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Yeah, just got back from Thailand, flying into SoCal Monday for eye surgery, back home in February, then China in March, work starts in April. First time having this much time off since graduating university, feels kinda weird
Sorry for bad lighting from last night, but havne't posted in awhile: Paul Harnden scarf Suzuki Takayuki shirt Attachment jeans A1923
cheers, had a fantastic time today. Sorry if I was a bit sleepy - just off the plane. Looking forward to a full night of sleep tonight Have a safe flight out
Unionworks saved my Guidis from the dumpster They do an amazing job, but the price can be up to about half of what the shoe cost in the first place if there are major repairs to be done
My two sales purchases of the year: sarti scarf and a hand-knit cap Also a new iPhone because I took mine swimming in the ocean (oops), hooray for AppleCare+ - only $80 to get a new one
Just take a picture of the heel to remind you it looks cool and throw a vibram, not worth stressing about trying to preserve it
Oh wow oh wow that stitchy fit I've had it open for like three minutes staring at it on the train in awe
Two pairs of m moria have been posted, Fok, please close the thread and re-open it when boots cross the $8000 barrier. Everyone else, pack it up, we're done here
Good timing, waiting for a plane back to Bangkok and decided to check SF because I missed looking at pictures of boots
Someone else will have to come up with it because I'm on vacation as of now! See yall I ~the future~ of 2015
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