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do you have an REI near you? GO THERE I miss that store so much..
thanks, realized it was exactly what I was looking for. It didn't click with me the first time I tried it, must have been in a bad mood or something.Love the silk/linen blend, light and airy, very soft and comfortable - the "natural" one slightly moreso than the indigo one, likely as a result of the dying process. It was REALLY hard to pass up the indigo as it's such a beautiful blue, but I've been on the lookout for a good creme/beige and I can always dye it myself later...
real talk I was holding a neary-depleted roll of paper towels and couldn't find a scepter big enough to cover it up
Stylejacking @Synthese Blue blue silk/linen work coat Modeled by my wife:
Alex, the Layer0 jacket in the same cut made from linen is substantially lighter than the hemp, but still lined, so not a true "hot weather" jacket Re: lacing. Altieri said to wrap the lace around your ankle and then tie in a single knot. Does that make sense? Or cut them..
Rings a bell for me as I did a report on him in middle school I'll bet I can spin this to my wife - "no, no, it's not a jacket, it's a history lesson!!"
I have a pair of Ami denim - absolutely love the cut. I have a pair of the one-wash raws, it's slightly relaxed in the top block with a taper below the knee. Mid to higher rise. Very comfortable while still looking clean. Really nice denim as well, slightly slubby texture Here's some fit pics:
~welcome to the duchy of denim, ruled by the duke of jeans and the duchess of indigo~
Yep, size up one. Still has high armholes and a tight fit
Yeah, I'll grab it if it hits 30% off, but don't wanna swing 2k for a jacket at the moment when I have a closet full of 'em
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