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Jet is Jude law he just hires a handsome Persian dude to take fit pics to maintain his cover
Still have a blacked out varsity I left at my mom's house heh
I had a sizing issue with a ToJ jacket a couple years ago and I went to Korea and they replaced the jacket for me and bought me a beer
I dunno if that was sarcasm or not but jet is seriously jacked
Case in point: the only enjoyment the ladies out of my clothes is when my wife complains to her friends that her "husband bought another $300 skirt on the internet again"
Junya is great because his down pieces use nice, warm down unlike a lot of fashion brands (Attachment down is awful) edit: I guess that jacket isn't down but the point still stands
why do anything if it's not to impress "the ladies" i'm gonna go back to eating creme brûlée out of my freezer
@Master Milano Sent ya a PM@jet For sure, everyone come out, SF meetup Tokyo
That bright floral shirt under a white jacket is a killer combo, fantastic I like the earth tone boots + pants too, total flowerbed steeze
I have enough boots I have enough boots I have enough boots
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