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I dunno that looks like a perfect fit
I don't get it... is the entire thing woven leather? Or like fabric interwoven with leather? It sure doesn't look like pure leather. What a terrible description: A hand woven deer leather shawl collar cardigan with silver conch buttons with dear leather wraps for closure. The knit is color-blocked between shades of tan versus shades of reds. "Deer leather with dear leather"
Westbrook in Vetements for tonights game..will this affect his shooting?? https://vine.co/v/i0nEYmZgOdM
I'm from Seattle, I hate all basketball teams Canadian wife wants Toronto to win but that ain't happening edit:
Let's decide OKC vs GS with an Andre Igoudala vs. Russell Westbrook fit battle
which mens fashion forum does russell westbrook read
It's a t-shirt that says... "robert geller" on it I'll screenprint y'all one and pocket the difference serious though, I'm on the train to Aoyama right now because apparently a shake shack opened up and NOBODY told me about it, i'll see if I can pop in after lunch
Do you wear jeans to work? If you're just wearing them on the weekends and washing them with Woolite black, they won't fade too quickly.
That mustard or rape? Either way, v nice!!
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