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Ignoring what I just posted above, someone sell me a pair of IE pants in a size 48-50 equivalent
Hmm, I wonder who that might be I'll check my calendar and get back to your email in a sec, but I'm free for the most part. Any lurkers are welcome to join in as well. PM me with your availability and pic of your most baller boots and we'll chat
If you have a non-standard body type just stop buying clothes online, period. I won't buy pants sight-unseen anymore. I know it's not an option for people living in the boonies, but surely a weekend trip to NY or SF couldn't run more than a couple items of ill-fitting clothing
A+R AA Nonnative Guidi edit: And yesterday, such creativity with outfits!! Hard not to wear pants without an elastic waist once heading in that direction...
Double damn
Yahoo! Japan in general or the auto-increment? The auto-increment is actually an option, not enabled by default, so some auctions can be sniped. I think most people who remember turn it on, though. In general, Yahoo! Japan is a piece of trash, with a terrible interface from late 90s, absolutely zero protection for the buyer and seller, and they're JUST beta testing a system for standardizing communication regarding address and payment info. Most Japanese web apps are...
Jawnz taking over the bedroom..
Thoughts on the newer model of A1923 double-zip vs the older one? I'm worried the zipper isn't deep enough on the older model Pro-click zone if you're a 41: http://stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18682 I wish the black ones were my size or the red ones were the newer model!!
What's the word on the green ccp boots, though
Abasi + Rosborough Arc Ascent jackethttp://abasirosborough.com/store/arc-ascent-jacketAwesome dudes, buy their clothes
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