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Cloak construction was absolutely top-notch, but for me at least, some of the design hasn't held up. I'm sure it's an alright coat, but there's nothing special about the fit (it's big and baggy) and some of the design elements (those giant pockets with the gothic arches on them) don't really do it for me. Here's an XS for sale (no cross) as well: http://page5.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/e154650393 Fits around a regular M size.
That Cloak fishtail is a bit meh, looks like something on the bargain racks of Zara
I just want someone from this thread to buy a pair of those damn boots and post pictures so I can live vicariously through them! I'll chip in $100, let's crowdfund a pair
It's already been dropped off at the tailor - used the good one, though, and they're quite busy. Might not see it back for more than a monthHigh-rise, relaxed thighs, tapered pants are the only thing I wear anymore. Maybe I'm getting old, but I just can't stand wearing tight pants anymore, though still like them slim below the knee
Same ones, best cut/fabric of the season for me. Only complaint is wind cuts right through them. Also picked up some older 3/4 pants for summer
Speaking of sleeves that need to be shortened, just got this in the mail: LUC knit jacket. Comfy as hell, feels like a cardigan, exactly what I wanted. But why do these stupid fashion brands have such long sleeves??? With IS pants, another recent purchase:
My credit card bill is gonna bad next month!! Four one-way domestic plane flights Three round-trip international plane flights Two pairs of Individual Sentiments pants And a copy of Dragon Age, the Age of the Dragons
I actually do! I went and tried to track down a pair of the first pair to try on in person, but none available near me. Went back and tried the other ones on and they fit better than I remembered
Yeah, I probably could have found a better photo.. they fit quite large and all the webstores have them looking two sizes too big
that everything is so good, damn
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