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Tried 'em on at Lift, haven't been to Shelter yet
CCP definitely has a ton of very wearable leathers, bison and whatever "rooms" is (I think Kangaroo) both felt good the instant I put my foot into the boot and I see how some people could really dig the "indestructible" stuff he puts out. CCP worn well looks very, very good (shoutout to Uzairh) - I'm not nearly cool enough to pull it off. I also didn't realize A1923 was priced higher, thought it was the other way around for some reason. Both retail for about $2400 here
5-zip + straight trousers is a good combo:
Hot weather poster checking in here, I fall into the "just give up and wear shorts and trainers" category:Spoiler because it's nothing this thread hasn't seen before [[SPOILER]]
I wasn't a huge fan of A1923 comfort but the recent seasons are quite a bit more comfy than the initial runs. I still wouldn't swap 'em for my trainers when I'm on my feet all day but sized properly I wouldn't say they're any more or less comfortable than any other brands discussed here. He uses leather that will soften with wear unlike some of the indestructible shoes Poell shoots out that are probably made from the same horse that Captain America made his shield from....
Heads up, Uni-qlo mesh airism is pretty good in the summer for gross pale people like me who don't wanna show a lot of skin. 80% poly / 20% cotton Sporty, breathable, lightweight mesh fabric, but not nipple-outlining thin like the regular airism line which I don't like (and my wife got a lecture about "public decency" from her friend after wearing it about braless...). Slightly sheer, but not noticeable on the black. They're also slim regardless of the size so you can...
Does it matter so much? Sure, he's riffing on CCP a bit, A1923 still has its own aesthetic that shows through more strongly in the construction and leather treatments moreso than shape and design. I'd rather he put out some awesome shoes than try to usher in a new era of original footwear.
Unfortunately not an actual cooking program, it's a Japanese language instruction program where I occasionally cook while demonstrating vocab!! My request for a cooking spin-off was denied because I'm actually not that good hahahttps://cgi2.nhk.or.jp/gogaku/other/japanese/It's fresh shimeji mushrooms, ground daikon radish, and a konbu-based broth
Pssh, amateurs, I make my noodles too: Y'all should watch my cooking program for more tips:
I bought a jacket that was just drenched in cig smoke. I put it in a garbage bag with an open box of baking soda and sealed it up tight, left it in there for 3-4 days, took it out, let it air for 3-4 days with a fan pointing at it, did the baking soda bit again, and then after I airing it out a second time the smell was almost completely gone.
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