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So what you guys are saying is that basic clothes look good on attractive people with nice bodies?
Sushi from Friday night.. neither precise nor austere (yes, there's rolls of rice hiding under there somewhere)There's plenty of relaxed ways of spinning Japanese food, people here like eating and socializing just as much, if not more, than anywhere else
I'd be a lot bigger on ramen, I think, if I didn't live in Japan I only eat it like once every two months, but I have a craving for Pho every two days My favorites are spicy miso (shown here served cold) and a simple soy-sauce broth with thin, jagged, slightly al-dente noodles. Both of these places are in the countryside of northern Japan
Cool pictures despite the warning, very excited to goAll this pho chat got me excited about Vietnam so I'm gonna head there first, Ho Chi Minh this Sept for 10 days and Myanmar this winter for 14 days. Guess I'll just stay home in summer, wanted to go somewhere but my wife is real busy at work
RE: CCP tornadoes, is there any difference between the 2009 and 2010 model, assuming both are LUC?
MoK looking good... that is such a difficult color palette to not make look stuffy, nice and casual there. Nonnative vest AA tee Geller Olukai sandals Sandals highly recommended, they're still flip-flops if ya hate that sort of thing but they're very comfortable and well-made with excellent arch support. Been hiking in them with no problems Had a pair for 3-4 years before they literally fell off an airplane in Nepal, my mom just sent these to me just in time for summer...
Too much pho talk, can't take it, just bought tickets to Ho Chi Minh City after I saw how cheap they were Got so excited I swallowed a cherry pit Gonna take a nap now Ahh, I love Mondays
Margiela straight leg raws, very minimal, no yellow stitching, no weird natural indigo dye/slubby fabric jeans nerd stuff.
http://item.rakuten.co.jp/jumblestore/jr2318610134052/ Geller shades for a decent price, don't see these so often anymore PS Still on the lookout for Tencel bomber, black/khaki size 46!!
What are some of the clothing items that y'all have held onto the longest and are still wearing? It's been about 10 years now since I actively started caring how I look (which meant cropped Paul Smith peacoats and True Religion jeans at the time, but that's beside the point...) and I still have a couple items that still see weekly use. Shrink the time scale to five years and there's a lot more. Do you guys think about how long you can wear a given item, or is it all about...
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