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http://www.esde-bags.com/ http://www.ierib.com/Cornelian Taurus does semi-custom stuff
46 or 48 - would you mind shooting me measurements and an idea of how it fits?Edit: just looked online, I'm gonna need a 46 so close, thanks though
I forgot there's a brand named Farm Tactics
By the way, if anyone sees this Our Legacy jacket for sale, let me know. Chapman racer. Love the cognac horsehide.There's a 52 on eBayhttp://www.ebay.de/itm/OUR-LEGACY-HORSE-HIDE-LEATHER-JACKET-CHAPMAN-RACER-COGNAC-PFERDELEDER-JACKE-52-/301917290792They're made with huge chunks of hide (the front, back, and sleeves are all one piece) so there's some imperfections, but nothing too much. The major variations are the creasing from, uh, whatever creasing process they run...
Yeah, those Macintosh coats turn into a sweat lodge on the subways. SEH Kelly is real nice, just a bit too traditionally-styled for me. Want something a bit wrinkled and casual. love PH because I can wear it to the office or with a ball cap and jeans
I love this moto-style trench too, but the chest pocket is too much http://hinotori-jp.com/?pid=95218777 http://domino66.shop-pro.jp/?pid=94914400
It's total BS that they have product measurements and detailed pictures, but no shots of a dude spraying all the outerwear with a garden hose so I can know how it'll look in a typhoon
I want hot rain shots of all coats
The PWVC cinnamon color looks great!
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