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The check lounge coat is fantastic, comfy, perfect for early autumn days
Someone a bit back asked what the more "comfortable" boot was.. it's obviously down to individual preference, foot size, and the model of shoe, but Devoa makes consistently comfortable boots. They always feel great trying them on in the store without even the break-in period most other boots require.
Indeed, came recommend by RO storehere's the before pic if anyone was curious (rick owens quality is a joke, poor gud had these for a year and wore the 2-3 times a week)
When you start coveting M Moria you have reached the top of the absurd baller boot food chain and will be reincarnated as a dude who only wears dirty white Keds and beach sandals
Mbaum and Pocketofties, great fits Love seeing creative summer clothing
Got a pair of rick sneaks for $100 with an absolutely destroyed sole - the heel was worn down to the leather and had holes through to the insole Repair cost more than the shoes but they look decent at least
Cooled down enough to wear long pants + vest Vest is mostly for function when I don't carry a bag Nonnative AA Lanvin Guidi
Anyone own a coat from 10-11AW? How did sizing run?
Against all sound advice, I think I'm gonna go with the wool/linen version after trying both again today. Any other jacket and I'd pick up the wool/ramie, it's such a beautiful fabric, but it's a bit flat and stiff compared to the spongy texture of the wool/linen, which helps gives the jacket a lot of shape. I want something voluminous and flowing rather than a sharply tailored. Though ramie shares a lot of similarities to linen, the wool/linen seems a bit more prone to...
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