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Ziggy Chen jacket? Details too weird or cool?? Can't tell!!
I don't have a car, so I prefer a lightweight weekend bag if I need to take the train. I've been using this for the past six years, very happy: For a leather bag when I'm not going so far or driving, I love Jas MB. I've had this for eight or so years now, still holding up...
I wouldn't bother with a duffle bag from a fashion designer, especially that cotton Drkshdw one that looks like something from Target. Plenty of nice bagmakers out there.
Cop list for early 2017: Layer-0 denim in black Resolute 710 denim in indigo Some gloves I can use the iPhone with (any suggestions??)
Do you like a sports team? You can find blacked out sports caps for most teams. Plain black cap looks a little boring. Of those, I like the APC with the silver rivets and the adjustable back
Sinnedk did you get those pants in yet? They're 18oz but they're really soft -- don't really need a soak to break in.
Just buy a bunch and try them, there's no right answer to that question depending on the fit and fabric you want. Get one and wear it for three months or so, washing it once a week I went through so many brands, Muji, uni-qlo, AA, John Elliott, etc. before settling on James Perse tees.
What is a fendi bug
A coat that short with such large lapels always looks bad to me I also imagine the collar would be quite fussy trying to stay in the right place other than fully up or down
The Layer-0 is perfect for me and I wear it 90% of the time. I also have a Rick stooges in lamb when I want something lighter and a 5-zip for when I wanna be matchy-matchy with my wifeI went through the CCP, MA+, along with an Incarnation and a host of others in the past I couldn't settle on. This isn't a knock against CCP, they make nice stuff, just not for me right now.I just had been after a scar stitch for so long and when I finally picked it up and started wearing it,...
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