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Did you buy that or are you just making bird sounds??
Might be possible to order (don't know how Layer-0 works), but only one pair of these was produced last yearLiberte in Kobe seems to get a lot of unique items - don't know anyone else who got them in brown this season, either
Thank you, good to hear. Debating between a derby and the 4-hole in brown (want to be able to wear it to work) Sad I missed these natural derbies from Liberte (Kobe):
Are you looking for a specific piece? Japanese stores stock 44 and 46s - keep in mind sizing is a bit wack for MA+
Who is Francis
Anyone speak to the long-term comfort of Layer-0 cordovan derbies?
I heard they're making a live action Mulan. Maybe Supreme will do the wardrobe
http://www.supremenewyork.com/shop/jackets/supreme-undercover-schott-perfecto-leather-jacket/royal this is good, though. Except for the ANARCHY IS THE KEY on the back. Still a firm believer in democracy
Mikey, find a size 1 of the jacket in my sig - one of the best A2-style jackets I've seen, color is perfect and the leather is fantastic.
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