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What's the pricepoint on that colorway??
I'm pretty pleased in general usually!!
Think I'm gonna keep the Geo but cut off the back of the neck From this: To this:
Neck is gigantic and gets in my way!!
On the fence about the jacket.. Rick American Apparel Nonnative pants Common Projects sneakers
I'll keep it at least until fall, might just not be into it because it's a nice day outside - if anything, it's not a sunny day jacke On a side note, just dropped some Rick pants off at the tailor to get them hemmed and the lady there asked if I wanted to fix the drop-crotch
The neck gets in my way, unfortunately - wanted a casual jacket, something I could even pair with jeans. I regret selling both of my intarsias, but didn't want to get the same jacket after selling... learned my lesson here!
Went to the grocery store bathroom to take some pics (I don't have a full length mirror heh), a bit better from this angle but the neck is still a bit unwieldy. I've tried on the FW08 one, I remember the neck being a bit shorter for some reason... Might try to make it work for a bit anyways On a side note, I really wish Rick would start using better leather again - this is the heavy washed lamb/hammered lamb from Crust, so thick and supple compared to the stuff he's using...
WELL, that neck is higher than I thought it was Most likely gonna be unloading this, cannot pull it off
I dunno, that dude looks pretty distraught
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