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Yes!! They've broken in quite well and also loosened up a fair amount. Wears similar to a heavy linen. Absolutely love the cut of L-0 pants, wish I could find a pair of jeans, been searching for 6 months
edit: woops, double-post
Jacket looks nice, but cuffing those sleeves like that is not a great look
Fall stuff Layer-0 John Elliott Layer-0 Guidi Vintage Uni-qlo Uni-qlo Guidi Shoes
I handwash PH blazers with mild wool detergent, wrap in towel, dry like Calculus described earlier
I've never had a problem taking my delicate clothes to dry cleaners. Mine has a "delicate" service, which hasn't destroyed anything so far
The pricing on those James Grose is fantastic... What do you prefer, the horse or the waxy cowhide?
I tried on an Isabelle S. jacket yesterday and it felt like wearing a woven basket. Not an fan of the fit or fabric. Leather bags are really nice, though, and that leather jacket looks nice
Muji broadcloth shirts are a great budget option, love the fabric
I don't like the Guidi backzip boots in the bone color. I've seen a couple used pairs and they just look kind gross when they age - the combination of the boots getting dirty plus the way they fold just makes them look beat up real quick. I'd prefer white in a more structured boot (CCP, etc.) or a lace-up. Just a personal preference, though. Pic below, not my boots.
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