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I'm trying to find a pair with loose thighs and a taper below the knee, which is hard to find in dress pants. They're either slim the whole way down and don't fit my butt or wide-legged, which is alright I guess. I usually buy the wider cut of CdG or N Hoolywood but I was hoping for something different. Lad Musician was my great hope but the store had almost nothing as they're between seasons
Fine you do my ironing for me
I went to CdG and dealt with the jerks there, can't take this pants stuff. are non-iron hidden placket shirts too much to ask for?? Does such a thing even exist? I need five of them
That's very cute I already sent to my mom
I don't think $250 for any five year old pants is a steal but it's not bad
Only the most dangerous predators for Sinnedk
I asked the crew at Lift and they laughed at me and made me try all the CCP pants Thanks guys..
Thanks, I think we have Club Monaco here. Wish there was a J. Crew. I'll check out Kamakura as well. Uni-qlo dress pants are sadly subpar - really cheap fabrics. Dress shirts are too, but that doesn't seem to bother me as much. Someone at a store said Incontex is good as well. I might just get another pair of Comme des Garçons Homme Deux, seems like a waste to go there and get the most boring pair of pants.
All those are $500+ over here Just want a decent pair of pants for under three bills
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