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This jacket rides a very thin line between stupid and cool... Either way, the torso is tight as hell
What's the issue? The minor wear on the suede? That's gonna happen instantly as soon as you rub them on something. If that type of wear will bother you, get the smooth leather for sure
I told all my coworkers I'm doing casual Fridays from now on. I don't think anyone understands it, but I haven't gotten any complaints!! L-0 sail hemp, Guidi
hahahah holy shit what is this ssense styling, why does dude have a belt wrapped around his neck?
may i suggest a $1700 sweater and some cherry kush?
enjoy your weed and $2000 white parka mate
Yeah, SS16 was pretty TTS for once. I went with a 46 in the biker and I've previously been a 48 or even 50
Cheers, I've got a horse leather biker on its way Let's all meet back in a week or so and compare MA+
What's the "relaxed" part of the biker? Just pockets? The cut seems the same
Boutique Roma has a webstore now: https://boutique-roma.ch/ The short L-0 coat looks great: https://boutique-roma.ch/id16410175/#main
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