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If it's that big, you're gonna need some reconstruction to the seat and sides as well to keep the proportions right. I do this all time, but I have an excellent tailor and it runs me around $70 and takes a month or so. edit: And by all the time, I mean I've done it twice.
RO l/s tee which I promptly modified by cutting off the sleeves (excuse the instagram filters) Don't like things this tight so it's gonna be a layering piece
Regardless of the "timelessness" of any individual $2500 boot, these things do get released seasonally so it provides a useful context for talking about them
Size 50 in whitehttp://page21.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/j306644157I don't think sizing is super important on these things
Washing your jeans less does not make them last longer...
Dlester, looks great, love those white guidi derbiesOuttake from the "action" contest, don't know if pumping water is an "action"wjk hatGellerRick tankKolorGuidiPosting my wife too since she wants me toAll Uni-qlo with some hat from the Netherlands and Vans [[SPOILER]]
Lemme know if you need a guide for trekking, can give you a good recommendation!!
Stopped a (fake) speeding train, then (fake) relaxed in a (fake) bath in front of (fake) mountains wjk hat Geller shirt Rick Owens tank Kolor pants Guidi shoes
Arctery'x Palisade short Mainly for traveling and hiking, but look good enough I'll wear 'em when it's really hot in the city
Cool thanks
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