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Thought the Mr Porter site for Japan was in euros, nope, that is pounds haha. Goodbye awesome deal Does the European site go to super discount like the US one?
For smooth-side shoes, I will use Saphir Renovateur if the shoes are black or brown or Saphir Delicate if the shoes are a lighter color. I'll wipe them down with a lightly damp cloth to remove mud and dirt, apply the conditioner either with my hands or a cloth, wait 5 mins, and then buff with a cloth or brush. For reverse shoes, including Carpe Reverse calf, I will use suede & nubuck spray - don't try to condition reverse boots with a...
(disclaimer: not an expert)In my experience, they do. I have hand-dyed Guidis as well that fit TTS. Some models (PL1) fit TTS. The soft horse used on womens models will stretch like crazy and is best taken TTS or .5 up.
...and 30 degree weather has arrived ca4la indigo shirt dyed with SF bros!! nike new balance
Got a pair of Nike tech knit shorts, so so so nice. Was either gonna these or some Drkshdw cargo pods, these just so comfy, like living in the future http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/pd/tech-knit-shorts-shorts/pid-10838162/pgid-11290670 Sized up one, I'm usually an M / 48 / 32 and went with a size L, they're pretty slim so they just fit longer EDIT: also lebron pimps this stuff and the warriors are frauds, so that's another reason
@gdl203 I can't promise it's a sound business decision but I promise to be first in line to buy!!
Good choice! Welcome to the Ventile Crew!! I'm really impressed - love the feel of the cotton with the waterproofness and it breathes really well. I wish someone made a cool ballcap in ventile, only one I can find has a big 'X' on it. Does anyone know that Larose Paris dude?? Please tell him!
It's hot outside
It's a pretty simple question based on whether you want lined or unlined - they are two very different coats. It's hot and humid during rainy season here, so the SEH Kelly wouldn't work. If I lived somewhere cold and rainy, it would be better. Or split the difference like me and get the Paul Harnden I love the ventile cotton fabric.
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