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Yeah, always forget that - they don't salt the roads here in Japan. Spent a couple weeks in Toronto and the salt ate up my boots haha Road snow is melted with sprinklers:
1 - If they're dark-colored boots, I wouldn't be too concerned with keeping them pristine - across all leather types, they're very well-made with thick leather. Moderate dirt, mud, snow, rain, etc. will be fine - just clean them off a bit with a damp towel when you get home and be sure to dry them out for a couple days if they get too wet. They're not storm-welted, however, so in very wet conditions water will seep in. I don't wear my light-colored boots in the elements 2...
I'm gonna be in SoCal (Santa Barbara specifically) from Jan 12 - Feb 3rd getting LASIK surgery and I will be ~bored out of my mind~, anyone wanna hang out? Gonna head up to the Bay Area as well
I love that grey-green workboot, perfect color. Hopefully the production model turns out similar.. Eck, have your FW14 boots begun arriving? Any thoughts on your favorites for this season?
I still see them on highschool girls all the time
is that coat not sold out somewhere? its very nice
Is this towards me or Einstine? Regardless, BBS P13s are more than double the price of both pants being discussed at $1000+
(1), (2), or (3) neither, those look like diapers
It's actually the length of the jacket more than the sleeves - when I zip it up, it sits slightly on my hips. Looks good unzipped, though
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