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Where have you heard this? Rick stuff is mass produced by laborers in a factory, not "artisans." Moldova has atrocious labor laws. There's some great posts by Geoffrry b small on this in the Rick thread over on SZ
Wish I had a chance to see some Marvielab stuff in person. Regret passing on some of the stuff Docus was selling awhile ago... This came in today, PH heavy black herringbone
Yo cyc I challenge your s/o to a fit battle with mine wearing our clothes Edit: that mirror isn't your house... Is it??
A few of my "heavy rotation" (does anyone say this in English??) items just for fun Will try to post a couple of these so I can think about what clothes of mine I actually like Petrosolaum boots Bergfabel coat + scarf from India
I wouldn't buy a $1000+ DB fashion suit if I was a student, then again, your financial situation might be different than mine was
My wife made the list and I didn't!!
Found an AW2014 black herringbone PH jacket in my size, why do I keep buying this overpriced junk?
There's two schools of women's fashion this winter: - moncler down jacket and goyard tote (ok, this isn't new) - long coat, wide pants, Stan smiths Sick of both of them. Bring on spring
Sleeves and length are the easiest things to tailor. Get what fits in your shoulders and chest and get it fixed from there if it doesn't work
Cool, thank you for the info. That burgundy is beautiful
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