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If I'm not mistaken (and I very well may be), there's two shapes plus one special one for the "handmade" derbies for a total three. Most stores order the sleeker model, but there's also a wider onex
Tried on the dark green/shadow black leathers last night, scar stitch and high neck. Love that color. They also didn't smell bad like the last batch that came through
Thanks @dieworkwear, was literally gonna pick up a pair of Guidi boots on sale there today locally -- saved me $500 and cost my mom $50 since she's gonna have to ship them to me
They only ship to the US? Ugh... Time to call mom!!
Just chilling in front of the anime train I take to work Layer-0 leather and pants A1923 boots
I'm looking for a pair of Guidi 796z size 43 in black fg horse -- any leads before I order a pair??
Yeah and that jacket looks just like the Taobao fakes. Pretty unbelievable price for a fake, too - $700-800 can get you a pretty nice leather http://m.intl.taobao.com/detail/detail.html?id=542266969892
Looks like it, never seen one a perfect cream white, no oxidation from the metal parts
@AlexanderTG has an Elena blazer too Nice stuff, just not for me
Been wearing my Paul Hardnen coat all week, first word from my coworker upon getting to the office - "so you DO own a coat you didn't pull out of a dumpster!!"
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