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All the Lemaire fans - check out the brand Honor Gathering from Japan. Similar styles for 1/2 of the price and wonderful fabrics. Just picked up a pair of elastic waist lightweight denim trousers, perfect complement to Lemaire
Drew won't make the 2010 anymore, already emailed Charly
Drew never owned a car in Japan (to the best of my knowledge) and the "Azabu apartment" has rents around $1000/month (as an aside note, Tokyo isn't that expensive compared to other big cities). And like 4-5 trips of a two-year period like Fuuma pointed out. Honestly, groceries may have been his biggest expense, considering he shopped at the supermarket for bored rich ladies. He may have been living slightly beyond the means of a clothing startup, but these aren't enormous...
Wasn't he arrested for printing counterfeit money? NOBODY IS SAFE
I just wanna know what happened to Minami the beagle
James, are you actually a reporter? Your wife (who I'm assuming is Korean) had to give up her citizenship as part of the US naturalization process. People who were born with multiple citizenships (e.g. a child born to two Korean nationals in the US) wouldn't have to do that Why am I even posting here
Also Japanese corporate tax is between 30-40% and is required to be paid on all income regardless of whether it's overseas or in Japan.
What? A US citizen living abroad is absolutely required to file taxes. Foreign Earned Income Exclusion is just under $100,000 for 2014 and I guarantee the amount of is over that. This is addition to full taxation in Japan. edit: This a major area where US entrepreneurs overseas are disadvantaged. There is NO way to do this properly without an accountant. Don't even get me started about how much I hate the IRS
Looks great on you and definitely works with your (jacked) body type
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