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Just spotted my first pair of M moria "in the wild," a pair of green derbies paired with a black Devoa suit. Wow, that guy looked cool
Yeah it's just re orders filtering in Tried on those IS jeans, the grey ones without the drop crotch that Alex and Eck have. Really nice, I'm right between a size 1 and 2, though. Might buy 'em still, I'm sure they'll stretch and I could cuff the hems and wear them to work. Also the Layer-0 wool coat, damn, feels nice. Cool piece, how much does it in the EU I wonder?
love that alaska dog pant pant
Makes no sense at all, selling to a proxy is the same as selling to anyone else and most of the time can't even tell it's a proxy because they just use their own names / bank accounts. It'll go down as negative feedback on the seller as well. Must be a total weirdo
Is M moria now offering non-shell options? Holger just posted a pic of a destroyed horse pair on Instagram
Excellent gourds, all around Just a heads up, I will be extending this contest due to the fact that I will be ~enjoying fall~ and will be away until Nov 4th
I've seen a lot of stupid hats lately Stop wearing ugly hats
Wjk is well-made, so if there's a piece you're interested in chances are it'll be alright. Uses same heavy jersey as Ma+, etc etc Brand as a whole isn't too interesting, though
Cold but not freezing. Just pick up a down vest from Uniqlo for like $20 if you get cold
I have more work boots/shoes than work shirts...
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