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Ugh, thanks for enabling!! On a biz trip now, if it's still there Saturday I buy it with my overtime pay haha
My clothing turnover is HUGE -- I like to think of it as rent to own. Sometimes it takes me a year to figure out I don't like something. I always go ahead with the alterations, though, sleeves that don't fit right ruin the whole piece for me
I had my long coat tailored in the sleeves and for length. The sleeves were ridiculous, now they're just "pretty long." I think the length on yours is fine, but if it's not comfortable, never be afraid to tailor something to make it suit yourself better. Sleeve length is one of the easiest adjustments and the one that I find fixes the fit of a lot of garments for me. Honestly, the long blazer is kind of a difficult piece to pull off. I ended up selling mine, it kind of...
Cuffed bro sleeves, comin' at ya Paul Harnden Sage de Cret Layer-0 A1923
Bread maker is cool, but $1000 for such a boring jacket just kinda hurts haha
Also yes/no on this Ziggy chen coat
Looking for a nice unlined jacket for early fall.. something with pockets, no blazers - something like a "work jacket." Any recs? PH breadmaker? Bergfabel work shirt? Ziggy Chen worker jacket?
Yeah, it's not a problem with a good tailor.
Nice plants
Nice to meet @Lorcan7 and @Auximenes, the weather is cooling down so nice to see fashion dudes actually looking like fashion dudes. Enjoy the rest of your trip!! Me: Teatora Post Imperial Layer-0 Petrosolaum Aux: Carpe ??? LUC Carpe Lorcan: Etsy Shirt Lad Vans
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