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Are we talking about the same store?? The only time I've been in there it's been an older (60+) lady running it haha ~the mystery increases~
please... sell.. me a ... a black... tencel...bomber.. size 46....!!!
I was in the area today, so I decided to try again - they're closed for the entire week. hahaThey have a Yahoo shopping page: http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/alselect/No prices and I don't know how current any stock is.I appreciate they're a small store, supporting interesting and independent designers, obviously not in it to make a ton of money, but still a bit hard to y'know, buy clothes from them
Thank you very much!Just curious, has anyone dealt with Al Select? They're closed on the basis of "whenever they feel like it," and they won't respond to phone or e-mail inquiries - just tell me to come to the store. Which is always closed.Also, if anyone is curious, Liberte in Kobe is a wonderful store with great service. I wish I lived in Kobe, beautiful city
Sorry, meant to type WOMENS ankle boots. Hard to find them!
Any good places to pick up Layer-0 ankle boots that aren't PnP?
Looks alright, but try swapping out the boots for laceless GATs??
Ugh Grailed sucks
Hot outside
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