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That is actually one of the better S/S leathers used by Rick Owens, I believe. Decently thick with a nice texture.
There's so much variation on CCP and A1923 between pairs you either have to cherry-pick the pair you want or be comfortable with a little wabi-sabi. I was a bit bummed that the pair of A1923 I purchased were the least uniform of the ones the store received, but they were the only pair in my size and I don't mind at all now. If I were going for a "perfect match," I'd make sure to inspect carefully. Guidi is the only brand I really feel comfortable pre-ordering - they have...
I'm a big baby when it comes to cold weather Blame it on growing up on the west coast. I read all the reviews on the Patagonia website saying like "I wore this fleece in zero degrees with wind" and I'm sitting here at like 40 degrees and sunny, freezing cold
yeah, but I'm heading to the frozen wastes of China.. just don't care enough to pack anything but outdoor gear haha
hmm, should I pack fashion clothes for travel or not? ~the eternal question~
i'll bet you could fit a lot of data chips in that chest pocket
All abasi + rosborough, A1923 boots
nooooo that beautiful plum color
For my wife to wear at work For the sleeveless one, she'll need to wear a shirt underneath as she can't show bare arms
http://www.ragtag.jp/products/detail.php?product_id=326533&count=30 Similar black one
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