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The Guidi + Rosellini stuff is fantastic. The 1918 boot seems right up your alley. It's just as well made (if not better) than any of the boots discussed here. The G+R line really feels solid
Hat DIY tee Rick skirt + shoe
46 and 48 only, usually only one item per size. Tiny store, great staff, good location
7 is my store!! Stop copping from them!!! ps looks great
@Synthese Unfortunately sold out awhile back, before it hit sale Sorry, forgot to mention it
Trousers come in colors other than black?!
Thank you - the Honor Gathering pieces are by far my favorites. Wish they had a bit more I could wear right now as most of the pieces were quite warm and the summer stuff is already gone Here's a link to the second shirt, my favorite - much better pictures: http://item.rakuten.co.jp/afw/00000001-00005873/ Can't seem to find the wool one online. edit: here it is, if anyone cares!! http://www.arknets.co.jp/category/A5_B_A_H_547/A5_15AW_S_07.html
MC casual is exactly the look i'm NOT going for I'll keep wearing the polos until the weather drops below 30 degrees (which should be anytime now), but at least I have some better options - went crazy today shopping. Never buy this much on first sight, but wanted to have something to wear. Also lucky I live in a big city, no way I could have done this online...I was priced out of Schneider and Lemaire. Nice stuff, but ended up going with Japanese brands so I could afford a...
Thanks, the polo is pretty awful - I bought a couple for $5 from Uni-Qlo as a stopgap measure. For a boring polo, though, I do have to say the fit and collar details etc are quite nice. On my way to buy shirts now!! Will report back Monday
Still making the transition to biz-cas life.. I have pants and shoes on lockdown, but I need to hustle up and buy some shirts. Gonna go do a survey of Honor Gathering, Schneider, and Lemaire this weekend. Wish I could try on some Peir Wu locally Uni-qlo Mando Guidi
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