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Forme stuff is really nice
Footwear matches the carpets at work
Every time I've called PayPal support the customer service has been fantastic. For all the awful calls they probably receive, they're always really friendly and helpful I know it's cool to hate on PayPal, but running a P2P cash payment system gotta be ~tough~ with all the weirdos on the internet
Anyone have any clue what L-0 has lined up?
I frequently forego the use of pants altogether
Spring stuff for wearing to work... Geller, SNS, SNS
Any good pickups for SS?? Still can't get behind the tyvek linings for Taichi stuff. Individual Sentiments is great, but local stores didn't get the right sizes/fabric combos for me. Given the range of options, this brand is screaming for custom orders. Layer-0 is in hiatus as far as local stores go. PR Patterson still doesn't have a local stockist. The only PH stuff we got in was some those all-silk jackets which are totally cool but not for me. Arts + Science is strong...
They're just... jeans. Same as Uni-qlo or whatever. Pay extra if you like the fit or the wash
Weather is warming up, which means a million stupid Vetements raincoats. Saw three today and it wasn't even raining!!!
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