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hahah screw everyone's opinions, went with wildcard choice 2 Sized down 1 for a tighter fit
There is no other choice, buy these: http://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/18999?feat=511913-GN1&page=men-s-wicked-good-slippers edit: there is no sleek in the winter world of comfortable feet, buy the slippers that look like baby capybaras
Haha, I'm a small fry compared to some of the big ballers here. My money is spent on traveling and food anyways
Pfft Gullam closed on Wednesdays hah Boots looked good through the window at least
Negative, too much flap Would look good zipped, ill bet
Side-zips have a much chunkier toe and sole than the tornadoes
I've still yet to see any of those in person, would love to try a pair on. CCP makes a fantastic boot, I've just been tending towards fuller silhouettes lately and chunkier boots help balance that out a bitI'll let ya know, I'm gonna head down to Gullam during lunch - the red side zip in my side was on hold, but the order was cancelled
Still not a huge fan of the CCP shape, going to sell my black tornados to fund another pair of A1923
Considered buying an MA+ aviator and taking up smoking after seeing this pic a couple years ago:
These guys: http://gullam.jp/shopping/11140.htmlAny thoughts since you've seen his in person?
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