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in that case you get my wife's inability to focus with a camera (but hey, look how in focus that plant in the background is!!) and this awkward "one hand pocket" shot
ps Im kinda hoping this is the correct answer because I just dropped it off at the tailor to have the sleeved shortened by 1.5cm Just saw that SuspensionPoint had the Lemaire coat in, always wanted to buy something from there
All dressed up to go to Starbucks and use my laptop for three hours Abasi + Rosborough jacket Scarf Abasi + Rosborough longsleeve Lumen et Umbra pants A1923 boots GoRuck backpack (highly recommended, love this so much)
Lemaire coat? match my wife? haha (this is the womens in this pic) or keep my Peir Wu
cool I'll bring my camera
no problem, I am busy as hell this week and cannot do so anyways unfortunately slowly going insane from work... been doing 10-12 hour days for the past two weeks straight. The only person I've seen other than my wife was Uzairh from here I'm actually out of here on the 24th so lemme know if you can hang out before then haha
When are you back from Seoul? Let's meet up and take pics of each other. I'm sure Kgfan will afford us an extension!!PS Daaaaamn is that the KKA coat?
so glad nobody dresses like that in college anymore i cant wait until everyone gets a clue and sweatpants are acceptable at the office too
Japan has a thing for white bread with margarine (no butter over here lately because the government is stupid) and sugar and calls it "English toast," when it is neither of those things http://en.rocketnews24.com/2014/11/22/japanese-netizens-show-love-for-english-toast-which-is-neither-english-nor-toast/
I think she was banned for promoting her sales outside of B&S
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