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Sandals look great there, super nitpicky but I'd like it if those pants were just a tiny bit shorter, the break looks weird with sandals
Wife hasn't been this excited about a fashion release in, well, ever. Dunno if I'll pick up anything but she liked it
Two-way zips help with the bubble butt issue as well as you can keep it tight through the chest or whatever and still have it sit comfortably
Yeah, haha. They said it went to another foreigner or proxy service or something, which is why they were confused. I guess.Seven is a tiny, tiny store, usually only get one item per size. Happy you bought from them, though, they're my favorite Geller stockist, current mishap nonwithstanding
Has anyone shortened the sleeves of their CCP leather jacket? I showed some pictures to my (very good) leather tailor and he said it would be very difficult given the cuff construction
7store was supposed to be holding the brick bomber for me but sold it by accident super apologetic, they feel worse than I do. Have to check Via Bus Stop and whatnot on Sunday
Wow, too awesome
I have to size up and wear an insole due to the way A1923 boots fit and break in. They take awhile, but after the leather softens up they're as comfy as anything else
Ridiculous. There's nothing to appropriate about the kimono or noragi, they're not religious or spiritual articles like a Native American head dress. Even the jōe, worn by shinto and buddhist priests, can be worn by laypeople. I see nothing wrong with wearing the casual wear of another culture as long as it's not done with mean spirits. I get compliments all the time wearing a noragi, or jinbei or yukata when I wear one - Japanese people are quite appreciative that people...
New Posts  All Forums: