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My ranking system is completely arbitrary, but it doesn't have that "wow" factor of a fantastic leather treatment (CCP), handmade "feel" (123&124), or both (A1923). Just like you said, a clean and well-made shoe. Sizing fits a half-size to a size large - I'm usually a 42, rocking the 42s with an insole. On a sidenote, I decided to give these insoles a try because I needed a lower profile insole than my usual Superfeet greens and I couldn't find any other Superfeet to try...
Maybe both? Mine have YKK, I think Here's the Lien shoes I just picked up Quality is on par with Jun Hashimoto and KK Attachment, a tier below A1923, CCP, MA+ (and the 123&124 I picked up), etc., but the leather is quite nice - 1.8mm oiled Guidi calf in a black with brown/olive undertones. Will make a good shoe for work.
Are you around? For sure. I ran into @fishbones completely randomly on Friday night - total "hey, are you from the internet" street moment, ended up dragging him to get some pizza with my friends
Same stuff, summer, yeah Ca4la hat AA tee KOLOR pants Lien shoes
Proclick zone: http://stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18441
this is the worst 4th of july since the last one Homesick~~~
Anyone with a lead on a black/khaki tencel bomber in 46, please let me know.. used or new, anything is fine Here's the FW13 tencel flight pants. I tried on 46/48, both fit the same. These are 46s, though I'm usually a 48 in Geller pants for what it's worth. Insanely comfortable
First Visvim flagship just opened in Tokyo, very cool store/location. Has a coffee bar inside, haven't tried it yet. Sizing info for the pieces I own / have owned that were not mentioned: Strabler leather jacket: Fairly slim, size up one Denim artifact coverall: True to size, relaxed fit Adventura down jackets: Very slim, especially arms, size up for layering, TTS over shirts. Deckhand jacket: Slim body, especially chest, size up one. Not easy to layer due to amount of...
I never know if I'm a CCP 7 or 8I'm a 42, and I've always taken CCP 7, but he says 41 - is there a lot of variation in CCP sizing?Just tried them on, my personal preference was for the Lien leather - quite a bit thicker at 1.8mm, very "supple." MA+ was a kangaroo that felt bit a dry. My tastes tend to run towards more substantial leather on shoes. I'm gonna pick up a pair of the Lien shoes because I can wear them as dress shoesMA+ textured one-piece bison derbies were,...
Went to check the price of MA+ staple derbies.. WOW. I know these are kind of a knockoff, but they're better leather for 1/4 of the price
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