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cheers, she likes the Rick better and it's $220 vs. $800 for the Balenciaga. Pretty sure it's from an older season, possibly the padded blister (was used on a men's Intarsia, the one with the longer ribbed cuffs) from 2007 or 2008 that is much thicker and more substantial than the current offering. Will know when it gets here!!
Can't get over that ED jacket.. not something I would wear personally, details are a little too baroque for my tastes, but damn, looks soo good on you. Love the way you're wearing it, pairing it with simple, clean pieces.Btw, for anyone curious, here's the Layer-0 hemp sail "suit." Just fooling around with pictures (I'm currently in my underwear wearing a shirt that says "airbnb" - provenance unknown). Cuffed the sleeves once, think it looks good. I like how the pants have...
Wife owns a Margiela 5-zip in black... Thinking of picking her up another leather. Brown lamb Balenciaga biker or Rick Princess biker in blistered lamb. I'm leaning towards the Rick as the Margiela she already owns is a bit more masculine and the Rick jacket is a bit more clean, but the Balenciaga looks p. cool too
Wait, what's a tie bar? Have I been wearing ties wrong this whole time?? Do they need to be locked in place???
MA+ on sale at Serie Noire Blue spiral zips are mindblowing at a little more than 1000 euro: http://www.serie-noire.fr/ConceptStore/lang-en/men-ss15/5507-homme-chaussures-boots-ma-ss15-zip-tournant-bleu.html
I dunno how good Cinque Terre actually is but I wanna Instagram it - lemme know if you go, I'll meet you out there!! (I heard it's just truckloads of tourists and t-shirt shops, though)
Taichi Murakami parka, size 5 - fits like a tight 46 / S Cashmere lined, warm as hell. I have the non-hooded version and it's my favorite thing that zips up since the Wings + Horns tiger fleece parka Currently at less than $300: http://page6.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/f155190683
Not as big of a turnout as denim, but just wanted to point out that every single one of these entries is really good. A little extra effort (TWO PICTURES!! TWO OUTFITS!!!) but worth it
Jacket is fantastic
ahh yes, the modern SLP silhouette, circa 1970s germany
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