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The US Olympic Committee staff, I mean, I guess delegation just refers to the athletes.
Wife got this from the Team USA delegation yesterday Welcome to the new world order (France apparently has the best gifts, and surprise surprise, actually made in France)
Y'all thinking of moving abroad, not any better, I spent all day explaining what the hell happened to my bewildered coworkers in a haze of disbelief and depression
I've not had any luck with SNS knits stretching - I always make sure to go up when in doubt!! SNS I typically size up as most are fairly fitted
Finally visited Souterrain today -- almost got a green cotton Araki Yuu coat, such a wonderful A-line silhouette. The cotton feels so nice and crisp with a light texture to it. One size 2 left (out of 8 total coats in the world), fits a 46 oversized, 48 true (like the model, so still slightly dropped shoulder), 50 fitted. Feel like in a couple weeks I'll regret passing on it
Excellent advice if you are an up-and-coming bootstrapping young lad in a horatio Alger story and not an internet underwear clicking milennial
from the ~totally anecdotal~ evidence, apparently he's just a grumpy old dude who makes clothes and drinks beer. his wife or other team members were responsible for jacking up prices and other business decisions. either way, one of the most unfriendly brands on the planet!
Dunno if you posted knowing that but that snake jacket is a Maurizio Altieri / Carpe Diem piece!!edit: wait, not the movie one, but this one is!!
Yeah, it is. It's quite nice for women's, I think - soft and comfy, not a big break-in period. Those are my wife's boots and she loves them.
Literally $1.90 on Uni-qlo.com, Christmas shopping done https://www.uniqlo.com/us/en/girls-moomin-short-sleeve-pajamas-169170.html
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