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OK I want a new coat..... I'm gonna sell one, so that means I can buy a new one 1) Ansnam This coat in this fabric Supporting evidence 2) Lemaire Kaftan 3) Ziggy Chen
Still think they're ugly
Looking for two items - any help finding stockists? 1.) SNS Herning "Neuron" Zip sweater in black (pictured is blue, it's just a bad photo), size M, any price 2.) Nike Libero tech knit pants, black, size L, below JP retail ($300). I'm happy to pay US/EU retail (~150 euro)
Again, not debating the stuff is nice - it's definitely up there with Addict Clothes in terms of quality, and unlike LL the custom orders don't take years, which is nice, but the jackets are LL inspired, as opposed to a modern take on a DR or inspired by other leather jacket makers, right down to the default red lining, same brand of zippers, same brand of buckles, same source for the cowhide, etc. The brand is marketed as such, I didn't even realize this was up for...
It's actually green!! - garment-dyed nylonHere's my wife rocking it in better lighting [[SPOILER]]
And I buy Bergfabel, which is pretty much a straight-up PH rip-off. This isn't a moral judgement, just talkin' Curious, though, what is Arts+Science ripping off? The only mens stuff they carry I know offhand is MA+, Bergfabel, maybe Casey Casey, and shoes like Guidi, M Moria. Closest similarity there is maybe Casey Casey?
James Grose has three or four leather designs, all of which are LL replicas or pretty close at least:http://www.arknets.co.jp/category/ABC_1161/Nothing wrong with it, but seems like a crowded field.
James Grose is just another Lewis Leathers rip-off/replica brand right? How many of those we need since we have Undercover, Addict Clothing
My standard "biz cas" look for the past couple months... Teatora T-shirt Cornelian Taurus belt Dress pants Petrosolaum
Cheers, thanks for the info! Any links for a mens version? I do love the dense, silky cotton, but didn't want to pay $1000 for the Archivio version edit: I could probably start by looking at the brands you mentioned, Le Labourer looks nice!!
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