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Guys, I'm gonna attempt to visit Al Select today. I won't even call first. 90% chance this will end in me peeking in the window and setting off the alarm, but I'm gonna try
We have Uber itself and taxis, but public transport is fine for the city. I mainly wanna cruise out of the city on weekends
You mean the ones filled with bamboo beads or something? Those are nice during the summer months. Korean spas have pillows that are like a solid chunk of wood. Alright if you like sleeping on a 2x4...
What's up with those wooden pillows they have in Korean spas? How are those even remotely comfortable???
Ugh, I want a car. How much do y'all pay for parking in the city? Hard to justify when I'd only use the car 2-3 times a month.My car gonna be a 660cc box, though: [[SPOILER]]
Bag is beautiful! Admired their work from afar, looks great
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Union Works is fantastic, they have outlets in many places. Not cheap, but worth it: http://www.union-works.co.jp
What's your purpose? I wouldn't consider anything other than towel material since i like to put on a robe out of the shower. If you wanna proxy a ~Japanese one~ using imabari towel material (awesome, high absorbency soft cotton), here' s a couple good choices at around...
Too weird, have you seen the back? It's got like a rip in it with flannel peeking out. I like the horse riding print a bit better, too, got some great shots of dudes falling off horses
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