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Christmas eve eve dinner with magicalporks (certified cool dude) and my wife's friend who only talks about work (no vis)long coat crew incoming..SWAP COATS!food pics if that interests you [[SPOILER]]
I wear my Margielas laceless too and nobody here likes it either haha
Too big, Intarsia meant to be worn quite fitted
It's fun to see so much discussion flying around, didn't realize it had people so divided.I'll try to take a better picture today, the dark lighting and angle are doing it no favors.Out of all the inappropriate outfits I pair with my down vest/down sweater, I feel like this is the one that actually works the best. Peir Wu, for all its elegance and minimalistic refinement, still feels very casual and relaxed. A lot of her stuff is sportswear (thermals, stadium jackets) or...
Drop $4000 in a well, pray to Altieri for the right size and color, and 9 months later a stork brings them
Speaking of Iran, I dunno if some sanctions have been lifted or what but I can finally get my delicious dried figs again
my Paul Harnden jacket looks like a sack, the peirwu coat is more like a tube (from the future, where tubes are green and fuzzy)
nah, I'm still not completely sold on it. had it up for sale here for a bit, decided to have it altered to see if I liked it better (I do, now). It's a cool piece I enjoy having now, but only because I have a bit of depth in the long coat dept. It does come across better in person (maybe), the fit pics looked really meh until I saw snowmans in person. I like the boxy fit, can layer with anything, and the minimal nature lends itself well to styling with things like...
Hawks embarrassed the State of Arizona out there, then I took a four hour power nap. wjk hat Peir Wu coat Patagonia vest Heattech Nonnative Junhashimoto
Diff coat, Sipang posted a long shawl collar with Raglan sleeves. Been on the lookout for it but haven't seen it in the wild
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