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hmm, time for some air yeezy IIs??can't hate on kanye anyways, we're leather jacket buddies:
do it, channel your inner Ricky martin
ahh yes, the infamous "where are my keys" jacket
Not sure I like the weasel attached to the neck on that sweater but the clean trouser look suits you well
that boiled wool Junya rider is probably the best piece he's done, like, ever Excellent fit
Quoting this for the daytime crew, send me a PM if you're interested
sorry I prefer my footwear to look like seals
ATTN: Seattle crew Uzairh and I are gonna get brunch at Cafe Flora on Madison on Sunday at 11am - any Seattle dudes are welcome to come out and join us. We may head to Cap Hill to hang out afterwards. Anyone interested? @DLester http://www.cafeflora.com
when the wax is fully absorbed into your system you look at $2500 leopard print varsity jackets and think "this seems reasonable.."
From the blue black challenge, sorry for Instagram filterdetails: [[SPOILER]]
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