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Singapore airport wifi is IP banned on StyleZeitgeist !!
Those. Highly recommended. I buy my shoes a half size large now and stick them in
^^ no way, maybe if you're in a climate-controlled gym, but no way you can do any serious exercise outdoors in the summer without tech fabrics. Cotton/merino wool get way too heavy when wet I've tried running in an icebreaker 140 shirt, just doesn't compare to a proper synthetic running shirt
What, y'all don't like bag n noun??
Guidi boots vary a lot by the type of leather - obviously thinker leathers will hold their structure a lot better. The thick baby calf is where it's at for Guidi, IMO... These have been worn extremely hard and are 5+ years old, but I've always conditioned them and kept shoe trees in them and they've held up very well edit better pic:
Yowza, that looks great..
i dunno, looks like the coat the weird girls at the coffee shop wear...
layer-0. Footwear is decent enough, the clothes are the perfect essentials of a men's wardrobe - jeans, pants, blazers, leather jackets, coats, all of it very well made and quite tough. geller would be a close second
Slacks as in pants that aren't jeans, is there a better word?? Haha
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