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I don't see why it's so hard for my wife to understand why I need the same Paul Harnden jacket in three different lengths, geez
I ended up not listing the Petrosolaum. Ahh, just wish they were like a half size smaller. Such a flipping hassle listing everything up with Yahoo's shitty system, but I do enjoy the auction format - I set everything to begin with 1 yen and take my chances. For me, it's entertaining both as a buyer and a seller to participate in auctions rather than using Buy it Now or something else. I rarely see eBay auctions like that anymore.. Here's the first half of the stuff, free...
They've been about a size big on me, been wearing them with insoles and thick socks. Same with my L-0 boots. Complete shame, but I think I need to flip and re-order both pairs
nothing makes me more loathe to buy new clothes than an entire morning spent selling crap on yahoo auctions
Get a cordovan Alden boot with a commando sole - it's what I wear when it rains, snows, etc. I find that the density of cordovan makes it a bit more waterproof than other leathers and doesn't require much treatment. I can't find any plain toe boot with a quick Google search, but there's a whole weird Alden thread here, maybe they can help!! edit: This boot with a commando sole
I'm in the g star store Some of these jeans would be really cool without all the stupid details
man, long socks feel weird, wouldn't y'all just rather wear tights? How do you keep them up, anyways? In Japan, the girls use sock glue [[SPOILER]]
I tried on the crewneck version and the M fit pretty tight. Now i'm not sure!!
Looking for an SNS Herning Neuron zip jacket/cardigan in size M, color "black hole" https://stoy.com/en/s-n-s-herning-neuron-jacket-black-hole is sold out of M. Any leads??
Whoa, Fokken, are those the OG paint boots with the square toe? Awesome find!!
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