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Acne Max and the previously mentioned Thin are good alternatives SLP denim SLP denim is nothing to write home about quality wise - it's the cut and brand on the tag you're paying money for
I've never seen any linen over leather boots where the fabric has worn off - it's thick and bonded to the shoe, not loosely attached. Placing it over the leather gives structure to the fabric.
Can someone please write a book when this is all done
http://page7.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/g151342547 C Diem Horween cordovan size 41 45,000 yen (less than $400 USD)
Brad-T, that is so good. When that popped up on my instagram I thought it was like an inspo pic from a magazine or something, did a double-take when I realized it was you. Awesome. Is that the first proper fit pic you've posted with the boots? They're looking fantasticLooks good Para, curious what those pants would look like unrolled - maybe not with the CCP blazer, but bootcut might not be a bad lookThanks, shirt is a brand called "something," don't know anything about...
Thanks for the comments!!Just a really old version of PhotoShop
Tira, looks fantastic.. one of the better casual suit fits I've seen, well, ever With anime: Without anime: Paul Harnden jacket, A1923 boots
It's actually a leather that is textured by hand to look like a textile
it's on
very Parisian
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