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Goros? Or are you asking for another brand?
Picked up these Petrosolaum derbies yesterday. Dropped them off for rubber soles, so I'll post better pics later. Construction on Petrosolaum is amazing for the price, the handsewn Norwegian welts are crazy. I wanted something relatively clean, so I picked these the black-stitched version of these. The leather is "horse butt," which I ASSUME is the non-shell hindquarters part of the horse (culatta?). Hard to tell from this picture, but the front of the shoe is heavily...
The sizing felt fairly generous, actually, but I wasn't really paying close attention. Sorry I can't be of better help, I don't pay attention to the sizes when I try things on most of the time..
Just send them an e-mail, great service there and they should be able to help you! By the way, if you're interested in Araki Yuu, but can't find the right size, might be worth e-mailing Yuu-san directly or asking a store like Gullam to put in an order. He's a really nice dude and the clothes are made on such a small-scale it might be possible
Why not Buttero? They feel a lot more "solid" than the SLP ones to me
FW16 in-stores now, really liked what I saw. Burgundy is great. I bought some couch cushions in Stephan Schneider fabrics heh
It's, uh, just a street snap. A snap on the street. Dude isn't writing a thesis on gender identity or even a net article on clothes. It's a street snap. That guy looks pretty cool + confident. I like it.
http://www.fashionsnap.com/collection/araki-yuu/2016-17aw/ The last three looks I'll stop by today and take pictures, the house cleaners are coming by all day today and I've left my wife at home to supervise while I go look at clothes
Araki Yuu FW16 http://gullam.jp/blog/arakiyuu/29029.html Buy now or never - only a couple (like, literally two) pieces made in each size for most items
Today is FW16 day at Lift, I feel like it's Christmas First time they're released (almost) everything simultaneously, kind of fun to do it like this rather than a trickle
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