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OG in shell are like 600-800 euros, were the junyas cheaper than that? Also they have a ton of models without brogueing, etc. Gonna try and find a local model for fit
Did you get the Junya ones? And did you consider non-Junya ones? Also trying to figure out where to buy 'em from
the Junya Dinkelakers were posted and now I kinda want a pair... debating between oxblood or black. would pair with Paul Harnden tops (mac, blazer, long coat) and indigo denim (1960s repro)
I took a 44 and it fits perfectly oversized as an overcoat. Similar sizing to Kaftan. I usually wear a 46-48
^^^ Great price, I've been wearing mine every cold day since I bought it!!
Coats fit fairly TTS, jackets fit one size small (48 fits like 46) from my experience.
Ziggy Chen jacket? Details too weird or cool?? Can't tell!!
I don't have a car, so I prefer a lightweight weekend bag if I need to take the train. I've been using this for the past six years, very happy: http://store.headporter.co.jp/en/products/detail.php?product_id=4&rd=on&transactionid=5be6aaaa67c2b956d3273ea37ab1940aa609a154 For a leather bag when I'm not going so far or driving, I love Jas MB. I've had this for eight or so years now, still holding up...
I wouldn't bother with a duffle bag from a fashion designer, especially that cotton Drkshdw one that looks like something from Target. Plenty of nice bagmakers out there.
Cop list for early 2017: Layer-0 denim in black Resolute 710 denim in indigo Some gloves I can use the iPhone with (any suggestions??)
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