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ThirdConcord, you've got some great pieces that fit well, but some of your fits look a bit.. stuffy? Is that a proper descriptor? Like you're trying to emulate runway looks with tucking shirts into jeans, fancy scarves, etc., but I'd like to see everything a bit more loose and casual, especially with the scruffy beard (that I also rock). Like Synth said, a long white t-shirt would make that fit a bit more accessible, and with an awesome jacket like that, you don't really...
living in Tokyo has completely spoiled me for trying stuff on.. I tried to find a belt yesterday, went to J. Crew, and just gave up
Synth I'm gonna go buy a pair of raw denim on Friday in honor of you, excellent fit
could you stuff a wad of 100s (maybe in euros for the "european man" look) in the back pocket and re-take the picture? I'm having trouble visualizing the outfit without it
looks good, but you should cut those tags off your schneider scarf - first thing I did with mine, they're gigantic
Quite similar to the geobaskets - fairly true to size. One Rick item that has been fairly consistent size wise
I don't like that grey/beige color. There's a slightly uneven stone grey one in a very solid leather from a couple of seasons back that is by far the best of the light colored ones
hmm, time for some air yeezy IIs??can't hate on kanye anyways, we're leather jacket buddies:
do it, channel your inner Ricky martin
ahh yes, the infamous "where are my keys" jacket
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