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This cool shop by my house stocks them:http://www.couleur-coltd.com/category/brand-l-z/taichi-murakami/I don't usually proxy but would be happy to do it through this store if anyone wants Taichi pieces this year, very cool store. They also speak English, one of the staff used to work at Atelier, if you wanna send them a mailShelter II also stocks them:http://plaza.rakuten.co.jp/shelter2/diary/?ctgy=4Mountain Parka will be returning this year:
I honestly think a muted paisley would be the best
Tacco is nice, they feel very comfortable after they mould to your foot, but they don't have a lot of extra arch support if you need that
Uhh costco quality off the hook I dunno what y'all are shopping but they have some really nice stuff for the price. The merino Ts are $20, made in Canada, and I guarantee are nicer than the the APC ones. Don't drag Costco into this!!
Dollar bills print
Tiebreaker is best of 5 penalty kicks using only hats
Those Rick sneakers are so boring and the construction isn't fantastic. Would you really buy them if they weren't Rick? Get an expensive pair of Nikes or something and still save yourself $500. They sole is also like a rectangle, failing to find a shot from above, but they look pretty awful
I highly recommend it, just snapped a picture to give an idea of how the balance looks (excuse the pajamas and the vuvuzela). Regained the use of my hands [[SPOILER]]
Yep, no way to have it shortened from the shoulder with the construction of the Stooges. Left the full zipper intact and had it moved up, the long zipper is part of the aesthetic. Kept the sleeves long but not obnoxious, had them tailored to just above my thumb knuckle
Excellent Stooges lately, wow And yeah, I recommend having the sleeves shortened - can't believe I waited four years to do so, made the jacket a million times more wearable. I'll bet Zamb could help you out with that
New Posts  All Forums: