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Serious question, vest/hat combo OK or do I look like an dark brooding fisherman? Wearing both out of practicality - pockets and sun protection. I need a pair of subdued floral shorts, current Dries would be great, to break this up
Laughing mostly at his haircut, belt comes second, soccer ability 3rd
Ronaldo has the worst fashion sense in soccer.. Pack up your D&G belts and head back to Europe. I saw some player in BBS and Rick, think he was from the Betherlands, trying to see where I found the picture
Honestly if he wants to flip more power to him I guess, I personally can't see the hassle of dealing with the ~post office~ and ~paypal~, two of my worst enemies, for a couple bucks. Not something I can get behind but it's not the end of the world (I also dislike those L&F boots) In boot talk, these Devoa ankle boots are very comfortable, one of my favorite footwear pieces they've put out: http://gullam.jp/shopping/8183.html Still don't like the round heel, though:
FWIW, I don't think that Rick looks very good, looks tight in the wrong places and a bit awkward. MA-1 should have a bit of a relaxed fit. If it was any brand other than Rick I don't think people would give it a second glance
Nah, honestly about half of the leathers Rick users are pretty sub-standard. There's definitely hits and misses - I wouldn't buy without knowing what you're getting. The glass ice mentioned above is probably the worst offender. They're "cheap" at around $2000 but in no way feel like a $2000 jacket should
In Singapore you throw on a jacket to go inside since all the malls are air-conditioned like an igloo
Love the fit pic halfway down where he looks like he's in an office, always wondered if people wore CCP suits in a corporate setting. Looks pretty good
Havenshop does a better job of showcasing their items than actual Nonnative stores do.. I always check their site for information before I see the stuff in person haha
Back to Kurta chat, the nonnative postman shirt is brilliant and would look lovely styled with a suit. It's also far enough away from the original item that you're not gonna be mistaken for playing cultural dress-up, but the influences is clearly there
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