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ATTN: Seattle crew Uzairh and I are gonna get brunch at Cafe Flora on Madison on Sunday at 11am - any Seattle dudes are welcome to come out and join us. We may head to Cap Hill to hang out afterwards. Anyone interested? @DLester http://www.cafeflora.com
when the wax is fully absorbed into your system you look at $2500 leopard print varsity jackets and think "this seems reasonable.."
From the blue black challenge, sorry for Instagram filterdetails: [[SPOILER]]
I only have my fixed lens camera with me so no good way to get a shot of this at the moment, but here's the important bits: Bergfabel (black and navy weave with brown stripes) SNS herning (deep navy) Blue overdyed black jeans edit: took a selfie with my iPhone resting on a log!! Y'all better enjoy this internet:
Personally? I like either DR or the MMM 5-zip. I've had a lot of Rick jackets in a similar style to the two you posted and I'm kind of over the "leather track jacket" look. The 10sei0otto jacket in particular is minimalistic to the point of being a bit boring, and it's not like it's using amazing leather that would justify such a design (though it's still waaay beyond what Rick is using nowadays). I much prefer the more classic designs - I'm down to my Rick DR and MMM,...
so many people comment on my clothes in the US!! I'm gonna start dressing in sweatpants and patagonia for the rest of my trip, don't wanna chat about clothes. Some guy asked if my 5-year-old CP b-ball lows were "this year's model" despite being covered in about five years worth of grime, someone asked if my Bergfabel jacket came from J. Crew and how much it cost, and I've had THREE middle-aged women ask me about Rick Owens. WHAT???
good grief that is awesome
It's the low arch (edit: instep, whatever the top of foot is called) n cdiems, they'll stretch out and be comfy as long as it doesn't hurt you!!
I got one too Only thing from FW15 that caught my eye immediately (and was within budget)
~suburbia in SoCal~ Rick Owens American Apparel Abasi + Rosborough Jun Hashimoto edit: What are you really wearing: Seahawks Hat SNS herning AA Wings + Horns Margiela
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