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Weather is warming up, which means a million stupid Vetements raincoats. Saw three today and it wasn't even raining!!!
both teatora and comoli are high on my list, just making sure I wasn't missing anything Margiela and Balenciaga are great, but too expensive new
Norwegian Rain stuff is nice, but I don't need actually waterproof as I use an umbrella - want something like a cotton-canvas or a 60/40 cloth blend
I'm looking for a minimalistic trench coat, something in a light but substantial spring weight fabric, water-resistant. No buttons on the wrists, no epaulettes, relatively slim lapels, single breasted or double-breasted with buttons hidden on one side. Something like this Stephan Schneider coat: Any tips?
M moria has chelseas
what is an italian paper clip
Someone mentioned it, but the Ami fit is what you are looking for!! http://amiparis.fr/en/ami-fit-5-pockets-jeans-5574.html
Kink!! Yes, thanks. Will stop by. There's also the Paul harnden stockist here. So much good food here and our Nagoya office is full of babes, not a bad city
Any cool stores in Nagoya?? I'm here on business and my meeting for tmrw afternoon was cancelled
Really?? Ssense is by far my favorite website in terms of usability. Can actually see what the clothes look like
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