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Yep, no way to have it shortened from the shoulder with the construction of the Stooges. Left the full zipper intact and had it moved up, the long zipper is part of the aesthetic. Kept the sleeves long but not obnoxious, had them tailored to just above my thumb knuckle
Excellent Stooges lately, wow And yeah, I recommend having the sleeves shortened - can't believe I waited four years to do so, made the jacket a million times more wearable. I'll bet Zamb could help you out with that
The norwegian welt ones look so much better with a bit of wear. Here's lowrey's boots I mentioned a bit back: http://stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showpost.php?p=461758&postcount=1016 I don't think the cordovan leather is for me, I have a pair of Aldens in a similar leather that I'm not in love with, but his boots are starting to look fantastic. The lace swap really helped the aesthetic as well. I did not like them when I saw them in person, didn't even bother trying them...
Yeah, if you have a high instep combined with a low-instep shoe, might not work out for you, which is why it's best to try it on before you buy. I need to test them out with the shoes I'm going to use them with. I can't wear shoes without them anymore, though, love the arch support
Can you try 'em on? All the colors kind of have a different feel to them. You can always cut down a larger one to fit a smaller shoe, but need to make sure it feels good for your feet first
Superfeet!! I stuck a blue pair in those Juns when trying them on and they fit perfectly
Voted 3 largest hats, go big or go home Condolences to the one person who voted for me, wasn't even supposed to be in the poll haha
Exactly.. The lightweight linen fabric doesn't hold the shape of rolled cuffs very well, looks sloppy since linen is creased and casual to begin with. I'd hem them to ankle length, maybe have the tailor sew a fixed cuff depending on what I wanted.
Those Moria boots look a bit off in pictures, but Lowrey on SZ has a well-worn pair that looks absolutely fantastic
Looks fantastic perfect fit
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