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It looks alright if you're a Devoa Dude but for anyone who wants to wear it as a normal blazer it's a bit much Devoa has some great ideas but some of the quirky design decisions have been throwing me off lately. I just want them to put out the 2010 FW pants again!!
I think it's the sleeves (which are gonna get fixed) giving that effect - I could just button it up with my SNS stark under it (yes, I carried that around to try on coats. Yes, I'm a super weirdo)
if I get it I'm gonna spin and twirl so damn much
Devoa, why do you do things like this?? This weird asymmetrical hem..
Weird, Taichi Murakami used the exact same fabric last season on a pair of pants Where does this stuff come from?
good thing it covers everything I normally wear.. just need to match it to my boots and the bottom 1/3rd of my pants I see girls wearing these A-shaped coats all the time and I get jealous. I almost bought that plain-ass Harnden mac coat today but I have SOOOO many things that are both very expensive and very boring, I thought I should finally get something that actually looks like fashion.I'll even put these glasses on when I wear it: [[SPOILER]]
Yeah, I need to be able to fit a thick knit under it - I'm wearing a t-shirt in the pic. Same size, the wool ramie fits a bit looser due to the less voluminous nature of the fabric. About the same warmth. Option 3, short mac. Last one in the country in my size being held 'til tmrw:
Ahh, can't decide... black in wool/linen, bit softer and more casual black/navy/brown in wool/ramie, bit more formal, flat shape but more interesting fabric wool/linen: wool/ramie:
Love that tooth brush, excellent purchase
Original Bapesta Robin Williams will be greatly missed
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