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See, this is the kind of stuff that wouldn't be happening of the Sonics stayed in Seattle!!
I'm a ban fan of the Jun Hashimoto washed calf leather jackets, really easy to wear and great fit. The washed and rumpled leather look not for everyone, though
I check your Instagram at the gym for inspiration, no joke heheh
Voted for 4est, something steezy about matching print suit with shorts
Fuji I've got the same problem, I have to get drinks with clients once or twice a week, I've stopped drinking more than maybe once a month - I just say I try not to drink as part of my fitness program and leave it at that, nobody has raised a fuss. If I do have a drink, I'll do what you said, nurse a gin and tonic for a bit and then order iced teas
Thanks for the tips last week dudes, basically forcing myself to eat another 300-500 cal a day and added a couple lifts, might be a placebo but I'm already feeling a little better.. Summers coming, can't look skinny in a tank top
That's nice elevator
Just bought tix to Fuji Rock day 3, anyone have recs of some bands I might be missing? Arcade Fire and St. Vincent are playing the day before, but I just can't justify paying $400 (two tix) for two bands, especially when I've seen AF five times in smaller venues http://fujirock-eng.com/lineup.html Planning on hitting up the Flaming Lips, Outkast, Kelis, Pains of Being Pure at Heart, and Owen Pallett, maybe Lorde if the set times work out (they won't) Excited to see the...
I dressed like the first one in HS, 'cept I had one of these strapped on there:You can check out this awesome Angelfire page for more info:http://www.angelfire.com/al/pokemon2/pocket.html
I'm not a huge fan of that 5-zip in most situations but I think it'd look fantastic on Regis, especially in that coor
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