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It's a pretty simple question based on whether you want lined or unlined - they are two very different coats. It's hot and humid during rainy season here, so the SEH Kelly wouldn't work. If I lived somewhere cold and rainy, it would be better. Or split the difference like me and get the Paul Harnden I love the ventile cotton fabric.
Love this styling, with straight-legged raw denim:
I kinda want a pair of Guidi PL1 or PL2, either for me or my wife... really ugly, or kinda cool?
I understand we are firmly in the fashion internet but please do not wear dress pants poolside (appreciate the updates!!)
Looking for a black lambswool (not yak) kaftan size 44, holler if you can help out!!
Just looking at those is making me cringe thinking about trying to extract my feet from them after walking around all day Awesome boots, however
In all honesty that's a pretty stupid statement for me to make (hence the hot take) since Yohji tailoring encompasses a TON of different styles. Still, not a week goes by I don't see some dude wearing Yohji that just looks really awkward. I also try on the stuff quite a bit because it's interesting to me, and it just doesn't look good. I wish we had a couple more cool Yohji posts hereYeah, I follow the dude on instagram, love his stuff!!
Getting warm outside... The last days of fashion before summer sets in Rick Uni-qlo Guidi Ca4la James Perse CdG Guidi
Hot take: Yohji tailoring looks really bad unless you are a.) a cool old dude or b.) a model. On most dudes it just looks like someone put on an 80s clown suit
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