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Those linen guidis look great, would love to see a pair worn in
I love wearing jeans, all other types of pants are inferior
Thanks for that Kyoto black article, gonna send something to 'em and try it out haha
Some Sz. 12 Carpes for $300 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Carpe-Diem-6-hole-boot-carol-christian-poell-guidi-A-DICIANNOVEVENTITRE-A1923-/222123397887?hash=item33b79612ff:g:oDwAAOSwQjZXPjFn I think the cap toe is kinda ugly, color is great, though
Don't even worry about taking it.. like was mentioned, if it's super tight it's gonna bunch up when you sit down. It's kind of a boxy fit jacket, it's a super stiff fabric right? Embrace the fit wear it 'til it loosens up. It's not a bespoke suit, enjoy it!!
I dunno that looks like a perfect fit
I don't get it... is the entire thing woven leather? Or like fabric interwoven with leather? It sure doesn't look like pure leather. What a terrible description: A hand woven deer leather shawl collar cardigan with silver conch buttons with dear leather wraps for closure. The knit is color-blocked between shades of tan versus shades of reds. "Deer leather with dear leather"
Westbrook in Vetements for tonights game..will this affect his shooting?? https://vine.co/v/i0nEYmZgOdM
I'm from Seattle, I hate all basketball teams Canadian wife wants Toronto to win but that ain't happening edit:
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