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@Abraxis' dogedit: I read LA as SF. I don't understand California. Change that to SVB's dogs
Yeah that looks great
The latter half is actually ALREADY done and it came with spare rubber half heels - good job Layer-0. Unfortunately, I just don't like it aesthetically and I already had to clean mud out of the gap after walking around in the rain. I don't really see the point of it
The effort involved in selling crap on the internet is a great lesson in not buying a lot of junk in the first place, especially when I have to write all the Chinese characters in tiny letters for the packing slips
Very happy with their service - good communication via email and prompt shipping.
$3000 in Yahoo! Auctions sales. Always feels liberating to send stuff out the door. Never regret letting go of something, always cool stuff around the corner.
edit: this isn't random fashion thoughts
Ankle boots arrived, quick snap. Really comfy with insoles. Black cordovan (horse) of the non-shell variety. I think these will pair fine with business wear. Going to remove the metal bar from the laces and have my cobbler shave off the indent in the heel and add a rubber one.
Really into Layer-0 lately. Have some ankle boots heading my way right now, the thinner soled ones from spring/summer - figured they'd be easier to wear to work. Thinking about picking up a leather jacket, keep waffling between picking one up or hoping a perfect scarstitch catches my eye..
Geoffrey B. Small has written an amazing three-part post over on SZ: http://stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=7432&page=38 Check out his stuff if you get a chance, it's quite nice and the dude seems very cool
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