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Those KKA heels look awesome.. Keep in mind the rubber on the heel (but not the sole) is making the heel look even bigger
CCP hikers are one of my favorite CCP items... those look like they'll handle just about anything, would love a pair for the winter. Excellent collection, now time for some weird colors - you've got black on lock down.
Ahh, I don't like the skin flap hanging from them Beautiful shape and leather, though
Same one! Diff color, size smaller
Part of that was based off your fits pics, heh, looks really good Actually got it locally.. surprised I found one. Hoping the sizing works out, I went off measurements. I tried on Snowman's, but I wasn't paying so much attention. Does your fit pretty TTS or (hopefully) a bit bigger?
Oh and I finally bought this Peir Wu coat:
MoK when I was in elementary school I was really into James Herriot (a yorkshire vet) books... I had this imaginary world of an idealistic life in the English countryside surrounded by nature and animals and delightful well-dressed British gentlemen. It's pretty much how your posts play out, with you and that duck goose as the main characters
lost a bid to an item i wanted quite a bit... non-paying bidder, got the item for $150 less than my max bid... good deal
^^^ Awesome. I've really enjoyed your last couple fits, like something out of an action movie
...and they're out of the fabric I was gonna order it in. No problem, bought it anyways! Again, thanks for the advice everyone.. stashing it away for the next six months.Quick fit pics, ignore the Rick dunks haha [[SPOILER]]
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