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some skate shop wanted to pay me $8 an hour to model for their awful catalog (I didn't do it)I went to a muji model audition with two of my friends for fun, they both got selected, I got cut for being too short (I'm 179cm, cutoff was 180cm)... they got paid decently and swagged out with muji beddings and blankets and whatnot, sounded fun..
True pinch-hitter in the dumpling flipping game
Using a fork to flip dumplings?? There's like four in that pan!!! Dumpling flip game involves dumping the whole pot over: [[SPOILER]] I'll post a fit later and now I think it has to involve flipping dumplings
Look at these cool people posting in this thread Good dark + light combo right here, both look fantastic
Yeah, $1600 vs $2600... also the Bergfabel is sold from a store I'd much rather support while the PH I can only find at larger outlets (which is beside the point, because I'm not paying $2600 for a coat, I'd continue hunting for a used one)
Bergfabel long jacket? (in a slightly different fabric, rough linen/wool tweed) or Paul Harnden mac?
I'm usually fine unless it rains!! Must be the humidity or something making the transfer worse
The ole Guidi and sock problem:
Algae coat is a fantastic piece, but keep in mind it's long and slim with high armoles - not a great layering piece. Wish it fit a little looser so I could wear it as an overcoat or even over a heavy knit. That model must be tall, it was down to my lower shins and I'm 5 foot 11.
I love that Pineapple shirt, very good look Shoreman!!
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