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They're current season, 2016ss. Fits TTS.I bought them locally, but 40% off at Lane Crawford:http://www.lanecrawford.com/product/comme-des-gar-ons-homme/patchwork-garment-dyed-cotton-blend-pants/_/GIO276/product.lcedit: or these, I can't even tellhttp://www.lanecrawford.com/product/comme-des-gar-ons-homme/stripe-patchwork-garment-dyed-cotton-blend-pants/_/GIO254/product.lc
Are these Song for the Mute pants stupid? They kinda remind me of Paul Harnden jeans, which are kinda stupid too, but I want more loose pants because I'm getting old and fat https://www.ssense.com/en-us/men/product/song-for-the-mute/blue-relaxed-fit-jeans/1420683
Funny I see a decent number of MA-1s on dudes but definitely more women rocking them these days. edit: speaking of patchwork, I DID buy these CdG Homme patchwork pants
http://shop.kind.co.jp/item/581216000649/ Ignore the "c" ranking they're in perfect shape It's these ones, seriously my favorite patchwork he's done. I'm of half a mind to just run back to Shibuya and buy them and a couple macarons and see if I can't tailor them SOMEHOW to fit http://goodhoodstore.com/store/16849
Why do Junya jeans so fit so bad? Size S has an 85cm waist with a super low rise... Who could these possibly fit? Are they based on some ancient Levis model or something??? finally found the awesome patchwork denim from 2015aw at a good price and the rise is so low they just launch off my butt the second I sit down
Eck, do you not like derbies? That's a lot of boots
I'm not a ROOMS/ROOLS expert so take this with a grain of salt, but the Kangaroo that Taichi Murakami uses is slightly nicer than anything I've felt from CCP. Felt like thin yet super strong horse. You're not going to be wearing it in the middle of summertime, but the unlined Taichi highneck in 'roo is gorgeous if you're looking for a lighter weight leather (and something different from CCP).
GBS Linen/cashmere denim
Thanks for sharing the link. Pictures are great, writing not so much. Was talking to my mom on Skype and the sound scared her too That green calf blazer is making me rethink my attitude towards leather blazers...
Klasica, Kaval, Ansnam, all awesome brands, I just don't know have any convenience place to check them out and I live in Tokyo.. shows how lazy I am
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