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What is that, a rain poncho?
Yessss So glad you got that The minimalistic elegance will be a good match for the casual hooded KKA coat
buy it one of the best devoa pieces buy it
size 44 devoa collarless coat, less than $300 http://item.rakuten.co.jp/blowz/2052281420075/
Thanks - my uncle is the surgeon and I'm staying with him for the next couple weeks, so I expect good care cleared my schedule for a full seven days to give myself time to recover.
Yeah I agree, part of my wonderful impression is that I'm coming from Tokyo and its such a lovely break from that. Still, not too far from LA. But just took my first proper bike ride in a year up into the foothills with an ocean view, hopefully do some surfing in a few weeks when my eyes heal - damn it's pleasant out here.I wouldn't move out here if I wasn't married, and I'm ten years more boring than my age anyways eh, still at least another year of Tokyo regardleds
Tomorrow, getting PRK so i will be out of action for a bit I'll head up to the Bay Area after that, need an Sf sf meetup
Santa Barbara
I think I'm gonna move here the weather is just too nice Had a job interview today just for fun, even though I'm on vacation
i like sweeping generalizations based around 30 minutes in the LA airport
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