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Haha I eat that stuff daily in the summer, love it Lemme know if y'all need an almond tofu proxy
In all seriousness, the relaxed silhouette of the sweatpants goes well with the draping of the fabric in the bomber, yet they don't look lazy because of the interesting fabric and the cropped ankles. He looks like a dude more concerned with an easy casual style than the shape of his ass. I think the jeans look more out of place in that fit - the bomber and slip-ons demand something a bit more relaxed than a pair of slim black jeans.
Those were the ones that look the "sexiest" from a dude's a perspective, but are they comfortable enough for walking around? The heel looks a bit high.For reference,4006:788z:
Actually, now that we're talking about this, I'm gonna order a pair of Guidis for my wife's birthday, anyone have any model suggestions? Even better if Hide-M has them in stock! No heels
Ahhh mustard bomber so goodSweatpants version looks the bestThanks, it's lad musician - they make my favorite cold weather ma-1s. Water resistant and substantial thinsulate lining
Those oiled horse Attachment boots look beautiful with wear, love the color
fake fit: MA-1 and Aldens [[SPOILER]]
$3000 lolThey were $1600 two years agoi still want one, there's a hold for the one in my size for a week so hopefully the dude buys it
I'm going to Aoyama to look at Paul Harnden long macs right now - I think they got one in each size. If I don't make it back, my wife has killed me for even thinking about buying one
That's a wonderful fit, but like, also a totally different look - I wouldn't wear that if I was going out shopping or to a casual lunch or something. I think there's a case to be made for the fit definitely looking better with either a pair of sharp trousers or casual shoes, but I don't think every fit needs to be the perfect example of minimalistic congruity - it's fun seeing the messier, casual outfits with individual pieces taken out of the context we usually see them....
New Posts  All Forums: