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Sad with the outcome of the game last night. Was hoping for a fiery explosion to consume both teams
just curious, how are the commuter trains in new york? Are they pretty packed? I try reading on the train, but it's usually pretty packed and I can't concentrate with everyone shuffling around. Usually just end up reading the news or browsing forums on my phone I'm gonna move anyways, I used to live 5 mins from work a couple years ago and loved it. Nice to come home for lunch (or dinner if I'm working late). Gonna miss my weird neighborhood full of outdoor grilled chicken...
moma boots are quite nice, but if you want guidis, get guidis. I've never been satisfied with a replacement-level item
That Geller bomber is one of his best pieces and also runs a full size small - much smaller than a current season M
I still have a flipping black Bape Swarovski camo hoodie at my moms house, I should get that out. It's gotta be cool again, right??
I'm moving!!
Rent is cheap in Tokyo, much closer to the latter My commute is 30 mins train + 15 mins walking. I wanna be within a 10-15 min walk. I'm a big baby.
got lonely and decided to get a real job. It's pretty hard to find well-paying jobs in Tokyo that don't have horrible overtime or terrible corporate culture so I took this one when I got the chance.Only downside is I can't watch football games
I wanna pay an extra $750 a month to live 30 mins closer to work. My wife says I'm a baby. Who is right? C'mon, that's only a pair of Yeezy sweatpants!!
I've never really had a problem with black/brown boots getting wet in rain or snow. They don't salt the roads here. I let them dry for a day and then apply some conditioner if they look a bit rough. I try to only wear my red/white boots on nice days, though, although both have seen rain and turned out Ok
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