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I need to wear a tie in the winter months and a button jacket year round. Although that was true for my last "suit" job and by my second year I just started wearing cardigans and nobody batted an eyelash, so we'll see.Anyways, here's what I was wearing last weekend just to cleanse the palette:hatAmerican ApparelRickRick
It's jet black, I brightened it up a bit as none of the details were visibleCultural thing - black suits are fine over here in Japan.
seriously though, I appreciate the feedback, just had no clue suits had so many rules. This is some suit I picked up in Korea off-the-rack for like $250 so I'm not too concerned, but it seems like there's some points I should note before actually, y'know, paying money for suits. Or maybe not!! And I actually have a pair of black Jil captoes (along with some Aldens and other misc. stuff), just wanted to wear my Guidis because I'm sick of wearing dress shoes every day
it's not a fashion suit, it's what I wear to work And yeah, thank you for the advice!! I definitely want to make a couple alterations, sleeve length being the primary target. Trying to repurpose old "fashion" suits while I get up to speed on CM stuff so I don't throw down a bunch of money on clothes that I'm not going to love. Also nobody really cares what I wear as long as it's a suit, so whatever
OK CM WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THIS Ordered a couple Lemaire suits for FW, kinda excited? some korean suit uni-qlo shirt (I bought five of the exact same shirt and wear them every day) guidi shoes (~keeping it real~)
Isetan sale was a complete zoo Screw fashion, bought some sushi and got the hell out of there
That burgundy is fantastic
i wouldn't drop $900 on those, but they are beyond comfortable. Wear 'em with boots and tall socks/leggings in the winter. They're longer than they look, I think that dude is tall + has them pulled up a bit on his waist. They hit around my ankles Go for the sportwear version of this look:
yo I think your broom is broken
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