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Lol, scam begets scam. Is this a new trend for journalism? "we investigate the tough stories, but only if you pay us" I'll go eat at his restaurant and maybe Instagram that cute dog for half that money
Around $170 plus the cost of the fabric (fabric itself was expensive, around $40, as it is hand dyed and painted from natural materials) The cost was driven up because they had to a.) create the pattern from scratch as there was no lining to begin with b.) detach the inner pocket which is held in place with a rivet that goes through to the outside of the bag
I had my Guidi bag lined with a fabric I bought from the fabric market because it was bleeding like crazy and I never loved the suede interior..Love it now
Layer-0 Scarf from india suzuki takayuki shirt something jeans Guidi shoes + bag
Am I hallucinating or does Synth own both colors of that shearling??
PNW? Are you in... Seattle??? Please bring more fashion to the area Had a lining added to my Guidi bag, turned out really well. Natural persimmon dye with sumi brushstrokes
Awesome stuff, all logic points to those turquoise pants being an outlier but they look pretty great!!
Anyone have any vicuña anything? ? Is it pretty soft? Better than alpaca?
Got some John Elliott t shirts and tix to Sri Lanka Anyone been to Sri Lanka? I wanna see a wild pangolin
Agreed, whenever I pop into Lift or whatnot they always ask how I like so and so item I bought a year or two ago. I never wanna be like "sold it to some teenager in California, sorry dudes" so I end up wearing it out.
New Posts  All Forums: