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It's not - I buy from Amazon US with my Japanese CC and they ship to Japan...iTunes also doesn't seem to care where your CC is from, just your address~weird~
Cornelian Taurus roll belt still the best belt
Yeah - I saw your recent purchases on SZ (post that up here!!). Did that come from Lift or was that the order? Petrosolaum derbies are awesome, that scarred cordovan has fantastic character
Uggs + ripped jeans + double-rider on dudes is a not a good look and I'm sick of seeing it
*googles ASSC* WHAT
I wish I could even find a PS4 Pro for sale... all stock has been diverted to the US They're also more expensive in Japan for some reason..
If I'm not mistaken (and I very well may be), there's two shapes plus one special one for the "handmade" derbies for a total three. Most stores order the sleeker model, but there's also a wider onex
Tried on the dark green/shadow black leathers last night, scar stitch and high neck. Love that color. They also didn't smell bad like the last batch that came through
Thanks @dieworkwear, was literally gonna pick up a pair of Guidi boots on sale there today locally -- saved me $500 and cost my mom $50 since she's gonna have to ship them to me
They only ship to the US? Ugh... Time to call mom!!
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