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Really inconsequential stuff like quest names and fish descriptions - jokes in Japanese that didn't make sense in English. A lot of stupid puns, mostly Jay-Z or Biggie related haha. I don't know what actually made it into the game, though - this was like three years ago and I just gave suggestions to my friend.(ps if anyone wants a job working on ff14 localization team is hiring... )
I got a job offer at a Japanese technology/fashion startup... $10/hr, contract position, no benefits, no paid vacation. For a bilingual software developer. My eyes rolled right out of the door. That was the nail in the coffin for trying to combine my hobbies with work Videogame translator is another awful job. Have a lot of friends at Square Enix. Poor dudes. I have a couple jokes in FF14 if anyone plays that awful game
http://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/189535133 Soloist CPO coat, one of my favorite items from the brand
What's the idea? They're for store employees?
Awesome, thanks for the info. @LA Guy sell me the sample!!
Paul Harnden makes some excellent silk pajama shirts like that if you can find one used for a decent price Honor gathering "bed sheet" shirts are great, stand collar and wide neck for maximum sluttiness: http://www.arknets.co.jp/category/A5_B_A_H_547/A5_14SS_S13.html Regular collar: http://www.mens.acoustics-web.com/?s=1449&pg=shopping&id=16980 Slightly different, but this is awesome, cottin/silk blend: http://shop.ilove-birdhouse.com/products/detail.php?product_id=2758
WOW looks good, excellent photos What's a 32 in euro sizing? 46 or 48?? In for a pair of pants, just trying to figure out if I need a 32 or 34. Usually take a 42cm waist with big thighs, but these look pretty relaxed.
you are a more dedicated man than I am, dude been rocking the flip-flops, basketball shorts, and three pack of t-shirts that say "airbnb" on them
those boys in the picture look nice + friendly
Fun fact: it's actually linen ripstop, ramie was a translation error - the Japanese tag has the character for generic plant fiber (asa ้บป, meaning linen, hemp, ramie, flax, etc.) and someone didn't bother to check their dictionary. It's usually associated with hemp, as that's what has been historically used for Japanese garments, and it still used for monks' robes and sumo loincloths.
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