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Ts(s) jacket? The shorts are sadly a size too large
I wanna play Pokemon so bad, needs to hurry and release here
Huge thanks to @eckblk for passing these on to me, fit is perfect. Canvas 5p pants. New model fits a lot better - ankles aren't super tight. Also the canvas, while still pretty stiff, is still much more comfy than the stuff used two years ago. Want a pair of L-0 denim now in this cut... Quick pics, hot as hell outside
I frequently have them miss emails from me (and have yet to successfully complete a transaction...) so try emailing them again
Liberte is getting these in derby form... might have to pick these up.
Al Select quoted me at 6-12 months for clothes, 1+ years for shoes and leather items for current orders. Take it with a grain of salt If anyone wants to jump the queue, Al Select has a decent stock of shell shoes and boots in 41-42, one pair of boots in 44, but all $1800+
Oops, 42, yeahYeah, saw those - I have a pair of the ankle boots in the FG cordovan, want some shell derbies. Those look so nice, though, can't believe they're still sitting there
Might be taking the zip boots or womens into account. And I've learned the sales stuff are sometimes a little off - Al Select told me Layer-0 can't do derbies in shell right before taking out a pair that said "shell cordovan" on the box. On that note, if anyone has a lead on a pair of L-0 derbies size 42 in shell (reverse or smooth) in a blackish color in any last around $1200 (is this generally EU retail?) please hit me up!
Thanks for the info!! What's the third L-0 shape? I thought there were only two + womens haha
I'd feel pretty self conscious as a white dude wearing a shirt with a geisha print on it, but in theory it's a pretty cool shirt
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