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Some of the Junya patchwork stuff feels a bit forced - this seems to fall into that category (brand new denim with "repairs"?). I'm sure you could pull them off, but it'd look so much cooler to take an old pair of denim and a couple flannel shirts to a tailor and DIY a pair, can't imagine it's a difficult job for a competent tailor
Boot tuck isn't working here and it throwing off an otherwise stellar fit. A longer tee would also make it look a bit more casualNo black today!! (all navy)BergfabelSNS herningJun HashimotoGuidi
that Burton stuff looks awesome, wish my snowboard gear looked remotely cool
KK Attachment Oiled Cordovan Bit of an impulse buy, but at $225 couldn't resist
I came in here to make a dress joke but was beat Not my fault all the good partsof the Internet are blocked here in China..
Agreed, I know this isn't face and head forum but it makes a big difference
Not on vacation -- my wife's grandma lives here and her mom is visiting from Canada so we decided to come over. I would have gone somewhere warmer haha
In Dalian, and I dunno!! I heard everyone is just.. inside celebrating New Years?? I thought China was supposed to be full of people, where are the other 1 billion?
Patagonia and New Balance
What are you gonna keep in that hat storage area??
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