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For fans of PH, Arts+Science, whatever that stupid aesthetic is called Araki Yuu, 2016-17 http://www.fashionsnap.com/collection/araki-yuu/2016-17aw/ Kaval (hard to track down this stuff) http://www.cull-web.com/SHOP/124500/124501/list.html Ansnam on Souterrain's blog http://www.souterrain.jp/blog/?cat=15
Rakuten is an amalgamation of smaller stores - they don't have their own inventory. Many of those stores sell used items
Counterpoint: red boots are fun
All Layer-0, boots A1923, tank tops are Rick Owens
Crosspost from the End of the World thread - awesome challenge, some super creative entries. Go post if you haven't!!!
As the skies gradually darkened and the seas turned to mud, his work began. He took the materials he knew the best - the sails of the great ships that once navigated the seas. The silted seas would never welcome anything other than thick, scaly worms, but he would make the sails fly again. He gathered the thick, hempen material and set to work, methodically cutting sheet after sheet. Stitching first fine, silken thread and then rough, coarse strands in the manner of a...
I dunno, but the pricing on that stuff makes CCP look like child's play. Shelling out $2k for boots is one thing - $20k for a bong is another matter altogether
I had this jacket, I liked it a lot. I don't even remember why I sold it. Really comfy and easy to wear. It fits TTS, this season Geller stuff started fitting fairly standard
no dice - got mine on grailed. been looking for one forever in my size. the only ones I know of in Japan are at AL Select and I'm not going there!!
23cm feet is TINY
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