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@Auximenes Lift, on until Thursday, worth checking out!
This one, ordered in black/greyHere was my favorite men's piece, a long unlined coat? cardigan? with ribbed cuffs, a shawl collar with a knitted insert that goes all the way down inside the front of the jacket. Very comfortable in a robey, loungey sorta way. My favorite fabric was a midnight/black striped wool with a couple white speckles, neglected to take a picture. The beige check you can kinda see on the last hooded coat on the rack behind me was also nice.
I'll fly to Korea for five days max to ship the remaining jackets starting June 19th if Drew lets me eat at Libertine free while I'm there AND someone convinces my ex-girlfriend to hang out with me and act pleasant AND someone PayPals me $3 a day to get Hotteok or Patbingsu 100% serious, ball is in your court
If anyone is looking for a decent pair of summer pants (90+ degrees) around the two bills mark, seriously, these are where it's at. The material is a lightweight yet strong linen woven into a reinforced ripstop grid. They're much more durable and less prone to creasing than other linen pants, while still being light and breezy. They have an elastic waist and a drawstring for maximum comfort but don't look too casual.The cut is brilliant, a classic Nonnative fit with a...
Balmain leather jackets are cool
If you're super interested in that short sleeve black blazer I can proxy one for you from Tokyo. It's about 20% more expensive than Suspenion Point, though. Awesome piece, almost picked one up to wear to a wedding in Singapore this winter
Tried on all the FW15 stuff today. Spoiler: it's good Ordered a remake of the FW11 hooded jacket (similar to Alpaca from FW12) for my wife
The store forgot my order and sold the scar stitch to someone else Don't put down money without seeing it first, oh well.
No this thread is now 100% bucket hats now below this line Post em up fellas!!!
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