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I wear blue jeans a lot, blue is too matchy-matchy
One of my fav. internet pics, and the PDA note totally dates it
Thinking about picking up this "Minotaur Wrinkles Jacket." It's made from a wrinkled nylon fabric that's made to look like it's been left out in the rain. It's quite an awesome fabric, feels like a stiff cotton, not nylon - matte, dry hand. Was made for some space-related purpose, I guess. Actually a pretty cool brand that makes some rather attractive looking tech items: https://www.minotaur.co.jp/ Two things: 1.) I don't like the cuff strap and buttons. However, since...
Carrefour is the only domestic stockist of the footwear so far Quite similar to new model of Petrosolaum this season:
she's wearing high heels and is wearing one of my shirts that makes her torso look long. i'll tell her you said that, she likes long things: dogs, seals, fish, cats. she'll be happy, i think.
Taichi Murakami shoes One piece, Norwegian welted, horse (same textured/scarred material as his belts and Petrosolaum shoes, from Shinki) More pics on Carrefour's FB page: https://www.facebook.com/couleur.co.ltd/
^^^ Nice horse weather PH T-shirt Layer-0 Layer-0 Arts+Science Julius_7 Junya Guidi
The brand is called "something" Good luck googling
"something" black-overdyed indigo jeans Started out pretty close to black, fading to a beautiful midnight blue color. Perfect fit. Been wearing them everyday to work and nobody has said anything yet
Don't forget "carrying a plant"
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