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moma boots are quite nice, but if you want guidis, get guidis. I've never been satisfied with a replacement-level item
That Geller bomber is one of his best pieces and also runs a full size small - much smaller than a current season M
I still have a flipping black Bape Swarovski camo hoodie at my moms house, I should get that out. It's gotta be cool again, right??
I'm moving!!
Rent is cheap in Tokyo, much closer to the latter My commute is 30 mins train + 15 mins walking. I wanna be within a 10-15 min walk. I'm a big baby.
got lonely and decided to get a real job. It's pretty hard to find well-paying jobs in Tokyo that don't have horrible overtime or terrible corporate culture so I took this one when I got the chance.Only downside is I can't watch football games
I wanna pay an extra $750 a month to live 30 mins closer to work. My wife says I'm a baby. Who is right? C'mon, that's only a pair of Yeezy sweatpants!!
I've never really had a problem with black/brown boots getting wet in rain or snow. They don't salt the roads here. I let them dry for a day and then apply some conditioner if they look a bit rough. I try to only wear my red/white boots on nice days, though, although both have seen rain and turned out Ok
Should I get the matching jacket? I have the pants. The jacket is not bad, but not super great tailoring - fake buttonholes, synthetic fabric blend, etc. and is around $600. I bought the pants because I loved the cut, details be damned. This guy is wearing both a size too small - a lot more relaxed on me:
Hem the sleeves and wear that as is - the fit is perfect. I hem the sleeves on all my outerwear, hate it when it's not the right length. I'd rather have that coat a little large, especially as it looks like you only have a t-shirt underneath it Looks good!! Can't wait to see more Scrabble board stuff!!
New Posts  All Forums: