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Everything does
And here's the blazer on me, for y'all curious. Sorry for the weird pose hah
has anyone made fun of the new steph curry shoes on here yet?
That Amiri leather jacket looks great.. Outside of like, that awesome jacket, I'm not a fan of the style, but the construction on his stuff looks damn nice. How is the jacket? I don't think anyone on this forum has posted any his stuff
Layer-0 coat arrived from JPC9 and has been immediately jacked by my wife. She loves the wool crepe texture. Fits her really well thanks to the super slim raglan sleeves. I have enough cool black coats so I guess this is officially hers...
I've sold to buyers in Russia, China, Malaysia, etc. all with no problems, but the two times I've had issues it was with people from California. Go figure. Just talk to the person, ask if they have Facebook, etc. if it's for an amount that large and you're worried.
Mine are not slim fit at all, rather wide straight leg. Just the angle of the photo and the cuff. Pretty sure they are the wide blacks
Got it brand new from eBay of all places...
Cheers, want something kinda baggy so TTS sounds good! Thanks for the info
Harnden Ventile mac arrived in the mail, quick fit pic. Womens size M for a slim fit So happy I have a rain jacket now that is not a tech fabric. Goodbye Patagonia, hello stupid Paul Harnden coat Yes, the ventile fabric is super waterproof
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