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Do the thumbs power the servers or something?
Came home to change, btw, got cold and rainy, enjoy a picture(s): Headphones (listening to this awful Death Cab album haha) Junya switched to Bergfabel AA t-shirt Ami jeans Jun Hashimoto derbies
Those look really nice and comfy, I like the cut a lot. What are you gonna keep in that pocket? Is that like a Sony MP3 player circa 2002?
I think those pants are tight but it's hard to tell from that angle
Does the women's high-neck have a nipple built into it or is that a weird trick of the light or am I missing something??edit: they're zipper pulls, showing through the thinner kangaroo fabric Pics via PNP [[SPOILER]]
Anyone have any great fit pics with the workboot that aren't from Hide-M? Nobody is stocking them over here, curious how they look with a full outfit. Does the ST9 side-zip have the same toebox as the workboot?You should form a club with my wife: "Oh look, you bought the exact same blazer and boots a seventh time"
Good thing I'm not a politician or there'd be angry blog posts about this hahaWife is happy that 20+ pieces of clothing are gone from the closet and I just bought her a new pair of Guidi boots with the proceeds. I'm still jobless (but being paid for a year due to legal obligations) and that means too much time to browse clothing I should PROBABLY consider finding work before buying $4000 leather jackets, though
Alright, I want a scarstitch. I'm gonna go with black CORS/PTC because I'm boring. Who is the best to go with? PNP?
It's not a scar stitch, it's one of those older jackets with a removable polyester lining that can be worn separately. Too high concept for me
It's ... goat leather? Has CCP used goat before? Poor goat, they're cute http://page16.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/u77094161
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