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That Layer-0 jacket Eck is selling is my favorite piece of all time, don't sleep
Souvenir jacket is great, but those spiders on the front are a little scary for me
Wish I could but I need a size 7, most stores here pick up size 6 at most
Anyone have any cool recent recs for jeans with medium-high rise, relaxed top block, taper below the knee? Looking for minimal details
I already have a lot of coats
MA+ Uni-qlo Mando drop-crotch dress pants Guidi
nice try
http://alsole.jp Located in Futakotamagawa -- need to call ahead for reservation. Only tailor I use now, such great service
Yeah, the sleeves are cuffed there - it used to fall past my knuckles CUFFED, they're still quite long.The hem turned out fantastic, on the inside of the hem they used a handstitch they looks like this. My tailor is quite familiar with PH and made the alternations reflecting the original design of the coat while making the proportions a bit more appropriate for me.
That is a womens coat, has a skirted back and cropped sleeves
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