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No way Wow
whats the most damage anyone's done to a piece of clothing trying it on? My friend just snapped the laces on a pair of CCP derbies - he freaked out, but they were pretty cool about it, especially since those laces are apparently made of gossamer
heh, was just wondering - like I said, looks good on you. I'd much rather have a couple pieces that look good rather than a whole wardrobe of stuff that doesn't work so well
Sinnedk, I'm not trying to be a jerk, I thought your fit looked excellent and I love the blue jeans, but do you own... two stooges and no other outerwear? Just think it's funny you have two of the same jacket, but it does look good
looks good but your shoelaced are untied!
sorry, doesn't count unless it can hold a playstation 2, a copy of soul calibur 2, and two controllers Rick Owens leathers can do this as long as it's the PS2 slim
East Dane sounds good Anyone ever get those East Bay sport catalogs when they were a kid? I'd circle a bunch of baseball + basketball stuff and ask for it for Christmas I've never shopped from east dane before but I imagine it's the same kinda thing but with great danes running it
I posted this last night with a 102 fever... and bid on itI have no clue what i'm doing anymore
Speaking of weird Viridi Anne pieces.. is this too much? Looks comfy
I know plenty of people in Japan who import J.Crew like we do for all their castoffs on Rakuten I think they do a pretty good job in that niche
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