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Great fits these last couple of pagesHe's wearing a Yankees cap (just kidding, looks fantastic)
The melange fabric that Peir Wu uses is OUTSTANDING. Thick, wooly, and holds its shape very well. And just realized those prices are in pounds not euros, thought they were a little good to be true. Hope someone orders one of those coats, lapels are a little dramatic for me but looks fantastic.
10sei0otto is a good choice for a "value" leather, especially if you can snag one on salein other news, anime is terrible and the raiders just scored 40 points and beat the seahawks. I know it's the preseason but lol
Now if I only I could buy his hair...
AR quality is just beyond belief. The tailoring is beyond compare on the SW&D side of things. It's ridiculous they don't have a US stockist because the stuff really needs to be seen in person and tried on to appreciate it. But yeah, there's some details on the pieces (fabric panels, etc.) that occasionally look a bit much.
The coat was definitely not even half of $5000 new and I was lucky to pick it up brand new on the secondhand market. But yeah, it looks like a sack, although I wouldn't call it a shapeless sack - it's quite fantastic construction where in places the lining is larger than the outer material, giving it a wonderful volume that I just haven't seen recreated outside of Paul Harnden. It's not for everyone, but for me it's just the perfect combination of casual silhouette with...
Finally picked up the Rick sneakers after being too lazy to go across town to get them, excellent fix-up job:
Devoa sounds cool.. like sounds like a hip clothing brand and it's really easy to Google Fun to say aloud and easy to pronounce Devoa
The Asian girl has left the band!! Saw them last month and my (Asian) wife was so pissed since Asian females are a bit underrepresented in indie rock
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