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@Soramame nice jacket and cool username, broad beans are my fav type of bean and a top 5 snack
@tellure I've only tried on the derbies but they have fit a size large. The outsole also measures large due to the bulbous toe
hard to say because I took classes for a year in school before I came over. That was good enough to get me to where daily life was alright. My kanji is still pretty poor, though, I mask it by being a good speaker and a white male. My wife is Asian-Canadian and her Japanese is a lot more scrutinized while I string together a 60% grammatically correct sentence and people burst into applausethe weather outside is literally a frowny face with x-ed out eyes. Four people died...
too hot for fashion
Sorry, never seen bigger than a 43 over here
The water knife was quite good@Synthese@spacepope he's from Colorado!!http://www.amazon.com/The-Water-Knife-A-Novel/dp/1469298325
Not a fan of the little metal knob or whatever on the new season Layer-0 ankle boots
Look almost exactly like Lien
i hear ya, fat, hairy, and married, though. Had eye surgery and then got hurt playing basketball, lost 5kg from standing around doing nothing, now first day back at the gym in ~half a year~ is killing me.
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