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Does anyone have any recommendations for casual work blazers that are really low maintenance (no creasing, etc.) that will look good over a pair of black jeans and black t-shirt? Traditional material is fine, tech material is fine, just nothing too warm. I'm about to go cop heavy on some Teatora jackets, just want to know my options. I have a couple of these in different fabrics now (crunchy nylon, stretch nylon, thinking of a light wool):
I'm curious what the CM guys would think of the truly handmade (hand-welted) stuff - M Moria, Petrosolaum, I guess some A1923. Does it live up to the same standards?
What in particular about Yang Li Ts? They're pretty standard cotton Ts from the 10 seconds I saw them. If you like the prints I guess?
Two random thoughts:1.) I don't think (I hope) that anyone here is under the illusion that any of this stuff is made by "artisans" working away in a small sunlit atelier in south Italy. Still, most of it is made in fairly low production runs with unique details that can be called "artisanal."2.) I don't think the construction method should really inform the "artisanal" level. Just because a boot or shoe is blake stitched does not make it any more or less "artisanal."...
Pink thread on the inseam kills it for me
Yes!! They've broken in quite well and also loosened up a fair amount. Wears similar to a heavy linen. Absolutely love the cut of L-0 pants, wish I could find a pair of jeans, been searching for 6 months
edit: woops, double-post
Jacket looks nice, but cuffing those sleeves like that is not a great look
Fall stuff Layer-0 John Elliott Layer-0 Guidi Vintage Uni-qlo Uni-qlo Guidi Shoes
I handwash PH blazers with mild wool detergent, wrap in towel, dry like Calculus described earlier
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