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think it'd look a bit better with a white t-shirt under there. the plaid button-up combo looks like something a scarecrow would wear. I love the coveralls, but keep 'em casual
the people have spoken
Cool shout-out in the Times: http://www.nytimes.com/slideshow/2015/07/23/fashion/20150723MENSFASHIONWEEK-S.html
Pockets aren't horizontal, that's like a 3D flap that helps them open wide, similar to CCP edit: nevermind, I think I'm wrong. Pretty sure the same pockets as this
I'm pretty sure they're object-dyed red the whole way through. I'd check for you, but at 10 PM at night it's still 90 degrees out and I'm not leaving my air-conditioned bedroom I love the hand-painted ones like that, though. I have a pair of Guidis like that as well, cool to see the natural interior. M_moria is the same way
Those look outta control fantastic
Red A1923 boots, can't wait until mine look this good:
Yeah, I just don't like online RPG type games like Warcraft / FF14. (also, I should mention my friend who works there quite enjoys his job, despite the bureaucratic management and dismal pay).I heard software developers for World of Warcraft can make 80k with only a couple years of experience - that's like three times Square Enix (or any other Japanese tech firm). If I moved back to the US, I'd take a software position, but it just doesn't pay enough over here unless...
Really inconsequential stuff like quest names and fish descriptions - jokes in Japanese that didn't make sense in English. A lot of stupid puns, mostly Jay-Z or Biggie related haha. I don't know what actually made it into the game, though - this was like three years ago and I just gave suggestions to my friend.(ps if anyone wants a job working on ff14 localization team is hiring... )
I got a job offer at a Japanese technology/fashion startup... $10/hr, contract position, no benefits, no paid vacation. For a bilingual software developer. My eyes rolled right out of the door. That was the nail in the coffin for trying to combine my hobbies with work Videogame translator is another awful job. Have a lot of friends at Square Enix. Poor dudes. I have a couple jokes in FF14 if anyone plays that awful game
New Posts  All Forums: