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Custom orders only for now, delivery in March Coincases are 38,000 yen, wallets around 70,000, bags 100,000 on up (so double usual prices). Cutoff is tmrw if anyone wants me to sneak them in an order otherwise usual stockits should have some stuff
Apologies for the terrible pic, but, wow, just got back from checking out the Cornelian Taurus personal order and the new leather for SS16 is amazing - natural indigo dyed leather that is processed like Japanese lacquer (urushi). The texture combined with the depth of color from the natural indigo is just unbelievable and one of the coolest leather treatments I've seen. Very tempted to grab a coincase or something small just to get in on the action even though it's still...
Heading out to Al Select today to check out the Layer-0 delivery. Wish me luck they're open - closed suddenly the last two times I went out there..
Anyone seen a pair of the striped gypsy pants lately? From like... Five years ago? Still regret passing on those
Hmm, I like my Layer-0, but not super blown away by them either. I'd prefer a Goodyear welt rather than a Blake stitch, feel like it'd match the aesthetic better. They lack the handcrafted quality of A1923, not as clean as ma+ or mmoria, the shape of Carpe s52 is a little better for me, and generally prefer Guidi calf to Layer-0 horse. Great for wearing to work and pretty comfy, but for anything over $1000 I want something exciting!! The colored shell options look interesting
Nobody bid on that coat I want please !!!
A lot of tanneries/shoe makers refer to "cordovan" as the thicker part of the (non-shell) horse. Guidi has soft horse and Cordovan, etc. Edit: the "strip" on this page http://horween.com/101/by-request-whats-the-difference/ Carpe, Layer-0, Petrosolaim, and of course M moria all have actual shell offerings
Vanson looks bad
Winter Gift Fair Oops
Alex I'm pretty sure we're the same shoe size so if you're ever feeling like you wanna lighten the load, hit me up!!
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