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there's a million things, not hard to tell that fake:http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php/topic/124765-ccp-scarstitch-leather-jacket-lm2498-brand-new-size-54/for one, there's no scar stitch on the scar stitch
Ordered two John Elliott tees, took them 10 days to ship them out, $35 in shipping, $20 in customs fees, but damn, these tees are perfect. I like my shirts with a tight neck and a little extra length - the Classic Crew is a good cut. The texture on the Co-Mix fabric has a wonderful texture and I hope the 28% polyester helps it keep its shape. These might replace AA tri-blends as my favorite non-cotton shirt - we'll have to see how they hold up in the wash cycle Really...
There's very little in the way of consumer protection in Japan. A lot of transactions are via direct bank transfer, convenience store payment, etc. which provide no protection and make refunds a lengthy process. Credit card chargebacks are also extremely difficult and require a police report and a lengthy arbitration process. Like a lot of things in Japan, when transactions go well, the operations procedures are fantastic, but when things go poorly there's no flexibility...
43 is as large as they go... I'm happy with the price I paid, but I feel Buttero is a much better deal at retail: http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/black-brunello-side-zip-boot-2425.html
Psst.. Your jacket is on inside-out
Under $200 at a sample sale and couldn't resist - Jun Hashimoto "new" backzip boots. Similar style to the good ole Carpe rip-offs, but a sleeker last and low shaft make them pretty versatile and easy to wear. Planning on wearing them to the office with slacks
S. Cordovan or s. Cordovan r is shell, without the s. It's from the thick part of the horse area (split)
In theory it's pretty cool but literally every other girl on the subway I'm on is wearing some play on this comboI miss the Barbie-blonde hair, leopard print top, miniskirt, and tall boots combo of a couple years ago
Looks good!! Are they shell or reverse horse?
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