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I like Peir Wu dressed down like this, my biggest draw to the brand is that her minimal detailing and fabric choices make something as stiff as a blazer compatible with sportswear. I think her clothes look awesome with a cap, loose pants, and trainers - trousers and decent footwear would make it too proper. The jacket is a bit more casual than it looks, as well, the body is a tech material and the sleeves are ribbed cotton. Up close, it's closer to an outdoor jacket than a...
Yeah, those look pretty legit
Gained 3kg this summer, feeling good, thanks fitness thread and chariybrown's instagram for keeping me on track Hender Scheme Peir Wu AA Rick Margiela
Check measurements, that size of that Bless bomber fits very cropped and the ribbing is large, best for a girl or short dude
Can we just refer to it by this image? And have it sewn into the jacket? (thanks for clearing this up!! @Synthese HURRY UP AND POST FITPICS!!!)
Not great pictures but here ya go:
It's like Odyn Vovk crossed with SLP crossed with terrible
Cute couple, same girl wearing CCP spirals in front of the eiffel tower, I believe Think he's wearing Layer 0 boots, love that smoky grey on top of black Pic from Le21eme: http://le-21eme.com/alu-zhou-yiyang-paris/
Thurston mentioned the slimfit Daredevil in addition to the standard Daredevil - I assumed that was the "SF Rider," unless I'm terribly confused.
Sorry to further muck up this thread with my low reading comprehension but are the slimfit Daredevil and the "SF Rider" the same jacket? Did a name get decided on at some point?
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