles off-white Paul Harnden jerkin
~~YOU MAY BE LIABLE FOR DUTIES IN ACCORDANCE WITH YOUR LOCAL LAWS~~ Why is this hard to understand?? Expect to pay them, if you don't, consider it lucky.
Is Kpop still a thing? I never hear about it anymore!!
Those shoes are incredible...
^^^ Thanks Fok, ordered a pair of CPs for my wife since apparently she wants sneakers!!
This is the black: http://toojenis.shop-pro.jp/?pid=109614836
A scam? Like it didn't show up??
IS coat is from Lift inTokyo, but the picture is from Atrum in Utsunomiya Lift also has the long coat version (looks like Paul Harnden) that was featured in the look book. I think Cruvoir has it too.
The third one is actually the only one that is real warm -- thick wool and oversized fit to be layered. The first has a thick cotton lining and can be layered. The second is a rather heavy tweed, but only lined in the shoulders and too tight to wear over anything but a shirt And no, not so comparable Just posting green coats!!
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