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is your hair orange??
Why is he ironing the jacket? Is he melting some oil/wax into it??
Yeah, I had one in my cart on Revolve or FWRD or something on discount like four years ago and never pulled the trigger, wish I went for it!!
Looking for the coat on the right/middle in a 44/46, any color is fine. Help me out if you have any leads!! Spring summer 2011
I just thought it was nice certain brands are sold only in store..
^^^ agreed with the pre edit heh
Jack Dorsey looks like a goof in Rick always but he's rich so whatever
I guess the M_moria exhibition is traveling - Altieri is heading to Moscow, then Tokyo (Lift, this time) in June. Kind of a cool way to sell expensive shoes
Ray-ban steph curry Patagonia
Aeglus whatup
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