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Paul harnden mac coatI harp on Paul Harnden sometimes because it's a) boring b) SERIOUSLY overpriced c) for nerds, but damn if I don't absolutely love this jacket. Really comfortable and easy to wear, just love the feeling of it. Slightly stiff wool/linen tweed that isn't too scratchy, thick woven cotten liner, big zippered pockets, oversized fit, and a length that works perfectly for me.Four pictures: [[SPOILER]]
I've never even clicked on that brand because the name is so bad, but I listen to a band called (ugh) "The Pains of Being Pure at Heart" so what do I know!!
Apparently everyone is running into Orlando Bloom!! I should have asked if he was Carol Christian Poell
I saw a dude near Arts&Science wearing a Rick jacket who looked Orlando Bloom, which caused me to think "damn, that guy looks like Orlando Bloom." RO Tokyo Instragram just posted a picture with Orlando Bloom, confirming that yes, that dude was indeed Orlando Bloom. Orlando Bloom.
Invert the colors and jack up the saturation and it turns orange
Might be a good place to ask: what is the best medium weight fabric for IE pants?
Seconding this question.. I'd prefer to have a bit cleaner look to the back at the price of being able to move my arms.Also, these jackets will be available to order semi-indefinitely? I'd prefer to try on in Seattle, but not sure when I'll be back.
Whoa, great prices at NMWA too... If you live somewhere that doesn't get too cold and enjoy looking cool, buy that Algae coat NOW
That VB bomber is fantastic! I believe I tried on a leather version of it (or similar) a couple years back. Would love to see more of her stuff on this forum. I know Fuuma wears that brand great as well
Nah, appreciate the feedback, it's good to hear!! That's why I post here. I know boring, shapeless Rick pieces aren't for everyone
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