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My favorite fabrics are wool/linen and wool/ramie blends. I love the warmth and substance of a nice wool and I love how adding linen/ramie gives gives the garment a bit of stiffness and structure. I enjoy the creases that form over time, making the garment my own, and I like how I can put it in a hot shower and remove those creases if I want a fresh start. Almost all of my fall/winter outerwear is some form of wool/linen blend.. from rough, tough tweed... ] ...to...
Not a fan of, uh, jeans and boots?
Looks good! Intarsia in that textured lamb is a lot nicer than oiled calf, imo. A lot lighter and easy to wear. Calf works best on more "severe" jackets like the stooges or mollino
Did you buy it through eBay? You need to get a refund through eBay - sounds sketchy. He can recall it if it wasn't a gift payment I've seen that picture before as well.. Was he claiming that was his?
Awesome! You can be twins with my wife!!Thank you! (see above)
コーディネート is not English
KKA fits true to size from my experience. The shaft is a bit wide if you want to put very skinny pants over them, but I don't think skinny ankles will affect the fit too much They may seem similar but they're very different boots - the KKA are a bit chunky and will look better balancing out more voluminous coats and jackets while the 988 is one of the most minimal boots on the market. How big/tall are you? The 988 looks a bit ridiculous in large sizes - too much like a...
I had mine done in Japan. I took it to a specialized leather tailor, but they while they've done work with "fashion" jackets, they mainly do motorcycle jackets. They did an absolutely fantastic job - I wouldn't be able to tell it was modified. However, due to the shoulder construction, you're gonna need to have it tailored from the cuff, which means moving the zipper up the sleeve. Whether a leather tailor will be able to do a clean job of this is a bit of a crapshoot and...
the NN lifestyle is sitting in my wife's houserobe at 10am building a puzzle, browsing the internet, and calling my mom because I am too upset by my football team's poor performance and distracted by the internet to begin not one, but two projects that need to be completed by next monday.
good grief that lace looks awesome sorry, no good advice on where to place that, uh, item
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