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Where's it made? Is it still made by Staff International?
I would NOT buy it without knowing what i'm getting. Some of the white leathers are really nice and soft, some of them feel like painted plastic.
It's one of the best colors, called "cactus." Really decent leather too, thick and juicyYeah, like a tent-shape when viewed from the side. Front and back flared out, it's a cool silhouetteHere's how the new one fits:http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/amode-store/item/s50am0217sx9007900/You can see how suppressed the waist is
It's quite a different fit, not really an upgrade/downgrade - depends on your body and preference. The 5zip has been moving towards a modern slim fit for awhile. The old ones with the big zippers had quite a boxy silhouette and exaggerated A-shape, recent seasons are in the middle, whereas the 15ss one is quite modern, as described.
Sorry, no clue Could try contacting them via FB: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shelter%E2%85%A1/257033851158877
Rick Owens Label Under Construction Jeans 123&124
Wow, looks great
the pants (and everything else, including that pink t-shirt) are LUC, from shelterhttp://www.mattotti.co.jp/shelter/index.htm
looks a lot like the WJK overlock w/ guidi baby calf
do we still have any denim heads on the forum? guys who wear raws every day?? Or are they mostly on other forums?
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