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haha, great photo Kyle + SvB!! Rainy day stuff. VERY rare boot tuck for me, was muddy outside and didn't want to get the pants dirty Bergfabel something Individual Sentiments Jun Hashimoto
Looks great!! Are those really shell? I thought they were reverse horse ("Cordovan R").
Good grief!!!
I think that looks real good you're into that sort of thing
Friendly reminder that the Layer-0 horse leather jacket this season is beyond dope liberte Kobe has one in a size 48
Jointed like the elbow? Nope
Swing and a miss on all counts I'll keep my eye out!!
Petrosolaum!! fantastic stuff for a great price. There's a personal order fair coming up in a week if anyone is interesting in placing an order, I can post more info... Prices range from $400 for Blake-stitched calf to $900 for hand welted cordovan
Will a 48 fit? http://item.rakuten.co.jp/2fantastic/10003755/
Been wearing these two pairs almost exclusively for the past month... Joined the ankle boot fan club. Everyone knows the rabbit hole this leads to....
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