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OK, my wife volunteered to start us off on the condition I bought her a stupid Starbucks latte. No pumpkin variety over here, unfortunately.
Inspired by http://www.theonion.com/article/mr-autumn-man-walking-down-street-with-cup-of-coff-29866 Fall has finally kicked into gear. The weather is cooling down, the leaves are changing, and the pumpkin-flavored snacks are making their way to store shelves. What does this mean for us? Sick, sick outerwear. Willy kindly got us into the fall spirit with his excellent Leather Jacket Challenge, now it's time to kick it up a notch with scarves, long coats, and...
Guidi a lot nicer made than Layer-0, can really tell the difference in stitching and the goodyear welt on the Guidis. Unless you love the shape or leather treatment of Layer-0 footwear, feel there's better options out there. Still, I'm happy with my pair - the upturned toe isn't as noticeable after a couple of wears:
Layer-0 coat is killer!! Keep the length for now, you can always chop it off. Pair it with the chunky footwear as you're doing, adds to the drama
the CCP leather coat on eBay is getting cheaper. One of the better leather long coats I've seen. What a piece http://www.ebay.com/itm/CAROL-CHRISTIAN-POELL-Leather-Jacket-Overcoat-/131629300105?hash=item1ea5b7b989:g:~jYAAOSwDNdVqxwq
I've had my stooges taken in from the cuff. They moved the zipper and it looks as good as new. Ended up costing around $150
Part of buying from a retailer is the after service as well. CCP has been known to break - if I buy from Lift, Rick Owens, other stores with good customer service, they take care of that for me, no matter when I purchased the item. Not so for Internet dude #22
Lorcans cool hair is accessory enough to pull of that coat
I thought the same thing but a dude offered me retail for a five year old scarstitch so CCP obviously makes some dudes crazy
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