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Are these Individual Sentiments pants stupid? That slash cut on the back (bottom picture) is a bit too much, right? I want a pair of blue jeans. Pants in question (high rise, tapered cut): https://www.fascinate.jp/english/light-ounce-denim-seamed-slim-pants-pa63-de2 Other option, but doesn't look great on my body type (mid rise, slim-straight): https://www.fascinate.jp/english/light-ounce-denim-5-pocket-pants-pa47-de2
If it's the coat pictured, it is linen - an awesome textured linen. Very cool piece. Also it's quite long, the model is tall as hell
Coolron, fantastic fit, happy birthday!!
Kunk mix up your RO and and EG a little, I feel that Stooges would look great with a pair of denim and flannel shirt tied around your waist
If anyone is remotely curious about Paul Harnden sizing, I'm a 46, and take: For a relatively tight fit (41cm shoulders): M in Blazers S in long Blazers For a coat fit (47cm shoulders) S in macs (long and medium) M in long coats M in all shirts This is for only recent seasons, older stuff fit pretty bizarre I hear SS16 fits tight now though, so...
Paul Harnden James Perse Jeans Jun Hashimoto
Yeah, sure thing! Magicalporks and I got udon and cruised over to Lift today. I think we both agreed Individual Sentiments spring/summer collection is really strong, best stuff in my opinion. I was gonna get a pair of denim pants before I got the Harnden coat and chewed through my clothes budget for the forseeable future. All of the pieces that @fistinyoface picked up are really nice, they really do summer-weight fabrics well. They have some nice women's stuff that I was...
Was mindlessly cruising Rakuten while cooking dinner and found one in Shibuya that came in a couple hours ago, threw on some clothes, told my wife I was leaving to buy a coat, and had it purchased within 30 mins! Ended up bargaining them down 20% off the Rakuten price, too Quite happy with it, perfect sizing for an overcoat. It's the medium-heavy midnight "black" tweed from FW2014 with a black lining and the 7 button config in the front. Brand new with tags and everything
New Posts  All Forums: