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Sorry, I couldn't snap pics in Lift today as it was quite crowded. I don't mind paying a bit more from this crew as the service is so, so good - always happy to indulge me trying stuff on and never buying Here's the hemp blouson: Gotta find a sharpie and someone with good penmanship to write my name in here!!
New album is fantastic Also I thought this was recent purchases -- the II in the title threw me off Also bought Witcher 3, never played the other games but I heard it was good
- tix to Okinawa scuba diving - tix to Scotland to see a castle or something - tix to Sri Lanka because I'm running out of countries in SE to visit - tix to summer music festival (Thom yorke, mew, passion pit, d'angelo, CARLY RAE JEPSON) - layer-0 hemp bomber
It's really thin and plasticky, I dunno, not a huge Roo fan. Not even the real animals, I thought they were cute until I saw one up close, quite an unpleasant creature. I'll stick to alpacas, capybaras, and baby goats at the petting zoo. Heading to Lift right now to buy that Layer-0 blouson I've been blabbering about, see if I can sneak you a pic
after the excellent service in japan, all overseas stores (with the exception of reporter, suspension point, and hide-m) have felt a bit curt. might have to give office a try for CCP, I've heard the service there is good.
the seller has 100% positive feedback when selling. just use a credit card for PP.
Yeah, there's a leather bomber on offer for FW15. Not sure of the leather. @Abraxis might know. There's actually a kangaroo leather one this season.
Speaking of Soloist, this is a pretty cool and easy to wear piece, the zip-up work jacket: http://shop.kind.co.jp/item/581215013083/
I think the Rick shoes look great with the full-cut shorts. If they were Geobaskets or something obnoxious they'd look out of place, but that's one of the sleekest sneakers he's done. And finally an outfit that matches those palm trees Alex, you look good man. Unbelievable how much your wardrobe has changed since you started posting.
This confused me too - it's not from the sails of Amerigo Vespucci the person's boats, but Amerigo Vespucci the modern sailing ship:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Italian_training_ship_Amerigo_VespucciStill pretty cool.Here's the full setup for my sailboat cosplay. Still waffling on the jacket
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