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It's a waxy calf leather, spring-summer weight. Not a fan -- doesn't feel too substantial compared to the thicker calf leathers, I'd prefer blistered lamb for a lighter-weight jacket with a texture
A lot of people buying Dinkelackers on sale - if anyone picks up one to a fit a US 9 / 42 that doesn't work out, holler at me!!
The blue Schneider and Guidi boots look great together
Definitely TTS - they are un-dyed, so don't shrink as part of the tumble-dyeing process of most Guidis. Hand-dyed Guidis also fit TTS
Are those Incarnation boots at 9:04?? The green ones on the far right????
Those bedlinen shirts are great. Went to a Leder exhibition last year and they had five or so at different stages of wear, they look fantastic broken-in. Been meaning to pick one up ever since
Fake Guidis popping up now, be careful: https://*****************/listings/1527534-Guidi-Guidi-Boots-Shoes-42-8-8-5-Saint-Laurent-Chelsea-New Add to the decently faked CCP and Paul Harnden we've been seeing lately. Bigger market for fake artisanal stuff I guess, but the nature of the goods makes the fakes so easy to spot
796z in FG horse - the low ankle model with a double-stack heel. My favorite model by far, prefer 'em for wearing to the offie as opposed to the taller ones
Cramming all three of my winter purchases this year in one fit. The Guidi boots were the only item I bought on sale, and that was only through good luck - finding myself buying less on sale and just getting what I want in the first place. Lemaire coat (last year) SNS sweater Resolute 710 jeans Guidi boots
Ehh, with the O-line and injuries this was probably the best I could hope for - one of the worst Seattle teams in the past couple years. I hope everyone gets healthy and Tom Cable (o-line coordinator) gets shot into the sun. Go... Texans or chiefs? I guess?
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