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The ones I like are actually slightly different - Goodyear welt and a slightly more "masculine" shape
Stooges has stupidly long arms, I had mine tailored. Looks really bad as-is, I don't think it's a great look..
Outside of Tokyo, renting a house is much cheaper than renting an apartment. I've had friends who have 2000 sq ft multilevel houses cheaper than my 400 sq ft box
I dunno, I think this is cool, in a kind of douchey way though maybe (also lol, who drew that picture? first hit on Google for "fuuma raf")
Both are CXL, one is natural, one is black And yeah, I've seen some natural CXL that just look kind of muddy
Moto goodyear slip-ons in Chromexcel natural, black, or neither? I like the way natural is now, but I've seen it fade to an ugly brown color sometimes
I honestly can't tell the quality difference between made in U.K. And made in China -- I think Made in China lows are fine..
a guy i see taking the train to work in the morning with me is (presumably) a huge raf sneaker fan, I've seen at least 5 different pairs, including these monstrosities
Good, I stopped buying cool stuff I don't need and my life has improved
Cdiem boots in a fairly rare size 45 in good shape:
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