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Ironic considering Rick Owens clothes are made in a factory in Moldova of all placeshttp://www.theguardian.com/sustainable-business/2014/dec/10/luxury-brands-behind-gloss-same-dirt-ethics-production
Style tip 2: be attractive to begin with
My apologies, not meaning to be negative - it's Monday morning and I haven't had coffee, meant the tone to be more joking than critical FWIW, I think those A1923 look great with your aesthetic and I think MA+ looks best in smooth calf!!
I thought he's selling his horse boots because they're too distressed? I don't even know anymore!!
What does this mean? Smooth calf fits the MA+ aesthetic perfectly. Horse and bison aren't objectively "better" than calf, it depends on the tanning, treatment, and individual hides.. MA+ uses very nice leather
That Cloak jacket demands some serious business undernearth supporting it. Looks like the sleek Margiela boots and fitted jeans underneath might collapse under the sheer awesomeness of the jacket. Would love to see a wider pant and some chunky boots underneath
that snake jacket could be alright if styled correctly, maybe reminds me of this robert geller jacket + more snakes
Yohji cotton riders jacket Is a black cotton biker jacket kinda pointless?
I'm giving myself a couple days to decide the final details, but I'm thinking the ankle boot on the AA last (the one closest to the Carpe toebox, the extra A is for lifted toe), Norwegian welt, eggplant purple color in reverse cordovan, and cotton laces (hemp laces are hard to use). I couldn't believe how comfortable EVERY single model felt - no other boot, let alone a shell cordovan boot, has felt that good right out of the box. Designed to fit the contours of the foot...
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