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Coat is awesome, love it with the relaxed trousers and the Stan Smiths. Ps your lamp shade is crooked
Wore my Paul Harnden long coat and already two coworkers have called me "Neo"
I met the dude at one of his exhibitions a year or two ago! Really nice, down-to-earth guy. He studied fashion in college and went to work in a factory, so he has great technical skills. Everything is made by hand by himself using fabrics from mills around the country. He also casts the buttons himself. So happy he got picked up by some stores. Some of the stuff is just a tad too "quaint" for me, but the long-shirts in particular are very nice. That Atelier coat looks...
just used all my wife's rakuten points to grab one of those long check robe coats for $70 new... might be another one left? http://item.rakuten.co.jp/stylifemen/492029/
Yeah I get my coffee that way, I suppose some nerds on CoffeeForum.net are like "i dont want my special robert geller beans in some hokey package." Nice they're able to fill that niche for people who are interested in clothes but dont have the time to post weird pictures of themselves on the internet and chat with cool dudes from Ohio. I wouldn't mind someone sending me some crackers in the mail too
i hate things like that give me the clothes!!!
I love those Japan Blue jeans, actually, I just want something different in terms of details than a regular 5-pocket jean. wonder if I could shave the fringe haha. Heading to Osaka tmrw for work, I'll try to sneak away and try 'em on
That Dior leather is fantastic. If it works for you financially then I'd say keep it for sure. Dior quality is pretty top of the line, as well
Yeah, wish they had a pair with the details of the second link and the fit of the first.. I wanna wear 'em to work too and that slash doesn't exactly scream biz-cas
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