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That's def. a men's jacket, it's just like 10 years old or something. Some older stuff had buttoned pockets and weird sizing. No womens jackets have anything close to 16-17inch shoulders anyways
yeah, keep it unbuttoned with a t-shirt. the oxford is a bit stuffy, maybe
What is the L-0 wool like this fall? Hard to tell from the pics Anyone have any preorders lined up?
That reverse waxed calf from fw08 is one of the best. I'd buy that in a second if it was my size
I think that looks p. cool but I'm a total PH fanboy now so whatever. Still regret passing on a fruit blazer for my wife PS man those boots look good.
OG Margiela jackets have wider shoulders and a fuller cut than modern ones, but I'd still go TTS for the intended fit I condition my calf jackets once every two years or so, more if they feel noticeably dry or see a lot of rain. My lamb I only condition when it gets dirty or discolored and use a delicate cream so I don't over-condition it. I've never needed to condition my horse jackets other than an old CCP I bought used, feels harder to dry out, even after rain.
The gunmetal on the givenchy looks cool but black looks kinda cheap to me. Silver hardware still looks best to me on a perfecto
I'm happy she enjoys this kind of crap now because I think she looks pretty good in the same kind of clothing I'm into she loves just wearing Rick tanks and Guidi boots on the weekend and Stephan Schneider / Lemaire to work
Everything does
And here's the blazer on me, for y'all curious. Sorry for the weird pose hah
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