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at this point it's better to accept the fact that Simone is ripping off every other bootmaker and just sit back and enjoy the dope boots
(unpopular opinion) remove thumbs, I don't like them. It discourages discussion with a simple button press and they feel especially narcissistic even for a site about posting pictures of yourself and things you own. I'd much prefer an "I enjoyed this because..." than a thumb
Finally a sunny day for decent lighting Lad Musician Taichi Murakami Heattech Nonnative Common Projects
they actually have a full zip going down the inside, just hard to see
Womens jackets still use MRS
What's wrong with aa viscose tanks? As good as any "expensive" brands I've handled
Ask me about how much I love down inners I have a Patagonia down vest and down sweater (because I'm from Seattle, and Patagonia is to Seattle as M_Moria is to the baller boot thread), love layering them so much - makes any outfit warm without adding weight Bergfabel Patagonia Uni-qlo Lumen et Umbra A1923
Ordered a pair of Ruby knit leggings for my wife.. Hopefully they fit, ended up with a size 0
like I said, Jude Law
what are you talking about, it's Jude Law
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