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The back on the Yaeca is great. Sooo cute (the Harnden is also $1000 more...)
I think she was a full-time English teacher... it was a couple years ago ANYWAYS, Paul Harnden (#1) or Yaeca (#2)?
the mean streets of the financial district. i always wonder what the salaryman who spend 5 minutes eating noodles standing up and then rush back up to their desks think of my outfits
Chyna taught English to one of my coworkers mom for a couple years. Apparently she was a good teacher
Fycus, good pickup on the Vis Thorston. There's a guy who has been wearing one daily who rides the same train to work as me, looks damn good Awesome! Hat bros!! Pretty cool piece, goes well with casual and semi-casual outfits
Echoing what everyone says - buy a bag from a bag company, not a fashion company. If you look a little less cool, ehh, deal with it
http://www.esde-bags.com/ http://www.ierib.com/Cornelian Taurus does semi-custom stuff
46 or 48 - would you mind shooting me measurements and an idea of how it fits?Edit: just looked online, I'm gonna need a 46 so close, thanks though
I forgot there's a brand named Farm Tactics
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