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nooooo that beautiful plum color
For my wife to wear at work For the sleeveless one, she'll need to wear a shirt underneath as she can't show bare arms
http://www.ragtag.jp/products/detail.php?product_id=326533&count=30 Similar black one
pumpkin hoodie from uni-qlo
Back to Tokyo for a couple days, finally wearing something non-Patagonia Also desperately need a haircut Texture details because the lighting is awful: Bergfabel Taichi Murakami Heattech (no vis) Lumen et Umbra Jun Hashimoto
are you for real
LA is the thinner spring/summer weight calf leather
lol, found these in my closet, do skull jeans stretch? 5010xx, unworn from 2008 or somethingCrotch, thighs, and butt are tight, but waist and legs are fine [[SPOILER]]
damn (i hide my collarbone at all costs, crew-necks only - I know my limitations!!!)
ThirdConcord, you've got some great pieces that fit well, but some of your fits look a bit.. stuffy? Is that a proper descriptor? Like you're trying to emulate runway looks with tucking shirts into jeans, fancy scarves, etc., but I'd like to see everything a bit more loose and casual, especially with the scruffy beard (that I also rock). Like Synth said, a long white t-shirt would make that fit a bit more accessible, and with an awesome jacket like that, you don't really...
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