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That's a perfect 5-zip fit, no way you could size down. Looks great!!
Haha, I assure you I'm the furthest thing from an actual baller in this thread - no trust fund here, though my awesome mom mails me peanut butter, chocolate, and canned chili once every couple months. Just two reasonable incomes with no debt, no kids, and smart spending choices elsewhere = I can take three or four overseas vacations a year and occasionally make bad choices when it comes to expensive boots
For anyone that cares, I received a blistered lamb jacket that was getting exceptionally dry and faded (that sickly looking green color that seems to show through on Rick jackets) in some areas. I used Saphir delicate cream very sparingly, working it into the jacket with my fingers. The color deepened to black and the leather now feels significantly rejuvenated, but it lost the "sparkle" of the blistered areas and now appears much more like regular lambskin. Hard to tell...
Been very disappointed by A1923 clothing, especially at that price. Still, it's been a couple of seasons since I've handled the stuff - maybe it's better? I don't think the jacket looks like anything special from here.I wasn't even wearing it - I feel like that's violating some kind of internet posting dude code of ethics!! I'll post a proper fit once it cools down. Too hot for clothing, I just wanna go scuba diving and tend to my gardening..
Keep in mind that none of the stores in that building, Margiela, Visvim, the pancake store, whatever, hold a candle to the bread store in the basement.Guidi laces are hot garbage, I've never had a pair last a year, which is a shame as the boots are quite well-made
Yeah. As a rule, I've found Layer-0 outerwear fits one size small with high, slim armholes
Wow I must be psychic or something!!
Exactly, the suit rules
i'm really worried if my plants are getting enough sunlight
I try to wear whatever Kanye is wearing, or failing that, Fuuma
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