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It's definitely not Jun, he posted on his instagram with as much surprise as anyone else. There's also no Japanese counterpart, like Jun was for Mmoria. He mentions they're using the same lasts, same materials, and same factories, so functionally identical to the originals
Whoever writes Gullam's English copy (I think the female staff member) is a genius. Always enjoy the fun product intros
~~~paul harnden ventile long mac~~~
Correct me if I'm wrong (I may well be) 1.) This isn't a Jun Hashimoto project. Another former CD employee bought the name and this is his project. 2.) Jun (another former CD employee) asked Altieri if he could make boots similar to CD boots - he did, for awhile (he doesn't anymore). The boots were made in Jun's Japanese factories using different techniques. These are made in the original Italian factories using same construction method and leathers.
Liberte, as usual, has some beautiful pictures up, if you can guess the brand including GBS
Junya was so boring~~~
I've never been happy with derbies that have heel slippage - it's harder to correct with insoles than boots. That seems like a lot. Either wear them with thick socks in the winter or consider finding your size
so nice Yohji is paying proper respect to the Major League series, but does he know his reference is to the one that replaced Wesley Snipes?
I've had excellent experience with Loit customer service -- thank you very much!!
Those are def. Guidi, I've seen that model a couple times,it's from at least four or five years ago though
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