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Me too
Are the mesh tanks oversized or tts? Will a 44 fit a slim 163cm female??
I have a super crush on all the girls who push the food/drink carts through trains. Any kind of pastel uniform with a silk neckerchief is great, really. Anyone have some good neckerchief fits? Is that what they're even called??
Haha wow these all turned out fantastic!! Gotta say that Eototo jacket look great in both fits that utilize it
Sorry forgot to say - they're Honor gathering !
seller cancelled the auction
no way
Yeah - when people started leaving negative reviews on their restaurant en masse. I think their response has been fair. Not vetting business partners is a bad idea, but I don't think it makes them responsible for this.Anyways, I have no stakes in this and I'm probably a Drew apologist. What some of the newcomers might not understand is that Drew earned the trust and goodwill of these forums for 5+ years. He delivered awesome leather jackets at an incredibly fair price...
I visited Libertine when they opened and met one of the other partners who was a stand-up dude. He had minimal knowledge of ToJ and simply knew Drew had funds from some "internet leather jacket business." Keep in mind, at this time ToJ had been delivering jackets for quite awhile and there was no reason to be suspicious. I think most of the thread thought of Drew's new endeavor in quite a positive light - I don't see why his partners would think differently. I understand...
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