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manning is real bad but Von miller is real good Can't wait for the cam newton hot takes Congrats spacepope and synth, if yall care about football
The new LUC cut is good, more room in the thighs than top-stitch free
you never had a 5-zip date under the cherry blossoms? you missin' out
Flight jacket, sweats, and slip-on shoes crew Her: Lad Musician Geller (2008 pink oceanside sweatshirt holla) Uni-qlo Vans Me: Junya N. Hoolywood sweatshirt Air BnB t-shirt (it says "Air BnB") Geller Margiela
Shipped and stolen in record time. There's actually a womens version of this, I think I'll get her one of her own and we can be twinsies
I dunno, I took it to the old ladies at the sewing store who charged me $10 haha
Hand-dyed sashiko repairs on my favorite item of clothing, six-year-old Wings + Horns sweats Everyone laughed how I paid $100+ for sweat pants when I was in college, now they're my most-worn garment. Just need a couple hundred more rips so I can turn these into some cool patchwork piece
Always said if I find one of these for under $500 I'll buy it and I did. Wife will likely steal it Awesome piece and not too hard to find it y'all want something comfy + warm Junya x Duvetica down MA-1
@magicalporks wearing blue shoes to work salaryman crew Bergfabel Scarf from Nepal Shirt (no vis) Jeans Petrosolaum
lol if you don't wear ll bean slippers at every given opportunity
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