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Yeah einstine!! So good
Thanks, they're the diagonal zips. Best white boots I've run into
Rarely seen Rick down bomber.. I have it in my cart for the next hour if anyone needs a proxy Size small http://zozo.jp/shop/zozoused/goods/4792787/?did=
Unsolicited answer, but I've handled quite a few Carpe, WJK, and Jun Hashimoto boots, and I would have trouble telling them apart if I wasn't a boot nerd, though it depends on the model and leather type used. I buy Jun Hashimoto even though CD is available to me because it's a no-brainer with the price difference.
I get really fidgety if my cuffs aren't the right length, but the Richard is definitely a piece that looks fine a bit sloppy. Whatever ~feels good~Took a mirror selfie, same old same old. Selling some pieces and moving in the direction of a minimalist wardrobe..Ugly bluetooth headphones (so comfy, tho)MMM leatherAA shirtNonnative pantsA1923 boots
I felt bad for him because he was talking about how he can't afford to pay for school and had to take a night shift at a convenience store while wearing $8000 worth of clothes that didn't fit him
Skitlets, couple tips from someone that rocks a similar fit on a daily basis - - hem the pants. It's hard to get lighter weight wool fabric to cuff well and you end up with messy breaks like that. Low ankle hem will look clean - you mentioned it, but wear longer tees with a long jacket and relaxed pants, especially if it's a contrasting color. As is, breaks up the elongated silhouette - fold hose cuffs on the jacket back a little more and they won't flare off I like the...
The guy next to me at a cafe right now is head to toe Paul Harnden, even the stupid shoes and a pork pie hat He looks like a doofus
Alex, you're out of control!!!
Can't get a good fit on one, Rick fits me terribly, out priced by fashion brands like Balenciaga and Balmain Closest I've come are the shearling Visvim deckhands, which are beyond awesome, and an older season Undercover one I'm trying to track down in good condition - almost grabbed one but had a hole in the arm
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