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Can someone put the what would you wear today thread out of its misery.. Just get that guy a blog or something
Nice pic Fycus, is that from the upcoming Avengers movie?
sounds like my last trip to bangkok
No, you are 100% correct - that was not an inner monologue, not hyperbole, that is exactly what she does (minus the nicelynice on sf thing)
Thinking of buying this for my wife, the measurements fit her perfectly.. any clue what the material/season is? The tag is blank. Sample? It's $150 BIN, so might just take a risk
my mom is in NY right now, can she stop by the trunk show?? Last time she was there, I asked her to go to Dover Street Market and get me some cologne and she proceeded to ask every salesperson "does this coat really cost this much? is this how much my son is spending on clothes??"
Are we gonna get unblurred pics of Synth's face?? i'll bet he's really handsome, I wanna see a showdown with Regis
an excellent view of your legs
really ugly, get a cotton driver's knit, sleeveless or otherwise (ignore the wack styling)
What's with tucking the Ts? I don't get it on a relaxed, sloppy fit like that - just looks a bit awkward. I can see it on a clean Regis fit, but not there. I actually really like the colors and the fit of the pants as well, I'd just like to see it either pressed and ironed or that t-shirt let out to fly
New Posts  All Forums: