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But not shell, right? Smooth-side horse?? layer-0 just calls all horse Cordovan, I thought
I guess I'm not their target audience but I thought Patagonia was pushing it with prices!! Someone get me an REI over here. Haven't been too impressed with any Acronym stuff. If anyone is into techwear, check out the Japanese brand Teatora
Acronym stuff is really expensive
Looks good, sure are a lot of roads to stand in front of in NY too!!
YOWZA What are those? Horse?? edit: Petrosolaum on the bottom, weird lookin' welt, what's that??
calf vs. horse (lamb is in the closet)
those jeans don't look great with it, try a darker pair of pants or slacks or something. sizing is fine. do not put that thing in the washing machine
Are you married? The timing of announcing expensive boot purchases is critical to a healthy relationship
honestly a lot of their stuff was kinda crap, like a low-rent darker stephan schneider. HOWEVER, these jeans are awesome, as is a shirt I picked up as well. No clue about customs, sorryedit: looks like somebody bought them! Hope they work out! Gorgeous midnight blue color, just be warned the dye transfers like crazy
What happened to IE? The place that was gonna stock him over here lost all contact
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