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Regis whenever I look at Margiela now I think of you Like I can't walk into the store without thinking "this would look good on Regis"
Stanley your new wall is fantastic Is that in your new place? Was WAYWT a factor in moving in?? Ps outfit is great, all white isn't easy to pull off edit: Two people talked to me in French today.. I've never had this happen before, like, ever. Does this outfit look French or something? Shirt and jeans are indigo, hard to tell edit2: Took one more outside, still can't tell the colors but enjoy another pic Margiela AA Ami Margiela
You should be able to order new heels through the store you bought the shoes from - try contacting them
I put four Werkstatt rings on a silver chain since they didn't fit my hands. I'd wear one, two, three, or all four rings depending on my moodI stopped wearing it after someone called me FrodoWas gonna ask if you wanted it and just took it out for the first time in a couple years, but my wife decided she likes it..
any other thread and I might agree, but this thread is a vortex mystery zone where i am somehow compelled to click and read
uh-oh paging @brad-t i can't say anything nice
they're like cheat codes in videogameenterUP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT LUC PTC GROIL HOILand your CCP order will come in 6 months instead of 16I don't care about them either but I also love the idea of nerds online obsessively categorizing everything, so ehh
What kind of responses did you expect? Is bumming around on the beach in cargos and a hoody fine? Yeah, of course. Is it "fashionable"? No, not really
That jacket looks so much better in calf, awesome
I love Margiela GATs, nice leather and I like no-laces for summertime, but wish they were just a little bit sturdier. I guess it's unrealistic to expect sneakers to last that long, but mine always need a repair after a year (the inside heel blows out) and the soles are worn through within two. My CPs have all lasted twice as long with no need for repairs
New Posts  All Forums: