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There might be a quality control issue going on with the tight calves, or something else going on - I've tried on pairs of canvas pants with variable calf width in the same size. I was all set to buy a pair, went back and tried on a different pair, and couldn't get them over my ankles haha
Looks good, both pants and shoes. I need to pick up a pair of L-0 linen stat for summer...
@ClambakeSkate cheers, thanks for the insightful posts!! Would love to see an "industry" thread and get an eye into the reality of things. Sometimes I look out the window and wish I was in a tiny Italian village
Gullam is the only a1923 stockist I know of in Tokyo. Not sure if they're getting sneakers in. Have you checked out James Kearns sneakers? They have them at Gullam, really nice. Dude posts on SZ and I believe eton has a pair
@penanceroyaltea thank you for saving us from the summer realm of garbage fits and trolls
We both work for a company that is mindful enough of this to fact to employ us. Corporate world in Japan can be a soul-crushing experience for foreigners, though, especially at the management level. Everyone not married to a Japanese person with kids is always secretly plotting an exit strategy Thanks for the info, I'll pass it along. I figured the fashion industry was kinda shit unless you're doing it out of love.What is it like working in the fashion industry? What do...
really, really random question, but is there any demand for Italian / English / Japanese trilingual person with marketing experience in fashion industry? Or does everyone speak English so the language thing isn't really a help? coworker is having a career crisis and I told her I know some fashion bros.
They're all bad, with LUC being the worst offenders. If you don't like RO style, grab a pair of Nike shorts and say screw it til the weather cools down
That five-zip is gorgeous On a side note, I bought a coat from that seller recently and they were super friendly
Thought the Mr Porter site for Japan was in euros, nope, that is pounds haha. Goodbye awesome deal Does the European site go to super discount like the US one?
New Posts  All Forums: