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I predict... pleated pants
Looks good but upstaged by the Hello Kitty life jacketFWIW I think it looks great. Don't think too much about it, easier to wear than it appears!!
Yo @LA Guy, browsing on mobile I'm getting ads for the handsome Brad-T dating game "SWEET ROOM SLEEPING BEAUTY ~Luxurious Love like a Celebrity~" where it's opening the iTunes store without clicking anything It's got a cool tag-line too: "Shut up and get taken away by me. With a dangerous kiss, you will awaken to the most powerful, luxurious love." I mean the game looks really sweet and all but I'm guessing this isn't supposed to be happening
this pic of joe flacco always makes me think of conceptual forest
relax and enjoy the boots. i've never had a pair that stretched out to be too large you can always throw an insole in them if they're too big
fashion words I dont like: - artisanal (except when it actually is - not CCP et al made in a factory) - #darkfashion - cult brand
Has anyone tried ordering the high neck in the FE-MALE version? Apparently the same jacket with shorter lengths - I'm 180cm and the stock version is too long for me in both torso and arms. Tried the womens in a 42 and it fit like a mens 44 in the shoulders and chest
thanks, cut these pants with scissors specifically to wear them with Rick sneakers, glad I got it right!!
x-post from the challenge thread. More entries!! This is such a cool idea, wanna see some style wizards do it justice Mountain: Blue Blue coat AA tee Honor Gathering pants Nike Cement: All Rick/Drkshdw
Did y'all really think I was gonna pass up an opportunity to post a picture of me wearing a white coat on the internet?? Mountain: Blue Blue coat AA tee Honor Gathering pants Nike Cement: All Rick/Drkshdw
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