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Well, to be fair to my (awful) opinions (that nobody should take with a grain of salt), my collection of CCP items still total just a pair of tornadoes that I'm gonna sell. CCP garments are just absolutely incredible technically, and it's a marvel to appreciate them as objects. As clothing, a lot of pieces still don't fit my wardrobe and attitude - as cool as the CCP high neck is, I still feel a bit swallowed up by it. Uzairh, on the other hand, wears CCP just about as...
Kudu dual-zips. Quite impressive leather, much more substantial than I usually associate with these guys. They're the boots that got me back on the A1923 train after I saw them last year
Yeah, it's quite tight in the shoulders and chest, especially when zipped - I'm usually a 46, the jacket is a 44.
Yeah! Went with these as I could grab them locally, quite happy. It's not as obvious in the pic as they're black, but they do have a fairly low crotch - a little "diaper butt" and bunching in the crotch that might irk some people. It's enough for me that I don't wear them with any jacket that doesn't hit a few inches below my waist PS: I know I'm not doing any justice to this jacket because it's a little tight on me, but it's beyond amazing. The semi-raglan shoulder...
Individual sentiments slash pants in compression washer wool. I think Fistinyoface picked them up as well. Really comfy, fit very large - I'm usually a 48 and I went with a size 1
Got icecream with Uzairh, had to take another one of these: Oh yeah, and had to try on the best leather jacket of all time (sorry, neither of us are are remotely as cool him). A size large on her, size small on me.. one of those Goldilocks and the Three Bears things, except with a dope jacket
Additional drops as of now or to come? It's at 30% off now
Does it look too much like a carpet, though? I'm waffling (get it, it's a waffle weave.. That's not really a joke, is it?)
very close to buying the autum coat on wrongweather... someone talk me out of it or buy it first please
Gonna go chill with Uzairh this afternoon, we'll take some Thanksgiving pics of our boots
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