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Does it look too much like a carpet, though? I'm waffling (get it, it's a waffle weave.. That's not really a joke, is it?)
very close to buying the autum coat on wrongweather... someone talk me out of it or buy it first please
Gonna go chill with Uzairh this afternoon, we'll take some Thanksgiving pics of our boots
Happy thanksgiving
There are plenty of wonderful American bootmakers. I personally have a couple pairs of Alden boots that are just as well made as any other brand discussed in this thread. I'm sure there's plenty more, just not of the style of these boots. Where are you located? There's quite a few fantastic cobblers on both coasts.
I met this girl's younger sister (or half sister? They don't look alike) today, complete weirdo (In a good way, I guess). Thought she was lying about being sisters until i checked wikipedia
I hate to be "that guy" but does Wrong-Weather have end of season sales? Some items are 20% off but not what I'm looking for
Ahh, awesome, sooo jealousSure to be a damn good game no matter what happens
If you wear anything but pajamas or a football jersey on Thanksgiving you are uncivilized PS For all of y'all in SF, prepare for the worst Thanksgiving ever PSS I will be celebrating Thanksgiving by myself in my living room from 6 AM - 2 PM tomorrow with $6 bags of imported chips, beer, and delivery sushi, I am a lonely, lonely person
this is the worst thing I've ever read"my statement piece"
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