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...but I don't like whole milk or loud noises
Orange 5-zip looks so good Here's something I'm always on the lookout - drop-crotch or high-waisted pants with relaxed thighs and a sharp taper. Fit pics are pretty meh with regards to the details, but these are indigo overdyed with black, deep black color with hints of midnight showing through. Trouser-style back packet and button-fly. Slight drop-crotch. No clue how they'll fade, kinda excited. Really love the fit on these, wanted a pair really slim below the knee that...
Yo how much for some space weed??
The size is perfectly fine, unless you only wanna wear it over a t-shirt Button just the middle closure like toasty pointed out and try popping the collar, looks like a beautiful coat
Well, that's some good timing on the iPhone 6 launch - mine just went through the wash cycle after I left them in a pair of pants
Should I get a Geller long flannel or a PS4?
I tried on literally 20 five-zips from the past 10 years and it's my favorite combination of fit and material. Thick and substantial with a slight shine to it. Will break in nicely
I'm just gonna keep posting this one picture in this thread but PLEASE remake this jacket:
I have the black calfskin gunmetal in 46 so if the three of us get together we can have a full size-run party!!
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