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I've never done it, but I'm gonna have it done next time my Guidis need new soles since I wear them as rain/mud boots anyways Here's some pics for reference: http://plaza.rakuten.co.jp/shelter2/diary/201402270000/
that's all I wear, those are the two leather jackets I own, and I wear them equally.. get what you like better, they're very different jackets
http://featheredfriends.com/bavarian-medium-700-down-comforter.htmlHave had a feathered friends for awhile now, absolutely wonderful for the price
I'll take you here, if you think you have a masochistic stream for unhealthy ramen this'll put you in a comahttp://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1329/A132901/13173764/the pic from instagram is the SMALLEST size (mini, 150g of noodles)check out some of the towers of destruction in the pictures
correct, it's basically garlic, pork fat, and oil in a bowl. Fun maybe once a year, but made me feel sick for the rest of the night I'm into mushroom, chicken, or fish-based broths for ramen, can't handle the heavy ones anymore cold spicy miso: https://instagram.com/p/a7nGUvNroJ/ hot spicy miso (same place): https://instagram.com/p/Vn0nOZtrgm/ chicken-fish: https://instagram.com/p/1m3cwUtrii/ mushroom-fish: https://instagram.com/p/0cnKQCNrqS/ ginger-soy...
I'll let 'em go for cheaper than that, just want them out of my closet
*cough* check my sig *cough* Might be too small, though
Kuro natural dyed t-shirt and videogame
Is this fashion now? use the most intensely uncomfortable models available?? someone get this guy a burrito and some loungewear
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