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A pair of Mickey Mouse gloves
I love those snake clogs so much, damnAgreed, need some red boots
not that this is news, but the slp thread is becoming a parody of itself
that jacket looks bad so does the MA+. not a fan of hooded leathers, I guess
Just unleashed about $3000 worth of clothes on Y!Auctions, MMoria here i come Some new Guidi from Carrefour, really digging these red ones:
still blows my mind it's run by Karlo Steel, the best fashion name of all time ps: LOL from Brad's facebook, had to repost this here:
wow, had no clue you were in neurosurgery, isn't that like a... 7 year residency?congrats, damn, that is incredible
i think your jacket is on inside out!!
haha, that thing was on Yahoo.jp awhile ago for like half of that - the guy GLUED down the collar, then I guess someone bought it and ripped a hole in it good job, but not worth it
why didnt anakin save his mom between episodes 1 and 2?
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