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Bronze or navy? Ventile cotton raincoat. Worried bronze is more likely to show rain spots.
It was fine when I was swapping them out more, but now basically anytime I go to choose a leather jacket, I just wanna wear the Layer-0. Honestly I'm a lot happier with one leather (well, three technically), I don't have to think about it - just grab it and go. I feel like it's "my" leather now, which is how a leather jacket should be.I have a couple good close-ups.. the leather is so thick and juicy, the cut is perfect, the construction is amazing. Here's a couple shots...
Yeah, the Layer-0 fits me perfectly. The calf version was too tight in the shoulders and armholes, but the horse version I have is more forgiving and I can slip a light knit on underneath. It also looks equally good zipped or unzipped - not always the case with leather jackets. My 5-zip sits awkwardly on my hips when I zip it.The Scarstitch dug into my pits. I could wear it with no problem, but I'm also not at the point in my life where I wanna wear tight ANYTHING these...
Tellure, thanks for sharing your journey!! Actually, really like that Valentino jacket on you.. Y'all ready for some sad history?? I can't even believe I even owned all these... I recently decided that the most leather jackets I need is 3 and actually I've only been wearing two (Rick stooges and Layer-0) recently. Jacket #1 Rick Intarsia -> Sold, wanted something cooler. Felt too much like a leather track jacket. Was a college student and couldn't afford to keep it and...
Tell me about it - $4000 for a linen coat?? It's awesome, too!http://shelter5.net/?pid=95857703
Another sitting down pic wjk hat Layer-0 Geller long flannel Jeans Jun Hashimoto
Yeah completely diff and I'm just making a couple false comparisons!! I just think relatively speaking, $19 an hour in a place like Kentucky for a tradesperson doesn't seem too bad. Our web developer makes less than that in Tokyo!!
Maybe I'm super out of touch, but $19 an hour to make Jewelry in Kentucky in a nice air-conditioned building seems pretty good. The people sewing your $3000 Rick Owens jackets sure as hell aren't making that (or more related to Kiya, the people making denim in Okayama, maybe pretty relatable to the Kentucky of Japan, are making closer to $8 an hour)
Layer-0? CCP? Paul Harnden? Taichi? All of that stuff is built to last.
Speaking of Guidi, anyone have experience with this model? Chelsea boot with almond-shaped toebox. Thinking of picking up a pair for work..
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