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Whoa, since when did Ralph Lauren have $1000 boots and $400 jeans? No clue their stuff was that expensive
Arm stop posting in this thread and just publish a glossy magazine with your fits, you're making us all look bad
Almost bought a Rick Geo today, too cropped and too tight in the waist. Bummed because the shoulders and top block fit perfectly. Typical weird Rick sizing Great deal for a shorter 44 with broad shoulders: http://item.rakuten.co.jp/gsc-rinkan/r01041403080004/ There's a 10% off coupon too Fit like: Wanted a fit like:
Plokhov or Schneider?
Are these hats in a music video or something? Is it some Kpop thing like usual? I see middle and highschool girls wearing them everywhere now:
Do you not like unscrew the filter and scrub that out? I'm not saying it's rocket science, but not something I look forward to in the morning. Chemex I toss the filter and rinse it out with water, give it a scrubbing once a week.
Sweet, heading to Bali next week, bring this fit battle ~on location~
You can wear Desert boots with shorts, I wear mine in the desert all the time
Nice porcelain goat
Id still rather wear an ill fitting company polo over a suit and tie everyday ... Meeting with contractors and stuff is fine but I hated getting dressed up to go into the office and sit at my desk
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