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Great looks, like, everyone Wow
Not true, unfortunately, Japan in particular has a huge problem with paying Chinese and SE Asian "technical interns" for cheap labor, especially in the garment industry. The rights of foreign residents in this country is very bad, especially if you're not from a Western country. With freer movement of labor, country of origin means less and less, even in countries like Japan that purport to have very strict labor...
Ahh, thanks, look like Guidi doesn't go on sale, then. Want those white Chelseas
The short mac in the linen/wool heavy tweed sized up one is something I'd like to pickup at some point. I'd have to pick it up secondhand, though, since PH is starting to break the 3k price barrier this season This is one of my favorite PH fit pics, short mac in ventile cotton, barring replacement of the Yankees hat for a decent team:
When does Mr. Porter typically go on sale? And by how much? I always hear people screaming about their great sales, they finally have an item I'm interested in
I love awful styling of Rick so much
Standard answer: Rick Owens leather jacket White cotton t-shirt Black uni-qlo jeans $2000 boots Actual answer: Just browse the other threads here and see what interests you, gotta be comfortable with what you wear, nobody can tell that to you
I pretty much refuse to wear anything but laceless low-tops in the summer time, just an area where practicality trumps fashion. I mean, in the fit above, I'm basically wearing a t-shirt, pajama pants, and slip-ons - feels good, man. I've got a pair of these Nikes in the gray color, but probably a bit more jarring than the GATs. Also just picked up a pair of Olukai sandals, but I'll bet they'll get an even worse reaction haha. I don't even know what other footwear would...
Yeah, thanks for the input to everyone who mentioned something .. just tryin' to solve summertime problems. People like Ivrii and C4est make hotter weather look so much better than I do, but I don't have the patience for most clothing when it's nice out. If I'm outside sweating on a day off, I don't wanna be in anything but shorts and a t-shirt.
New Posts  All Forums: