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In some way I think that has gotta be mentally better than chasing imaginary monsters with imaginary balls
Wow, didn't know they had seagulls on the surface of the moon
They're unfortunately too heavy for actual hiking. They weigh like four times as much as my Merrells. I'm sure they're fine for like, walking around outdoors, they're durable as hell, just not for actual hiking
I saw that movie in middle school or something because apparently my friend heard there was a lot of nudity in it and we didn't understand a THING that happened
I wasn't a fan of the crash denim. It's interesting design, and I'd totally dig it if my name was Zorro, but it's a bit too obnoxious worn
Maxi coat is gigantic but it has semi-raglan sleeves so it's easy to just make the sleeves shorter and wear it drop-shoulder Sizing down one will still give you a nice oversized fit
Hard to tell, but this is before and after of using Saphir on a CCP leather. Really brought back the "juicyness" and luster
I think they're one-piece lace-ups that haven't had the laces, uh, installed yet
Forgive the hyperbole, but Archivio, Geoffery B. Small, and Araki Yuu are garments that truly need to be seen in person to understand them. On a surface-level, they all might appear aesthetically similar (as my wife likes to say, "you've bought the same black blazer five times!"), but the difference really does lie in the details. Some stores have photography that can do this justice, but the pictures on the internet of Archivio clothing belie nothing of the nature of the...
I had a dream last night about sunglasses that you could keep fish inside... like aquarium glasses. All my coworkers had them and I felt really left out. Does this exist? If it doesn't, why not? Are there any technical/fashion limitations I should be aware before pressing the speed dial for Mark Cuban?
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