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I've never seen a Japanese online retailer that allows returns. If I'm buying something online, I check measurements, call the store for details, ask for extra pictures if needed, etc. I've never had any major problems when I did my due diligence. A good return policy is obviously very important, especially for high ticket items, but I feel like a lot of returns must come from impulse purchases or something purchased on a whim. Then again, poor impulse control is probably...
im sure its fine. by that logic, do you never use towels in hotels??
^^^ not so hard. when I was a kid growing up in ~rural america~, I wore my shoes in the house on the basis of "whenever I felt like it." There was no strict protocol. I'd come in after school and at some point when I was done playing outside, the shoes would come off and not go back on until the next school day.
How do you fit those blazers?? the armholes are super tight even on my girly body
This jacket without the side belts? (2011 issue)
I was totally hoping it was Robert Geller the college physics book author who keeps coming up in searches: http://www.amazon.com/College-Physics-Chs-1-30-8th/dp/0805378219/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1437092264&sr=8-6&keywords=robert+geller&pebp=1437092276331&perid=01M31R8YTRZBYC68F740
Cheers- really do appreciate all the advice. This is new territory for me. Wish I could take some of you shopping with me (if any MC-inclined people come to Tokyo, hit me up, I'll buy you lunch in exchange for you helping me buy some suits ) And they're actually shoes, not boots - Guidi 992
i think it's a joke, right? he's in a goofy hat shop, saying goofy hat things?? I hope
I need to wear a tie in the winter months and a button jacket year round. Although that was true for my last "suit" job and by my second year I just started wearing cardigans and nobody batted an eyelash, so we'll see.Anyways, here's what I was wearing last weekend just to cleanse the palette:hatAmerican ApparelRickRick
It's jet black, I brightened it up a bit as none of the details were visibleCultural thing - black suits are fine over here in Japan.
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