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Yeah I saw that, thanks for the heads up - pretty sure I'm a medium in PH blazers
Nah, most people think that no offense at all haha
Has anyone handled the green stripe AND the herringbone? How did the two compare? I wish I woulda hopped on that stripe fabric, not that the blazer ever made it here. If anyone wants to sell...The blazers are actually around $2100-2200 after conversion here.Wife is Canadian hahaI actually prefer the cut of Berg to PH, but PH fabrics are on the whole much nicer and the construction feels a bit more solid. I also prefer the lining and pockets on PH, which is a big sell for...
"You want to spend $2500 to dress like a civil war soldier? Please at least choose something from a time period when my country existed" - thanks for the input, my wife. Two years, geez, close enough..
Brick bomber looks awesome hyper contrasty, I think it blends perfectly with black or indigo
$$$$$ is ridiculous, it's the same price as last season so I thought "oh, that's a good deal." It also ends up being cheaper in Japan than elsewhere, I think
Whoa last like 10 fits have been awesome... It must be mid-October!!
not a huge fan of the leather hats.. a bit heavy for wearing around. well-made, though. regardless, i wouldn't buy a hat without trying it on because they cool hats can backfire and look really stupid, especially on dorks like me. Have you looked at Horisaki hats? They seem pretty cool.the green stripe isn't too obvious when worn. it's actually the reason I'm considering picking it up, although PH herringbone is always nice. I want a mid-weight fabric, something I can wear...
Yowza, that looks nice. I wish there was a cool store here that stocked PH so I could chat about it, I never know what's going on and it sells out so fast I miss out on the cool fabrics in my size. Only decent retailer (Journal standard) is women only.
btw here's a PH shirt (it is, right??) in a non-alcoholic beer commercial Paul would be upset if he weren't rolling in dough from all his expensive striped blazers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fw5v9FGbSCA
New Posts  All Forums: