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no, you're thinking of rick owens, toj jackets are pretty decent
Yeah, we almost broke up when the first Antlers album came out and I burned her a copy of the CD, printed out the lyric sheet, and drove across town to her house to explain how awesome it was and she JUST WASN"T INTERESTED.
Thanks for the advice, fits perfectly.Super sheer, though, well, I guess not even sheer, just really loose knit. Gotta find a way to style it that won't offend the local population
wife won some kind of plane tickets with her business plan competition. Gotta use this before the end of the year. Going to Singapore and Sri Lanka in December and busy with work in Oct-Nov, so maybe Aug or Sep? Which of these destinations are nice that time of year? Where can I buy clothes??
Full report coming soon, but Petrosolaum is a great choice IMO. Here's the designer's pair of his standard derby in cordovan after three years. Slight square toe, which I like. Jasper preferred the rounded toe, I believe
@Synthese, how was the steamed Okinawan brown sugar bun? Three things from day one: 1.) After running around all day getting some AWESOME CONTENT that I'm SUPER EXCITED about, we ran into Spacepope + Rosenrot at the food section of the department store. I was a bit tired from interpreting fashion chat all day, but we had one more task - find a bottle of sake. At the liquor department, we had the most talkative and helpful little lady cater to us for about 15 minutes,...
Here's some more updates: Nicelynice is on the train The train is hot The lady next to me keeps shoving me with her bag More exciting parts of Japan coming up!!
I'm not a leather blazer fan but if you're interested in that style, can't do better than the Layer-0
Cars too, if a 660cc engine counts as a "car" and not a "deluxe lawnmower"
Thanks for the info, same as this one: http://www.styleforummarket.com/robert-geller-red-mesh-tank/ Was only $17 so went ahead and ordered it. we will see!! #girlsingeller #freethenipple
New Posts  All Forums: