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Also yes/no on this Ziggy chen coat
Looking for a nice unlined jacket for early fall.. something with pockets, no blazers - something like a "work jacket." Any recs? PH breadmaker? Bergfabel work shirt? Ziggy Chen worker jacket?
Yeah, it's not a problem with a good tailor.
Nice plants
Nice to meet @Lorcan7 and @Auximenes, the weather is cooling down so nice to see fashion dudes actually looking like fashion dudes. Enjoy the rest of your trip!! Me: Teatora Post Imperial Layer-0 Petrosolaum Aux: Carpe ??? LUC Carpe Lorcan: Etsy Shirt Lad Vans
Honor Gatheringhttp://www.arknets.co.jp/category/A5_B_A_H_547/http://www.deepinsideinc.com/brand.php?brd_id=399
Yeah, the Nigerian posters here are stylish as hell
Never been a fan of A1923 clothing, especially for the price. I'll have to check out Archivio again, but not a big suspenders dude
Anyone have any good recs for ankle-length pants? I heard L-0 has a new model of 9/10s length trousers, no pics yet. I want something like PH braced jeans, can't find 'em anywhere.
What happened?? Your coat not good enough and they can't make another one?
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