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In long coat news, I just got my PH coat back from the tailor. Had the sleeves chopped down a much more reasonable length and had it shortened by about 6cm as well. A bit more reasonable without throwing off the cool atmosphere of the coatReally bad pic: [[SPOILER]]
Still deciding to keep the MA+ biker or not.. Probably wear it unzipped most of the time
is there something i'm missing about the leaf print shirt? it looks like a regular cotton shirt with a leaf on it... for $400?
@Synthese This Ziggy Chen coat MAY be up your alley from last fall-winter. I spent the longest time searching for one last year and couldn't find one in a small size (it fits huge). http://essapmi.com/ MAY have old stock on sale (theirs was black rather than green), may be worth contacting them if it looks good for you. edit: Just saw you're looking for tight upper part - this is more of an overcoat, hmm. PH or Berg might be your only...
Bergfabel European prices (contact the brand directly) or ziggy chen on discount!!
I dunno, but a Japanese store has it available as a pre-order http://store.tiurf.jp/products/detail.php?product_id=12323
Anyone pick up the Kaftan in black tweed?? Can't find any stockists
Alex, love the fabric on that one. I'd buy one if it didn't look like every jacket I own
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