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I've never owned anything but Uni-qlo cashmere knits for the reasons you mentioned - the merino and lambswool never impressed. I can't stand pilling on sweaters so I'll always buy SNS which are indestructible. The cashmere is pretty nice, a bit delicate like all high-gauge cashmere, but as good as anything I've seen on a mid-tier designer like Margiela. I've had mine for a couple years and wear it once a week to work in the winter, no noticeable pilling.Well, it's a...
Ann D makes really nice light, gauzy knits from alpaca that layers beautifully. I like MMM knitwear for more of the interesting designs - the big chunky shawl collar ones and unique prints are great. Never seen much plain Ann D knitwear but Uniqlo is about the same quality and similar fit as the Margiela
Is that just a v-neck sweater? Honestly, the Uni-qlo cashmere ones are really nice for the price. I had a Margiela v-neck I never wear in favor of my Uni-qlo one..
They dropped in the Balmain store the other day, $10,000+ Didn't bother to look too hard, I was trying to find some belgian waffles and wandered past
I buy a lot of terrible, expensive things, but I still do not understand how this Hawaiian shirt is $1250 retail: http://page6.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/f137029270 SLP, you've outballed me
I like the flannel lhamos, I bring mine when I'm traveling, so easy to throw on:
Zozo's shopping cart system is so wack, I want that green one!!
My wife in Rick (stolen from her stupid instagram) She hates spending money on clothes but she'll put it on if I buy it and lie about the price
Advice taken.Literally dressed by the internet:
Basketball shorts and derbies: yes/no?
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