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Cloak had fantastic suiting as well... I sold all my other Cloak items, but this is still my go-to "fashion" suit for looking cool. Getting a little too fat for it lately, though
Need the tan suede in 38, not a fan of that brown
I think the James Grose DR is the best for me, can't find it in stock anywhere though
I have a sudden urge for a suede tan leather jacket... throw your recs!!
No giveaway in the item, but the seller has multiple sizes and says it will be shipped directly from another location -- MAYBE they have a hookup at some outlet in Italy (and they don't, or they'd sell for better prices and wouldn't have endless full size runs of popular items) but 99% of the time it'll come from Taobao Japanese people also never seem to call out fakes so these Taobao reseller accounts have great feedback.. It's killing me because a ton of PH, CCP, and...
Chinese fakes, unfortunately a lot on Yahoo these days
I always size up on Carpe because I can't deal with the damn instep. GENERALLY, once it loosens out, I'll add an insole and it'll fit alright. Eck is the master, though
Assuming you don't pay anything for the refund, I'd back out of a situation like this - finding another buyer is usually less hassle than dealing with an unsatisfied buyer, especially if they decide to get cranky and open a PP dispute or lead bad feedback
The jacket might be a bit much, but just a straight forward workwear fit - work jacket, jeans, bootsI've been wearing the jeans every day, they go really well with PH, Bergfabel, and Lemaire stuff I wear to work
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