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By Walid stuff varies piece to piece. It's quite amazing, really, no two pieces really are alike. Usually the embroidery is vintage, the stitches on top are added.
Film coat looks great in those Cruvoir pics
Seahawks hat Margiela SNS herning something jeans Guidi
From my limited experience, I agree - HOIL not necessarily any thicker. And it's definitely not a weight of the leather thing, CCP usually has a pretty unforgiving cut, especially in the shoulders and arms. Scarstitch was fine until I started moving, but there's no way I could ride a train in one with my hands above my head.
wait, do people actually ride those things?? i thought they were just for basketball players
I'm so excited for the new Kanye album I wanna buy some of his overpriced clothes all the new tracks are great edit: where is this stuff even on sale?? all sold out??
I don't think those work out great for your body type. I have larger thighs too and in bigger sizes there's just too much of a taper on many SS pants. Try something with a straight leg
Wish the memory coat had different pockets and didn't have the buttons on the sleeves. The buttons on the sleeve are a deal-killer for me. Just looks too much like coats highschool girls wear Awesome deal on the memory for size 4, my personal favorite fabric: http://shop.mindtrive.com/shopdetail/000000012579/061/X/page1/order/
Looking for any Layer-0 wool crepe pieces (short jacket, pants, or the coat) in a size 48. Holler at me if they exist Also still on the search for wool/linen PH long mac in size S (mens)
I like the long body/oversized fits, looks comfy
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