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S. Cordovan or s. Cordovan r is shell, without the s. It's from the thick part of the horse area (split)
In theory it's pretty cool but literally every other girl on the subway I'm on is wearing some play on this comboI miss the Barbie-blonde hair, leopard print top, miniskirt, and tall boots combo of a couple years ago
Looks good!! Are they shell or reverse horse?
Is that the hipster runoff guy? Hahaha I want more articles on Uffie!!!
I liked em until I realized they were so heavy wanted a pair for actual hiking / traveling
Hey!! Someone post more boots!
Where does horween get their horse? Are horses raised for meat in the U.S.?
Judging by the wanna-be parisien girls in my office, long coats, slim turtlenecks, wide-legged pants, and Stan smiths
These were posted in 2012 but y'all were too busy posting about bison leather ma+ also had some boots that had canvas uppers - came in a straight canvas version in addition to canvas over leather
Want a long shirt but feel it's probably too long /weird for the office
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