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like I said, Jude Law
what are you talking about, it's Jude Law
something else down-filled I'll let him post up when he gets it, it's still in my living room haha
Glad it worked out for you Nahneun, it's a fantastic piece. Uzairh picked one up as well while he was over here, quite impressive. And t3hg, yours is quite nice as well, and by far the warmest iteration of the piece Long mountain parka is a fantastic piece, unfortunately I believe it was only available this season via preorder through Carrefour. Lift is the only store in Tokyo that received larger sizes, best to check there
Casual, comfy clothes:Taichi MurakamiAmerican Apparel t-shirtIndividual SentimentsGuidiBonus shot from my instagram because of the gorgeous weather [[SPOILER]] Double-bonus shot of me in a $6000 CCP coat if you're into that sort of thing [[SPOILER]]
Purely a personal issue - the ramie pants are what I was hoping to grab as well. I have a size 46 waist and size 46 calves with size 48 or even 50 hips and butt, so I have to get something with a bit of room in the thighs. Taichi pants are a slim-straight cut with a low to medium rise, size 6 was a hair too small and nobody stocks 7s in Tokyo.
Quite nice - the cashmere just feels wonderful on these nice autumn days. I've had a couple fit issues with TM (especially the pants, which just don't work for me, unfortunately), but the jacket fits perfectly and the materials are unbelievable.Finally tried on the red A1923 side-zips yesterday with Uzairh, quite liked them. The 42 fit quite tight in the instep, however, and while I'm sure it'll stretch, I always prefer to use an insole as well. Have to think about it....
Awesome pickups Eck, thanks for sharing the pics
And speaking of comfy clothing, Lemaire coat for my wife (who is much better at posing than I am)
ghostface, really digging the overalls with that cdg jacket looks fun
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