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Layer-0? CCP? Paul Harnden? Taichi? All of that stuff is built to last.
Speaking of Guidi, anyone have experience with this model? Chelsea boot with almond-shaped toebox. Thinking of picking up a pair for work..
Agree with charles - glad you're having fun with this!! I really love the double-stack of the 788zs. Really gives it a unique look, and adds a bit more heft - without it, the boots can end up looking a bit like a "leather sock." Not necessarily a bad thing, but I like the balance it gives to the soft uppers. That said, that lavender is beautiful. Honestly, can't go wrong with any of those!! Making me want a new pair of Guidi boots..
Would look 10x betterif
Sorry if I missed it in the recent discussion, but does Guidi do hand-dyed boots anymore or are they all tumbler-dyed?
King of the Daffodils Ca4la hat Geller Shirt Jeans Jun Hashimoto derbies
Glad the "awkward long shirt moments at work" crew is increasing
Cool shots SvB, love America's national parks!!
Handsewn cordovan models usually clock in at around $900-$1000McKay machine-stitched in calf about half of that, and the norwegian welted handsewn models can go up to $1500
Petrosolaum hand-sewn oil cordovan derbies. The square-ish toe is actually kind of refreshing after so many bulbous toesMany more shots: [[SPOILER]]
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