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Pfft Gullam closed on Wednesdays hah Boots looked good through the window at least
Negative, too much flap Would look good zipped, ill bet
Side-zips have a much chunkier toe and sole than the tornadoes
I've still yet to see any of those in person, would love to try a pair on. CCP makes a fantastic boot, I've just been tending towards fuller silhouettes lately and chunkier boots help balance that out a bitI'll let ya know, I'm gonna head down to Gullam during lunch - the red side zip in my side was on hold, but the order was cancelled
Still not a huge fan of the CCP shape, going to sell my black tornados to fund another pair of A1923
Considered buying an MA+ aviator and taking up smoking after seeing this pic a couple years ago:
These guys: http://gullam.jp/shopping/11140.htmlAny thoughts since you've seen his in person?
Debating between his red ones and the current season side zips..
Is the matches fashion sale linked to account? I never get notifications from them even though I've made a couple purchases. There are items I would kop at 30% off!!
Excellent I picked one up too in knit cotton/wool with notched lapels, hope it works out Ps post fit pics!!!
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